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Chapter One: I Want To Be A …

     Sitting in class, Gohan stared blankly at the piece of paper in front of him.  It wasn't that he didn't understand the math on it, or that the teacher had just assigned the whole paper for the next day, but because he had a vague feeling of unease.

     Looking to his right, he saw Erasa chewing her nails, a worried look on her face.  Sharpner was flexing his muscles, hoping to get Videl's attention.  Videl was trying not to pay attention to said blond.  Nothing wrong with them, Gohan decided.  Turning to stare out the window, the sense of unease grew minutely.  As the hairs on the back of his neck began to raise, he glanced at the clock, notingere was only 10 minutes left in this period anyway.  He might as well finish the work now, so he'd only have to do his extra work at home before going out to 'play' with Goten.

     The last ten minutes were creeping by.  Having finished the questions after the first few minutes, Gohan was left with little else to do but stare  The current object of his attention, a small bird chirping just outside the window, suddenly stopped, as the feeling grew larger, then … disappeared.

     Gohan wasn't sure what was worse, the feeling, or the absense of it.  It had been seven years since the last big battle.  As always, when thinking back on the Cell games, Gohan became lost in thought.  Failing to hear the bell go off, he continued to stare off into space, envisioning what might have happened, if only he had…

     "GOHAN!!" A voice yelled.

     "Ahhh!" Gohan yelped as he fell off his chair, landing in an undignified heap on the floor.  Looking up, he saw Videl standing over him, scowling.  "What?" he asked, hand moving up to scratch behind his head.

     "I've been calling you for at least a minute.  Class is over, and we have P.E. next, and you know what Mr. Shinara said would happen the next time anybody was late."

     Gohan shuddered a bit.  The thought of spending an entire hour running around the school was not appealing.  Not so much the actual running as the lunch hour which it was supposed to take up.

     Fear running through him, he grabbed his books and hastily shoved them into his bag, as he followed Videl down the tiered class and out the door.

~ * ~

     Gym Class.  Gohan's most difficult class.  It was easy to be good at everything else.  He'd already been tagged a nerd, and he could pass off all his intelligence on his mother, and her constant need for him to be a scholar.  Being poor at gym class was … interesting.  Even when he restrained his powers, they ocassionally slipped.  An exploded soccer ball, the not-to-well-acted attempt to lift weights (which were only around 500 kg each).  Gohan shuddered remembering the looks Videl had given him the rest of that day.

     Waiting until most of the other boys were changed, he quickly dodged into a washroom stall to switch to his gym clothes.  Allowing a small Thank Dende about the school alloweding long sleeves and shorts for gym, he slipped into his loose clothing, in an attempt to keep his muscles from showing.

     Taking a quick peek outside the bathroom door, he noted that the others had already gone out to the gym.  Shoving his regular clothes (neatly folded, of course, the fear of ChiChi controlled him, even from 500 miles away) into the locker, he slammed the door shut, sweatdropping as another dent appeared in the frame.  Shrugging, he turned to head out the door, not noticing a stray brown belt which he had failed to tie around his waist.  The end was twitching.


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