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Chapter 20: Monster ______

      Videl, Sharpner, and Erasa followed the gentleman, if one could call him that, into the building.  Sharpner and Erasa had managed, for what must have been about the first time in their life to pick up on the hint that now would not be the best time to start yapping.  Not that they hadn't tried to at first.  But at the first sign of a conversation going on behind him, Mr. Briefs had turned towards them and growled.  Once they got over the fact that another human *growled* at them, they decided to shut their mouths, at least for the moment.

      Videl followed the somewhat imposing figure, who she noted was now dragging Gohan's limp body along the ground, making no particular effort to steer him around any rough places.  His growling at Sharpner and Erasa had momentarily convinced her not to voice any particular opinion.  But she was ready to give the first non-threatening person (or rather a person she felt she could threaten) a rather large piece of her mind.

      Coming up to the building, their guide (although none would dare call him that to his face) kicked open the door, which careened rather loudly into the wall, producing a thud which seemed to shake the whole house.

      Videl started when a voice yelled suddenly from above, "For heaven's sake, Vegeta!" Videl quickly filed away the name for later use, already planning out the various secure and not-so-secure websites she would be using to find out exactly who this 'Vegeta Briefs' person was.  Perhaps he was the strange cousin that nobody ever mentioned.  Every family had one or two.  Her Uncle Brett was quite the character, her last birthday present from him had been a ring of shrimp and instructions on hula dancing.

      There was a rather loud stoming sound coming towards them, and the voice it seemed had not completed it's comment on the method of door-opening chosen by Mr. Wierdo – as Videl had unconsiously come up with the nickname.

      "You couldn't just open the door like a regular person could you.  No, Mr. High-and-Mighty-Prince-of-the-Saiyajins has to practically wreck the house he's living and if you think that you're going to blame he boys for the Gravity Room breaking – again! – You are sadly mista…"  Her voice trailed off, having come around the corner, and noticing her husband was not alone turned a nice shade of red, then paled rather rapidly as Vegeta retorted.

      "Anything else you'd like to tell the baka's human, or should we just announce it in tomorrow's paper?"  Bulma instantly regretted her moment of insanity when trying to civilize Vegeta by explaining the Earth's method of information distribution – namely magazines, especially the less-than-mainstream ones.

      Deciding she should change the subject as quickly as possible, she took a quick inventory of the room, desperately searching for anything she could use to change the subject.  Her eyes found a lump attached to her husbands hand, and the back of her mind immediately recognized it for what it was.

      "Gohan?"  She asked.

      Vegeta grunted in response and without further words chucked the boy onto the nearest couch, which he noticed was the same one the brat had been lying on earlier.  Deciding this may provide some form of entertainment – and remembering the Gravity Room had recently been put out of commission, it was likely the only form of entertainment at the moment.

      The woman rushed to the prone figure's side and after quickly doing a once-over, spun on the three still consious teenagers.  "What happened?  Why is he unconsious?"

      Videl cleared her throat, looking the woman up and down and deciding she could probably give this woman a good piece of her mind without incurring any problems she couldn't handle began answering the blue-haired ladies question.  "How should I know!  All I know about any of this is that someone…" glare in Gohan's direction "…decided to get themselves knocked out by a frying pan…" a slight smile almost worked it's way onto Vegeta's face "…and then some idiot teacher…" Videl was now glaring at no one in particular "…decided that he was too busy to look after his students well-being and told me I had to go take this idiot to wherever his medical record advised him to go…" Bulma blinked, it couldn't be … I could've sworn we filled out that form correctly "…and that I had to take a couple other students with me because of 'safety in numbers'…"  Now glaring in Sharpner and Erasa's direction "…and then when we finally get here, we arrive to an explosion, and this idiot grabs Gohan and easily drags him out of the copter - which isn't mine, and now needs a seatbelt replaced!..." glare aimed at Vegeta "…and then this lug proceeds to drag him in here and now we're talking about someone called the PRINCE-OF-ALL-SAIYAJINS!!!"  Bulma winced, she had hoped they hadn't heard that part.

      Videl was now winding up. "I want to know what's going on around here and I want to know NOW!"

      Just at this percise moment, the figure on the couch moved.  All eyes re-directed themselves to watch the action.

            Let the games begin Vegeta thought.  Allowing himself a smirk as he leaned up against the wall, anticipating whatever explanation his mate would come up with for this.