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M.K felt the morning sun's rays peeking through her curtains, probing her eyelids encouragingly. Grudgingly, the Stomper girl opened her eyes and stared at the leafy curtains. There was something latched around her midsection, it was warm and firm and...familiar. There was also something solid pressed up against her back, warm and comforting. Slowly turning her head, M.K came face to face with Nod, his eyes still closed in slumber. A few stray brown bangs were hovering over his eyes, protecting him from the probing of the morning sun. With a soft smile, M.K brushed away the strands and stroked her thumb gently across his cheek.

His eyes blinked open, taking a moment to focus before he realized who was lying with him.

"M.K!" He cried, eyes widened in surprise. He looked down and blushed bright red at how closely pressed together they were. The red-haired teen laughed, keeping him from removing his hold on her.

"Relax Nod, it's okay." The brunette hesitated for a moment before relaxing his muscles, retaining his grip of M.K's midsection. "Good morning by the way."

Nod smiled, "Good morning Stomper." His eyes sparkled teasingly, but M.K's face suddenly turned somber. "Hey, what's wrong? Was it something I said?"

M.K quietly shook her head, facing the window again. It was all coming back to her again; the fact she was no longer a Stomper, that she had to explain to her Dad how she couldn't come home. "I almost forgot...I'm not a Stomper anymore."

Nod inwardly swore, cursing himself for forgetting. He gently squeezed the Stomper girl, the gesture meant to be comforting. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have called you that." M.K looked back over her shoulder into Nod's apologetic gaze, a tiny smile returning to her lips.

"It's okay. All I need to be worrying about now is how I'm going to tell my Dad."

They were both silent after that, lost to their own thoughts. After a few good minutes had passed, M.K let out a deep sigh before starting to sit up, Nod following her. He let go of her and ruffled his messy hair. "I need to take a shower," M.K stated, now starting to feel the grime of yesterday. It wasn't that she looked dirty, she just felt it, and it made her extremely uncomfortable. Nod offered to show her where the bathroom was, explaining to the former Stomper how to turn the shower off and on and such.

"Oh and one more thing," Nod said before leaving the bathroom. "The water isn't hot. It isn't freezing either, just kind of..."

"Lukewarm?" M.K offered. He nodded, "Yeah, just thought I'd warn you." The red-haired teen smiled her thanks before Nod closed the door and left her to her privacy.

M.K's shower wasn't very lengthy, since her hair was short it didn't take long to wash, plus she never was one to take long, relaxing showers. As she slipped into her clothes from the previous day, M.K realized she would have to find some new clothes now that she was a permanent resident of Moonhaven.

'I don't suppose they have a mall here,' she thought wistfully.

Once she was dressed she opened the bathroom door to alert Nod that she was finished. M.K combed out her hair with her fingers, as she was too impatient to search the wooden drawers for a comb, before sweeping it back into its standard ponytail. Stepping back into the bedroom, the Stomper girl found her bed had been made and the curtains pulled back, illuminating the small bedroom. Leaving the room, M.K found herself in a small living room, her living room. To the left was a small kitchen, where a pleasant and tantalizing smell was emanating.

"Hey you're done," Nod exclaimed. "That was fast, I thought girls liked long showers?"

M.K rolled her eyes with a lopsided smile, "Not all girls like them. I happen to enjoy short showers thank you very much."

The brunette chuckled before turning back to something on the counter. Curiously, the red-haired teen walked over and peeked around his shoulder. It looked a lot like a regular muffin, except bigger and more round with small bits of fruit peeking out. The Stomper girl wondered how the muffin had gotten its shape if it hadn't been heated up. There wasn't an oven in site, though M.K had suspected there wouldn't be.

"What's that?" She pointed with her finger at the muffin look-alike. "This? Its a muffin." He gave her a look, "Haven't you ever seen a muffin before?"

M.K quirked an eyebrow, "Yes, we have muffins in the Stomper world. It's just...we have to mix together the dough and heat it up in an oven to get it to look like that," she pointed again.

Nod wore a slightly confused expression. "You heat it up? That's...weird. We just mold the dough into its shape and let it sit for a little bit, usually in a window where the sun can dry it some."

The red-haired teen raised her eyebrows. She'd tasted uncooked muffin dough once, everyone said it tasted good, but to her it was pretty bland. "By the way, what's an oven?" M.K leaned against the counter casually. "It's a big metal box that we use to heat stuff up. We can set it for how long to cook something and we can control the temperature."

Nod gave the Stomper girl an incredulous look before shaking his head and muttering something about Stompers, placing the muffin in the sunlit windowsill. M.K punched his arm playfully while the brunette simply stuck a fruit slice into her mouth. He laughed at her expression, holding his stomach as the red-haired teen spit out the fruit and tried to grab him. They became locked in a sort of wrestling match, M.K managing to pin Nod to the wall before he pinned her to the floor.

"Give up yet Stomper?" He flashed her that infuriating smirk. She scowled back, "Nope." M.K tried to roll the brunette over so their positions were reversed, but he simply hovered over her, eyes glittering triumphantly.

After a few more futile attempts, the Stomper girl laid back her head with a huff, glaring at Nod in defeat. "Fine, you win." The young Leafman chuckled before leaning closer. "I think I deserve my victory kiss now."

M.K's scowl morphed into a smirk and as she grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him close, their lips meeting softly. They both smiled into the kiss, breaking apart with laughter before helping each other off the floor. Brushing off his hands, Nod grabbed the fruit muffin from the windowsill and sat down at the two-person table in the tiny dining room. M.K sat across from the brunette, who handed her a fork.

"Go ahead, take a bite." M.K looked at the Leafman then the muffin, tentatively plucking a small bite from the strange pastry. She braced herself for the same bland taste she had experienced before, but it never came. Instead an incredible sweetness coated her tongue, mixed perfectly with a fruity punch that tasted heavenly. The Stomper girl let out a small moan as she leaned back in her chair, savoring the taste before swallowing. There was a familiar flavor hidden in the pastry, but M.K couldn't quite put her finger on it.

Nod chuckled at her reaction. "You like it?" She nodded in response. As if reading her mind, he leaned onto the table with a genuine smile. "The secret ingredient is honey. It gives it that perfect sweetness that blends really well with the fruity taste."

M.K blinked. 'Do they use honey in everything around here?' She wondered to herself.

While in the shower, the Stomper girl had found the soap was also made with honey. She was beginning to pick up a pattern, or maybe it was just a cultural thing.

Brushing away the thoughts, M.K found Nod had already started eating his side of the muffin, quickly closing in on her half. Hungrily, the red-haired teen grabbed a bigger piece of the pastry and ate it, the wonderful taste gracing her tongue again. It took only five minutes for the muffin to disappear, both teens satisfied. Nod took the plate to the kitchen and left it on the counter, a few measly crumbs remaining. M.K stood at the table, turning over the words she had been forming for when she met her father.

A hand was on her shoulder, Nod smiling reassuringly. "You ready?" The Stomper girl took a deep breath before nodding. They silently walked out of the small cottage, the sun greeting them happily to the new day. The teens made their way to meet Ronin in the pod chamber where he would go over the plan with them and the Queen. But first, Nod had to change into his armor and pick up his bird from the rookery. M.K remembered faintly Ronin saying something about not being late. As she walked, M.K silently prayed for her mother to watch over her and help her to say the right things.

Ronin stood in the royal pod chamber, patiently awaiting the Queen's arrival. His mind was occupied by his plans for this morning, the silver-haired General going over every single detail, making sure he didn't miss a thing. They would be taking more soldiers as protection for the Queen, even though Mandrake was gone the Boggans would do anything to kill the new Queen. Ronin knew Finn and his small squad were awaiting them, so at least the area should be secure. What worried him most was the trip; the amount of soldiers he was planning on taking would definitely draw attention, plus the Queen isn't too hard to spot on the back of a hummingbird. His planning was interrupted by the Queen's guards entering the room, the Queen and her mother entering soon after.

Ronin bowed respectively, "Your Majesty, I've made preparations for our...trip." He wasn't sure what to call this little outing, but she just nodded quietly with a little smile. Looking to her mother he bowed his head in respect, "I assure you ma'am, your daughter will be safe. I will be by her side the whole time and if there is an attack, I will personally escort her back here to safety."

Her mother smiled nervously, hands clasped in front of her to keep them from shaking. "I trust you General. I know you and the other Leafmen will keep her safe."

Queen Merida walked over to where the bloomed pod floated peacefully, its beautiful petals open to the warm sun. "When will Nod and M.K be here?" She asked while turning away from the bloomed pod.

Ronin set his jaw just a bit; he had told Nod not to be late and he had expected M.K to understand the urgency. "They should be here any moment."

It was only a mere three minutes later that Nod and M.K entered the pod chamber. Ronin was just happy they weren't clinging on to each other as it was no time for silly young love.

"Told you I wouldn't be late," Nod stated with a confidant smirk at his superior. The brunette remembered to bow before the Queen, M.K following his lead. "What took so long? You know it's vital we leave early."

"Relax Ronin, I had to stop in the armory and suit, plus go get my bird from the rookery." The silver-haired General rolled his eyes. "Alright, what matters now is you two are here, which means we can leave."

M.K raised her hand a bit, "Uh, we do have a plan right?"

"You are riding with Nod. The Queen is with me. I've got a larger squadron awaiting us outside." Ronin looked to Nod. "We'll need to move fast, our large party is going to attract attention and the last thing we need is a Boggan attack."

The two teens looked at each other for a moment before silently nodding. Nod could definitely do fast. Ronin motioned for them to move out, the Queen walking close beside her General. Nod's bird was perched just outside the entrance, the site of his trusted hummingbird reminding him his old bird was pretty much out of commission. M.K hopped on behind him with ease, her body a familiar presence to him now. The Stomper girl looked around her at all the hummingbirds waiting for take off, their riders awaiting the General's signal.

"Let's move out!"

A myriad of colors burst into the sky as every soldier and their hummingbird took flight, quickly forming a protective shield around Ronin and the Queen. Hundreds of Jinn watched in awe as the soldiers disappeared into the forest.

Nod looked over his shoulder at M.K, a familiar smirk on his face. "Put your arms around me." M.K smiled back, her tone only slightly sarcastic. "But I barely know you."

They both laughed, M.K's arms wrapping comfortably around Nod's waist. As they grew quiet, the two teens became more serious, scouting the trees and any lingering shadows for Boggans. As time passed, the atmosphere grew tense and everyone was watching, their hands ready to defend the Queen at any cost.

" you know what you want to say to your Dad?" Nod didn't look over his shoulder as he spoke, his eyes trained on a large shadow.

M.K sighed, "I think so...the hard part is his reaction." The shadow was quickly exposed as nothing more than the shadow of an acorn. "I mean, he lost my Mom and he had just got me back and now I'm gone again..."

Nod didn't respond right away. He tried to think of the right thing to say, but it was hard. " least he'll know that you're still alive. I mean, he's only losing you in a size sense, not physical. He can still see you and talk to you, and he can hear you talk back and tell him how much you love him." The brunette steered them under a small branch. "So really, he still has you, just in a different way."

M.K thanked Nod for his advice, pushing the image of her heartbroken father out of her mind. All of a sudden, Ronin was notifying everyone that they were close, apprehension clutching the Stomper girl.

'I can do this.'

A lone Leafwoman flew up to the group, leading them to where her dad must be. She led them to an overgrown path, the forest closing in around it as the years passed. A huge tent was set up in the middle of the path, her father with his specialized helmet was talking to what seemed to be a Leafwoman in the palm of his hand. With a quick wave of Ronin's hand, the reinforcements spread out in a circle, surrounding her father and the tent. Nod flew his bird into the circle, hovering by Ronin and the Queen. The silver-haired General nodded to Finn, who was joining the protective ring of soldiers, followed by the Leafwoman in Bomba's hand.

Slowly, the Professor turned to face them, a smile lighting up his face. "M.K! You're back!" Though his words were slow, M.K could still hear the happiness and excitement in her Dad's voice. "This is incredible! You're one of them, which means you can help me with my research at the house!" He gestured at her tiny body, "Well of course after you get big again."

M.K opened her mouth to speak, but the Queen stopped her. "Sir, I am Queen Merida, the Life of the Forest, and I have come to give you news." The young flower Jinn held her head high and her voice was young but held a hint of authority.

"Oh! Oh! A Queen!" M.K's father bumbled excitedly, laughing in amazement before bowing sloppily. "It's my pleasure Your Highness. What news do you bring?" If M.K could see her father's eyes, she would see the pure excitement and wonder sparkling there.

Merida bowed her head for a moment, then looked up again. "Your daughter M.K saved us all, sacrificing her life for the good of the forest." Bomba's smile faltered, "What do you mean 'sacrificed'? She's right there."

M.K hugged Nod tighter, his hand covering hers comfortingly. "M.K was injured and she died Sir, though we tried to save her." Bomba's smile was completely gone now. "She was brought back by..." Merida struggled to think of someway to explain this so the Stomper would understand. "Magic."

The Professor was silent a moment, looking at his tiny daughter and then to the tiny Queen. "But she's okay now right?" Queen Merida nodded, "Yes, but there is another problem. She-"

M.K stopped the Queen from continuing; this was something she needed to tell him. Nod flew them closer so that M.K could jump onto her father's outstretched hand. He smiled at her weakly, confused and afraid. The Stomper girl walked over to his thumb and hugged it tightly, a few tears beginning to fall.

"Oh honey, what's wrong?" M.K sniffed and took a deep breath, facing her Dad again.

"I-I can't come home Dad." The Professor stood there, confused. "What do you mean you can't come home?"

M.K felt her heart break in two at his sad tone. "I belong in this world now." She wiped away a few tears. "When the magic brought me back to life, there was a catch. Since I died in this world, my soul belongs here. It belongs to the forest now."

Bomba looked at his two-inch daughter through his customized helmet. He wasn't sure how to process her words, about not being able to come home. It was all very overwhelming; the discovery that he had been right all these years, that there was magic, and the news that his daughter had died, come back to life, and would forever be two-inches tall. A deep, familiar sadness struck him, the same feeling after his wife and M.K left him seven years ago.


"But..." He couldn't find the words he wanted to say. He felt a warm, wet tear fall down his cheek. "'re one of them now? Forever?"

M.K bit her lip hard, trying not to sob. "Yeah Dad...I'm one of them now."

There was a deep, sorrowful silence after that. No one spoke and no one moved, excluding the hovering hummingbirds. Bomba slowly, carefully took his other hand and put it under the one M.K stood on, the tears falling. He lifted her closer to his face, moving the goggles away from his eyes so he could really see his daughter. M.K hugged his cheek, the tiny fuzz tickling her face, but there was no laughter. After a moment, Bomba pulled her back from his face and held her out, close to Nod's bird.

"You've really grown up."

M.K fought the big lump in her throat, swallowing painfully to make it go away. "Yeah...I guess I have." Her voice cracked as she spoke, tears staining her cheeks.

Bomba smiled at her, a proud, fatherly smile tinted with sadness. "I'm proud of you honey. Your mother would be too."

Her mother's words echoed in the red-haired teen's ears. "I'm sorry Dad!" She blurted, unable to contain it any longer. "I'm so sorry I doubted you! I love you so much Dad!"

"I love you too sweetheart. I always will."

Queen Merida spoke up then, her voice now childish and regretful. "I'm really sorry Sir! I wish I could do something, but I can't." Bomba looked at the tiny Queen, a bit of a smile returning. "Thank you for bringing her back. As long as I know she'll be okay, then I'm happy." M.K knew a piece of her Dad died then, and she desperately wished to be able to really hug him.

"M.K, I can make a special monitor where we can both see each other." Bomba continued, a familiar glint in his saddened eyes. "That way we can still talk and you can tell me all about their..." He paused for a moment, "I mean, your world!"

The Stomper girl couldn't help smile at her Dad's returning enthusiasm. "That sounds great Dad, I'd really like that." Bomba smiled, "Great! You should bring some of your friends by when its finished too!" M.K agreed, her heart lifting just a bit.

Ronin let his face soften into the sorrowful look that adorned everyone's faces as the former Stomper spoke. Though her father's motions were much slower, the silver-haired General could still see the sadness on the Professor's face. It was quiet for a few long minutes as M.K hugged her father's thumb once more, a few more tears falling down her cheeks. When the former Stomper mounted Nod's bird once again, her arms wrapped tightly across the teen's middle as she buried her face into his back.

With a deep sigh, Ronin signaled for everyone to turn round and head back. Almost immediately, every soldier flew into formation around the Queen, shielding her as they flew back to Moonhaven. Bomba took one last sorrowful look at his daughter before slowly making his way home. Nod and M.K were the only ones left, save for the blonde Leafwoman Bomba had in his hand earlier. The soldier slowly flew her bird over to Nod's, her face sorrowful. Glancing at the Professor, the blue-eyed woman began to speak.

"I...I'm sorry." She glanced downwards for a few seconds before meeting the two teen's faces again. "I wish there was something I could do to help..."

Nod sighed and managed to give the other soldier a somewhat appreciative smile. "Thanks Raine. That's good to hear."

Raine simply nodded, her mouth opening as if to say something else and then closing. With a quick clucking noise, the blonde soldier's bird took off for Moonhaven.

Nod sighed again, a hand caressing one of M.K's comfortingly. Turning his head to the side, he spoke. "You ready to go back?"

The red-haired girl shifted so that the right side of her face was visible. "I guess..." She swallowed, the tight lump still lodged stubbornly in her throat. "Take me home..."

The Leafman nodded silently before spurring his hummingbird forward. As they flew, M.K's face had buried itself into Nod's back again and he could hear her muffled sobs. His heart clenched tightly and for a moment the brown-haired soldier was small again, holding his father's helmet with Ronin and Finn on either side of him, watching as Queen Tara planted a rose near his father's grave, including the other Leafmen and women who had perished. Tears stung at the corner of Nod's eyes and he blinked rapidly to try and be rid of them.

After a good 20 minutes of flying, the duo entered Moonhaven. M.K's sobbing had stopped, but Nod was certain tears were still streaming down her face. He hopped down first, M.K sliding into his arms rather ungracefully. Nod asked one of the nearby guards if he could take his bird to the rookery. When he turned away from the guard, M.K had her hood pulled tightly over her head, her hands shoved deep into her jacket pocket. Cautiously, Nod put a hand on her shoulder, speaking softly.

"M.K...You alright?"

Her emerald eyes met his in a fiery glare. Her eyebrows furrowed in an angry line as she practically snarled at the Leafman. "Am I okay? What do you think Nod?" She shrieked, her hands emerging sharply to emphasize her frustration. "I just said goodbye to my Dad, who I can't ever again hug or talk to normally or-"

Her words cut off and she simply glared at the boy before her. Nod gave the red-head an apologetic look. "M.K I'm sorry. I just..." He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "I don't know what to say. I've never dealt with anything like this and I don't know how to handle it. I don't even know how to help you."

The former Stomper relaxed a bit, the fire in her eyes dimming down. A wave of guilt hit her and soon she was biting her lip, her hands tucked into her pocket again. "I'm sorry Nod. I...I'm just upset. I shouldn't be taking it out on you, it's just..." She struggled to find the right words.

"I don't regret helping to protect Moonhaven. It's just unfair!" she exclaimed.

Nod didn't say anything right away. He looked into her eyes, his mouth opening and then closing. Finally he found his words.

"I know this isn't fair. It wasn't fair when my Dad died. It wasn't fair when your mom died. Life isn't fair M.K. We just have to accept that, no matter how much it hurts."

The Stomper girl took in Nod's words carefully, her arms wrapping around her herself like a blanket. The taller Leafman came closer, gently pulling her close to him until her face was nestled into his chest. The two remained silent, sharing each other's warmth and comfort, trying to help heal the other's aching heart. After a few minutes had passed, M.K lifted her head from Nod's chest and mustered a weak smile.

"Aw c'mon, I know you can do better than that." He teased. "Show me that smile I fell for."

The red-haired teen rolled her eyes before flashing a more genuine smile, her chest rumbling with a rising giggle. "There's that smile," Nod whispered before drawing M.K close and planting a chaste kiss on her lips.

The day was finally drawing to a close. M.K had spent most of the afternoon with Nod as he gave her the full Moonhaven tour. Now that she was a permanent resident, she needed to know where everything was and how to get there. The entire time she felt out of place, like she was sticking out like a sore thumb. No one else was wearing combat boots, a skirt, leggings, and a hoodie. In fact, most of the Jinn she saw were of the plant kind. Pinecone Jinn, Dandelion Jinn, Mushroom Jinn, it was all so fascinating to the former Stomper. To think she had once plucked dandelions and blown off their tufted seeds for a wish. The memory horrified her now.

Ronin allowed the younger Leafman to show M.K around the barracks as well, and to say she was impressed would be an understatement. The Leafmen's fighting style was so graceful, sharp and majestic, at least to M.K. The feeling that welled up inside the girl as they left for her new home puzzled her, and she tried to make sense of it, but failed to do so.

"You know, the Queen can make your Dad small. She just has to get used to her powers first."

M.K's head turned a bit to the right, trying to peer at the boy behind her. He turned her forwards again with his hands, mock scolding her. "They'll be uneven if you keep moving your head."

The former Stomper snorted lightly before relenting, sighing softly at the feel of Nod's fingers running through her hair. The brunette was sitting on M.K's couch while she sat on the floor in front of him. Her hair was down and Nod was playing with it, braiding strands together expertly. It was nearly dark outside now, the teens were changed into their pajamas - a term M.K had to explain to Nod meant their night clothes. She'd borrowed some from Nod, which luckily fit fairly well, besides the baggy pants.

The red-haired teen sighed softly. "I know, I just don't want to pressure her. I still haven't completely gotten over the fact I'm only two inches tall now."

"You'll get used to it. And when the Queen finally figures it out your Dad can come and visit." Nod's tone was soft, but light, trying not to disturb the peaceful silence that had settled around them.

"Yeah..." M.K giggled. "I can already see him running around asking a million questions. He's going to be so starstruck."

Nod chuckled, "Well you can't blame the guy, I mean we were his life's work right? You said it yourself."

M.K nodded slightly. "Yeah, I did..."

It was a little strange, sitting in a living room with mostly the same layout as a Stomper room. The big difference was the lack of a television. If she and Nod were Stompers and in her house, they would probably be cuddled on the sofa, some popcorn in a bowl, and a cheesy horror flick going. This though...Just sitting in the low light together with a comfortable silence between them. It was almost magical and M.K wouldn't have it any other way.

Nod finished her hair just as darkness descended upon Moonhaven. A candle was lit, creating a soft glow around them. M.K yawned, her nose wrinkling a bit.

"You're cute when you do that," Nod chuckled, holding her close.

The red-haired girl raised a brow. "Do what?" He smiled, leaning close. "When you wrinkle your nose. It's cute."

M.K blushed a bit and smiled, nuzzling the boy's neck gently. "Thank you," she breathed, her warm breath tickling his neck.

Nod yawned, his eyes drooping dangerously. "Wanna go to bed?"

The Stomper girl nodded into his neck, her answer muffled. Chuckling softly, Nod slipped an arm under M.K's knees and arms and lifted off the sofa with ease. Leaning down, the teen blew out the candle before making his way to the bedroom. He lowered M.K's body onto the bed slowly, trying not to disturb the sleeping girl. With a soft, loving smile on his lips Nod tucked the red-haired teen under the sheets, propping the pillow comfortably under her head. Treading on soft feet, he made his way to the other side of the bed, slipping under the covers stealthily.

He scooted closer to M.K, wrapping his arms around her middle gently and pulling her close. Though her eyes were closed, a small, knowing smile spread across her face as she wrapped her arms around his middle in return. She opened her emerald eyes and gazed into Nod's reflecting gaze, his face barely visible in the darkness. The Leafman smiled back, nuzzling her cheek softly before closing his eyes happily. M.K nuzzled back, sighing in content as she closed her eyes again.

"I love you," Nod whispered into her cheek.

M.K smiled. "I love you too Leafboy."

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