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Callies POV

His whispers resonated in my ears, a thousand echoes of seven short words. I don't want to be right. How could they have such an effect on me? There was a pause between us, as if the air was holding its breath. I stared into Brandon's eyes. I don't want to be right either.

"This is temporary." I said to him in a hushed whisper. His hand found his way to my cheek, sending the butterflies swirling once more. I felt the burning sensation build behind my eyes. No. I wasn't going to cry. I couldn't. "Your family is going to give me up Brandon."

"What? No they're not there are other options." He said, leaning his forehead against mine without breaking our gaze. His lips were less than an inch away, and the butterflies were exploding.

"Like what?" I said back, a tear escaping down my cheek, leaving behind a trail of burning emotion. "Adoption? Then what Brandon. Tell me what? We'd be siblings."

"Are you saying you don't want this?" His eyes betrayed his strong appearance. "Because I want this more than anything Callie Jacobs." His arm tightened around me, pulling me even closer to him.

"I wish I could say no. But every guy who walks into my life hurts me." I looked away from him, feelings of shame washing over me for ruining this moment. The only possible moment I would probably ever get with Brandon Foster.

"Can I be the first one you let in again?" His voice was sweet and gentle, his hand tilting my face up so my eyes once again met his. The blues of his eyes showed kindness, his words melting the ice on my heart.

Brandon's POV

I looked down at her eyes, her scared expression betraying the cold exterior she put up to protect herself. I felt her small frame in my arms, and I wanted nothing more than to stay here forever, with Callie in my embrace. Where no one would be able to hurt her again. My question hung in the air, the silence taking over. I saw her resistance quiver. She met my eyes again, and slowly brought her lips up to meet mine. I kissed her softly, holding her close and savoring the feeling of having her all to myself. Her lips were soft against mine, and it sparked something inside of me. It was unfamiliar, and definitely not something Talya had ever sparked in me. Her kiss was hesitant and sweet, pulling me in. I broke our kiss, tucking her into my chest and wrapping my arms around her.


It was a typical Saturday morning at the Foster household. Something made out of batter was burning on the stove top, Stef was yelling at Marianna to hurry the hell up and get outta bed and Callie was sitting quietly at the table, drinking her black coffee. I took my seat next to her, and her face lit up a little when she saw me.

"Good Morning." I said, loving the way her eyes crinkled when she smiled. I wanted to keep that smile on her face every second of everyday.

"Good Morning." She replied, tucking a strand of short. brown hair behind her ear and stealing another sip of coffee. She was sitting cross legged on one of the oak kitchen chairs, wearing the same loose-fitting gray sweatpants as she had about eight hours ago. Jesus groggily wandered into the kitchen, dragging a cranky Marianna in his tow. She had just gotten out of the shower, and I couldn't help but draw a resemblance between her and a drowned cat. Lena placed a platter of pancakes on the table, and everyone lunged except for Callie, who doesn't eat breakfast. I had to battle with Jesus over the biggest pancake, resulting in a quickly shut-down duel with our forks. A little while later, Lena and Stef were cleaning dishes in the kitchen, Mariana and Jesus had gone to the beach and Callie and I were sitting on the couch. Callie was absent mindedly strumming her guitar. I watched as she winced when she played the wrong chord. She tried it again, only to get an even worse sounding combination of notes.

"Here Cal," I said, moving over to the couch with her. I took her hand in mine and moved her fingers around the strings and frets, placing them correctly. Our eyes met and we both blushed at the days earlier events in this very room. She smiled her crooked little half smile and it drove me crazy. I wanted to take her face in my hands and kiss her. I wanted to feel her soft lips against mine. But I promised her as we whispered in the darkness in our shared room, lying in our own beds with our heads pressed together, that I would keep it secret. Because I knew that if Stef and Lena found out, it could mean the end of us, it could mean the end of Callie's stay here, it could be the end of Callie's safety. I felt guilty for putting her in jeopardy like this. There were times last night where I laid awake thinking of how selfish I was being, long after Callie's breath had stabilized. My hand remained on hers on the neck of the guitar, the warmth from our bodies mingling together.

"I'm sorry Cal." I confessed to her, looking down sheepishly.

"About what?" She asked, confused. She looked over at me with her crooked half smile.

"Part of me regrets what happened last night. I feel so guilty for breaking the rules, for jeopardizing your safety. But I want this, I want us." My voice lowered as I spoke. I tightened my fingers around hers on the neck of the guitar.

"This is reckless. This is stupid. But I want us too." She whispered back to me, carefully removing her hand from mine and playing the corrected chord.


Stef's POV

Finally finished with the mountain-sized pile of dishes from breakfast, I walked over to the table and sat down with Lena. She was stirring her coffee and watching Brandon and Callie through the doorway. I followed her gaze and watched as they shared a quiet moment over the guitar Brandon had given Callie. Callie gave him a crooked half-smile and his face lit up.

"Honey?" I turned to Lena and placed my hand on her tiny wrist. She turned to face me, broken out of her stare. Her chocolate eyes met mine, her brow furrowing the slightest bit.

"Yeah?" She asked taking a sip of her coffee.

"Do you think there is anything going on between those two?" I asked her, gesturing my head to the two musicians sitting on the sofa. Her eyes widened.

"But the rules?" She responded quietly, "Brandon always follows the rules."

"This is different. They seem-" I let out a sigh, finishing my thought. "Maybe we should move her into a different room is all I'm saying. I talked to Brandon and he said there was nothing going on, but the way they look at eachother, its like the way you look at me." She nodded her head, going back to watch the two some more and sipping her coffee.

"I think you're right."