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Ichigo's Point of View

"Understand this King."

His voice echoed in my head.

"You're mine,"

Images of him flashed through my mind.

"Whether you like it or not." he chuckled, licking my hot skin with his cold tongue.

I shivered, remembering how it trailed up my throat, but still moaning softly, already given in to his touches.

"Never forget that."

I rolled over on my side.

How could I let this let this get this far?... I closed, my eyes knowing I would see him.

I stood there a slight breeze ruffling my hair.

Where is he? I thought, looking around

"Miss me?" His voice sent shivers down my spine.

I turned, but I was a moment too late.

He tackled me on my back, then straddled my waist, I tried shoving him off, but that's what he wanted me to do, he grabbed my wrists tightly in one hand, then he took his sword with his other hand and stabbed it through the building a few inches above my head, then tied my hands together with the cloth tightly.

I glared at him, gritting my teeth, as I continued to squirm.

He just merely chuckled at my attempts "Oh King," He stroked my cheek with his thumb, almost affectionately, keyword almost.

"Get the hell off of me!" I growled,

He laughed "Who's gonna make me huh? Surely not you!" he leaned over my face, trailing his hands down my sides then stopped under my ribcage. He smirked, pulling on the fabric of my shirt with both hands, "Let's get rid of this shall we?" with a swift tug it ripped cleanly off, exposing my torso.

"Bast-!" I cut off when I saw the look in his eyes, I know that look! My eyes widened, has he licked his lips, a predatory lust in his eyes.

He grinned widely noticing the fear in my eyes "I'll be gentle, if you behave," he purred the last two words. I blushed, gulping as he brushed his lips against mine his hands sliding down to the hem of my pants then up my stomach.

I shivered enjoying the sensations; "Ya like that king?" he grinned, as I nodded giving into the touches, losing my common sense as he tweaked my nipples rolling them in between his nimble, white fingers. I arched my back slightly moaning, "Look at hard they are King," he snickered, leaning down taking a nub into his mouth, sucking on it. I couldn't help myself, I needed more.

"Ahh~, please Hichigo I need more," I begged, trying to grind our groins together, he stared at me for a second no smirk, or grin on his face, but very slowly his lips curled into a smirk, his eyes sparking with triumph.

"As you wish King," I cried out slightly as he grinded our groins roughly against each other.

"Fuck," I hissed, in pleasure as he continue rolling his hips, he bent down licking the shell of my ear, slowly.

"You're mine." that sentence brought me back to my senses.

I gritted my teeth How could I have given in so easily? my blood boiled, I won't give in! growling slightly I jerked my head to the side.

"No! Stop!" his hips against mine, froze the temperature suddenly dropping.

For a moment I felt fear growing inside my chest, but I forced it down, I'd be damned before I let my hollow know I was afraid of him. His fingers grabbed my chin roughly jerking it back to face him, his gold eyes burning with anger, I glared back.

"Did ya just tell me to stop King?" his voice was cold, and had a hint of warning to it, as though he almost dared me to test him.

"You heard me!" I yanked my wrists, trying to get them free but the cloth only started tighten uncomfortably against my skin, "Get the fuck off me!" I squirmed in frustration, continuing to try and free my wrists, the cloth now making a uncomfortable, burning sensation.

"And if I don't get off?" he question, his hand making it's way up my chest, I closed my eyes, forcing myself to not give in again, I reopened them glaring at him.

"Then I'll do this," I spit in his eye, he flinched in surprise at first but then very slowly he wiped his eye, his reaction surprised me, he smiled. Now it was my turn to be confused.

Why the fuck is he smiling? I thought, but as I continued to look at him, realized what smile that was, my blood ran cold. He used this smile often whenever I fought back at him, it was a evil smile filled a sinful promise.

I shook my head fiercely, repeating 'I'm sorry' over and over again, as his eyes matched that smile.

"Shut up and enjoy it my little shinigami." he cooed, grinning he grabbed a fistful of my hair yanking my head back, exposing my neck more for him, I winced as a shock of pain coursed through my head. His mouth attacked my neck, nipping, biting, and sucking, leaving large and very noticeable hickeys on my skin, that would both be hard to find and explain if anyone found out.

"P-please stop," I begged, as my arousal returned slowly as my body reacted to these painful, but yet pleasurable acts.

He grabbed my cock through my pants roughly massaging the organ, "You've been a naughty Shinigami, Ichigo," he nipped my earlobe pulling it slightly with his teeth "and naughty little Shinigamis need to be punished," releasing my hair, he grabbed my hips tightly flipping me over onto my stomach.

"What are you doing?" I looked at him over my shoulder, as he lifted my ass in the air, he smirked at me pulling down my pants then my underwear throwing them to the side, "What's it look like, I'm punishing ya," I was about to retort something when suddenly SMACK his hand slapped my ass, I yelped lurching forward, trying to squirm away but he grabbed my hips again, yanking me back.

"Hold still Ichigo, or it's gonna hurt more," he spanked my ass again, I yelped again, he just continued, once in a while my ass cheeks soothingly with a cold hand, but then continuing. "Your ass looks so yummy when it's red like this," I felt him lean over me licking the back of my neck, I blushed deeply I was getting even more hard just by him dirty talking into my ear, and spanking me. One of his cold hands reached in between my legs, pumping my cock slowly rubbing the leaking slit with his thumb, "Aww does someone like it when I spanked their ass?" to empathize his point he gave another hard slap to my ass.

I nodded weakly, slumping forward, releasing my cock he groped my sore butt, kneading and massaging it gently, soothing the pain slightly, "Say your sorry Ichigo," he purred in my ear, I didn't have the strength resist or anything, I need him so much.

"I'm..." I looked at him over my shoulder "I'm sorry Hichigo," I licked his lips, grinding my ass into his hands, "Please forgive me," I pleaded with my brown eyes, as he just watched me.

Then he grinned widely "You're forgiven," releasing my ass, he bent down his tongue gliding around my entrance, wetting the ring of muscle with his saliva, I moaned in pleasure thrusting my hips back slightly, as his tongue delved into my insides.

I whined in estacy as he continued to fuck me with his tongue, his hand snaking up my inner thigh cupping and massaging my balls, I moaned, I felt my climax approaching, but before I could reach it Hichigo's hand grabbed the base of my cock tightly, making it impossible to cum. I squirmed, thrusting my hips."P-please Hichigo,"

"Please what?"

I bowed my head, tears gathering in my eyes, "Please fuck me Hichigo, I need you so much~" I begged, my voice cracking slightly, I needed release so bad that it was painful.

I heard the sound of him pulling down his hakama, his one hand still gripping my dick then I felt the tip of his erection rubbing and teasing my entrance, "I want to hear you beg more, King," he purred evilly, a tear of frustration slide down my cheek as I lifted my head and looked at him over my shoulder.

"Please fuck me with your cock," I grinded back onto the organ "I want it so much," another tear rolled down my cheek as I looked at him with begging eyes. For a second his facial expression soften, the sadist look in his eye disappearing but quickly returned as he slammed into me. I screamed hoarsely as he continued to piston his hips, immediately finding my prostate. I screamed even louder, thrusting my hips back meeting his violent thrusts.

My cock burned painfully, as his fingers tightened even more, "Please Hichigo~ Ahhh~!" I tugged furiously on my restraints more tears rolling down my cheeks.

"I'm so close now Ichigo," he bit the back of my neck, I knew there'd be a mark there "Should I let you cum?"

I nodded furiously "Please~ Ahh~ Let me cum Hichigo-sama~!"

His thrusts started falling more and more out of rhythm until they were short and shallow thrusts, I cried out as his hand released my cock. I exploded, stars flashing before my eyes, my cum splattering the window beneath me, with a small moan of pleasure, Hichigo came my insides milking him of his seed, my eyes rolled to the back off my head as I collapsed stomach first into the white puddle beneath me

Hichigo's point of view

I stroked my King's hair, pulling out and watching as my sperm leaked out of his entrance and down his thighs. Reaching up I undid the cloth, immediately he rolled onto his side, his cum covering his stomach, lifting his chin I planted a gentle his on his lips. He tried to return it but failed as he was slowly losing conscious.

No matter what, I will break you, kissing him one last time, I watched as he slowly disappeared, sighing I pulled my sword out of the skyscraper, and placed it on my back. The wind blew slightly ruffling my hair and I grinned as I stared at the puddle of cum, then my reflection in another mirror. Something tells me that next time will be a hell of a lot more fun.