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Chapter 11: During the Night



"C'mon!" Natsu whined, throwing his head back in frustration.

"I told you, I'm not trading away any of my spirits!" The blonde shot him down.

The Galuna team (Natsu, Erza, Gray, Lucy, Levy, Lisanna, Mirajane, Elfman, and Happy) were currently walking down the streets of Magnolia back to the guild. Much to everyone's frustration, Natsu had been nagging Lucy about trading Plue's key, save for their boat ride back to Hargeon and the train, the entire way back to town.

"Give it a rest already!" Gray shouted at the dragon slayer.

"It isn't manly to argue with a woman over something so petty." Elfman spoke up.


Levy let out one last sigh before confronting the man. "If you don't have any ties to them, wouldn't it be best to just let Lucy have them for now so they can be put to good use?"

"That's right. Don't be so stingy." Lisanna chimed in.

Natsu grumbled to himself. "Fine, but you owe me something later." he told the blonde as he handed her the keys.

She happily snatched them from his hand. "Thanks! Any chance I could have those Caelum keys?"

"Hell no! I just finished naming all of them!"

As they continued their way to the guild, the townspeople in sight of them would gather away, avoiding their gaze as they talked amongst themselves.

Erza noticed this from the corner of her eye. "Mira…"

"I see it too…" She already knew what she was about to ask.

They kept walking down the streets until they finally reached the guild, only the building wasn't there. "What the hell?!" In place of where the guild once stood, scattered pieced of wood and stone debris covered the area.

"The guild!" the girls cried in horror.

Gray clenched his fists. "It's in pieces!"

Elfman stomped his foot and raised his fists. "Who's the man responsible for this?!"

"Quick! To the basement!" Natsu led them to the cellar hatch behind the guild. Rushing down the steps, they reached the bottom, finding it filled with the rest of the members sitting around the spare tables. "Okay, we need answers. Where's-" *BAM!*

"LEVY!" Trampling over Natsu, Jet and Droy charged out and grabbed the small girl.

She was having trouble breathing from their tight grip. "G-Guys! Let me go!"

"We were so worried about you!" They bawled their eyes out. "We were afraid you got attacked while you were away!"

While the Shadow Gear team reconvened, Happy poked at Natsu's flattened form. "Does this count as them beating you?"

He got back up, wobbling from side to side. "I'll get them back for this later…" He spotted Makarov drinking beer off on some boxes. "Him first."

Makarov noticed the group approaching him. "Yo! You fellas finally back?"

"I'm wondering why we can't use the front door and where it went!" Natsu pointed at the ceiling.

Erza spoke up. "Master, what happened here?"

He took another sip of his beer. "There was one hell of a rain storm the other night and by morning the guild had fallen apart."

"It fell apart?!" Gray couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"There were no other signs of any different cause, so yeah." He took another swig.

"Bullshit! This place has taken years of my fights with the snow cone, fights between Mira and Erza, and Gildarts getting blackout drunk without so much as a single splinter coming loose, and we're supposed to believe it fell apart over one rainy night?!"

"There's no doubt this had to be Phantom Lord!" Mira shouted.

That last part caught Lucy's attention. "Phantom Lord?"

Makarov finished his drink. "Even if we know that, it doesn't change the fact we have no evidence tying them to it, as well as the fact they didn't even have the guts to face us head on. So why bother retaliating? Now, if you'll excuse me…" He hopped off the boxes and ran off. "I need to take a leak!"

The group was still left fuming. "Real men should stand and fight in situations like this."

Natsu thought for a moment. "Wasn't the old man supposed to do "that" to you guys as punishment for going on that request we just came back from?"

Lisanna slammed her hands over his mouth. "DON'T BRING THAT UP!"


-Magnolia, Night-

Lucy was walking along the edge of the road with Plue, being warned by one of the fishermen she might fall into the river. "I still can't believe Phantom Lord and Fairy Tail have such a rivalry."


"I even considered joining Phantom Lord in the beginning, but I'm glad I joined Fairy Tail in the end."


They walked through the door to her apartment. "They've really been friendly to me."

"Welcome home." Erza, Gray, Natsu, and Happy greeted her.

"TOO FRIENDLY!" She tossed Plue like a projectile at Natsu. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?!"

He grabbed Plue before he could stab him with his nose. "I'm here to eat your food. If you want me to stop, give me Plue."

"Aye, the fish is already gone." Happy gobbled down the last one.

Erza took a sip of tea. "Since the guild has recently been attacked, it can be assumed there are Phantom Lord members still in town."

"It's been decided for everyone to stay in groups in case they move to pick us off one by one." Gray followed up.

"They would do that?!"

"No need to worry, Lucy. You have us here." Erza placed her cup done. "Though, given you are an attractive young woman, I wouldn't have felt right leaving you alone with Natsu and Gray. So I thought it would help you relax if I stayed here as well."

"So Natsu and Gray being here was already decided?" Lucy groaned.

Natsu placed Plue down. "Since I'm the one who brought you into the guild, I got stuck watching over you. Gray's here because he thought he could do a better job."

"You wanna go?!" Gray placed his hands together.

Natsu ignited his fists. "Bring it on!"

While the two of them fought up a storm, Erza looked through one of Lucy's wooden chests. "T-T-These under garments! You actually wear these sort of things?!"


(Some odd minutes later)

After everything had calmed down, Gray was sitting at Lucy's desk, Natsu was staring out the window, and Erza was relaxing on Lucy's bed when Lucy walked out of the bath. "Do you guys have any idea why Phantom Lord attacked like that?"

"I'm afraid I don't know." Erza replied. "Out of all the previous skirmishes we've had, this is the first time Phantom Lord has gone this far."

"Since both of our guild masters are members of the Ten Wizard Saints, we're even with them on that regards. The ones we need to be concerned about fighting ourselves are their Element Four." Gray informed her as he read through some of her papers.

"WHO SAID YOU COULD READ THAT?!" Lucy snatched them from his hands. "Levy-chan is the only one allowed to have the first look!"

"Come on! Let me look!"

"No!" she huffed as she looked back at Erza. "So, what exactly are these Element Four?"

"Their Phantom Lord's equivalent to our S-Class, four individuals who each specialize in one particular element."

"No clue if that's a requirement they made or if it's just a coincident." Natsu commented from where he was sitting, never looking away from the window.

Erza went on. "But I believe our biggest obstacle is Black Steel Gajeel, the iron dragon slayer."

"Iron Dragon Slayer?! You mean Natsu isn't the only one?!" That set off an immediate alarm in her mind. "If he's the iron dragon slayer, does that mean he eats and uses iron?! Which one of you is stronger?!"

Natsu gave her no response, still looking out the window.

"That's it! What the hell is wrong with you?! I know you can be random at times, but you're never this docile for so long!" She was fuming, her face turning red… It soon turned redder. "You haven't even made any type of lewd comment about Erza wearing… wearing…!"

Sitting nonchalantly on the bed, Erza, since exiting the bath, had been wearing some of Lucy's clothes. Said clothes being a black and red lace bra with matching panties, stockings, and garter belt that were all semi-see through. Neither Gray nor Lucy could look at her while Natsu barely seemed to notice. "Oh, this? I'm sorry for imposing like this, but my Requip seems to be jammed here and I don't have any other clothing of my own to change into."

Literally everyone else in the room knew what was jamming her magic. "You're not even going to enjoy what you're still doing?"

Natsu continued to sit there. "I hope Levy's doing okay. Her teammates are less then useless in a major fight."

"Levy-chan?" That surprised her. "You're really that worried about her?"

"It makes sense, considering how they both started out in the guild." Erza smiled as she recalled those times. "Given how book smart Levy was, the other members her age found it hard to approach someone so much more knowledgeable than them while the older members found it difficult having such discussions with someone so young. As for Natsu, because of his magic letting him learn new things after being shown, everyone felt as though he cheated in any game he'd play with them. Fortunately, when the two of them came together, Levy found someone who could keep up with her and Natsu had someone who was happy to have him pick up on what she told him so quickly. Ever since then, Natsu has been rather protective of her, acting like an older brother of sorts."

Inside Lucy's imagination, she pictured a miniature Natsu acting as a human shield to protect a miniature Levy. "That's actually pretty cute."

Gray disagreed. "He's more like an angry dog if you ask me."

The miniature imagination of Natsu started to bark. "That fits too."

Natsu finally stood up. "Round Two, Ice Flake!"

Lucy's apartment became an active warzone of fire and ice. "Why me?!"


-At the same time, Phantom Lord Guild-

As the faint sound of pitter patter from the ceiling echoed down the dimly lit hall, several Phantom Lord members were scattered around. Sitting at one of the tables by herself was a young, pale skinned woman with blue curled hair wearing a heavy blue coat with white fur trim, a matching Cossack hat, long dark boots, and a teru teru bozu around her neck.

"Hey, water girl! I heard Fairy Tail's base got taken down due to excessive rain during one of our dry night!" One of the other members approached her, no courtesy in how he talked to her. "Looks like that little quirk of yours finally paid off for once! Ha!" As he spoke, she clenched her fists into her lap, her head looking down, and the pitter patter grew louder. "Hey! Hey! Bring it down a bit! You don't want to do the same to this place, do ya?!" She pulled out an umbrella and opened it. The noise grew louder as the man leaned over her. "Hey! I said to knock it off!" He pulled at her coat. "If you're gonna make things wet around here, leave it at between your legs-"


"Wah!" she yelped when an iron pole shot out from behind her, slamming the man across the hall.

"If you want the noise to go down, start by shutting the hell up." The iron pole retracted to the point it faded into the arm of another member. This one had a tall, muscular build with spiky black hair running down his back, wore dark clothing, and was covered in stud piercings.

"Juvia did well to send a message, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears." From the shadows, an elderly figure stepped closer to the commotion. "Gajeel, I noticed you stepped out a moment ago."

He grinned. "Like you said, our last invitation went unanswered. So I decided to do a little extra to get them going."

"Excellent. As long as you leave that particular person out, you're free to do as you please."


-Morning, Magnolia Southgate Park-

"Let us through!" The team moved through the crowd of people surrounding the central tree. Once through, they found the members of Team Shadow Gear shackled by their arms, each one marked with Phantom Lord's emblem. Natsu's fists ignited. "No mercy."


-Oak Town, Phantom Lord Guild-

Every member in the building was celebrating. Some commented on how Fairy Tail deserved to suffer, others talked about how they were superior, and smaller groups brought up there being one they weren't allowed to attack, but mentioned other things they'd like to do with whoever it was. All of this commotion came to an abrupt end as the entrance to the guild was knocked down in a large explosion. "It's one thing to demolish one's home, we can always rebuild. But attacking one's family, that can never be forgiven!" Through the hole in the wall, Makarov stood alongside the rest of Fairy Tail. "THIS IS WAR!"

Fighting broke out. Mages fighting mages. Fairies verses phantoms.

Several Phantom members pounced at Gray. "Ice Make: Lance!"

Another group closed in on Cana. "Lightning. Reverse Tower. Lovers." She held up the corresponding Tarot cards. "Thunderbolt's Fate!" Bolts of lightning rained down on her would be attackers.

"BBRRRAAAAAAAAUUUUHHHH!" Elfman in his Beast Soul mowed down nearby enemies.

"That's the Beast King! What's it doing here with them?!" one of the Phantom Lord members cried out as he ran away.

"Soul Extinction!" Mira fired a blast of dark magic at one of the crowds.

"Requip!" Erza changed into her Black Wing armor, swatting away the attackers closest to her.

"Gyah!" More Phantom Lord members were sent flying backwards by Natsu, each one getting hit by a different type of magic. "What's the deal with this freak?! He keeps doing something different!"

Natsu was fighting on reflex, not paying mind to whoever came at him. He simply kept looking around the hall, sniffing the air. "Where are their big guns at?"

Up on the upper levels, Makarov approached the doorway to the staircase. "Mira! Erza! Natsu! You three watch over the others! I'm confronting Jose and putting a stop to all of this!"

Hiding amongst the rafters, Gajeel looked down on the fighting. "It looks like they only brought half of their heaviest hitters. Still, it looks like Master Jose's plan worked out just like he said it would."

*Sniff! Sniff!*

"Huh?" Gajeel noticed Natsu stopped moving. "Isn't that…"

"FOUND YOU!" Natsu launched himself in a blaze into the rafters, demolishing a large portion as he tackled Gajeel head on. Members on both sides were caught off guard as the two descended back to the ground.

"So, it's Salamander? I was wondering which one of you chumps I'd get to take down first." Gajeel cracked his knuckles.

Natsu's eyes were shadowed out. "You've got the same metallic scent as those restraint on Shadow Gear." He activated his Burning Arm Take-Over: Branding Torch on both arms. "I'm going to send you to hell!"


-Meanwhile, Magnolia-

Lucy was walking down one of the deserted streets on her way back home. She had just checked up on how Levy's team was doing at the town hospital. "With how things are going, I wish there was more I could do for everyone." Her mood was brought down further as a heavy rain suddenly poured down on her. "Wha-?! Seriously?! But the sky was clear a moment ago!"

"Drip. Drip. Drop." Lucy looked down the street. From the other end, Juvia made her way closer to her. She began to tremble under the stranger's unblinking gaze as she moved closer, and closer, and… past her. Juvia then took out a pink umbrella decorated in hearts. "Pardon me."

"What the hell was that just now?" the blonde looked skeptically at the woman.

"Non. Non. Non." Right beside Juvia, the stone road started to protrude upward. The protrusion then took shape, one of a green haired man wearing a brown suit with a matching mantle and a monocle on his right eye. "Juvia-sama, you have just walked past our assigned target."

She looked back at her. "So, she's the one?"

"Eh?" Lucy wasn't sure what was happening.

"Allow me to introduce ourselves. You may call me Monsieur Sol, the earth attribute of Phantom Lord's Element Four." He gestured to Juvia. "And this is the water liaison of our Element Four, Juvia Lockser."

"T-Two of the Element Four?!" Lucy immediately reached for her keys, but then found herself incased in water, struggling to breathe.

"Don't bother fighting back. Once anyone enters Juvia's Water Lock, there is no escape." Juvia informed her as Lucy soon fell into unconsciousness. "Fear not. We have been given strict orders to keep you safe, Lucy Hearfillia-sama."

"Exquisite work, Juvia-sama." Sol complemented his companion. "Now, let us-"


A shot cut through from above down onto Lucy's prison, blasting away the water. "What?!" Looking up, Juvia spotted Caelum in its cannon form floating and beeping above them. "She managed to summon a spirit in her state?!"

"Non! Non! Non! This shouldn't be! That spirit isn't even in her confirmed repertoire!" Sol shouted before Caelum fired another shot between them and Lucy, producing a cloud of debris large enough to extract Lucy from their location without a trace. "Non! Non! Non!"

"She got way." Juvia lamented as she walked to where Lucy was previously restrained. Reaching down, she grabbed hold of her ring of keys she dropped in her struggling. "Master will not be pleased."


-Back at Phantom Lord-

The fighting escalated on both sides. The most apparent conflict was the one between Natsu and Gajeel, the two rocketing throughout the guild and devastating anything that came in their path. "Iron Dragon's Lance!" Gajeel's fist turned into an iron pole shooting straight towards Natsu's head.

Moving his head to the side, he managed to dodge his attack in time while it struck the Phantom Lord members behind him. Getting in close, Natsu brought up his hands. "Tempest Rebellion!" A torrent of razored wind shot out from his palms, sending Gajeel back but still not enough to cut through his skin.

Having recovered from the attack, Gajeel lunged at Natsu, both fists turning to iron. "Is that all you got, Salamander?!"

Natsu brought his hands together. "Wood-Make: Treacherous Woods!"

Gajeel found himself suspended mid-attack, being held in place by withered trees in the shape decrepit skeletons. "The hell kind of creepy magic is this?!"

"Fire Dragon's Judgment Hammer!" Natsu slammed his fist into Gajeel's face, tearing his out of his previous spell and catapulting him into the back wall, spider-webbing in cracks.

The iron dragon slayer pulled himself up. "I admit, I'm surprised. For an oversized candle, you manage to hit pretty hard."

"I've been thinking something similar. For a walking chunk of scrap metal, you move surprisingly fast." Natsu glared back at him. "In fact, it looks like you've been moving around with Jet's High Speed magic. Exactly like it." He slammed his fists together. "Explain."

He grinned. "Make me!"

The two went back to trading blows. With each attack that collided with one another, powerful shockwave shook throughout the building.

"Something about this is wrong." Erza spoke up as she observed their fight.

"If you're talking about his speed, Natsu already brought that up!" Mira yelled, backhanding one of the enemies as she focused on the redhead.

"It's not his access to that speed, but the absence at using it." She hardened her gaze at the two dragon slayers. "From what I can tell, they both have the same amount of dexterity, yet Natsu seems to be the only one working to evade oncoming attacks. Gajeel has yet to dodge or even block any of Natsu's attacks. No matter how durable his body may be, he can't be so arrogant as to purposely take all that damage for no reason."


-Phantom Lord Building, Top Level-

Blasting into the room with his Giant Wrath, Makarov marched in, every step crumbling the ground below him as he approached Jose, smirking in his chair. "JOSE, WHY HAVE YOU DECIDED TO THREATEN MY GUILD?"

"It's been a long time since we've last seen one another, Makarov. Why not enjoy the moment?"

Makarov slammed his enlarged fist at Jose. "I want answers!" As the dust cleared, Jose's image began to flicker. "A Thought Projection? You coward. I should have expected you'd have run away before I'd get here."

Jose chuckled. "I prefer to think of it as the mindful thing to do. It wouldn't do my guild any good if two Wizard Saints were to breakout into a fight."

"Enough talk! Tell me what you're plotting!"Makarov was so caught up in his fury he failed to notice the cloaked, blindfolded figure in tears floating behind him until it was too late "Crap!"

In a blinding light, Makarov's body was sent crashing back down to the ground level of the building, drawing the attention of all those there. His skin had turned green, unable to move with no magic left in his body to aide him.


"Is he okay?!"

"What happened?!"


Erza ran to his side. "Master, please, hang on!" The direction of the fight suddenly shifted in Phantom Lord's favor. Not only had their strength increased, but the site of their master in such a state heavily diminished Fairy Tail's morale. Erza had to make a decision. "Everyone! Retreat!"

"What?!" Natsu looked back at her as he faced down Gajeel. "You can't be serious! After everything they've done, you want us to-"

"Natsu! If we don't leave now, we'll only lose more!"

He could see tears forming in her left eye. Looking around, he could see no one was in any shape to continue on. Wakaba and Macao were both knocked out, Gray was out of breath, Cana and Mira had to lean on one another to keep from falling.

"What's wrong, Salamander?" Gajeel taunted him. "Is that all you weaklings got? I should have figured as much after what I did to those three from before."

Natsu gritted his teeth, smoke leaving his hands. "DAMN IT!" He slammed them down to the ground, creating a massive smokescreen, allowing the entire guild to escape in as residual flames forced back the Phantom Lord members.

When the smoke cleared, Phantom Lord was left by themselves in satisfaction. None grinned more than Gajeel. "Ahahahahaha! Run all you want! This war has only gotten started!"


Guild Card

Name: Juvia Lockser

Magic: Water Magic

Likes: Warmth Dislikes: Rain

Info: Every place she goes, a heavy rain always follows her. Since not many other than Gajeel approaches her, not much is known about her past. She has only had one other relationship to last a significant of time. Some time ago, she had been dating a man said to be the famous Salamander, but due to her always bringing rain wherever she goes, he broke up with her. While this caused her to grow more depressed than before, resent news of his true identity has left her relieved their relationship ended when it did, especially after recalling all of his suggested 'kinks' and every time he mentioned her being 'worth a fortune based on her looks'.

Affiliation: Phantom Lord


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