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Chapter 9- Midnight Melee


Upon the raging waves of the sea, a black sailed, pirate ship voyaged through. On the deck of the ship were several crewmembers lying unconscious. The only one still standing was a short, bearded captain who was steering the wheel.

"Uh… Why do you want to go to Galuna Island? It's scary!" he turned his head back.

"Just shut up and steer."

The crewmembers slowly started to get up, grabbing their aching heads. "If you drop us off somewhere, you can have the boat! Please, I'm begging ya, Lady! I've heard that island is cursed and that anyone who steps on its soil turns into a demon!" the captain pleaded.

"I will take that chance." The voice simply said.

"But-! What would you do that for?!"

"When rules are broken, the guilty must be punished. And that is all I can tell you." the scarlet hair knight told them.

"So cool!"

"And hot!"

"We don't like rule breakers either!"

"We can help catch them if you want!"

"Sure. Now let's hurry." she nodded.


"I'll join your team, too! I'll brave that scary island for ya!" the captain cheered.


"Master says, "I still don't think it's a violation of the rules if Mira went with them."" Virgo said from behind, kneeling on the floor of the ship. A seasick Natsu was resting his head on her lap like it was a pillow.

"Even if she is with them, they still went behind the Master's back. Not to mention this is still a dangerous mission and we need to get them out of it." Erza spoke back.

""Wasn't this just an accident caused by Happy? As for the danger, while I'm sure Elfman and Mira will manage, Lisanna and Levy are both fine women I am obliged to protect.""

"You do realize you left out both Gray and Lucy, right? And is it really necessary to summon your spirit for such a reason?"Erza sweat-dropped.

""I'd ask you to do it, but don't want to get knock out with force to get it." Keep no mind of it, Erza-sama. I enjoy being of service."

"I seriously think you need to be taught about proper behavior, painfully."

"Punishment?" Virgo pointed to herself.

""Never mind…" Erzaa sighed dryly in defeat. This spirit was going to make her brand of education difficult.


…!" Natsu cringed on the floor. 'This feeling… There's something… something abnormal on that island…'


-Top of the temple-

"So, you truly think you stand a chance against me alone?" Lyon laughed, standing across from Gray.

"Quit acting like you're my senior! We're not Ur's students anymore!" Gray shouted in rage.

"I am well aware of that fact. Painfully aware." Lyon said dryly, proceeding to remove his mask. "Our dear teacher is no longer of this world."

"Her final act was sealing that monster away! Are you really so callous that you would try to destroy our master's legacy?!"

"Don't delude yourself." He took of his mask, revealing his serious expression on his face and spiked, white hair. "You were the one who killed Ur." Gray's face sunk. "I'm surprise you have the nerve to speak her name!" Lyon extended his arm, creating a large, ice puffer fish that rammed against Gray, knocking him into the wall behind him.

"Lyon…" he wheezed out as he struggled to stand up.

"What's wrong? Don't tell me the guilt is finally getting to you." Lyon objected the notion. "I'm warning you, don't interfere! Whether you like it or not, I will revive Deliora!"

"I… won't… LET YOU!"

"Just like old time. Only, I have grown much stronger since then. Ice-Make: Eagle!" Lyon forged a flock of birds from his hand, flying towards Gray.

"Ice-Make: Shield!" He created a wall of ice to defend himself, only for the eagles to change direction, swerving around the wall, and striking his sides.

"While your specialty is creating inanimate objects, Static: Ice-Make, mine is creating moving objects, Dynamic: Ice-Make." Lyon recounted.

Gray rolled out from the barrage of ice birds and crouched on the ground with his hands together. "Ice-Make: Hammer!" a large, hammer shaped block of ice formed in the air above Lyon and began to fall. He simply raised two fingers up.

"Ice-Make: Ape." A giant ape sculpture blocked the hammer with its forearms, shattering the weapon. "Pathetic. You still use two hands when molding." Lyon scoffed.

"That's what Ur taught us! One handed is incomplete and unbalanced!"

"I'm special. I've surpassed Ur's skill level a long time ago."

"Don't get full of yourself!"

"I could say the same. Not once have you been able hit me."

"I'm not the same as I used to be! Ice Geyser!" Gray slammed his hands onto the ground. A pillar of jagged ice shot up from under Lyon's footing, digging up earth and sending a few of the followers panicking away. The ice then shattered, revealing Lyon still standing with no signs of damage.

"Like I said, I was the senior pupil and I was always stronger than you. I could mold magic with one hand, but you couldn't. Nothing has changed. Even though our paths have drifted apart, the difference between us has frozen since then." Lyon raised his right arm, forming a magic seal in his palm. An ice, serpent dragon rushed towards Gray, knocking him high into the air. "That's why I will melt the ice! In order to walk down the path that was blocked off!" Gray crashed back to the ground. "Ur was my goal. My dream was to one day surpass her. But you stole that dream from me. I thought I would never have the chance to surpass Ur. But, there was one way. If I could defeat Deliora, a demon not ever Ur could defeat, then I will have truly surpassed Ur… I'll be able to dream again!"

"Are you serious? That's your goal!? It's insane." Gray shouted. "You should know how horrifying Deliora is! Stop it now! It's impossible! Please, you can't do this!" He was then again assaulted by a flock of ice birds.

"Funny! Those are the exact same words we said to you so long ago! You can't have forgotten! It's because you challenged Deliora that Ur is dead!" Another ice ape formed to uppercut Gray."You have no right to speak her name! Die!" He was then attacked by another ice dragon.



"That's what's happening. The people that are going to attack the village are the ones responsible for what has been happening to your bodies." Mira informed the villagers from the center of the village.

"They're coming here?" One of the villagers asked.

"Yes, but if we capture them, we might learn how to undo the effect." Mira affirmed them. The villagers still had mixed feeling about this.

"Can we really pull this off?"

"Will this work?"


"Those three can probably use magic, so it won't be easy to capture them." Lisanna sighed.

"True. We might have an advantage in number, but we still only have four mages."

"What?! You're not going to fight, Lucy?!" Happy's jaw dropped.

Lucy then clapped her hands together with a smile. "I just thought of the perfect plan."

"I have a bad feeling about this." Happy sighed.

"What's the meaning of all the ruckus?" Chief Mocha inquired as he walked to the group.

"Please listen. Enemies will be attacking the village soon." Levy warned him.


"They've been hiding in the ruins in the forest and are the ones who turned you into demons."Lisanna joined in.


"Um,… eh?" Levy waved her arms around, trying to calm the man down but didn't know how to respond.

"If we can just catch the ones responsible…" Lisanna followed.

"THE MOON! DESTROY THE MOON!" Mocha shouted as two of the villagers grabbed him by his arms.

"Chief, please calm down."

"Come now, this way." They carried the rampaging chief off.

"Please forgive him." Another villager walked up to Levy. "It's because of what happened to his son, Bobo."

"It's alright. Besides,…" her eyes drifted off.

"HOW DARE YOU TALK TO MY SISTER LIKE THAT!"Elfman yelled with Mira holding him back from behind and Lisanna trying to calm him down.

"… We don't have much room to talk." she sighed.

"But can you really capture them?" the villager asked.

Lucy chuckled with pride. "Don't worry. Just leave this to Lucy-sama! Fairy Tail's number-one Celestial mage!" 'This is so cool!'

"I have a bad feeling about this. And isn't Natsu the guilds best Celestial mage?" Happy whispered to the side.

"Lisanna-san! Can I ask you for a favor?" Lucy called out to the youngest Strauss.

"Yes? What is it?" she tilted her head.


-Top of the temple-

Gray was laying on his stomach, heavily injured and half open eyes.



"What the matter? Is that all you got?" Ur's voice rang out. "Wake up, Gray! Wake up, Gray…"

Flashback end-


'Hey, ice bitch! Wake up!'

"N-Natsu… ?" Gray groaned.

'Yeah!Me and Erza are on a ship heading to your location. I felt something strange coming from this direction and stretched out my Telepathy to the max to see what's up. More importantly, who knocked you the fuck out?'

"Kuh…" Gray pushed himself up with his elbows. "Lyon… Where's Lyon?"

'How the fuck should I know? I just found you by luck. I don't even know who that guy is.'

Gray dropped his head down low, tears escaping his eyes. "I'm pathetic… I couldn't do anything… Nothing has changed since then…"

'Quit your moaning! I know I have no idea about what the hell is going on, but get past it! You're apart of Fairy Tail, and we don't back down!'

Gray paused, taking in the full gravity of this conversation.

'I have no idea what might have happened in the past, but whatever it might be, the only thing you can do about it is what you do in the present.'

Gritting his teeth in frustration, he struggles to climb to his feet. "To think I would be taking advice from you…" he groaned out as he limped back to the village.

'Relax. I'm just telling you this because if somebody is going to be kicking your ass, it's going to be me.'



"Don't get sick in my mind!"



A large, purple mole popped out of the ground, transforming into a tired Lisanna who walked to Lucy. "All done."

"Great! This plan is going to work perfectly." Lucy gave her a thumb up.

"Um… I'm not so sure." Lisanna gave a wary smile.

"Relax." Lucy brushed it off.

"Hey, Lucy." Happy raised a paw up from below her.

"What is it?"

"I'm afraid to break this to you, but I think you might be… Stupid."

"Wow. Thanks for the encouragement." She said sarcastically.

"I just don't think anyone will fall for your trap because it's the oldest trick in the book." Happy's face drooped.

"Don't be silly." She grinned with her hand under her chin, standing in front of a pile if grass and leaves that obviously hid the trap. "The pitfall gets them every time."

"But, you can tell what it is by looking at it."

"It doesn't matter because there's only one way to get into the village. So the enemy will have to go over it if they want to get in."

"I still don't think there's any way they will fall for it." Happy dead-panned.

"Um, me neither." A village joined in.

"I'm sorry, but I agree with them." said another.

"This is no plan to capture a man." Elfman.

"Not the best idea, Rookie." Mira.

"Sorry, Lu-chan."Levy.

"Everybody!?" Lucy gasped. "Go ahead and doubt me, you'll see."

"Lucy-san!" The guard on the upper ledge of the wall called out. "It looks like there's someone heading this way!"

"That must be them. Open the gate!" The gate rose up. "Now, come to Lucy!"

*Pant… Pant…* Gray wheezed out as he struggled to the village.

"GYAAAAH!" Lucy shrieked.

"Not good!" everyone shouted.

"STAY RIGHT THERE! DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" Lucy waved her arms rapidly.

"… Huh?" Gray mumbled.

"GRAY! STOP! PLEASE!" He stopped right in front of the pitfall. "Thank goodness." she sighed.

*Faint, Grass Rustles,~Whistle~- THUD!*

Gray fell into the pitfall with a loud landing. Everyone's eyes bulged and jaws dropped.

"… It actually worked…"

"… But wasn't that guy on our side?…"

"Great job, Lucy" Happy dead-panned.

"It failed big time." she cried.

"Hey, Gray! What kind of man are you to have fallen for that?" Elfman shouted from above the hole. Dust blocked Gray out of sight until it died down, revealing the many cuts and bruises on his body. "What the-?! Hey, we have a man down over here! He looks like hegot his ass kicked badly!"

"I really hope you don't make a habit out of attacking your own teammates." Happy disapproved.

"It was an accident! I swear!"

"Take a closer look." Mira pointed next the blonde over to Grey's injuries. "From the looks of it, it the majority of it came from his fight with that masked man, not to mention the fact he was struggling to get here and passed out."

"*Sigh~* That's good."

"I don't think so." Levy sweat-dropped.

"Anyway, isn't this a bit strange?" Lisanna asked as she went into the hole to retrieve Gray. "With the time it took us to get here and for Gray to struggle back after the fight, shouldn't the enemy have gotten here by now?"

"That's right. We left at the same time. And where did Sabe-san go." Levy observed.

"Alright, guys! Hurry up and cover up that hole!" Lucy cheered.

"You're still going on with that?" Mira stared blankly at the girl.

"… Uh?" One of the villager looked up into the sky. "Over there!" he pointed to the sky. Up in the air was the giant maid rat from earlier, spinning its tail like a propeller for it to fly, carrying a large bucket it its hands and the three enemies on its back.

"It's a giant flying rat!"

"And it's carrying something!"

"What?! But now my pitfall trap is totally pointless!" Lucy yelled in rage at the enemy.

"It was pointless from the start." Mira stated dryly.

"I had no idea the Nuke'em Jelly* would take so long to prepare." Sherry commented on Angelica's back, looking down at the village like the others.

"We timed it perfectly. Those mages were able to make it back to the village." Yuka.


"We cannot rest until the demon, Deliora, has been revived for Reitei-sama. Anyone who stands in our way must die." Sherry said as a large drop of green goo spilled out from the giant bucket.

'Jelly?' Lucy thought as she stared at the glob fall down to the village and closer to her.

"DON'T JUST STAND THERE!" Mira shouted as she talked Lucy, knocking her away from the jelly before it could land on her and instead on the ground, burning a steaming hole through it.

"Heek!" Lucy cringed.

"If you don't know what it is, don't let it touch you like an idiot." Mira scolded her. The villagers were thrown into a panic.



"Disgusting." Yuka scoffed as he looked down on the villagers. "Who would have thought MoonDrip would turn people into such beasts?"

"They look like… the demon children of Deliora." Sherry commented.


"Angelica, would you do the honors?" Sherry instructed her pet, who then proceeded to throw the jelly at the village.

"HOW ARE WE GOING TO PROECT OURSELVES FROM ACID JELLY?!" Lucy cried with her hands gripping the sides of her face.

"Everyone, get to the center of the village!" Mira ordered as she lead the way. "Levy!"

"R-right!" she stuttered, she immediately readied her stand, pointed her right arm upward with a light glowing on the tip of her index finger. "Solid Script: Guard!" The word 'Guard' shoot through the air towards the goo, only to slow down a bit before it dissolved. "Again!Guard!Guard!Guard!" She continued to launch words at the slime to slow it down.

"I'm not going! I won't leave Bobo's grave!" Mocha said as he held onto the stone grave.

"Chief we need to go now!"

"No! I'm no moving!" the chief cried, only to be thrown over Elfman's shoulder to safety.

"Men don't stand around!" he called out.

"Levy! It's almost here!" Lisanna shouted as she ran with the villagers.

"One last time!" She focused a large amount of her magical energy into finger tips. "Solid Script: GUARD!" A giant 'GUARD' shot towards the jelly, this time halting most of it before both dissolved out of existence.

"They blocked it?!" Yuka gasped.

"They're stronger than we thought!" Sherry observed.

The excess of the jelly rained down on the edge of the village, melting all of the huts, organic life, and earth it touched. The only place untouched was a small plateau of earth in the center that held the villagers and Bobo's grave stone. "Nice lob, Levy-chan!" Lucy cheered."


"Levy-chan?" She looked down to see a spiral eyed Levy passed out on the ground.

"Bobo's grave…" the chief said in disbelief as he looked through the fading steam.


Yuka kicked over the grave stone as he and the others walked towards the villagers.

"Reitei-sama ordered us to eradicate the villagers. We tried to be merciful and give you a quick, painless death. But since that didn't work, we'll have to resort to bloodshed." Sherry flipped her hair back as they stopped in front of them.

"Four mages. Fifty villagers. Shouldn't take more than fifteen minutes." Yuka assumed dryly.


"Is everybody ready?" Mira inquired as she readied her stance.

"Definitely!"Lisanna confirmed.

"Yeah." Lucy agreed.

"Always!"Elfman roared.

"Aye! Count again because there are five mages!"

Gray's eyes slowly began to open.

"How dare they?! Such disrespect!" the chef growled before going into an enraged tantrum and had to be held back by the other villagers.

"I'll fight, too…" Gray spoke as he struggled to stand.

"Gray, you're okay!" Lucy cheered.

"… Not going to happen." Mira said with no room to argue. "You're in no shape to fight. Just go with Levy and the villagers to some place safe."

"Mira, this is something I have to do-"

"Dream Knock!" Mira cast her magic over Gray to put him back to sleep. "Just stay out of this and get some rest."

"Wasn't that a bit harsh?" Lucy asked, a bit worried.

"She's just looking out for him. If he fought in his condition, he would just get into worse shape." Happy explained it to her."

"I see, I didn't even think about that."

A few of the villagers walked up and lifted the two unconscious Fairy Tail mages up. "I'm sorry, but could you please watch over them for us?" Lisanna requested.

"No problem. Alright everyone, let's move out!" one of the villager said as they marched away.

"We're not leaving until every person in this village is dead. Aneglica!" Sherry jumped into the rat's hands as it spun its tail rapidly and flew towards the villagers.

"We're not going to let you get away with this!" Lucy shouted as the rat flew over the group. "Huh?" She then realized that she was holding onto one of the rat's toes, high above the ground. "I GOT EXCITED AND GRABBED ON!"

"Yep! She's stupid." Happy nodded.

"Seems like it." Mira.

"It's manly." Elfman.


"LEAVE THE VILLAGERS ALONE! THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO DESERVE THIS!" Lucy shouted as she pounded against the rat's toe.

"What does she think she's doing?" Sherry looked back and asked.

"Are you ticklish!?" she then tickled that rat's foot.

"Try all you might, it's not going to work."

"Gahahahaha!" Angelica laughed like mad.

"Angelica?" The rat stopped spinning its tail and grabbed its side. "You have to fight it! Keep spinning your tail!" That rat started falling to the island. "We're falling!"

"I did it!" Lucy said, still… "I'M FALLING TOO!" The rat crashed into the woods in the distance. Mira sweat-dropped.

"Someone is going to get ticked." Yuka muttered.

"I DON'T HAVE TICKS!" Toby shouted.

"Not you."

"I really hope she's not hurt too badly." Mira sighed.

"She'd be dead it the rat fell onto of her. I'll go check it out." Happy said as he sprouted his wings and flew off.

"Thanks… Now, then." Mira turned her attention back to the two enemies. "Time for us to put them in their place. Take-Over: Ghoul Claw!" Her hands and legs were covered in a porcelain, white substance with razor edges.

"Beast Arm: Stone Bull!" Elfman's right arm transformed into one of stone bricks.

"Animal Soul: Tigress!" Lisanna was covered in blocks of light that soon dissipated to show her in a blue, tiger bikini with matching paws, ears, and tail.

"Three Take-Over users with white hair? You must be Fairy Tail's Straus siblings." Yuka observed. "We were once members of a well known guild, so you shouldn't take use lightly. In fact, Iron Rock was a part of it as well. Surely you've heard of Lamia Scale."

"Dark Buster!" A cannon ball blast of dark energy shot out from Mira's hand at the two, creating a small explosion and kicking up a cloud of smoke. It soon died down to reveal the two unharmed behind a blue barrier.

"Hey! Listen when I'm talking to you!" Yuka shouted, lowering the barrier.

"Like we care?" Mira scoffed it off. "We came here to help the villagers, not to listen to your back-story!"

"And real men don't try to make themselves look big by taking about others!" Elfman protested.

"Before we start, I want to ask you something." Mira stared them down. "That cloaked guy, Pawn,… where is he? He left with you, didn't he?"

"Pawn?! W-why would you-"

"Heh~, looking for me~?"

They all looked behind the two, onto the edge of earth outside of the sunken ring to see Pawn standing idly by on the action. "Hi~, sorry if I made you wait~, but I was stopped earlier by this guy~." He extended his left arm. In his hand, much to the dismay of the Fairy ail members and dread of the two followers, was Sabe's bludgeoned body, drenched in blood and mouth gaping open. "I was hoping he would be fun~, but he was a real let down~. His magic only looked nice~, no substance at all~. Oh~! Don't worry~, he's still alive~." he whined like a bored, disappointed child.

"What, what happed?" Lisanna shakily asked, her eyes widened in fear.

"Huh~?" he turned his attention to the three siblings. "Take-Over~? That seems like fun~! Let's see~,… one arm only~? Not much fun I can have with that~… Animal type~… that could be interestin-~ Wait~!..." His eyes drifted to Mira. "Monster transformation~! That sounds really fun~!" The air suddenly twisted lividly, further disrupting the atmosphere around them.

"Both of you, stay here!" Mira told her siblings as she crouched on the ground, sprouting large, albino, batwings from her back. "THIS ONE'S MINE!" Mira shot herself towards the hooded figure, who openly accepted the assault as she tackled his into the woods, subsequently dropping Sabe's body.




-Deep in the woods-

The two combatants rushed through the forest, knocking down any trees that stood in their path. Mira then through him forward, tumbling over until he stopped with his back flat on the ground as Mira skid to a halt a few meters away. "This should do." Mira said under her breath.

"I see~." Pawn's body seemingly levitated right side up. "You don't want the others to get involved~. No matter~."

"You're obviously not like the rest of those goons. I can't afford to let you harm anyone else." she hissed at him.

"Whatever you say~. Now then~, let's get started~, shall we~?" he laughed as he held up a silver key in his right hand up towards the sky. "Open~, Gate of the Chisel~, Caelum~." Through a flicker of sparkling light came forth a Caelum of jet-black metal.

'Caelum? But, that appearance…'

"Kufufufu~! I'm so excited~!"



Elfman and Lisanna still stood on the pillar of land, tense for their sibling's whereabouts.

"Do you think she'll be okay?" Lisanna nervously asked her brother.

"All we can do is have faith in her for now, we'll go check on her later if needed. What we need to now is deal with these clowns like real men!" Elfman assured her the best he could as he prepare to fight.

"You're right. Though, I'm not a guy…" Lisanna replied as she followed his actions.

"Toby, from the looks of their Take-Over abilities, you should take the guy. Since the girl seems like see would have the most mobility, it would be best if I was the one to handle her." Yuka suggested to his partner.

"Ooon~! I'M ON IT!"

"Let's go!" Elfman shouted. He jumped down from the raised ground and charged straight to the dog faced man.

"BRING IT ON- *BAM* OWWW!" Elfman sucker punched him square in the face, hurling him backwards.

"Idiot!" Yuka moved to help but stopped when Lisanna lunged at him "Wave!" He formed another barrier to block the attack, causing her to bounce back and away from him. "The pulsing energy generated from my hand defuses all types of magic, even transformation based ones. In other words, none of your spells will work against me."

"That's not fair!" she shouted.

"Back in Lamia Scale, I specialized in fighting other mages, the reason being that they are all powerless against me. Even you!" He shot two orbs of his magic at Lisanna.

"Animal Soul: Bird!" She immediately jumped out of the and changed into a green feathered bird, flying out of reach. "I need to get some distance and think of a way to fight him." She flew off towards the forest.

"You're not getting away!" Yuka ran after her.

"You stay away from her!" Elfman yelled out.

"I'M YOU OPPONENT, JACKASS!" Toby shouted in front of him

"You're still up?"

"DAMN STRAIGHT! I'M EVEN STRONGER THAN YUKA!" Toby said as his fingernails extended in a green substance. "GUESS WHAT MY PARALYSIS CLAWS: MEGA-JELLYFISH CAN DO!"

"Paralyze people?"

"Gah! How did you know? You're an amazing guy."

"Looks like I got stuck with the idiot of the group." Elfman sighed.

"DON'T CALL ME AN IDIOT!" Toby shouted as he swiped his claws at Elfman, blocking it with his stone arm. "WITH JUST ONE TOUCH OF MY CLAWS AND YOU'LL BE DONE! YOU'LL BE SHAKING LIKE A LEAFY WAITING FOR DEATH!"

Elfman swung his arm out, making him dash back. "What kind of man robs his opponent's movements?!"

"SHUT UP!" They continued their assaults, one swiping and ducking away, the other guarding and throwing punches. Elfman managed to uppercut him with his stone fist, sending him several meters back. "THAT HURTS, Y'KNOW!"

"Don't complain!" Elfman declared as he pounded his right hand onto his chest. "A true fight between men is one of pain, sweat, and fighting spirit, and that's exactly how I plan to fight you!"

"DON'T DISRESPECT ME! I'M A MAN TOO!" Toby yelled back, now pounding his right hand on his chest, fingernails still- "GYAAAH!" he shouted before dropping to the ground.

"Yep, he's an idiot." Elfman mumbled, walking over to Bobo's knocked over gravestone. "They really have no respect for anyone from this island, do they?" He put the stone back in place. "Don't worry. I swear on my manhood to make things right." He walked off. "I know I said I'd see how Nee-san was doing, but I can't just leave Lisanna behind."


-In the cave-

Lyon was staring up at Deliora's frozen prison as a group of followers approached him. Leading them was a short man wearing a wooden tribal mask with green fur, green mantel, brown coat, and black pants. "Excuse me, Reitei-sama. I'm sorry to interrupt, but I was wondering why you chose to spare the life of that mage, Gray?"

"No reason, only that I don't wish to shed anymore blood." he responded coldly.

"You say that, yet you ordered your men do eradicate the village. It seems as though you have some compassion for your old classmate." he chuckled.

"With his level of power, there is nothing to worry over. However, if stands in my way again, I will kill him." Lyon told him with confidence.

The masked man smiled. "I'm glad to hear that."


-Forest: Mira and Pawn-

Trees were scattered around, both pulled from the ground and hacked down. The ground was torn up in some places with smoke rising from others. Mira was crouched on one knee, breathing heavily in Satan Soul, small cuts and browses tattered her body. Across from her was Pawn, unscathed, swinging around a jet-black lance in his right hand as if it had a bladed edge.

"I'll admit~, you're definitely a better fighter than that other guy~."

"*Pant, Pant*" 'What's with this guy? That lance, he had his spirit turn into a piercing weapon, but he swings it like it's for slashing. He hasn't even used it as a real weapon. All he's done with it is to deflect my attacks. In fact,… his magic itself is completely random. It's almost as if…' Her thoughts were interrupted as his body suddenly disappeared from sight in a flicker of darkness, reappearing in front of her, her face inches away from his shadowed one. "Crap!" She coughed up blood as Pawn jabbed his knee into her gut, followed by slamming his left elbow against the back of her neck, knocking her down, and kicking her away.

"That's what you get for spacing out~." he laughed.

"Damn it!" she hissed as she stood back up. "What the hell is that thing you keep using anyway? It's seriously annoying!"

"Oh~, that~? That was my Shadow Flash~." Black sparks surrounded his body. "It's a type of Speed Magic with Dark Magic properties~. It really comes in handy in fights~. For instance~." He disappeared once again.

"Not this again!" Mira went to jump away, but her body seemed to have been stuck to the ground. She looked to see purple flames binding her feet down. "When did he-?" She interrupted as a spinning kick to the left side of her face from behind, knocking her across the fallen field.

"Ruby Rush~." Sparkles of blood red light formed above pawns head before shooting at Mira, kicking up a cloud of smoke on impact.

"Darkness Stream!" Arms of dark energy sprouted out from the smoke to grab him, only for him to use Shadow Flash to evade. He reappeared in the center of the area and looked up, seeing Mira rushing towards him. Her magic covered hands swung rapidly at him as he parried them with his lace one-by-one.

"Riot Blow~." A cluster of erratic yellow energy coated his left hand, ramming it into Mira's gut. A shock-wave rippled behind her from the impact

"GUAHH!"Blood once again spilled from her mouth. Her body was on the verge of being blown backwards before her left hand latched onto his left forearm.


"I've seen how well you dodge attacks." Dark energy swirled in the palm of her free hand, building up rapidly. "Let's see how well you deal with one at pointblank range! Evil Explosion!" The attack detonated in a vicious outburst, shaking the earth beneath them. Mira leaped back as the smoke faded, revealing Pawn with his left sleeve torn off and some blood trickling down his arm.

"Heh~, you took my attack on purpose to land one of your own~?" he said, as if unaffected by his injury.

"*Pant, Pant* You could at least sound hurt." she wheezed out.

"Kufufufu~! You really are fun~, not just your magic~. Say~!" he stopped his laughter. "Those other two~,… are they fun too~?"

She shot her head up to him. "Why would you want to know?"

"Well~ after I'm done with you~…" The dark aura around him twisted further. "I want to know if they will be as good of playmates~."

Mira gritted her teeth as the rage inside her boiled over. "I won't let that happen! Satan Soul: Halphas!" Golden light enveloped her, soon revealing her now withears covered by long sky blue scales, extending backwards in pointed edges, similar scale-like armor on her forearms and legs, a large, sky blue, stocky tail seemingly made of metal plates or scales. Her clothes changed by a light blue and dark blue, one-piece suit revealing her arms and legs, open on the front and the back, exposing most of her stomach, wide cleavage, and upper back, donning two angel-like wings pointing upwards.

"Kufufu~." Lightning erupted around Pawn, closing Caelum's gate as he extended his right hand forward. "Railgun~!"


-Forest: Lisanna and Yuka-

Yuka walked through the trees, turning his head from side to side. "Come out. You're only making this worse for yourself."

*rustle, rustle*

"Found you!" He shot a wave blast at some nearby bushes. More rustling could be heard moving further away as a purple rabbit figure hopped past the trees. "You're not getting away!" Yuka shouted as he ran after. A minute later, he walked into a small clearing where the rabbit rested against the base of the tree opposite to him. "Nowhere left to run now." he mocked as he walked towards her.


The ground beneath him shattered, caving in on itself into a gaping hole. "Wave!" He shot a burst of his mage downward to propel his body up. "Did you really think I would fall for such a cliché?"

"Animal Soul: Armadillo!" Lisanna transformed into a crimson armadillo and rocketed at Yuka in a curled up ball. The hit knocked him far off, knocking his back hard against one of the trees."Now! Animal Soul: Tigress!" She shifted back into her hybrid from and pounced towards him.

"Wave!" He erected another barrier in time to block the assault, bounce the tiger-girl back. "Nice try, but still not good enough!" He fired of a barrage of wave blasts at her, bombarding her with heavy damage and bashing her far back, lying unmoving on the ground.

'This is bad. He's too strong. Somebody,… help.'

Yuka slowing walked over to her. "This is it, no trick is going to save you no-"


"Wha!?" He snapped his head up to look through the trees beyond the fallen girl. Through the shadows, he could make out a large, lion-man like creature with white fur, black tiger stripes, black pants, and fire coated around its mane, wrists, tip of its tail, and other creases of its body glaring at him. "The hell?!"

"GROOAAAAAAAHH!" The flame on its body flared out before lunging at him with a fire covered fist.

"Wave!" he created another wall of magic that flex from the force of the attack, then giving way as the punch collided to Yuka's face and sent him flying.

"Your little trick is the one that won't save you."


-Forest: Mira and Pawn-

The field was a smoking mess. Mira was passed out on her back as Pawn stood above her blood stained body. "Kufufufu~. This was a really enjoyable fight~, I wish it could have lasted longer~." He chuckled as he crouched down to her torso with his left hand pulled back, fingers pointed forward. "Oh well~, I can still try those other guys for some more fun in the meantime~. All that's left is to finish things off~. Bye~, bye~. Demon Lady-san~." He plunged his hand straight towards her heart.

"!?" He stopped his hand in play so it only broke her skin as his head turned off to the right. "It seems like reinforcements have arrive on your side~, to very interesting ones~. It would be a plus for me to take away your life now~, but it might also riel up your friends too much when I face them~." he lamented as he pulled his hand away from her chest and rose up from the ground. "It would be bad if I came across that one while enraged~, especially as things are now~." He walked towards the nearby trees. "Until next time~."


-Forest: Lucy and Sherry-

Lucy groggily got up from the ground next to the unconscious rat. "Aww, my head. Huh? Where did she go?"

"Hic,hic! How dare you, girlie?!" Sherry cried from the top of the hill. "Now Reitei-sama won't trust me anymore. I won't be loved anymore!"


"And what you've done to Angelica." She wiped her tears on her sleeve. "I won't forgive you!"

"Fine by me! Bring it on!" Lucy shouted back.

"Raah!" She pointed he arm out. "Wood Doll!" The tree behind Lucy grew a face and came to life.

"The tree is moving!" the blonde was taken back at the sight.

"Raaagh!" The tree thrusted one of its branch arms at Lucy, who jumped out of the way as the arm shattered the earth below.

"Open, Gate of the Golden Bull! Taurus!" The cow –minotaur appeared in a burst of light.

"Moooh!" He charged forward and hacked the tree in two with his axe.

"A Celestial Mage! And one of the Zodiac gates, too!" Sherry murmured at the sudden arrival.

"Nice, Taurus!" Lucy cheered.

"Lucy-san, your body's the best!" he roared.

"Forcing your spirit to say things like that to make you happy? How uncouth." Sherry talked down to her.

"I'm not forcing him, and I'm not happy!"


"However, Celestial mages are at a disadvantage against me." she said under her breath.

"Taurus, go!" Lucy ordered her spirit.

"Mooo!" He charged forward with his axe in hand, but soon stopped dead in his tracks. Sherry smiled.

"Eh?" Lucy was caught off guard when Taurus suddenly stuck his axe at her, barely tumbling away in time. "What are you doing?! Stop it!" He swung his axe at her again, missing by a small margin. "What's gotten into you?!" He grabbed both her arms and pinned her to the ground.

"Lucy-san, I can't control my mooovements." Taurus said from above her.

"My magic, Doll Play Magic, allows me to control anything other than humans." Sherry said as she moved her fingers like she was toying with a marionette. "That goes for Celestial Spirits, too, since they aren't human."

"That can't be." she moaned out.

"Taurus, go ahead and strip her." Sherry ordered.

"My pleasure!" steam shot out of his nostrils.

"Are you really being controlled?!" Lucy flailed around.

"I'm sorry, Lucy-san. But I… have no control over my body… at all." Taurus struggled to say.

"Close, Gate of the Golden Bull!" the blonde shouted as Taurus still pinned her down.

"I thought gates can only be closed if both parties consent to it?" Sherry mocked.

"Close the gate! Taurus, please!"

"Beg all you want, it won't make any difference." she laughed.


"Oh I know. Let's play a round of Russian Roulette punches." Sherry twirled his fingers. "Close your eyes and punch 'til you get a hit."

Against his will, he raised his left his and punched, hit the ground near the right side of Lucy's face.

"Fine, how long can you dodge before your luck runs out?" He threw a punch with his right hand, striking the ground on the left side of her head.

"Don't hit me!"

"I'm trying not to!" He brought up his fists together and slammed them above her head.

"Are all Fairy Tail members as pathetic as you? Because this is just sad." Sherry cackled at the struggling girl.

"Grrr!" Lucy gritted her teeth in fury. "CLOSE, GATE OF THE GOLDEN BUL!" Her voice thundered out as a shining light enveloped the spirit before rapidly whisking him out of existence.

"What?!" Sherry gasped.

Lucy slowly moved her hands up. "I've done it… I've managed to force the gate closed."

"My Doll Play Magic failed me." Sherry stared down at her. "I didn't anticipate this."

"I'm getting stronger." The blonde smiled before standing back up and readying her whip. "Watch out! Cause you're against a real Fairy Tail member!"

Sherry hopped down from the hill top the same ground level as the blonde. "You were able to close the gate, even though I was in control?"

"I guess that means I'm stronger than you."

"Well, I don't know if I would take it that far." she smiled. "Remember, my powers let me manipulate any Celestial Spirit you call forth."

Lucy pulled out a silver key. "Don't be so sure, I've got a few powerful spirits up my sleeve. Open, Gate of the Canis Minor! Nichola!" A gold balloon popped, revealing a shaking Plue.

"Oh, he's so adorable~! I love it!"

"Would you stop talking about love all the time? It's getting pretty old." Lucy dead-panned.

"Doll Play: Puppeteer!" She pointed her arms to Plue, who suddenly made an evil face. He then thrashed his arms around and pummeled Lucy's legs, doing no damage. "You're kidding!"

"Fell for it!" Lucy swung her whip at her, missing as she jumped back.

"You deliberately summoned a weak spirit?!" Sherry yelled.

"That's right. I knew if I call up little Plue here, it would make your spell totally pointless!" she informed her, taking another swing at her.

"Pu-pun!" Plue continued to attack her leg.

"Ugh, I release you from command!" Plue's eyes blinked before bow his head in forgiveness.

"I know you didn't mean it. Now go back now, okay!" Lucy waved it off as he went back to the spirit realm.

"Doll Play: Rock Doll!" The rocks around Sherry levitated up.

"Were just going around in circles, aren't we?" Lucy mocked. "I'll stop your doll with a spirit, you'll take control of it, and then I'll close its gate-OH!" Her eyes widened as she looked up at the giant rock golem looming over her.

"It seem like we're play a game of cat and mouse. I love that game. Tell me, do you think you can break my Rock Doll?" Sherry gloated from inside the crater on the golem's head.

"Wait a second, I don't think a have a spirit that can destroy that." she cried as the golem slammed its fist at her, barely dodging it as she ran away.

"Don't let her get away, Rock Doll. Teach that foolish, little girl a lesson!" Sherry barked.

"Who are you calling a little girl?! We're the same age!" Lucy shouted at she continued to run away. She brought out her keys and shuffled through them. "Okay, what spirits do I have that can help me out in this situation?!" A list of spirits appeared in her mind, each one being crossed out.

"You better start running faster, otherwise we'll catch you~." Sherry taunted as the golem threw another barrage of punches. It continued until they arrived at the ledge of a cliff and the giant's stomp barely missed her, cracking the ground between them.

"Wait! Isn't this… a cliff!" Lucy cried before the ledge gave way and fell down on the beach below.

"Finish her, Rock Doll!" Sherry order, the golem jumping down to her.

"Gaaahh!" Lucy ran off.

"There's no place left to run, Blondie!"

She stopped as she reached the water. "The sea… I could summon Aquarius from here." She looked back to see the rock giant stomping towards her.

"Ahaha! You have nowhere to run!" Sherry laughed.

"Water can't destroy that thing. Besides, Aquarius would just wash me away with them." Lucy moaned. "Wait."

"Ahaha. Time to crush you flat. Sorry, no love fore you." The golem threw another punch at Lucy, who jumped back.

"Washed away. That's it!" she landed in the water and pulled out a golden key. "Open, Gate of the Water Bearer! Aquarius!" From the waters rose the blue mermaid.

"Aquarius?! How does a weakling like you have a spirit that powerful?" Sherry protested.

"That girl is our enemy!" She pointed to the love addict. "You hate women like her, so go get her!"


"I don't have time to deal with your bad attitude! Go over there and take her down! Now!" she argued with her spirit.

"Well, I see you're still as annoying as ever. It's no wonder you still don't have a boyfriend." The mermaid demeaned the blonde.

"Knock that off already!" she fumed, then remembering, then remembering an old conversation. "Come to think of it, you're probably just lying to me to make yourself look good, since you can't get a boyfriend." she snickered.

"What did you say, you bitch?!" Aquarius snapped at her.

"Anyway, take her out, now!" she turned to face the target. 'This needs to work. Once she takes control of Aquarius and has her attack, we'll both be swept away by the water, after that-'

"Summon such a strong spirit to only send her back a second later, doesn't make much sense if you ask me." Sherry spoke up.

"Huh?" Lucy turned her head back.

*Blinking Character Outline*

"SHE STORMED OFF!" she shrieked in horror. "THE ONE TIME I WANT YOU TO ATTACK ME AND THIS IS WHAT YOU DO?! WHY DO I EVEN HAVE YOU?!" The golem was now looming over her with its left fist raised up.

"It would seem this is the end. Farewell." Sherry mocked as the golem threw its punch.

"HIIIE!" Lucy crossed her arms over her head and closed her eyes in wait of the attack.

But it never came.

After a few second of waiting, Lucy brought her arms down and peeked her eyes open, seeing the golem's fist inches away from hitting her, unmoving as a statue. "It stopped?"

"What's going on?" Sherry moved her hands in panic. "Why aren't you moving, Rock Doll?"

"Looks like your toy can only function properly when it's being controlled by one person at a time."

The two turned their heads to the left coast of the shore line and through the bushes..

"Who is that? Who are you?!" Sherry shouted.

"Me?" The owner of the male voice walked forward with his right hand extend to them, fingers moving and eyes flashing a white glow. "Just a mage passing through."

"Lucy!" Lucy yelled in relief.

"Another intruder?" Sherry growled.

"Sorry, pretty lady. But I'm going to need you to lose this fight." Natsu apologized before cocking his head back. "Fire Dragon's Roar!" A torrent of raging flame shot at the girl, jumping out of the golem's head at the last moment and fell into the water.

"If you take away my doll, I'll just make another one in its place!" She raised her hands up.

"That would be fine it was one on one, but you're sadly out numbered. Now, prepare to feel the power of my Burning Love!" He gyrated his hips at the end of his sentence.

"Now he's doing it! And his is even worse!" Lucy shouted from the side.

Natsu brought up his free arm. "Doll Play: Fire Doll!" The stream of fire that was shooting away curved back, taking the form of a fiery demon and pouncing in front of the love struck girl.

"Eh!" She was now boxed in by the two, fire and rock, automatons hunched over her. "Th-this isn't a good type of love!" she stuttered as Natsu popped up behind her. "Wha-!"

"Dream Knock." He held his hand over her face, inducing a gentle sleep and catching her falling body. "Time for you to take it easy." He whispered.

"Natsu!" Lucy called out. "What are you doing here?"

He stared walking back to shore with Sherry in his arms. "When Erza and I got back to the guild, we heard about you girls running off on this mission and naturally, she wanted to get here as soon as possible. She isn't happy."

"Giieh!" she cringed as they reached the beach. Natsu then placed Sherry on the soft sand.

"Angelica… avenge me…" she murmured in her sleep. The rat then sprang out from over the cliff, hurling towards them.

"But I thought that rat was one of her puppets!?" Lucy screeched. "Natsu-"

*Blinking Character Outline*

"NOT AGAIN!" she screamed as the rat rocketed closer towards her. "AAAAHH!"


Erza landed on the opposite side of the beach with a sword in hand. The rat fell unconscious out of harm's way.



"-SAN!" Lucy flinched under the cold stare. 'That's right, Natsu said she was mad at us for breaking the guild's rules and taking an S-class mission without asking!'

"Lucy, I assume you know why I'm here. You do, don't you?" she stoically inquired.

"To take us back?... Promise you won't hurt me?" her request echoed in the dead silence.

"Lucy!" Happy called out from the sky above, gliding towards her. "I've been looking everywhere for you! I'm glad you're okay! I was wor-Bffh!" He noticed the back of Erza's head.



"Now, where are the others?" Erza asked, holding Happy upside down by the tail


Guild Card

Name: Lisanna Strauss Age:17

Magic: Take-Over: Animal Soul

Likes: Animals Dislikes: Fights and Studying

Info: The youngest of the Strauss siblings, she possesses the gentlest heart of the three. After a bad experience on a previous mission, she has taken up being the guild's waitress, taking requests on rare occasions. A running joke she has is teasing Natsu about them being Happy's 'Papa' and 'Mama', despite his irritation and telling her she's asking to face the 'consequences' for it.

Affiliation: Fairy Tail



-Ice-Make: Eagle

-Ice-Make: Shield

-Static: Ice-Make

-Dynamic: Ice-Make

-Ice-Make: Ape

-Ice Geyser


-Solid Script: Guard

-Dream Knock


-Take-Over: Ghoul Claw

-Beast Arm: Stone Bull

-Animal Soul: Tigress

-Animal Soul: Bird

-Animal Soul: Armadillo

-Dark Buster


-Paralysis Claws: Mega-Jellyfish

-Satan Soul

-Satan Soul: Halphas

-Shadow Flash

-Speed Magic

-Dark Magic

-Ruby Rush

-Darkness Stream

-Riot Blow

-Evil Explosion


-Doll Play Magic

-Doll Play: Wood Doll

-Doll Play: Puppeteer

-Doll Play: Rock Doll

-Doll Play: Fire Doll

-Fire Dragon's Roar


Nuke'em Jelly- Magic jell of high acidity.


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-Deleted Scene, Natsu's Telepathy-

'*Ring, Ring~, Ring,Ring~*'

'Come on. Somebody, pick up already.'

'Love~, Love~, Love~, Love~, Love~,'

'… *Click*. Okay, let's try again… *Ring, Ring~, Ring, Ring~*'

'I need to get a new eyebrow brush, the one I have probably can't even brush the hair on the top of my head.'

'*Click. Ring, Ring~, Ring, Ring~*'

'I should really think of some attacks for the final battle with Deliora. Ice-Make:… Peacock… No, that only seems flashy… Ice-Make:… Ice Phoenix… Yeah! Now, how would I make that work?'

'Another Ice Princess? Forget this. *Click. Ring, Ring~, Ring, Ring~*'


'I'm staying away from that one. *Click. Ring, Ring~, Ring, Ring~*'

'Oooon~. I LOVE MY SOCKS!'

'*Click. Ring, Ring~, Ring, Ring~*'


'Is there anyone there? I don't hear anything. All I'm getting is this cold feeling… I don't see how that's even physically possible. *Click. Ring, Ring~, Ring, Ring~*'

'Transformation or no transformation, my shoulders keep getting sore. Having a slim waist with a large bust is not a god combination. Maybe I should just ditch my crystal ball and use my chest instead, the weight and size of it is practically the same as one of my breasts. When I get home, I'll have Meredy give my shoulders a massage, she always knows what places to touch to make my body feel good. On second thought, maybe I'll have her massage my whole body, just lay down naked on my bed, let her hands caress every part of my body, get out some massage oil to make it even better. Then a nice bath and relieve the rest of my built up stress with a little…'

'OH~ YEAH~! I have no idea who this Meredy is, but YEAH~!... But I need to figure out what's happening on the island. Damn! I'll have to look for this person again later. *Click. Ring, Ring~, Ring, Ring~*'

'Stupid, mage's curse. One bad joke and I'm turned into a giant rat, not to turn back until I defeat fifty-one demons. Fifty-one! Just for the fun of it! Not to mention I'm being dressed up as a maid and called Angelica. Of course, this form robbed me of my human speech, bad enough I was illiterate to begin with. At least this Sherry girl has a nice body. The first thing I'd do with my original body is-'


'Ack! Is someone there!?'

'Hello… So… what's going on?'

'I, err… eh… Squeak… Squeak, Squeak…'

'*Click. Ring, Ring~, Ring, Ring~* I have to get a different service provider.'