Hi! This is a new story from me. If anyone is wondering why I dropped my other one, it was because I didn't like the way it was going, and a thought others could do a better job. So anyone is free to use it as a template or something. But anyway, this one I know will be much better.

Summary: Infected by another of Dr Fuji's dangerous experiments, MewTwo hides himself away from the world. When he meets a young Psychic, both of their lives change forever.

Hope you enjoy!

Telepathy: 'Blarg'


December 13th, 1999,

New Island Laboratory

'It's waking up!'

The Creature opened its eyes, looking through the fluid of its birth tank to the laboratory beyond. People in white coats peered in through the other side, staring in wonder at the giant feline creature that was before them. With a gentle psychic push, he shattered the glass surrounding him, shocking all but one scientist away from him. 'Who… who am I?' it asked, gazing at the one scientist who remained looking at him.

'You are MewTwo, as you were created by us from Mew.' Dr Fuji said, grinning at the clone Pokémon that would definitely get him a large pay check.

MewTwo glared at him, this human dared to try to create new life? No-one should ever be able to do that. 'Why was I created?'

Dr Fuji kept grinning, oblivious to the looks MewTwo was giving him and the fear of his fellow scientists. 'You were created to serve Giovanni and Team Rocket, and help us conquer the world!'

MewTwo was angry now, 'I SERVE NO-ONE!' He shoved Dr Fuji aside and started throwing Shadow balls and Psychic energy everywhere, killing the scientists and destroying equipment. Meanwhile, Dr Fuji crawled over to his laptop and started a video call to his boss. 'Giovanni, we have truly created the strongest pokemon.' Was all me managed to say before MewTwo ruptured a gas main and the resulting explosion knocked him unconscious.

At Team Rocket Headquarters

Giovanni was starting his chopper, he needed to get to the island before the creature escaped and the officers arrived. Unfortunately for him, New Island was very far away, and by the time he got there, Fuji was in the custody of the Jennies, and his creature had disappeared.

August 12th, 2003

Cinnabar Prison, Near New Island

MewTwo stood watching the Cinnabar Prison. He had long ago laid aside his hatred of Dr Fuji, and his encounter with the Ash-boy had softened his hard heart. He now understood that not all people wished to use pokemon like himself for their own wants, and was preparing himself to forgive the doctor. Silently, he flew into the jail and into Fuji's cell. The man was a mess, his once grey hair now black with dirt, and his beard shaggy and unshaved. When MewTwo touched the ground, he looked up, eyes filling with recognition. 'You' he snarled, 'you insolent creature, I should kill you for what you did to me!' Before MewTwo could get a word in however, his eyes lit up with a maniacal gleam, and shouted, 'Let's see how you cope without company for the rest of your life!' Before MewTwo could react, he drew a purple syringe from his bed linen and plunged it into his thigh. MewTwo gave a shriek of pain, his thigh burning like acid, as the doctor said 'That chemical is a concentrated form of wheezing gas, it will make you secrete a poisonous gas out of your pores for the rest of your life!' In pain, MewTwo cursed Fuji's name before blowing a hole in the roof and flying away. The former doctor Fuji grinned, and said in a low voice, 'And I thought you were a fighter!'


August 12th, 2003

Viridian City Pokemon Centre, Hospital Wing

A bright floating bubble zoomed past the hospital wing, stopping near the babies. The bubble popped, revealing a small pink cat-like creature. Mew loved to watch newborns, they were peaceful, cute and a symbol of innocence, like her. As she flew, she stopped in a shadow as a new baby was brought in. It had purple hair, a normal chubby baby face, but what astounded Mew was its aura. 'It' was obviously a he, but the power behind it was incredible. It was almost as if the baby was a psychic-type pokemon, but that couldn't be! Looking carefully into the baby's future, she almost dropped to the ground in shock at what she found. Finally, she, she made a little ball of light that flew into the baby's chest, making it giggle with glee, before putting a block around his psychic powers that only someone like her could remove. Quietly, she flew back to the window before turning back and whispering words to the child. 'Watch out for my little brother young one, he will need you.' With that, Mew flew away to the tree of beginning to have a serious think about the future.

Hope you liked it! Obviously I left/changed out a few things, like Mount Quena and the death of Fuji, but they were needed. Also, yes Ash will be mentioned, but not for a while. So for now, that's all Folks!