My first fanfic!

Arthur is supposed to return at Britain's greatest hour of need. That time comes when Britain installs their own version of the Hunger Games.

The characters are from the Merlin BBC TV Show (not traditional legend or the Hunger Games). They are basically reincarnated and have no memory of their previous lives...yet. I also changed some of the characters' names.

Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin or the Hunger Games, sadly. If I did, there would be a Season 6 and Peeta would be dead.

Chapter 1

Merlin's POV

I had found the stone when I was out chopping wood a few days ago. It had been buried deep in the ground, underneath the tree- it had probably been there before the tree existed. It was large, as tall as my head, if not as wide, and had an oval shape to it, with one pointy end. After washing it off, I had found that it was an off-white color and actually… glowed. I was planning on taking it to my uncle to see if he thought I could sell it, but I was strangely attached to it and couldn't bear to part with it just yet.

I reached under my blankets and pulled it out, glancing cautiously over at my mother to ensure that she was asleep. I felt wrong for thinking it, but I hoped the stone was nothing valuable- I could keep it then. There was something comforting, something very right about holding it in my hands and gazing at its ethereal glow. I felt an excited shiver roll down my spine as I looked at it again.

My mother stirred and gave a little moan in her sleep, and I felt a wave of guilt as I stared at her raw, chapped hands. What if this stone was valuable? Perhaps it could lighten her workload. I rose silently, determined to take it to my uncle now, before I changed my mind. I slipped into my boots and stole towards the door, but, before I could reach it, the voice sounded in my mind.


I jumped a little, startled. I had been hearing the voice for several years now. I had asked it several times who it was, but all it ever told me was, "It does not matter. All you need to know is that I want to help." And it seemed to be right. Whenever I had a problem, or something was going wrong, or something strange was happening with my weird abilities, the voice knew exactly what to do- and was always right.


"What is it?" I asked in my head. I had long ago discovered that I did not have to speak out loud for the voice to hear me, which was a great relief.

What are you doing with the stone?

"I'm going to ask my uncle about it. It seems like it might be valuable. I was hoping to make some money." Or not hoping, I added where the voice couldn't hear me. I had quickly discovered that, in order for the voice to hear my thoughts, I actually had to project them, meaning I did not have to share every thought with it.

You are right. It is indeed valuable, far more valuable than you could imagine.

"Mother will be happy."

No, Merlin. You must not sell it.

"What? But you just said it was valuable, and we're a little short on money in case you didn't know."

It is valuable- far too valuable to sell. You must keep it, Merlin. Guard it, and guard it well.

"What is it?"

That is not for you to know. Not yet.

Of course. The voice seemed to think I wasn't supposed to know anything. "If you don't trust me," I replied angrily, "then how can I trust you?"

Have I not proven myself trustworthy before?

I bit my lip. The voice had a point. But that didn't mean I was pleased about it. "Fine, whatever. I'm going to bed. But I'm still asking Uncle Gaius about it!"

Very well.

The voice did not sound at all concerned, which just irritated me further. Stupid voice, invading my head and bossing me around. I slid the stone back under my bed and buried my face in my pillow, trying unsuccessfully to go to sleep.


Gaius looked up and shook his head. "I'm going to be honest with you, Merlin. I don't have a clue what it is."

I sighed and massaged my aching eyes with the heels of my hands. I had gotten very little sleep last night.

"If you really want to know what it is," said Gaius, "perhaps you could talk to Jeff."

I dropped my hands to stare at Gaius in disbelief. "Jeff? The librarian of the Career's Academy? You have got to be kidding me. I am never going anywhere near that place in my life."

"Well," said Gaius, "it's either that or remain in the dark about your stone."

I looked down at the glowing stone and sighed.

Arthur's POV

"Meghan! Hurry up!" I shouted, looking back at my sister. I sighed and rolled my eyes. She had stopped to talk to another friend. Again. Like she hadn't already seen them all day at school.

I stormed up to them, then realized who her friend was. My heart sped up, and I quickly erased the anger from my face. It was Maralyn Prince.

"Meghan," I said politely, "I hate to interrupt your conversation, but we have to be going now. Father will be anxious."

Meghan's brows shot up in surprise at my tone. She looked at me in disbelief, then at Maralyn, who seemed flustered, then back at me, and smirked. "Ooh," she said slowly. "I see."

"Hello, Arthur," said Maralyn politely.

I managed a "hello" in reply.

"Are you going to be volunteering for the Games at the Reaping this year?"

"I don't think so," I said.

"But you're so good!" she said warmly. "You're the best Career in the whole school! You would definitely win."

"Well, yes," I said, pleased she'd noticed. "I know I am. But I'm not sure I want to go to the Games and be paraded around like a prize horse."

"That's what bothers you about it?" said Meghan. "Not the whole killing-people part?"

I glared at her. "It's necessary for survival," I said firmly, too embarrassed to admit that I was a little frightened by the idea. I cleared my throat. "Anyways, Meghan. We should go. Father will start to worry soon if we don't get home."

She nodded. "You're right," she said, to my surprise.

"Soo, you and Maralyn, huh?" she said teasingly as we walked away.

"Shut up."

Please let me know what you think. Stupidest idea ever? Would you like to see more? Thanks for reading! =)