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I started this story around the same time that I started Where the Heart is and was trying to decide which story I wanted to work on first. I chose Where the Heart is because it was easier. But, I actually like this one better. Its just not as easy to write as Kakashi is a surprisingly difficult character to work with. However, I felt guilty letting this story just gather dust in my document file so, here it is. But the updates on this one will be infrequent. It all depends on my muse (and that's Kakashi if you didn't already guess that lol). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story as much as I have in writing it!

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Tsunade sat silently in the Hokage's office allowing what she'd said to sink in.

"You want me to WHAT?" the blond gaki shouted at her, clearly appalled at his orders.

"You. Are. To. Marry. Kakashi," she repeated slowly, so that there would be no misunderstanding. "This is not up for discussion Naruto. This is an order."

"B-b-but he's a guy!" Naruto exclaimed. "And neither of us is gay!" he announced, smirking triumphantly.

Tsunade smirked right back at him. "Kakashi goes both ways. In fact, he used to date Iruka some years back."

Naruto's eyes widened as he literally gaped at her in shock. "Kakashi-sensei and-and Iruka-sensei?!" The very thought boggled his mind. He simply couldn't imagine the two of them as a couple. Iruka didn't even like Kakashi! But now learning that they'd once been a couple made Naruto curious as to why Iruka bore a grudge against Kakashi. Maybe Kakashi-sensei had cheated on him? He was certainly a pervert, but, Kakashi was honorable so he didn't think that was the reason for Iruka's dislike.

Dammit! Now he was getting off track here. He needed to stop thinking about things that didn't concern him and focus on what did or else he'd find himself in a world of trouble that he didn't want!


"If you marry Hatake Kakashi you will officially be announced as my successor," Tsunade cajoled enticingly.

"Ba-chan that isn't-"

"This is the only way that the council will approve of you succeeding me. The ONLY way Naruto. Trust me, I've tried everything else," she stated, giving the blond a tired smile.

Naruto bit his lip and looked down at his feet in defeat. "It wouldn't be right to take his rights away. I won't do it if he doesn't want this of his own free will."

"Ahh, but this was my idea," Kakashi declared from behind him.

"Ack!" Naruto whirled around to find his ... future husband ... eyeing him thoughtfully.

"I know how hard you've fought to achieve your dreams Naruto, and I knew that the council would agree to this. I couldn't think of any other way that they would allow you to take charge. Which is the reason I brought it up in the first place. Because you deserve to see your dreams come true. Nobody deserves it more."

Naruto fought back tears. He'd never had someone go so far for him and he was incredibly moved by Kakashi's sacrifice. But-

Kakashi shook his head. "I expect this to be a real marriage ... eventually. I don't believe in infidelity or divorce and I know that you share those same beliefs. So, I suspect we'll go through a getting to know each other phase of our marriage and hopefully find that we'll compliment each other quite well. I don't expect either of us to remain celibate for the whole of our marriage so at some point we will have sex."

Naruto's eyes widened and he turned bright red at Kakashi's bluntness, but silently acknowledged the fact that this was true. They were both male and Naruto had just recently turned 18 so he was perpetually horny as any 18 year old male. But-he'd never been with a guy before, or even imagined being with a guy. And honestly he didn't know if he could, well ... rise to the occasion as it were. Though he knew he'd probably take the submissive role in their sex life given the fact that he just couldn't see Kakashi giving up control.

"I have experiance. So when, not if, but WHEN it comes to that point just rely upon me. You may doubt that you'll ever be attracted to a man but, I'm confident in my seduction skills," Kakashi announced with a wicked grin, or rather Naruto thought it was a wicked grin as he couldn't see under Kakashi's mask. Which gave Naruto an idea...

"So, if I marry you, do I get to see beneath your mask?" Naruto asked curiously.

"That privilege is expressly reserved for my spouse. So yes, you will see my face if you marry me. I don't wear my mask in my home."

Ohh, definitely a point in favor of the marriage! He'd always wondered what Kakashi's face looked like and to be-

"Wait!" Naruto shouted as something clicked in his head. "You said expressly reserved for your spouse? But haven't the people you've dated seen your face?"

Kakashi shook his head.

"B-b-b-but how is that possible? I mean don't you ... you know ... like kiss and stuff?"

Kakashi laughed. "There are ways around that, you know. I can still kiss my partner without them seeing my face." Kakashi sobered as he added, "My unwillingness to take off my mask is usually why my partners ended the relationships, but I have my reasons for not removing it around them. They were just unwilling to listen or understand those reasonings."

Naruto stared at him thoughtfully before coming to a conclusion. "The reason you were unwilling to take your mask off was because in taking it off you would be making yourself more vulnerable than you've ever been. It would be like removing the last wall that you've built up to protect yourself. You would be trusting that person with everything you are. Everything you will become. And nobody reached the point where you saw them as your future. As someone who would be a constant and unchanging part of your life. Am I right?"

Kakashi stared at Naruto, his eye wide in surprise. "Dead on, in fact. You're really quite insiteful, to see so much in what I said."

Naruto nodded, satisfied that he'd finally figured out why it hadn't worked out between Kakashi and Iruka. He bit his lip as he eyed Kakashi silently. He wasn't exactly opposed to marrying Kakashi. He knew he wasn't attracted to men, but Kakashi-sensei seemed confident in his seductive capabilities. He just didn't feel like this arrangement was fair to Kakashi. "Are you sure that this is what you want Kakashi-sensei? What if you fall in love with someone else? I really don't want to ruin your future!"

Kakashi sighed. "Naruto, I'm 32 years old. I've been around a long time and haven't fallen in love with a single person. I think that the only person who has the potential to make me fall for them is you. You've always had this uncanny ability to change people's hearts and I honestly feel that it would be so very easy to fall in love with you. So yes, I am sure I want this. I already see you as my future Naruto."

Naruto studied him silently before finally nodding. He turned to face Tsunade once more only to find her eyeing the two of them in rapt fascination. He cleared his throat and he smirked at her as she finally came to attention. "I'll marry Kakashi."

It was two weeks later that they were married. Per Naruto, the marriage was to be kept quiet from everyone until he and Kakashi could get used to their new relationship. Because of this, Tsunade thought it best that the two took time off of active duty to get better acquainted. And to get used to living under the same roof, considering up until now, both men had lived alone.

Just the idea of living with someone else was strange for Naruto, as he'd lived alone since he was five. He wasn't quite sure how to handle the sudden changes in his life. Suddenly he was in possession of a husband, a home, and someone who would be waiting for him to return safely after every mission.

Kakashi, on the other hand, was at once nervous and absurdly happy. He'd been on a downhill slide into falling in love with Naruto for more than a year now, and knew that all of the changes in their relationship would only speed up the fall. For the first time in more than a dozen years Kakashi was looking forward to what the future would bring.