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I stood on the cliff face looking down at the waves as the tears fell down my face. The letter, my final goodbye, was in my hand. I opened the letter to read it one last time:

My darling Jasper,

What can I say? You're the person who has meant more to me than anything in my life.

Do you remember the first thing you ever said to me and the first time we met?

You walked in the door one sunny afternoon with Edward, and when we were introduced you said, "Hey"

I know it wasn't much, but you had me with that 'hey'. I was in love.

My feelings for you never went away. I tried to get over my feeling by seeing other guys, but those relationships always crumbled, because I found myself comparing the guys I was with to you.

When I was discovered by the agent and asked to move away for work I was both excited and heart broken.

I missed my dork brother and the pixie, Alice, but that was nothing compared to how much I missed you.

It was wonderful that you and Edward let Alice and me hang out with you. Most brothers and their friends would have hollered at us until we went away. Not you; you made us feel special and included. You called me your Texan Rose and Alice was your Pixie girl.

I came back to Forks to visit the family and stopped at the store to grab a few things before I headed to the house. I was walking around the rows looking at things I might need, and when I rounded the corner I looked up and saw you. My heart soared and started beating so fast I thought it would burst from my chest.

You hadn't seen me yet; I was approaching you from behind, planning to wrap my arms around your waist, when a sight met my eyes that destroyed my world. Alice was standing in front of you, and she was looking into your eyes as you reached down put a hand to her cheek and kissed her gently on the lips.

I turned and ran the other way not knowing what to do or say next. I quickly went and paid for my things and left the store as fast as I could.

I went straight to the house and ran inside, intending to hide in my room, but Edward was coming down the stairs as I was going up them. He asked me why I was crying. I tried to get him to just forget it and let me go to my room, but he demanded an answer. Crying and clinging to him I managed to sob out a few words, 'Jasper', 'missed my chance' and 'why Alice of all people?'.

As I managed to tear myself from Edward's arms and ran to my room, I heard Edward mutter, "Dumb ass. I told him that Alice wasn't a good idea. Why can't he just admit what we all know?"

It was a rough night, but I managed to get through dinner and convince my parents everything was fine. I kept noticing Edward sneaking glances at me, shaking his head and muttering to himself again. I told my parents that I could only manage a short visit this time and would be leaving in a couple of days.

I also asked them to not let anyone know I was in town. I didn't want the media to find out I was here. My parents accepted it but Edward didn't; he shoved his chair back and stomped from the room.

I hung out at home telling my family I was avoiding the media that might be hanging around, but really, I was avoiding seeing you with Alice. Edward kept shooting me glances but remained quiet on the subject.

I've been thinking about this whole messed up situation a lot and decided the only way that I can start to get over my feelings was to write them down to you. I can never give you this letter, so I decided I'm going to the cliff face, where the four of us used to go and hang out, and say good bye to you there.

I will always love you my darling but I can't ever come back here in fear of seeing you with Alice.

So this is my goodbye to my family, my former best friend, Alice, my home town, and to you.

My heart will always be yours and will never belong to anyone else.

Forever your Texan rose,


I rolled the letter up, slid it into the bottle, and put the stopper in, sealing it inside. I pulled my arm back and threw the bottle as far as I could over the cliff face, watching as it plunged into the water below never to be seen again.

I turned away and walked back to my car, to drive back to my family home one last time. I would be leaving town for the last time the next day.

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