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I had no idea how I ended up on the beach throwing rocks out at the ocean, but I did. The action, although pointless and repetitive, soothed me. It reminded me of times long gone where I would hang with my best friends and just chill. Whenever I came here I thought of her; the one person I had loved and lost.

She was gone and never coming back to this hick town. She moved on, and so had I. So why was I not happy? I had everything that a young man could want. Loving parents, friends, a job and a girlfriend that men would die to be with, but deep down I wasn't happy with my lot.

Then I saw it as it washed up at my feet; an emerald green bottle with what looked like a note inside. Picking it up, I walked over to the large tree trunk that was lying on the sand, and using it to sit down on, I opened the bottle and managed to get the piece of paper that was wedged inside out. My eyes pored over the familiar writing. It was a letter from Bella. Maybe I was never meant to see it, but everything she felt was laid out for me to read. My heart soared and then sank; this was her goodbye to me, to us.

Confused about what to do, I decided to tell her how I felt. So I dashed home and poured my aching heart out onto paper.


What can I say? I got your note tonight; although in all honesty, I have no idea how it happened to be me that found it on the beach. Maybe it was fate intervening, making me realize just what I was about to lose.

I never ever expected this to be inside when I saw the bottle wash up at my feet as I stood there throwing pebbles out into the ocean, trying to clear my head of thoughts of you. See, I remember us doing this when we were young; writing letters and throwing the bottle into the ocean, hoping that someone in a faraway land would answer. Remember when we got the letter back from Port Angeles? We were thrilled until we realized it said PORT Angeles and not LOS Angeles.

Where do I start? I read and reread this so many times, taking in each word as if they might vanish before my eyes. I suppose the beginning would be a good start, so here goes.

Of course I remember the day we met; you were Edward's slightly annoying baby sister, always there with Alice tagging along with whatever we did. I saw you as my sisters too; both of you. I needed to protect you from the world- that never changed.

Then you grew up into a young woman. The transformation seemed to happen overnight, or maybe I was blind to it. One day you were hanging out with us fixing those motorbikes getting all greasy and dirty, then the next you were wearing tighter clothes, heels and makeup. You started dating that asshole, Mike. He wasn't good enough for you. None of them were, ever. I hated him. You knew that but not for the reason you thought.

The night you two split, we met up at the diner while you cried on our shoulders. I went out and punched him. That's where the split lip he sported came from. No one knew the truth. You thought Edward had done it, and I let you. Of course Edward cornered me, forcing me to come clean. He swore to not say anything to you. I hoped that I would be able to admit to you how I felt, but then you brought home Paul, followed by Jake. I mean, how could I compare to them? None of them were good enough for you, not one.

I wanted so kill Jake when you two split, but it all happened so quickly. That was my chance to tell you how I felt about you; to lay my heart on the line. Alice took you shopping and you met that agent of yours. He ruined everything, Bella. Everything. He took you away from me, but who was I to deny you the chance to be free, spread you wings and soar. I wanted to beg you to stay here, with me, but I couldn't do that to you. I remember gramps saying to me, 'If you love someone let them go, if they come back to you then they were truly yours to begin with.' So I did just that; I let you go, but you never came back.

Edward doesn't talk to me about you. He just seemed to know what I couldn't say out loud, how I really felt about you. Seeing you on the cover of those magazines or at all those film premieres and parties hurt too much. Seeing you with him, his arm draped around you like he owned you. Made me sick, but you looked happy. So I moved on, just like you did.

Alice and I were never planned; it just happened. Sounds corny I know, but we both missed you so much, and we sought comfort in each other's company. We were friends, nothing more. It just developed somehow into what it is now. She's not you though; she never will be.

Please don't leave it like this, I beg of you. I have no way of contacting you other than this letter. I called your cell, but the number was out of service. I daren't ask Edward for your number, and I'm too afraid that if I come round you'll slam the door in my face. I just can't take that rejection, not from you.

Bella, please if nothing else, know that I love you. Not in any other kind of way than the one that you deserve.

Give me a chance to say I'm sorry in person, to put this right?

I will always love my Lil Texan Rose.


Putting the pen down, I daren't read through what I had written, afraid that I would tear it up and throw it in the trash. No, she needed to know how I felt. I rolled the letter up, placing it inside the bottle just as she had done. Then I wondered how I was going to get it to her.

After much pacing in my apartment, I remembered she said that she was visiting her folks. If she was upset there was one place she was bound to go; the tree house in the backyard that her father built for us as a place to hang out. It was perfect. All I needed now was to sneak it in there without being caught.

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