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Hinata and her friends stared at an old painting hanging on a wall The painting has a tall long hair man standing beside the sakura tree
with next to him was a fox...without a tail

"Where`s the fox tail?"Ino asked while taking glances at sasuke

The old Monk Smiled"the Fox Used to have nine tails and it said to look a handsome young man you can only see his tails when the brightmoonlight fell on him the man standing on the cherry is the fox respected the most the man is the head of a village he Idolized him so much that he want to be the next head of the village after the shodaime died they refuse to elect the fox to become the village head soon a great tragedy fell upon the village and the elders blame the fox was behind it so they vanish him to the village soon the fox was enraged and almost destroyed the village and said to be seal by the spirit of the shodaime and sealed the both to the painting"The old white haired monk turned to the highschool students crowding the temple and smiled"to the fox perspective it is kind of sad story to be blamed by the village you love"

"Where`s the tail if the fox has been sealed in the painting?"Shikamaru asked

"Before the shodaime sealed the fox and himself he cut the tails first so that he cannot break the seal himself"Said the monk

"So if we draw a tails in the fox the seal will broke"Said Kiba while smirking

"Don`t Think About it "Said Iruka

"What a I Knew this school trip will be about some story about some Fox i would asked sasuke to have a date on me Right Sasuke."Said Sakura. Sasuke just shrugged

"Dont Think about it ForeHead"Ino said

"No one Asking for your opinion Inopig"Sakura retaliate

"Okay That`s enough students Thank you Jaraiya-Sama Please remember what he said When we return you`ll have to write an essay about this trip"Iruka-Sensei said the others groaned.

"Quiet down Children have some disciple okay children fall in line Kiba don`t touch that its antique Chouji What are you doing Shino Stop Touching those they are not bugs Whats wrong with You Childrens I swear i will age faster than normal"said iruka with a Sigh

"But sensei i`m looking for my Chip it suddenly dissapeared in my bag"Said Chouji while looking around and searching for his bag

"I think you ate it without having Realized it"Said Shikamaru while Yawning Earning a laugh around the crowhd
"EveryBody Quiet Down"Said Iruka

Hinata looked at the picture again the fox to be look so sad just like me. she tought
She Gently Sneak her way through her Troublemaker classmates

"Did... did the fox Have..a name?"Hinata asked the Monk

"From what i Heard the shodaime used to call him Naruto"

"How long has it been trapped here"

The Monk Smiled at her"it`s just a story but if you want to know,the painting is at least five-hundred years old"

Hinata Said a thanks to the monk and Turned around and quickly left with her classmates Unknown to them someone is looking at their Group

"Hnnnn... another group of people again i swear that old man can`t shut his mouth about my story"said the blond haired man "what the heck is this i tought it was a meat"while spitting the Chip Before he stand up and followed the crowd

Naruto Had Been Following them all day long it was good it was a glad a time like this that humans couldn`t see could stare at a pink haired girl all day long it was dawn before Sakura entered her tent to sleep when he was about to follow her he suddenly Froze at the spot near the campsite he realized he couldn`t move any further

"Aisshhh was all this necessary Shodaime sama"Said The blonde haired boy He was about to Go back to the temple until he heared the unzipping of a tent hoping it was the pink haired girl he like much to his Disappointment

The girl is pale under the moonlight that she could`ve been easily mistaken for a ghost her eyes Lightest Onyx Eyes he ever met and despite the warm weather she wears a baggy clothes He felt hot just by looking at her
"What a Weirdo" He tought

"I`m just going to visit the shrine and look at the fox again nothing bad about it right?"Hinata speaking to no one in particular
when she inside the shrine Hinata look at the candle`s light danced on the painting she saw a pen lying by the table next to the candles

"to the fox perspective it is kind of sad story to be blamed by the village you love"

"So if we draw a tails in the fox the seal will broke"

"So if i draw the nine tails from the fox the seal will be break and it would never be lonely again"She tought

She took the pen and uncapped it and start drawing the tails

first tail... a gentle breeze passed inside the temple.

second tail.. the next breeze was a bit stronger and the curtains swayed.

Third tail.. a strong wind gushed through.

Fourth tail.. the sky slowly got cloudier.

Fifth tail.. the candle went off and Hinata's hand shook.

Sixth tail... the doors closed with a loud noise,shocking hinata to accidentaly put a dot on the back of the fox

Seventh tail... thunder could be heard.

Eighth tail... lightning flashed in the cloudy sky.

Nineth tail... it started raining.

Suddenly there`s a brief earthquake happen in the temple the cause hinata to trip and bang her head in the table causing here to knock her out but before she went to unconciousness he saw a blond haired teen with a nine glowing red orange tails before everything went dark

When Hinata open her eyes she was inside her tent when she heard shouting from outside coming from her sensei iruka

Hinata went out of her tent She saw a very pissed Iruka and very scared kiba and his group

"Ok guys you will help the monk until our field trip is over"Iruka Told Kiba`s group

"But sensei we didn`t do anything we were asleep the whole night"Said Kiba

"Really Last night i inspect your tents and you are not in there"

"Ok sensei we were up last night but we didn`t get near the shrine"

"where did you go then?"

"umm we explore the forest"

"Ok as punishment you will help the monk to clean the temple"

"But sensei"

"No buts ok the rest of the group you will draw some scenery in the forest or atleast take a picture and submit to me you will come back here this afternoon"Iruka told the other groups

"Hai"Said the Other groups

Hinata found herself sitting beside the tree but her mind where going somewhere and when she look at her drawing it will always be a man with a nine tails

She couldn't remember what happened last night. Peraphs, she didn't want when she tried it a bit blurry and making having a headache

She just heard the news from her classmates that fox in the painting suddenly vanish last night and Iruka-sensei convinced that Kiba`s group did it last night so he decided to punish them by helping the monk to clean the temple

When suddenly she felt someone to touch her shoulders breaking her out of her toughts when she turned around he saw a boy around her age with a whisker marks wearing a long bright orange with a red fire (imagine utakata the six tail jinchuriki)

"you know my tails aren`t that fluffy"hearing this Made Hinata froze

"y-you are?"

"weird last night you saved me and you don`t remember?I am Naruto you know, the ninetailed fox you released from the painting in the temple last night. Bang your head in the temple so I carried you back to the your.. well its called a tent, right? oh and don`t worry I healed your headache"

Suddenly His stomach grumbled. "I am starving.."

Breathe in.. breathe ou-

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid mistake. Stupid her.

He said he was starving.

Hinata didn't wait to confirm if he really was a nine-tailed fox or not. He was a crazy, grinning stranger in an orange kimono. That was enough to make her Run towards the other direction.

"you know there is a wild boar over there"Said Naruto while grinning

Hinata Run like there`s no tomorrow and hide over the tree while panting "i think*pant* i lost*pant* him somehow*pant*" when she heared a movement in the forest
looking up closely Hinata eyes grew wide She saw a Boar!

She ran back to from where she run thinking nothing but to outrun the wild animal

Naruto saw her and smile like a fox"come back already?''

Out of the blue hinata hold naruto hands and pulling him(Start playing losing my mind by Lee Seung Gi)

after they manage to outrun the boar they hid behind the tree and subconsciously hugging Naruto and closing her eyes

(Naruto P.O.V)

"She`s a bit adorable if you look closely to her"while returning the hug and grinning like a fox

He suddenly he smell the boar getting closer to them he gave the animal a predatory look to make it cower in fear and run

(Normal P.O.V)

"I-is it gone?""i hope it is"
Naruto found it cute and adorable so he dicide to play with her a little bit

"No it still there oh i think it getting nearer"

"Re-really"while tightening the hug making Naruto happier

"..."Naruto close his eyes to feel her warm hug

after a while Hinata Open her right eye to see if the Boar is still in there and she doesn`t see it she look at Blond haired boy who closed his eyes and smiling like and idiot

Getting concious of their posistion Hinata get face Redder than red she suddenly push him (push herself actually since naruto is in the tree side so he cant be pushed) and made a silent "eep"

"Ehh? why did you broke the hug"Naruto pouted

"Ano..the-there is no wild animals now"

"ohh he-he sorry"their stomach suddenly growled

"hungry?"they said in unison

"actually before we run i`m going to tell you i`m kinda hungry"Naruto nervously rub the back of his hed

"Oh ca-can yo-you wa-wait for me i-i will ju-just go to t-the camp?"Hinata while twinddling her index finger

"okay do you know the way?"Hinata vigorously shook her head

Naruto just shrugged and signal Hinata to follow the Him

After twist and turns they finaly reach Hinata`s campsite

"I-I think you should wait here"Said hinata mentally cursed herself for stuttering

"Sure why not just comeback im really hungry you know?"Said naruto while grinning

"O-ok you just wait here"While Hinata walking of the campsite and her tent

(Naruto`s P.O.V)

He silently impatiently tapping his foot while waiting for Hinata to comeback for his food

"Why is she taking to long"He tought to himself

"oh there is the pink haired lady"said Naruto to no one

"where is she going?"Said Naruto while eyeing the Girl

"Oh There is Hinata and...what`s that smell?"Now naruto eyes focus on hinata`s hands

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