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Chapter 2:Meet the food of the gods

(Hinata`s P.O.V)

After i took the Cups and heated it i went quick to Naruto Before He get mad and Follow me in here after i heat the cup i almost jug to Naruto And caught Him staring somewhere when i follow his gaze i saw he was looking at Sakura and when i look at him again he was staring at me When i look Closer To his eyes he is looking for the cup not me

(Normal P.O.V)

"What are you holding?"Said Naruto

"it`s a ramen want some this is the only food i got sorry"Said Hinata Looking down on the ground

"Hey no worries come let`s eat follow me"Said Naruto taking the other cup on her hands and Signaling her to follow him

"whe-where are we going"Said Hinata a bit nervous

"Well while i was imprison In that damned painting i always wander around for 500 year i found many great spots and i call them my special spots"
Said Naruto while grinning sheepily "So Do you want to go to my special place?"Now Asking hinata`s free hand gently

Hinata just stared at Naruto and Blush before taking his carefuly hand

Hinata and Naruto walk slowly until naruto stop and sit on a nearby log Hinata and Naruto`s eyes widen For different reasons Hinata`s eye wided because the beutiful scenery the temple in the lake shining brightly under the sun and the fresh lake just reflect the sun making the temple glow and the Tree around the lake help to become a magnificient Scenery while Naruto on the other hand used to the view so he don`t mind the scenery His eyes wided because of the delicious cup his eating for the first time in his life he taste something like this and he like it he feels he is on the top of the world while tasting the food he only expect hinata to bring some food but she bring something magnificent strong aroma delicious...he never taste like this in his whole life he feels his eating one of the food of gods

"thi-this is Magnificent"Said Hinata in awe

"I-i know right "Said Naruto while inhaling his Cup of Ramen

"it-its like fantasy and very beutiful"said hinata still in Stunned in awe of the scenery

"I Know right and Very delicious too"Said naruto Still inhaling his cup of ramen

Suddenly Hinata went out of her thoughts Hinata look at Naruto who still liking the cup of his instant ramen staring at Naruto and his baby blue eyes and his whisker marks this go unnotice by Naruto

"What are you looking at? is there somethin in my face? " Said The Confuse Naruto tilting his head

"N-no nothing it li-like yo-you really haven`t eated in many days"Said Hinata

"Hehe Really to tell you the truth i haven`t taste like this in all of my life"

"D-do yo-you w-want some more?"Said hinata metally kicking herself for stuttering Again

Naruto`s eyes were went wide once again and taking the cup out of hinata`s hand and inhaling once again
Hinata giggle at Naruto`s Antics forgetting the she too was hungry She suddenly realise she still have her sketchpad and pencils she look once again at the beutiful scenery and took her thing from her backpack and began to draw the scenery in front of her she found her hand not stopping from the drawing and sketching she continue to draw not realising that naruto is looking at her drawing for his amusment Hinata didn`t Notice him finished her cup of ramen and looking at her Drawing he tought to himself that hinata is good at drawings and a bit of fast so he decide that he would wait for her to finish her art before distubing her from her thoughts

AfTer hinata Finish her drawing she realise that naruto is beside him...Sleeping near the tree Hinata found herself again not stopping her hands from drawing naruto`s sleeping face and THe TREe behind him to make the sleeping young man`s drawing realistic after she finished her drawing of naruto she get up from the log and gently wake naruto up

"Na-Naruto wa-wake up You might catch a co-cold if you continue to sleep here"Said Hinata gently shaking naruto

Naruto gently opening his eyes and saw hinata and he Grinned at her signaling that he`s already awake

"Naruto get back to your house it`s getting dark but before you went back to your temple can you escort me to the campsite?"Said Hinata

Naruto stand up and signaled hinata to follow him and she followed him silently making the forest insect sound Becoming bored Naruto decided to Broke the Silent

"So Hinata When will we meet again?"Said Naruto Slowing his pace to match hinata`s pace of walking

"A-ano i think we will never meet again"Said Hinata Shocking Naruto for a second but grinned

"Sorry hinata Can`t do that"Said Naruto while grinning Now Shocking Hinata

"wha-Why?"Said Hinata

"As I said right hinata i am in your debt for releasing mo from that damned old piece of paper you called art"

"Naruto we will go the day after tommorow and tommorow we will go for grouping you can`t show to them they might think you`re crazy"Hinata was Shock from herself for not stuttering and saying such a lengthy line

"Oh you want me to stay away from you so before they may think i am crazy?"Said the confused Naruto and Hinata Nodded

"And why would They think of me as crazy"Said Naruto

"Be-because of your dressing"Said hinata pointed hinata

"My Kind of Dress? what`s the problem about them i like orange you know"

"No because no one wear`s that kind of traditional suit today"

Before Naruto could respond they saw a campfire indicating that they are near the campsite Hinata Quickly say goodbye to Naruto But before he left to find some shelfter he told hinata something

"Hinata Remember This I will always follow you whenever you go"before disappearing in the deep forest

Hinata just stare where Naruto had just Been suddenly breaking from her thoughts Iruka greeted her

"Hi Hinata your a bit late"Said Iruka Hinata Quickly bow her head in apology

"I-I`m VeRy sor-sorry iruka sensei i just got lost the track of time"Said hinata while bowing her head for apology

"Why would someone especially you would lost the track of time"Said Iruka trying to find where The girl went to

"It it`s just that i found a very beutiful scenery and i can`t stop myself from drawing it"Reasoned of Hinata

"May I See that Drawing"Said Iruka Giving Hinata A Nod

Hinata quickly find her sketchpad and gave it to iruka where he check the drawing and like hinata his eyes wided as he look at the sketch

"You know Hinata i knew you were great at drawing but to be able at a drawing like this it is the best"Said Iruka prasing hinata while She blushedFrom the praise

"Okay Hinata you have your reasons so it`s okay go get ready for dinner they are already preparing"

"Hai"Said Hinata

Hinata sit up near the campfire with her other classmates...when suddenly Sakura 'accidentally'Trip in front of her and spilling the food all over her body making the other students laugh

"Oooops Sorry i didn`t see you there your so quiet that i thought you weren`t there"Said Sakura holding her laugh

"It-its okay you didn`t mean it"i think"said Hinata making Sakura Mad

Suddenly Sakura spill the throw the cup of water to hinata

"Oops sorry again my hand slipped"Said now the laughing sakura and now the quiet students Hinata suddenly stood up and walk away making Sakura more mad she pushed her to the tree and
Making hinata Bumping her head making some wound

"Haha that`s what you get weirdo"Said Sakura walking away

Hinata Got up and run away in the deep forest Unknown to them someone was watching

Inside the Dark Forest

"I`m worried to you why did you suddenly run?"Said Kiba with concern tone

"No i-its Nothing"SAid Hinata Before turning and running Away

Kiba swear that he saw her tears flowing

"Hinata Wait"Said Kiba while following Hinata before Dissapearing again in the dark forest

Kiba followed Hinata but after awhile she dissapear and Kiba Stop following her and She hope that She will return later of tommorow

In the Campsite

Sakura laughing by herself when She notice the she is the only one who is laughing

"What? it`s funny right?"Said Sakura while gigling

"Nothing is Funny Sakura"Said Shino

"Yeah Forehead nothing is funny"Said Ino agreeing whith Shino

"Why i just embarass the weirdo"Reasoned Sakura

"No Dope you just embarras your self attention whore"Said Sai

"What Did you Say?"Said Sakura with a shriek

"Okay Students What happened Here?"Said Iruka

"Sakura Did a Troublesome move to Hinata"Said Shikamaru

"Hinata?"Said Iruka Before turning her head to Sakura

"Sakura what did you do to Hinata?"more like a command than a question

"You see sensei i`m just trying to tease her a bit and she took it seriously and ran away"Said Sakura

"WHAT! you know how dangerous the forest at the dark"

"But Sensei She is the one who ran and Besides Kiba Followed her"As if on cue kiba showed the camp

"Sensei Hinata"Said Kiba

"What is it Kiba?"

"She Was Crying and Ran off before i get a hold of her arms"Said Kiba a bit worried

"Sakura I`m so dissapointed in you"Said Iruka Shaking his Head

"B-but sensei she-"Before She continue She was cut of by Iruka

"Sakura no buts when we get back i will file a suspension case to you"

Sakura hang her head in defeat before returning to her Tent

Meanwhile Hinata Whas running until she saw a glowing tail before her she trip and fell from a slope and banging her head in a rock and Wounding Her back and breaking some of her ribs in the process

Hinata Found herself losing conciousnes and Hurt

"Is this how im going to die?" she thought to herself before succumbing to darkness

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