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Chapter 7:It can't be

Kushina stared at naruto with two things in mind

"no..It can't be he isn't minato...Right?"came from Kushina

"Minato died i ki-killed him th-that Ni-night"Thought Kushina

Meanwhile Naruto was looking at kushina and stared at her 10 seconds before turning back to follow where the scent is.

Before Kushina went out of her initial shock the blond haired teen was out of her and samehada's range

"He isn't's impossible..he di-died...a-and besides he-he doesn't have whisker marks"Said Kushina while walking to her car

"'s smells good"Said Naruto while smelling the flowers

"Hey young one you have good nose"Said a blond haired man

"He-he when i was a kid i always smell these kind of flowers"Said Naruto

"Hmm...a kid eh...So tell me what kind of flower is it"Said The tall man

"it's a daisy..The day's eye"Said Naruto smiling and looking at the flower

"oh really...what's your name young one? "Said the man smiling at naruto

"Naruto..."Said Naruto

"Say..Naruto..Do you want some Daisy"Said The man

"Really?"Said Naruto looking at the man

"Yes...By the way I'm Inoichi"Said The man now named Inoichi

Before Naruto can respond both of heared footsteps coming from the stairs and a shout of

"Daaad...i'm going to school now bye"Said a blond-haired girl while walking down stairs

"Hey Ino come here a minute"Said Inoichi

"What is it dad...I'm gonna be late for school"Said Ino

"Ino this is Naruto"Said Inoichi

"Hey your face is familiar...Have we met before?"said Ino

"umm sorry i don't remember"Said naruto

"Okay..Ino this is Naruto and Naruto this is Ino my daughter"Said Inoichi

"Hello Ino"Said Naruto smiling at ino

"he`s cute..and hot.."Thought Ino

"Hi"Respond Ino

"So Ino go to school or your gonna be late"Said Inoichi pointing at the clock

"OH CRAP!"Said Ino running to take her bag and to outside

"Soo...Naruto are you busy today?"Said Inoichi

"Umm No in contrast i have nothing to do today and...i'm bored"Said Naruto thinking

"So you have nothing to do eh?...Want to help the shop today?"Said Inoichi smiling at naruto

"Really!?"Said Naruto Excited to help and smell the other flowers

"Sure sure follow me"Said Inoichi walking to the garden


When Hinata Entered in her class the same old noise met her ears when she look around She saw the same old napping shikamaru,the same old Eating Chouji,the same old Emo Sasuke,The same old Loudmouthed Kiba,The same old Ever-Stoic Shino,The same old creeper smile of sai where's Sakura and Ino?

Before She walk to her seat she heared The Shout of Ino


"what is it ino?..Your scream is troublesome"said Shikamaru awake in his beautiful nap

"all is troublesome to you Shika"Said Ino

"So Ino what is it? you want share with us"Said Chouji

"Huh That's New where's forehead?..She's usually early "Said Ino

"She has been called by Iruka i guess what she did to hinata in the camp"Said Kiba

"Oh right...Hey Hinata your okay now?"Said Ino

"Ha-hai"Said Hinata

"that's great...So i have to tell you i met a Cute boy"said Ino making hinata's eye go wide

"She isn't talking about Naruto-kun isn't she?"thought Hinata

"everybody is cute to you"Said Kiba

"No dogbreath you are not cute to me"Said Ino making the others snort

"Why aren't i'm surprised when you said that"Said another girl student

"HEY!you both take that back"Said Kiba growling

"Yeah yeah..So i was saying He's a combination of cute and a hottie"Said Ino making other students raise their brows

"A cute and A hottie that's a nice combination"Said another student

"I know right"Said Ino

"Cute and Hottie?isn't that what Ino Said To Naruto-kun when she saw him at the bus?...PLease please please i hope it's not Naruto "thought Hinata making hinata blush of what she thinks to naruto

"So?did you get his name"Said The other student

"Where did you met him?"said another Student

"Is he really a cute and hot combination?"Said another Student

"who's better sasuke or him?"Said another girl

"hmmm...i met him inside our shop..Yes he is cute and if you look at his body he is Hot"Said Ino drolling a bit thinking of naruto's body

"as for Him or sasuke?i think they tied at top 1 to my overall top ranking of handsome boys"Said Ino making other girls squeal

" think he can get to ino's Top list he must be really be cute and handsome"thought hinata

"So what's his name"Said the other student

"His name is..."Said Ino making the whole class lean to hear what will she say even the boys and sasuke

"Is...Secret i'm not gonna tell you"Said Ino doing a merong to the the whole class Sweatdrop

"You aren't gonna tell us are ya"Said Kiba

"Yep...I'm gonna tell the class His name when i became his girlfriend "Said Ino

"Pffftt Girlfriend yeah right..."Said Kiba

"What did you said Dogbreath"Said Ino Glaring at Kiba

"I said You?Ino Yamanaka?A Girlfriend?those Words are like parallel they never meet"Said Kiba making others laugh

"Kiba your using your intelligent in a wrong way"said Sai

"what did you mean creep?"said Kiba Sai didn't answered kiba's question instead he just pointed at the fuming Ino Making Kiba Gulp

"H-hey I-ino i-i'm j-joking o-okay?"Said a nervous kiba

"I know"Said Ino Smiling sweet too sweet to make kiba more nervous

"Kiba it's logical that you move those feet of yours in a fast's illogical to stand there and defend the barrage"Said Shino

"What's that suppose to mean"Said Kiba

"It means Run Like there no tomorrow and save your life"Said Sai giving the creeper smile at Kiba 'Oh' and Run like crazy


"I never got his name...I really hope it's not naruto-kun*sigh*"thought hinata

"Troublesome"Said Shikamaru leaning back to his desk

"This class is always full of energy"said Chouji opening another chips

Kushina was Driving Her Car to her home still the encounter of her and naruto is still bothering does that fox looks like minato?His eyes..the color of his hair..the spiky blond hair?..the looks?..He looks like the younger Minato...Without whisker marks

"why? he looks someone from my past..My dark past"Said Kushina

Before Kushina can continue her thoughts about the blond haired teen she remembered the talk about Iruka


"I'm sorry it's about the painting"Said Kushina

"Oh you mean that painting?"Said Iruka remembering the fox painting in the shrine

"yes the painting inside the shrine"Said Kushina

"I'm sorry about that you see my students did something to it be they apologise and claiming that they didn't erase the painting"Said Iruka bowing his head to kushina

"No-no it isn't like that"Said Kushina waving her hands in front of her face

"oh so what is it?"Said Iruka confuse again

"Did Something happen the night?before the painting of the fox suddenly vanished?"Said Kushina

"umm yes"Said Iruka

"it rains and heavy rain if you look at it and looks like there will be a storm because of thunder and the lightnings so we decide to back out the camp"Said Iruka

"And?"Said Kushina

"Oh there's a brief earthquake that strengthen the decision of back out for the sake of the students"Said Iruka

"That's the sign of breaking the seal within the paint"thought kushina

"And"Said Kushina

"And?"Said the confused Iruka

"you know did something happen or someone act wierd Last night"Said kushina

"oh there's someone act differently"Said Iruka

"Who is it?"said Kushina

"Umm one of my quiet student hinata"Said Iruka unsure if he will tell the girl's behavior toward the entire camp

"So what happened to her?"Said Kushina

"You see when she was embarrased by her classmate in front of the class she was wounded"Said Iruka

"And?"Said Kushina

"When she came back that morning her wounds are gone almost there's not a trace in it"Said Iruka

"So hinata's the one who broke the seal"thought kushina

"Thank you Iruka-san that's all i need to know bye"Said Kushina bowed at iruka

"Oh okay think nothing of it"Said Iruka rubbing the back of his head

After their conversation Iruka went back to the faculty room and kushina headed toward the park

~End of FlashBack~

"So Hinata is have the fox bead"Said Kushina


After their class Hinata and her classmates were walking out of their school gates when someone for the second time shout

"Look Guys there someone at the gate a cutie"Said a female student

Hinata and her classmate look for the female student pointing at and her eyes went wide. Naruto was at their school gate with a bouquet of flowers in hand

"OH MY GOSH!"Said Ino squeal and jumping like crazy

"What is it Ino?"Said Kiba confuse of ino acting strange


"WHAAT!"said Kiba and classmates including hinata and sasuke was shock

Naruto Heared the commotion and look at Hinata(Behind Ino)and smiled at her direction making Ino Squeal again

"Oh my gosh OH my gosh OH MY gosh OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!"Said Ino seeing the Smiling Naruto making him look cuter because of his whisker marks

"I can't believe it"Said Kiba

"Ha! i told you dogbreath me and girlfriend aren't parallel"Said Ino

"i guess Naruto-kun like Ino-san..."Thought hinata looking down to the ground

Naruto walk near to the crowd and stare at Hinata(Behind Ino).Ino was excited touching her chest for more romantic effects and hinata was looking at the ground and the crowd was silent holding their breaths including the boys and the girls have a sad look and the same time a heart look on their faces

when suddenly Naruto walk past through Ino and stop at hinata in front of the looking down hinata(Play lee seung gi Losing My mind)

"Hey Hinata-chan"Said Naruto shocking Hinata and her classmates especially Ino

Hinata Look at suddenly naruto pull her hands and handed the bouquet of flowers

Hinata was Completely shock when naruto walk past to Ino and gave the flowers to her. Hinata looked at the bouquet of flowers consisting a purple lilac,blue rose and bunch of Daisy

"Na-Na-naruto-k-kun"Stuttered Hinata

"Hey Hinata-Chan This is For you"Said Naruto Smiling at Hinata

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