Just a tiny little mistake.

Harry Potter was sitting in Potions with his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. They were in their sixth year having just finished the war with Voldemort that summer. Harry and Albus Dumbledore had delivered the final blow together, yelling a modified version of the killing curse that destroyed Voldemort's soul rather than his body. His body however, had immediately been destroyed to stop followers from bringing him back.

Sirius Black had finally been granted his freedom and his declaration of innocence from the Ministry after Peter Pettigrew's capture that summer. Sirius was with his husband and life mate Remus Lupin trying to make a home ready for Harry to come back to at the end of his sixth year.

Remus had finally coaxed Sirius into trying to have children through one of the new potions available to help with that between two men. After only a month of trying, Remus was currently expecting what all three lovingly referred to as 'a small litter of cubs' more commonly referred to as triplets by the rest of the world. Harry was slightly worried about going home to three extremely small babies, but was happy for them nonetheless.

During Harry's fifth year he'd realized that he was gay, and that the mutual obsession between Draco Malfoy and himself was much more than an obsession. Both boys had eventually confessed and began to date, in secret, during the last month of their fifth year. Draco's parents were both taken to Azkaban for Death Eater allegiances, while Draco had been recognized for the spy that he and Professor Dumbledore had agreed for him to be upon Draco's realization that he was head over heals for Harry.

While Sirius and Remus both knew that Harry was gay, no one else did. And Harry hadn't told them who the boyfriend he was starting to get so serious about was, but they knew that he was slowly falling in love with someone. Which brings us back to Potions class, where Harry was working with Neville Longbottom trying to keep an eye on Neville, Draco and the Potion at the same time.

He wasn't trying hard enough. Neville was slowly losing control of the cauldron and the Potion that was supposed to be a soft baby blue was officially a dark navy blue. Harry conceded that at least it was A blue, if not the right shade so it couldn't be that far off. And then he heard those dreaded words.

"Mr. Potter, it would appear your potion doesn't look the way it's supposed to does it? Well then, let's have you test it shall we?"