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Dinner Time!


As they walked into the Great Hall there was a slightly stunned silence. Albus, Severus, Remus and Sirius all took seats at the Head Table, while Ron and Hermione automatically went to Gryffindor's table, and Draco to the Slytherin table. None of them remembering to direct Harry where to go. So Harry stood at the door to the Great Hall looking around as everyone stared at him with wide eyes.

Albus, Severus, Remus and Sirius finally sat down and smiled at the little boy. Albus remembering how shy Harry was called out, "Leo, come on up here with me."

Harry looked around and literally ran up to the table, crawled under it and right up into Albus's lap before saying loud enough for the hall to hear, "Gwanpa theys staring!"

Albus chuckled and said to the students and staff, "In case you all are wondering, this is Harry Potter. If you notice, he's calling me Grandpa, but in reality he's my great-grandson. There's been a slight mishap in Harry's Potions class and for the next five months Harry will be in his four year old form. His adoptive parents Sirius Black and Remus Lupin will be here with him, taking care of him. I ask that you watch out for little Harry here, and should any harm come to him, you'll be expelled without a chance to plead your case. I highly suggest you take that threat seriously."

For a good thirty seconds no one said or did anything, then the room seemed to break into whispers and gossip. Harry simply snuggled into his Grandpa's warm embrace and ate all the food they put in front of him. Once he was done he sat and talked to his Grandpa. Albus smiled down at Harry and asked, "How do you like living with the Dursley's little Leo?"

Harry frowned and asked, "Me's stay wit you? Pwease?"

Albus chuckled slightly and asked, "Are they so bad Harry?"

Severus snapped, "They abuse the boy Albus. For Merlin's sake if you were visiting him all this time why in the world did you leave him there? He would have been safer and more well cared for with Voldemort than he was in that household."

Albus blinked and responded calmly, "The last time I saw my great-grandson as a child was his cousin's third birthday. At the time he was not being abused, and Arabella never mentioned any reason to take him out of the house other then the fact that Harry seemed withdrawn. I merely assumed that was because of my absence from his life, not that they were abusing him. Apparently I made the wrong decision."

Sirius and Remus were both growling with barely restrained anger as Remus asked, "Albus, can we go play with the Muggles for a bit? We can always get Severus to conjure the Dark Mark to cover it up after we break the wards."

Albus looked thoughtful and then answered carefully, "I would, of course have to look the other way. Well Little Leo, shall we go and say hello to Fawkes while their gone?"

Harry nodded and wrapped his arms around the Headmaster. Both bid Severus, Remus and Sirius farewell and left for Albus's office. Within ten minutes Severus, Remus and Sirius were in Hogsmeade, together they apparated to Privet Drive, just outside the wards. All three drew their wands and walked quietly to the house labeled as number four to take care of a little business with the house occupants.

Remus unlocked the door and walked in, wand out and followed by Severus and Sirius. Sirius of course took up the front to protect Remus and their unborn. Severus took a good look at the house, noticing that one couldn't tell that another boy had ever lived in it as there were no pictures anywhere of Harry.

Twenty minutes later, all three men left chuckling with one another over their success. Vernon and Petunia Dursley had experienced every inch of pain they had ever caused Harry. Then Vernon had been permanently turned into a wild boar, while Petunia had been turned into an Emu. What they didn't know was that Dumbledore himself had taken down the wards guarding Privet Drive, and spelled the house so that Vernon and Petunia couldn't leave the house.

When they got back, Harry was sleeping in Albus's bed, cuddled up with a few new toys, a stuffed black dog, silver stag, gray wolf and a silver Dragon. Albus left to take care of the Dursley's himself, leaving Sirius and Remus to take care of the sleeping little boy. Remus gently rubbed Harry's back and said softly, "Harry, time to wake up so we can go back to our rooms for the night."

Harry slowly woke up calling out, "Gwanpa?"

Remus smiled and said, "No, little Leo, it's me, Moony."

Harry pulled his four stuffed toys closer and slowly sat up before asking, "Where's Gwanpa?"

"He had to go take care of something little Leo. Want to come with me and Padfoot back to our rooms to go to bed for the night?"

Harry nodded sleepily. Sirius grinned at his godson and said, "Who're your little friends Leo?"

Harry smiled and held up the stuffed black dog saying, "Padfoot."

Then Harry held up the gray wolf and said, "Moony."

Next was the silver stag as Harry said, "Prongs."

Finally the Dragon, which Harry had proudly named, "Drakie!"

Remus and Sirius looked at one another before Sirius said, "Well, at least we know who to ask to help watch him. Let's get going little Leo."

Sirius picked up Harry, who was clinging to the stuffed animals in a death grip, and the three slowly made their way to their rooms. They carefully tucked Harry into bed, hugging and kissing him goodnight before going to bed themselves.

Albus, was having the time of his life turning the Dursley's into various animals trying to decide what they looked best as. He alternated between large animals and small animals, making them as slow as possible so that they felt the pain of each transformation. Eventually he decided on mice, and then apparated away from the Dursley residence to the middle of the desert.

He held Petunia and Vernon by their tails and looked for a nice big snake. Eventually he got tired, conjured up a pit, and started summoning snakes, which he threw into the pit. With a truly evil and sadistic grin, the enraged great-grandfather threw the two mice into the pit of snakes before apparating back to Hogsmeade.

Albus hummed a merry little tune and headed back to the castle. He walked up to his office, took off all the charms on the Dursley house and destroyed it, placing the Dark Mark above it. Smiling and humming to himself he tried to remember the last time he'd had that much fun, but failed to come up with a time. In that moment, he had to admit, he could understand why Tom Riddle hated Muggles.