6 years later~

Death City is peaceful, people working, DWMA students killing kishins, sun is laughing. Stein now was patrolling the gates, just in case. As he was looking around, he saw three figures in the outskirt of Death City, he can't make up their faces, so he did his fighting stance, in case they are kishins or witches. As they come closer, Stein had a complete shock on his face.

"Kid? Liz? Patty?" Stein asked, quite surprised. They took of their hoods and they smiled.

"Hello Professor Stein!" They greeted happily.

"We're glad you guys came back safe." Stein said, with a normal smile.

"Of course, Professor Stein." Kid smiled back too, the three were glad to be home.

"I have to go to Father now Professor Stein." Kid, Liz and Patty left and Stein waved them goodbye and continue to patrol.

Kid and his partners were in the Death Room and Lord Death is there.

"Kiddo-kun~ You came back~" Lord Death said happily letting a small tear escape from his mask, glad that his son is back.

"Yes, Father. I miss you too." Kid said smiling a bit. He's smile turned a bit cold.

"Well, Kid. Do you have your papers?" Lord Death asked.

"Yes, I gathered all the information from our mission." Kid replied and tried to give it to Lord Death.

"Oh no no no. Don't give it to me. Give it to a man who is at the 8th floor of the library." Lord Death said with his cartoonish voice.

"Oh, alright. See you later Father." Kid nodded and left with Liz and Patty.

"Oh, Kid. You've already grown yet you've become colder." Lord Death muttered.

At the library~

The three of them went to climb the stairs of the library to go to the 8th floor. From walking around for years, they didn't get tired going up. They saw two figures sitting near a table with stacks of papers that seem like a thousand papers.

They went near the table to see a guy sleeping on the table. His head was on it and covered with papers and books. This guy was wearing a black leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans with basketball sneakers. The other one was busy reading some papers to notice them. He was wearing a red jacket, black t-shirt, red and black addidas and he has raven spiky, a bit flat, hair.

"Are you the one who checks all the papers on missions?" Kid asked him. The guy looked up and nodded.

"What do you want?" The man said with a deep voice.

"We are just here to give you this." Kid said and handed the papers.

"Oi, wake up!" The man said, waking up the guy sleeping beside him. He grabbed a folder and hit the guy on the head.

Guy POV~

I was having my peaceful sleep and someone hit me on the head. I groaned and glared at his ruby red orbs with my bloody red orbs.

"The hell! I was sleeping here and you just disturb it huh?!" I shouted at him, not realizing there were people with us as I glared at him.

Normal POV~

"Soul?" Liz asked. Soul looked now at the people with them and his face broke into a grin.

"Well! If it isn't Kid, Liz and Patty! Happy to be home?" Soul asked while grinning.

"HAHA! Of course you moron!" Patty finally said.

"You guys change." The man or Satoshi said happily.

And they did. Liz is wearing jean shorts and black boots with a red tube top and a black short jacket. Patty is wearing pumpkin shorts (jean color) black short boots red tube top and black short jacket with a white yarn beanie. Kid wore his usual white dress shirt and black dress pants.

"But their attitudes didn't change." Soul muttered.

"I guess you're right but Kid had grown taller and have six pack abs!" Liz said happily.

"Is that so? But when it comes to muscles, Black Star is a sure winner." Satoshi said.

"Haha! Who cares? I'm gonna beat the living shit out of him~" Patty said cheerfully and threateningly at the same time.

"You never change." Kid, Liz, Soul and Satoshi said while shaking their heads.

"This seems like a happy reunion." Kid said.

Everyone agreed and laughed.

"I thought you will take long up to 8 years. You prove me wrong." Soul grinned.

"Kid has grown taller, had abs and he kept his OCD in check. So don't worry. He doesn't have too much rants like before." Liz informed them.

"I'm so proud of you Kid." Satoshi said sarcastically.

"Yeah, whatever." Kid rolled his eyes.

"Well then, shall we meet the others?" Soul suggested.

"Sure." Liz said.

"Why not?" Kid said.

"It's gonna be fun! I miss them and I hope Maka still have giraffes!" Patty cheered.

"Maybe, Patty. Maybe." Kid muttered.

"But first! I have to put make-up!" Liz said while pulling Patty to head to the comfort room.

The guys laughed and grinned at how they didn't changed a bit.

"So, how's life?" Kid asked to try to catch up.

"It's fine, really. Nothing had change here in Shibusen." Satoshi replied.

"Kid.." Soul muttered.

"Yeah? What is it?" Kid focused at Soul.

"Me and Maka are…. Engaged….." Soul muttered.