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They were crazy. They had to be crazy.

Sarah knew that she and Chuck should be on a plane right now headed to the states, back to the CIA, back to the life they knew, and back to uncertainty about where they stood. But was there uncertainty? She asked herself, peering to the side at Chuck as they watched their train grind to a stop in front of them.

She felt his fingers squeeze hers, almost as if he understood what she was thinking and sought to reassure her. She smiled softly to herself.

There really was no uncertainty between them. The future was uncertain…but not right now. Not this.

She'd never been so happy to step onto public transportation ever in her entire life as she was in this moment as Chuck bowed grandly and gestured for her to go first. She giggled because she wanted to, gently touched his face as she moved past him, and walked up the steps into the train.

Sarah Walker looked down the hallway which was framed by door of private compartments. Sleeper trains had never made much sense to her. But the only other time she'd been on one had been in 2005, in southern Italy, and it was during a mission. Sleep wasn't high on her priorities at that time and she would have been just as happy sitting in a seat for the fifteen hours she'd been on that train.

Chuck pressed his front against her back and his large hand closed over her shoulder. "We might be in the wrong car. I don't know how these things work."

She glanced over her shoulder. "You really think I would take you to the wrong car, Chuck?"

Reaching behind her, she tugged him along by his shirt, pleased by the dreamy half smile that flashed across his handsome face. "Ah. 50B. This is us." Instead of opening the door, she turned to him and leaned back against the wood, grinning.

Chuck just grinned back, stepping close. "Hey. What's the hold-up? Let's get in there," he said in a teasing drawl through his teeth, his hand reaching behind her to open the door, but Sarah grabbed his hand and held it tightly.

"I'm just taking in the moment. For a second." He was standing so close and his eyes were liquid amber, and the passion in them was swirling so forcefully that she felt a little breathless. And was it a little warm in this hallway?

She saw a young family step on and the kiss she wanted to give Chuck would best be administered in private. Sarah had no intention of traumatizing little French kids on this trip.

"Although, maybe I can take in the moment a little better in our compartment."

"I think so."

She wrinkled her nose. "Yeah."

The door swung open and she stepped back into the room, laughing as Chuck's arm wrapped around her waist and he lifted her, carrying her all the way in and kicking the door shut behind them.

Sarah dropped her bag and wrapped her arms around his neck, reaching for the wall and flicking the lights on before peering down at him and letting herself marvel at Chuck's strength. He was so lithe and skinny, sometimes it was a wonder he had much strength at all. But here he was holding her up with one arm, his duffel in his other hand, and he didn't seem to be having much trouble.

"You gonna put me down, Chuck?" she asked quietly, ignoring the sounds of people piling into the car outside of their compartment. That was another world to her now, as corny as she knew that sounded. Everything that was important and perfect and real was inside of this compartment. And there wouldn't be anything that could drag her out of it. Not as long as Chuck was here, too.

"Mm. I'm just taking in the moment." She heard him drop his bag and round her waist with his other arm. And then his lips were on her neck, his large hands spreading against the jacket she wore, and Sarah let out a soft sigh, a grin spreading across her face.

"You go ahead and take in that moment then, as long as you keep doing the thing," she murmured, finally having the sense to wrap her legs around his waist (not for the first time in the last twenty four hours, she thought shamelessly to herself) and take some of the burden of her weight from him. Not that he'd been straining. Mmm.

As crude as it might have sounded to anyone besides Carina Miller maybe, she wanted Chuck to save his strength for…other things.

"What's the thing?" he growled against her neck.

Her grin wide, she shrugged cutely. "The thing you're doing right now." She bit her lip when he sucked a little on the spot just beneath her jawline. She knew he was watching her face for reaction but she didn't hold back. She let the happiness bloom so that he could see it.

"What if I wanna do another thing?" he asked.

"Mm, like what?"

With a cheeky grin, he smacked his hand against her bottom and caused her to laugh uproariously as he swung her over to the bed and dropped her on the mattress. She continued to laugh, looking up at his face and the blissful glee upon it as he chuckled and pulled her brown pumps from her feet.

Sarah sat up and tugged her jacket off, tossing it to the end of the bed and opening her arms as Chuck fell against her, pinning her to the mattress and kissing her so passionately that Sarah let out a soft whimper. It was something that she might have suppressed at one time in her life. But not now. Not with Chuck.

She was in an incredibly vulnerable situation, locked away in a sleeper train compartment with a man who was larger and maybe even stronger than she was pinning her down. Showing enjoyment or pleasure in this situation would have been frowned upon at the Farm. Unless she was doing it for his benefit.

But this wasn't the Farm. This wasn't a mission. And she wasn't a CIA agent. At least not right now, with the man she loved pressing his torso against hers, his tongue brushing against hers, his dark curly hair so soft in her fingers. Chuck was the only man in the world who she trusted enough to let herself be put in a position where she might be vulnerable. Because he was the only one she trusted not to take advantage. The only one she trusted to guard her from being hurt. Sarah Walker liked to think she didn't really need a protector. But for those few things, in those few situations, where she actually needed one, Chuck had never let her down. He never would.

And she knew this absolutely, without a doubt.

He'd saved her life the other night, following her and Shaw to France, and in typical Chuck fashion figuring out where Shaw would take her with only the sparse clues in Shaw's files to guide him. And then Chuck had killed Shaw before the double agent could harm her.

The feeling of watching Chuck fight for her and refuse to give in was the last thing she'd remembered before losing consciousness.

Now, here she was, lying beneath him as he worshipped the skin of her face, her throat, and her shoulder as he eased the shirt to the side with gentle fingers.

They'd spent the entire day without clothes, and Sarah hadn't really experienced the joy of having Chuck undress her. She was looking forward to it now as his fingers moved to the bottom button of her shirt and undid it.

"Chuck, the train hasn't even left the station yet…" she murmured, twisting her fingers in his hair.

While he unbuttoned her shirt slowly, he nibbled along her jaw and kissed her under her ear before answering, "Oh really? Because I'm pretty sure the train left the station this morning."

Sarah snorted and shook her head.

"No?" he asked, propping himself up over her and looking down into her face.

"No," she giggled. "That was terrible. If anything, what you should say is that the train pulled in to the station. Multiple times."

He gaped down at her for a moment until a slow smile left her reeling beneath him. "The conductor of the train would like to radio into the station, please, and request a berth."

"Oh God!" she laughed, squealing softly when he buried his face in her neck and nuzzled her skin with his nose and teeth. He finished the last button and opened her shirt all the way so that he could slide his lips against her chest that bounced with laughter still.

Suddenly they heard the loud call, "En voiture! Les portes vont fermer!"

Chuck stilled above her and looked over his shoulder. "He should say mmffff!"

Sarah clamped her hand over his mouth and laughed again as she rolled him onto his back and straddled him, holding her pointer finger up and narrowing her eyes at him as she pushed herself to a sitting position. "No more train metaphors, Mister Bartowski."

He nodded slowly, his eyes shining bright over the hand she still had pressed against the lower half of his face. She brought her hand back and crossed her arms. "Good."

The train shuddered beneath them and lurched a little, and Sarah swung her leg over to climb off of him and crawl over to the window of their compartment, peaking around the red curtains at the station as they pulled out. "Say goodbye to Paris, Chuck."

"Goodbye Paris," he said emphatically.

She turned to glance at him over her shoulder. "I thought you liked Paris."

"Oh, but of course. It is now officially my favorite city in the universe. It surpasses even Coco City of Coruscant and yes, that is from Star Wars and I should stop if I don't want to spend the entirety of our trip in the dining car, right?"

His grin was cheeky and bright, as though he knew for a fact that there was no way on Earth she was going to evict him to the dining car for any reason.

Sarah said nothing, shrugging her shirt off and tossing it to the end of the bed and reaching over to pull the curtains from the golden ropes holding them open. They fluttered shut with a sense of finality that pleased her greatly.

Those wouldn't be opening again for awhile if she had anything to say about it, French countryside be damned.

"Then I'm not spending the trip in the dining car?"

She pursed her lips and raised an eyebrow, gesturing with a tilt of her head and a flick of her eyes to the pillows of the bed. Chuck gave her a closed mouth smile and toed his sneakers off, letting them thump against the wood floors before scooting back to recline against the pillows.

Sarah joined him there, stretching herself over him and kissing him languidly as the train rocked beneath them. His warm hands spread over the skin of her sides and he pushed his fingers into the waistband of her pants.

With a whimpering sigh, she arched into him and stroked a hand down his face, pulling back to look into his face. He looked perfectly at ease, content, and a little heavy-lidded. Whether he was tired or just immensely relaxed, she didn't know.

Wordlessly, she sat up to straddle him again and began to unbutton his black shirt, revealing a white undershirt beneath. When Chuck sat up to kiss her beneath her chin, she let out a soft gasp and they both simultaneously decided to speed things up a bit.

She peeled his black button up off of him and threw it somewhere, while Chuck grabbed the bottom hem of his undershirt and swept it off over his head in one quick movement. It was impressive and left his hair a little mussed and he looked so much younger all of a sudden and she wanted him so badly.

Even after they'd spent the entire day wrestling around the bed of that hotel room in Paris, her ardor for Chuck Bartowski had yet to be extinguished. She chalked it up to a number of things: the first being that they'd spent over two years being crazy about each other and had never gotten a chance to explore those feelings physically, the second being that she'd never believed in the whole "too much of a good thing" theory, and the third being that Chuck Bartowski was quite literally the sexiest man alive.

Sarah hadn't exactly thought that in the beginning. He was cute. Adorable. Warm. Sweet. Funny. And definitely attractive in a real-person kind of way. But she wouldn't have exactly deemed him sexy. But her definition of sexy had changed very quickly as she got to know him.

His perfectly toned chest was on display, his arms so long and athletic, his shoulders broad…And the tan that must have been genetic because Sarah had rarely seen him shirtless in the sun, and Ellie had a natural tan that was very similar if not identical to his.

Shaking her head, Sarah kissed him again, this time harder, grinding herself down into his lap and swallowing his groan. His fingers pushed between their bodies and latched onto the front of her pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them and sliding his hands under the waistband to cup her behind over her panties.

Their lips made a smacking sound as she pulled away and quickly hopped of the bed to her feet so that she could pulled her pants down and step out of them. Sure, she'd wanted Chuck to do the undressing part and here she was doing it herself. But beggars couldn't be choosers, and besides…she had a few fun get-ups she'd bought at a lingerie shop down the road from the station. Those he'd enjoy taking off of her later.

She went back to Chuck's side as he stared with wide eyes, as though the sight of her bare legs had broken his brain. Sarah was incomprehensibly warmed by his reception to her body, even after everything they'd done to each other earlier that day.

Grinning at the way his ears burned, she went to her knees on the mattress beside him and dragged her hands down his chest, tugging a little on his chest hair and finally fastening her fingers onto the button of his jeans. She undid it and slid the zipper down, pushing her hand into the opening and palming the bulge she felt beneath his boxers.

Chuck's hips bucked into her hand and he let out a breathy groan, propping himself on his elbows and looking down his long body to watch her ministrations. Lowering her full weight onto him, she kissed him passionately, holding the back of his head with her free hand while the other gave him a proper squeeze.

He groaned again and pushed his hand beneath her cream-colored bra to cup her breast in his warm palm. "Sarah," he groaned against her mouth, arching his hips into her hand as she pressed her palm down against his hardened cock.

Then she lowered her lips to his neck and sucked, nipping with her teeth, giving him another squeeze with her hand.

Did he just—Was that a whimper?

She lifted his head and looked at him. There was a crooked grin on his face, confidence in his eyes, but that had been a whimper. With a beaming smile, she chuckled and lifted her hand from his pants, cupping his face and kissing him.

A moment later she was at his feet, tugging his pants down and taking his socks with them. She pushed all of their clothing off the end of the bed and Chuck rolled to the side, standing up to pull the duvet and sheet down.

"Early to bed, early to rise," he chirped and Sarah raised her eyebrows at him suggestively, waiting for him to turn and look. When he did and the gist of what he said settled in his mind, he began to laugh. "You, Agent Walker, have a dirty mind. That was not what I meant."

She just peered at him with a mischievous smile, her legs folded beneath her as she sat at the end of the bed in nothing but her bra and underwear.

They wordlessly moved back to their prior position, Chuck lying back against the pillows with Sarah blanketing him, kissing warmly, open-mouthed, their bodies pressed close together. It took only a short while of heavy making out and groping before they were both completely naked.

While this was still new to them, as it hadn't even been twenty four hours since their first time having sex, Sarah still felt the mutual trust, the strangely comfortable partnership, as though they'd been together for years.

Sarah gripped Chuck's shoulders and arched her back, then she lifted her hips to settle over his shaft and sank onto his cock. She loud out a verbal gasp at the feeling of him stretching her again, wiggling a little to make sure he was buried completely inside of her.

Chuck's hands found her hips as she pressed her breasts against his strong chest and kissed his chin. As she dragged her lips and tongue over his jaw line, she began to gracefully move her hips in a soft swooping motion, back and forth, back and forth.

Her lips ended up near his ear as he thrusted upwards to meet her gyrating movements, and she let out a whimper that she knew would drive him crazy. It did the trick and his eyes snapped open, one hand moving to gently squeeze her behind while the other clutched at her thigh. She whimpered again and moved her hands from his shoulders to hold his head. When he growled and bucked his hips into hers, Sarah felt as though a volcano had erupted in her lower belly, the heat spreading through her limbs. Without realizing it, one of her hands moved up to tangle in his curls and she tugged.

He winced a little and she caught it, throwing him an apologetic look, which cause him to look up at her with a cheeky grin. Spurred on by his reception, she tugged on his hair again, a bit more gently this time and his eyelids fluttered.

Still arching her hips into his, she kissed his lips hard, moaning and dragging her chest against his with each movement. The soft hair on his chest rubbing against her nipples was heightening her pleasure and she let him know by pulling her lips from his with a smack and whimpering, nudging his nose gently with hers.

Her need for release began to build then as Chuck dragged his large, warm hands all over her body, stroking over her hair, shoulders, sides, his fingers massaging down the line of her spine—Oh, I love that—clutching her backside, her breasts. And when his thumb rubbed over her nipple, stars danced in front of her eyes.

"Chuck!" Without realizing it, her hips began to move faster. She pushed herself up to sit on him and her movements were less graceful. With the added excitement of the train rocking back and forth beneath them, they were both moaning each other's names repeatedly as she began to bounce on his cock.

Chuck growled her name, his features crumbling in excruciating pleasure and awe as she bounced faster and his hands began to knead her breasts.

"I'm almost there, Chuck," she couldn't help but gasp. "Oh, God."

His name was on her lips as she felt his cock hit that special spot inside of her, and a powerful orgasm crashed over her like a sudden avalanche. She threw her head back as the world spun around her and her hands grappled for Chuck's arms, something—anything—to hold onto, to steady herself. He held her securely, his hands on her hips, only adding fuel to the fire that raged inside of her.

And then she felt him gently ease her down, pulling her to lie against him as she slowed her pace, the orgasm still throbbing through her, though not as powerfully as it had been moments before. He held her close as she panted against his cheek, the sensations beginning to taper off as she let herself melt against his warmth.

"Mmmmm," she hummed against his skin, taking a moment to just enjoy being pressed against him, held in his arms, having him inside of her, their legs tangled together. As her breathing settled back into a regular pattern, she became aware of the fact that Chuck was still breathing a little hard, and speaking of hard…

She gave an experimental roll of her hips and he sighed into her hair, his hands squeezing her skin at the sensation.

Sarah propped herself up over him and grinned, looking into his eyes that were still hazy with desire and love and everything she used to only dream of seeing in Chuck Bartowski's gaze. Now it was real. They were real. And they were alone and wildly, unabidingly in love.

The chilliness of the room suddenly swept over the dewy skin of her back and she realized the covers were still at the end of the bed. She eased off of him and he slipped out of her, still standing erect in spite of the vigorous coupling they'd just enjoyed.

Grabbing the sheet and duvet, she tugged both over their naked bodies, huddling in the warmth the cotton and fluff provided. When Chuck rolled over and nestled into her side, she felt even better. And as she pulled him fully on top of her, she felt better still.

Chuck dropped kisses along her jawline and took his time getting to that spot just beneath her ear that she loved so much. She slid her hand down between their bodies and wrapped her fingers around his sex, beginning to pump him in her fist.

If Sarah were to be honest with herself, the intensity of her orgasm had left her a little too sensitive for penetration this soon. But her need for him hadn't abated at all. And his need for her was all too evident for her to ignore completely.

So she stroked the nape of his neck, playing with his curls there, while her other hand slid up and down his shaft, eliciting growls and grunts from her lover that had quickly become some of her favorite sounds since she'd first heard them that morning.

It didn't take very long, with the vigorous movements of her hand on his cock. She'd sped things along by breathily praising his sexuality into his ear. Chuck was an anomaly, sweet and funny and so above things like vanity. But he was a man, nonetheless, and she knew it would bolster his confidence to hear himself lauded by the woman he loved. She'd read in a Cosmopolitan magazine while waiting with Ellie at a bridal shop a year ago that hearing their lovers praise their physique or sexual prowess during sex would make most men climax faster.

And it worked as Chuck shuddered above her and moaned her name, pressing his face into her hair and panting hard as he came down from his high.

With a groan, he flopped over to the side, covering his face with his hands and taking deep breaths. He groaned again, then turned his head and peeked at her through his fingers.

She smiled softly at the sparkle in his golden eyes, incomprehensibly glad that she was the person who'd put that sparkle there.

He dropped his hands and drew a deep breath, a supreme contentedness and, she was pleased to note, a bit of pride as well, settling on his handsome face as he stared at the ceiling. "Where do you think we are now?" he asked quietly.

Sarah kept her gaze on him and grinned at the cheesy answer that crossed her mind.

"Did you just think something dirty?" he drawled in a low voice that made her shiver.

She made a face. "No."

"You had a face like you thought of a dirty answer to my question. I saw it."

"It wasn't a dirty answer, just a cheesy one."

"Oh!" He rolled over to his side and propped his elbow on the pillow beside her, resting his head in his palm and dropping his other hand on her belly. It was an incredibly intimate gesture and Sarah felt the power of it almost leave her a little misty eyed. "Well, I'm the king of cheese. So you have to tell me now."

"The king of cheese? See, now this is something I wish you'd informed me of before I slept with you."

"You're changing the subject, and ouch, that hurt."

She giggled. "Fine. Your question was 'where do you think we are now' and the first thing that popped into my head was 'Heaven'."

Sarah felt herself flush when he stared down at her warmly, his lips tilting up at the edges. "You're right. That's pretty cheesy."

She brought her hand up to swat at the side of his head, but he blocked it at the last second, rolling onto his back to escape as she continued her assault. And in spite of them both laughing hysterically, the wrestling continued.

"Help! I'm being attacked by a super spy!" he called out, not loud enough for anyone who happened to pass by their door to hear, of course. She continued laughing and pressed her hand over his mouth.

"You're really cheeky, you know that?" Sarah lifted her hand from his face with a grin, half of her torso on top of him, her leg tucked between both of his.

"Mmhm. I'm the king of cheek." She felt his fingers pinch her bottom and she gasped, legitimately surprised at how ballsy he was being.

They continued to wrestle, their laughter ringing through the compartment as the French countryside passed by their window.

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