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"Okay, okay. I got one. This is intense. Ready?" He watched as Sarah nodded, her face set in seriousness, her eyebrows raised. "Spoons or forks?"

Chuck held up a spoon in one hand and a fork in the other.

"Sporks!" She giggled so hard at her own answer that she rocked forward.

Chuck's heart felt so full at seeing her like this that it overflowed into the rest of his body and caused a chuckle to bubble up from inside of him. "Good answer!"

"Thank you," she chirped.

"Also, you might be spending too much time with a nerd." He leaned close. "That's me. By the way. In case you were wondering."

"Oh. I was wondering. Thank you for clearing that up."

Chuck couldn't help but laugh a little harder as she reached over and took the last bit of his scone from his plate and popped it in her mouth. He stopped laughing and gaped. "Hey! Rude! I thought long and hard about which type of scone I wanted to order. And you go ahead and steal it. That's fine."

"Long and hard, huh?"

The way her gaze saucily slid ever-so-slowly from his face, down his chest, and rested blatantly in the area of his nether regions made Chuck feel like someone had set their cozy compartment ablaze. "Y—" But he had to stop because his voice caught and instead of speaking he let out a tiny squeak.

The one-syllable giggle she let out was only a little cuter than the way her nose wrinkled.

Chuck could feel himself blushing as she dragged her eyes back up to meet his.

"Were you going to say something, Chuck?"

Instead of answering, he pressed his lips together and narrowed his eyes in a teasing glare. "If only I had a fraction of your talents…"

"My talents?" She tilted her head and ate a piece of fruit. "What talents, exactly? And just so you know, I'm more than satisfied with your talents just as they are." The wink she sent him was lacking the heat her prior looks had had. Instead she was sincere and warm, as though she meant what she was saying and wanted him to know it.

It made him smile when he hadn't meant to. And wasn't that one of her talents he adored so much?

"Your talent for making me embarrassed," he answered.

Sarah gave him a proud smirk, bouncing her shoulders in a modest shrug that directly contradicted the look on her face. "There isn't much that you could do to embarrass me, Chuck. Especially not after the last few days." There was that heat again.

They'd woken up that morning after sleeping the rest of the night tangled together. If Sarah'd had another nightmare like the one that had woken her in the middle of the night, Chuck had been unaware of it, and they'd been in the same position they'd fallen asleep in when he finally opened his eyes.

Surprisingly enough, Sarah hadn't popped into Chuck's shower like he'd thought she might, instead opting to stay in bed under the warm covers and sleep a little longer. Or doze. Or stare at the ceiling. Whatever had been the case.

Either way, when he'd stepped out of the steamy bathroom, Sarah had been splayed in bed, the sheets carelessly tangled about her naked form making her look like some sort of perfume advertisement in a fashion magazine. And as much as he'd wanted to crawl into bed again and be the big spoon to her little spoon, her announcement that she'd ordered a massive breakfast made it so that all he could think about was food.

Which was shameful, really…considering the unbelievably beautiful, brave, strong woman sharing his bed, and she was naked, and most of all he was understandably and wholeheartedly in love with her. But was he ever hungry! For food.

So it wasn't surprising that they'd held off on the morning lovemaking long enough for the tray to appear at their door, brought by the same kindly mostly-amused attendant who'd brought everything they'd ordered to their door. He offered nothing but the usual salutation, a smile, and a swift departure.

The guy was good at his job, Chuck had to give him that much.

As it was, for the copious amounts of food Sarah had ordered, they hadn't eaten more than half of it. And it wasn't that their eyes were bigger than their stomachs. For his part, Chuck could have eaten all of it. But ever since he'd gotten on the train, he'd found that eating smaller portions more frequently gave him more energy.

And that thought made him blush a little. Because he couldn't help musing on what in particular he used that energy for.

Sarah must have noticed it because he felt something poke his hand and jumped, looking up to see her wielding her fork like a weapon, her brow furrowed in curious amusement. "What are you thinking about with that blush on your face?"

"Hm? What? Nothing. And did you really just poke me with your fork?"

"You've poked me with worse," was her easy comeback, her eyes widening a little seemingly at her own crudeness.

Chuck just laughed, his eyes just as wide. "With worse?! Oooh, okay. I see how it is. Maybe I should see if they have another compartment I can squeeze into if you're so adverse to it!" But he couldn't even pretend to be offended, as hilarious as her comeback had been.

Sarah just covered her face and laughed, her shoulders shaking beneath the straps of her tank top she'd thrown on when their food arrived. She peeked through her fingers at him and he was struck anew by how beautifully multicolored her eyes were—not just blue but specks of green and grey and brown. She lowered her hands to her lap and grabbed their tray, most likely attempting to busy herself. "Taste of my own medicine, huh? I just thoroughly embarrassed myself," she finished with a giggle, scooting off of the bed where they'd been eating breakfast, and setting the tray on the ground by the door.

When she crossed back to the bed and climbed onto her knees, he just smiled at her. "I'll take anything I can get."

"Oh, so you want me embarrassed. That's very sweet of you."

He chuckled. "Eye for an eye, baby," he drawled in his best Humphrey Bogart impersonation, completing it with a wink. Sarah propped her chin up with her palm and pressed her fingers over a closed mouth smile. "What?" he prompted, fidgeting a little under her stare.

"That was pretty cute," she shrugged. And just like that, she closed the distance between them and framed his face with her hands, kissing him solidly, slowly leaning further and further into him until all of her weight was against him and he was forced to lie back against the messy sheets.

She kissed him with abandon, and out of all of the things happening right then—the points of contact between their bodies, that masterful thing she was doing with her tongue, and the pure heat she was emanating—the thing that had the most effect on Chuck was the hungry whine she emitted against his lips. It wasn't just because he was the cause of that sound, as much as it bolstered his confidence. It was that she felt safe enough to drop all of her walls, to allow herself to feel everything, and to project what she was feeling without filtering herself, without holding back. She was comfortable with him, felt secure enough to be herself…all the way down to letting him know without restraint when she wanted him.

Like now, for instance.

He had every reason to think she wanted him right now, considering the southwardly direction in which her hand was traversing. Her fingers left a trail of absolute fire down his abdomen, even through his T-shirt. And when she squirmed a little to scoot up his body for better access to his mouth, Chuck didn't bother suppressing his groan.

He thought distantly that they must be breaking some sort of record, and not for a moment did it give him pause. Chuck Bartowski was fully prepared to run with this freight train, to take advantage of the copious amounts of alone time with Sarah Walker, the woman he'd loved for almost three years now. If Sarah wasn't going to hold back, then he wasn't going to be the one who did. Hell no.

And oh what was she doing? How was she doing that?

She was so attentive with her lips and tongue, and yet she was equally attentive down there, her hand slipping under his shirt and stroking along his ribs lightly with her nails. A shiver wracked his form and he was suddenly overwhelmed by her, by how intense his feelings were for her, how completely he loved every single thing about her, and how completely he loved just her. In the whole.

When Sarah slowly slid her hands to the waistband of his boxers, her thumbs tracing his skin just above the material, they were forced to part for air, panting, their foreheads pressed together and their noses brushing.

"So…So I got another question for you."

Her lips quirked a little and she kissed him again, her hand sliding up under his shirt and pinching his side so that he giggled and squirmed, causing her to pull back wrinkle her nose adoringly at him. "That game again?"

She dove in to kiss him some more and he hummed at how delicious it felt, before angling his lips away from hers and taking another deep breath. "Yeah! It's a big one."

"Oh, I know," she breathed saucily, grinding her hips into his.

"Hiyo…ohh…That wasn't—" He swallowed and looked down even though he wouldn't be able to see anything but Sarah's cleavage above the tank top she wore and oh that was nice too. Very nice. He made a bit of a whimpering sound and arched his face up to capture her lips again, feeling her smile smugly into his kiss.

But then he pulled back again. "So the game," he panted.

She sighed, still very obviously keyed up, and Chuck knew he was playing with fire, but…Well he liked this. He liked this banter. He liked playful Sarah. He liked asking questions and seeing what sorts of answers she'd come up with. He liked when she made bawdy comments filled with blatant innuendo about his body parts. And he liked discovering Sarah Walker in more ways than just how she liked it in the sack. And while that was great (and great was the biggest understatement ever), when they finally got off of this train and got back to Burbank, they wouldn't get this constant, prolonged one on one time. They wouldn't get the chance to have days and days to themselves to do nothing but…well…have sex.

There had to be more.

He knew there was more.

Sarah's eyes slipped shut for a moment and she nuzzled her nose into his cheek. "I'm so crazy about you, Chuck, but you have the worst timing." She was breathless, her body was practically humming against his, and his own body was certainly not averse to her—much the opposite, in fact.

"I really do. I know."

"Then shut up." She kissed him again, her hands framing his face as she nudged his mouth open and slipped him her tongue. He groaned again, his hands coming to rest on her back, his fingers rubbing small circles over her tank top.

He teasingly pulled back again. "But, I'm just so curious," he whispered. "I, ah…oh…oh, wow. So much…Holy Mother of God…" Her tongue was doing something wonderful to his earlobe. "So much curiosity," he just barely managed to get out. If anything, this was rather a test for his self-control. Not that the last three years weren't or anything…

"Oh God fine." She propped her elbows on either side of him and angled her torso away from his to look down at him. Which really did nothing to temper the fire between them, considering that the movement only pressed her lower half even further into his.

Chuck swallowed. "Well, we don't have to stop or anything."

She quirked an eyebrow. "What?"

"It's called multitasking, Sarah. I know firsthand you're really really good at it." That got a gusty giggle out of her, her chest bouncing against his. "Haven't you ever talked and made out?"

"Uh…no. I haven't."

"No talking and foreplay?"

"Can't say I have, no." She punctuated her answer with a mischievous thrust of her hips into his. His eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head but then her body stilled atop his and he met her narrow eyed gaze. "Wait, is that something you've done?"

"Oh. No." Sarah rolled her eyes at him and he almost laughed. This was exactly what he loved about her so much. The back and forth between them was so exciting, even before the last few days of unabashed intimacy and romance, when Chuck thought he'd never have a chance in any universe of being with Agent Sarah Walker.

"I mean, the last few days have been full of firsts for me," he continued and she bit her lip in a way he couldn't read. His brain went into overdrive and his words began to tumble out faster than he could prepare them. "Is this weird? Am I being weird with this? You probably think I'm nuts trying to talk to you while we're making out. I should probably shut up so we can just make out. I was really enjoying making out. Do you even want to make out with me anymore? Because I totally understand if you don't want to any—"

Her lips slammed against him so hard his teeth almost chattered. She was practically mauling him, her lips roughly moving against his, her tongue sliding between his teeth. It lasted for what felt like ages and he met her stroke for stroke, even eliciting a whimper when he nipped at her lip with his teeth. And then she pulled away so slowly, her breath fanning his chin.

Everything inside of him was alive, electrified. And his hands had a death grip on her waist. He could feel her heated skin between the hem of her tank top and the waistband of her underwear. And he could already imagine how it would feel to have more of it under his hands, on top of him, pressed against him, surrounding him…

He blinked to try to clear the stars from his vision. Patience is a virtue.

"Call me crazy," she finally said when she got her lungs back, "but I'd like you to ask that question now." She began to nibble on his bottom lip, dragging her teeth down to his chin where she dotted soft kisses, then over his jawline to the juncture between his ear and neck.

When she arched her hips into his again, he had to take a moment to compose himself. And then he surged up to kiss that spot on her neck she loved so much, attentively applying pressure as he slid his hands up her shirt and drew patterns on her side and the small of her back.

Chuck grinned when she let out a soft moan into his hair. "So…"

"Yeah?" she whispered, her teeth nipping his earlobe.

He kissed her shoulder and buried his face in her neck. "Boxers or briefs?"

Her hands stilled, as did her lips where she'd pressed them to the underside of his chin. And then she giggled, moving her face up to hover over his, having to use her knee against the mattress to scoot up his body again. He nearly growled at the shifting movement.

"We've only been intimate for maybe three days—not exactly sure though because I've been rather distracted," she practically purred, "but there's no way you haven't noticed that I don't wear boxers or briefs. It's either underwear, women's underwear…" She paused and gave him that smile he'd never seen on her face before Paris. "Or…nothing at all. As seems to be the case when I'm around you lately."

She kissed his lips again, her mouth moving so slowly against his, stoking the fire in Chuck's nether regions, and how she was squirming atop him in that way of hers that pressed all the right parts of her against him in all the right places…

"I didn't…" he muttered against her lips. "I didn't mean—oh hi…" His eyes crossed as she purposefully rubbed her thigh against his groin. He let out a ragged breath, his fingers clenching into her skin even tighter. "I didn't mean what you like to w—ah! You just did it again, didn't you? Yes you did." He gasped when she did it a third time. "I meant on me. Boxers or briefs on me?"

She slid her leg back to his hip where it wasn't in danger of brushing up against him again, even going so far as to lift her hips away from him a little, even as her tongue was doing the thing against his neck again.

"Mmm, that's a hard one." Her fingers then replaced her thigh, gently stroking the bulge beneath his boxers. He could feel her grin against his neck as his body unconsciously jolted at the contact. He received the full meaning of her quip immediately and groaned again. She was driving him nuts and he loved it.

"Lemme think on that," she continued, and she spent quite awhile thinking. Her lips dragged over his jaw, up to his mouth where she captured him in a more frenzied, passionate kiss than before. Just like that, the rubber band that was Chuck's self-control snapped.

He clutched at her eagerly, tangling his legs up with hers, letting his hands wander down to clutch at her backside, putting everything into the kiss until he broke it to suck on her neck, nipping at her skin and making her giggle lustily. If that was possible.

Their sighs and moans filled the compartment, even as not even a single article of clothing was removed. Chuck turned them over after a few minutes and dragged his lips down her neck and to her collar bone, tracing it with his tongue as she threw her head back with a gasp of his name.

And then he was on his back again. Sarah pulled away and sat up straight, her chest heaving, her eyes ablaze with desire as she looked down at him. It was a look he knew well by now and he would never ever tire of it. She reached down and grabbed his hands, tugging.

He took her meaning and sat up as she grabbed his shirt by the hem and yanked it a little roughly over his head, tossing it over her shoulder without a care in the world as to where it landed. Not that he cared any. Just like that, her fingers were dipping into the waistband of his boxers as she rocked her hips into his lap.

They both sighed heavily, and she dropped her forehead against his.

"H-Have you decided?" Chuck asked. He felt so breathless, almost as though he didn't have lungs at all. She was worth it. She was worth not having lungs. What am I even…?

The grin on her face must have been put there by his own unbelievably happy, beaming smile. He was happy. Ridiculously happy. Oh, right. He'd asked a question.

"Mhm. I think I have. But, uh…I have to check something to make sure…"

Sarah pulled her hands out of the waistband of his boxers and set her fingers to his thighs, slowly crawling off of his lap and backing up as she stroked lower and lower. Suddenly her fingers clenched the cotton material covering his legs and gave him yet another heated look full of unabashed mischief.

Chuck gaped and had a feeling what was on her mind, so he decided he had no choice but to make it easier for her. (He scoffed. Had no choice… Like this wasn't going to turn out pretty damn fantastic for him…) The nerd gaped at her, knowing he probably looked incredibly goofy, and he angled his backside away from the mattress, holding himself up with his palms propped against the bed on either side of his hips.

With one strong pull—a single solitary movement—the boxers were flying through the air over her shoulder in the same general direction as his shirt had. It was so impressive and too sexy for words. And he couldn't help but gulp loudly.

"Boxers." She grinned a little wildly, her tongue between her teeth.

With that, Sarah crawled over to straddle him, lowering her weight into his lap and purposefully rocking. And in another swift movement, she had her tank top up over her head and it was gone somewhere over the side of the bed.

Chuck groaned and dove in, his lips and stubble rubbing over her chest, his tongue flicking her nipples as he moved over them. He was so distracted by the feel of her under his mouth and hands that she somehow removed her underwear without him noticing. She was consistently impressive. It was just—Oh crap.

"Wait, wait, wait…"

Sarah had since thrown her head back under his ministrations, and she tilted it back to look down at him. He could see her trying to mask her impatience, but he saw right through her. "What?" she panted. "What is it? What's wrong?"

He looked over her shoulder at the door. Sure enough, he saw that the latch on the door wasn't pushed into locked position. He hadn't locked the damn door after getting their food.


"Th-The door. It isn't locked."

"What? Oh." She turned to follow his gaze. "Oh. I'll get it—"

"Nope, I got it."

He scooted to the edge of the bed, forcing Sarah to cling to him a little tighter, squealing and giggling as he stood up with her in his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist when he crossed the room, and he reached around her body to lock the compartment door.

"How'd you forget to lock the door?" she giggled breathlessly, her lips close to his. And her fingers were tangled in his hair and he loved it when she did that. They needed to get back to the bed.

"Think maybe we've been in here for so long we're starting to lose our minds?" he asked, stumbling a little as he walked backwards to the bed.

He plopped onto the edge of the mattress then and she yelped, giggling again. "What a way to lose your mind, though," she muttered, maneuvering her legs so that she could get more comfortable, her knees pressing into the mattress on either side of his hips.

Chuck had meant to scoot onto the bed properly to continue, but Sarah apparently had other plans, because just like that she sank onto him, lowering her hips until he was buried deep inside of her. He let out a strangled gasp, his fingers tightening on her waist.

"Oh, Chuck," she whispered against his lips. And then she kissed him so slowly, so deeply, that he thought his head might just burst. She just as slowly began to gyrate her hips against him, matching the pace of their slow-burning kiss with her easy thrusts.

He groaned against her lips and wrapped an arm around the small of her back, using it to yank her even closer to him. Sarah pulled back with a whimpering gasp, throwing her head back and lowering her hands to his shoulders for support.

They rocked together, staring into each other eyes. But when Sarah began playing with the strength of her thrusts, Chuck found the pleasure was almost too much and he broke her gaze, pressing his face into her neck and nuzzling her with her name on his lips.

Things progressed from there, and the slow igniting flames between them became a raging inferno. Chuck had to use his feet pressed flat on the floor and his palm against the mattress to meet her controlled but powerful strokes. His mind was ablaze with nothing but a deep, longing need to give her as much as he was getting. But he knew she was enjoying having control, so instead of flipping her on her back and taking over, he merely grabbed her backside in one hand and one of her breasts in the other, arching his back to give her other breast his mouth's full attention.

His name exploded from deep inside of her and her fingers were tangled in his curls again. She rocked harder against him, words of encouragement on her lips until he pulled back. He kissed her lips thoroughly, framing her face in his hands and she pulled herself even closer to him, her arms wrapped so tightly around him, her fingers digging into the muscles in his back. Chuck broke the kiss, their lips coming apart with a smack, and he breathed her name reverently, stroking her hair back from her face as he stared into her eyes.

Her face crumbled in passion, a moan coming from deep inside of her chest as she strove to keep pace with him, even as the beginnings of her climax took her in its clutches. She seemed to give in to its power then, falling apart at the seams as she crashed into him and buried her face in his hair. She whimpered his name repeatedly as she shook in his arms and he clung to her tightly in his embrace, kissing her shoulder and neck and whatever skin he could reach.

It took a bit of time before her limp figure stirred against him and she gently rolled her hips with accompanying little gasps into his ear. When her fingers gave his curls a little tug, he came suddenly and powerfully, letting himself go with a strangled groan, thrusting up int her until he emptied himself, before slumping against her.

He couldn't move, didn't want to move, until the stars cleared from his vision. And even then he didn't want to move. His breaths were ragged against her neck, his limbs so loose and tingling.

Sarah's hands shifted down to his upper back where she needed his muscles so deliciously that he let out another satisfied groan. "You okay?" she giggled breathlessly.

Chuck grinned against her neck and swiveled his face so that his cheek was against her shoulder and he could see her stunning, flushed features. He wondered if his own eyes looked as unfocused as hers did. "There are no words in any language that could properly express just how okay I am."

But that sentence was way too long because he nearly lost his breath at the end of it.

She let out a soft, amused huff of air. "Mmm, I think I know the feeling."

Chuck felt her lips press against his temple before she ever so gently lifted herself from his lap, a quiet moan of reluctance punctuating the action, before she flopped onto her back beside him. Chuck mimicked the action, lying back against the mattress and grinning dopily at the fact that he was still trying to control his breathing. And mostly that he could hear her doing the same.

He wondered if he should say something witty and then decided against it, stretching and arching his back with a low groan instead.

And then he felt the bed beneath him tremor, fairly certain it had nothing to do with the train. He heard a quiet sniffle beside him and concern rocketed through him as he turned his head to look at Sarah. But she wasn't crying. No. She had her hand clamped over her mouth, her eyes shining so brightly, her nose wrinkled. She was laughing.

His features smoothed out and he grinned widely at her as she met his gaze. He didn't have to ask her why she was laughing. Even though he didn't entirely know. But she was laughing, and that was enough. Not only that but it was infectious, and he let out his own peel of laughter.

Her fingers slid against his and he held on tight, aware of how uncomfortable and askew they were situated on the bed at the moment, but that only made him laugh harder.

They just clung to each other's hands, laughing. Not knowing what time it was, or even what day it was. It just didn't matter.

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