Leader: Brakenstar- dark brown and black tabby she-cat

Deputy: Spidersight- dark brown tom with dark grey eyes.

Medicine cat: Secondshadow.- pale grey tom with black blotch's on back.


Riverstone: bluish grey she-cat with icy blue eyes

Squirrelnose- ginger she-cat with ember eyes

Blazingmoon- silver tom with shimmering fur

Tigerflight- brown tabby she-cat

Firebird- orange longfur tom

Thistleshade- black she-cat with tortoiseshell blotch's (This is an OC I volunteer for

others to use very often so I made her up and gave others permission to use her)

Lionrose- pale grey she-cat with ginger spots

Frogfur- brownish grey tom

Harkflame- pale cream tabby tom

Roaringriver- bluish grey tabby tom

Lilyfoot- pale grey she-cat with darker grey speckles.

Birdsinger- reddish tom with glowing green eyes

Foxheather- amber she-cat with dark brown points

Floodfoot- black she-cat with amber eyes


Featherflight- white she-cat with pale grey speckles and blotches; pregnant with

Spidersight's kits


Harryfoot- Old grey tom with paler muzzle and underside


Midnight's pack:

Alpha: Midnight (Midnightpelt): large black long furred tom with glowing orange eyes


Storm (Stormfire): silvery blue she-cat with ginger stripes

Hangbelly (Beatrice Gold's): former kittypet; tabby tom with sagging belly

Oneclaw (Beatrice Gold's): small grey tom

Fuzzyfern: black tom with grey/ brown fur tips

Russet: rust colored tom with bright green eyes.

Tawny: tawny she-cat with bright green eyes

Lake: grey she-cat with leaf green eyes

Dusty: light, greyish brown tabby tom; deep forest green eyes

Aspen: Silver she-cat with black speckles and white spots on the back of her ears; blue

eye and green eye

Pine: black tom with dark green eyes and white tail tip

Shadow: black she-cat with dark grey spots

Sunshine: bright yellow she-cat with white spot on ear, back, tail and left front paw

Cedar: black and white queen with dark brown paws and pale green eyes (mother of

Dusty's kits; Shade: Fluffy black tom with bluish grey eyes, Burr: light brown tabby she-kit with pale blue eyes and white chest, Flint: black tom with dark brown paws and blue eyes, Flake: fluffy white tom with pale green eyes)

Snowdawn: white queen with light grey paws and ears; expecting Russetwing's kits


"He will destroy my clan!", a disgusted voice snarled. The grassy clearing, once full of life and the song of birds, grew silent. In the middle, three cat stood, two toms and a she-cat.

"Leafstar, don't worry, we will fix this." a pale brown tom reasoned.

The white and tabby she-cat looked appalled, "How could you? This is your clan, Skystar! Don't you feel anything? Skyclan is in danger!" She turned away, sizzling with anger. "We should be-

"Enough!", a pale grey and white tom roughly growled. Leafstar fell silent. Her tail was still wagging back and forth angriliy though, "Leafstar, we will stop this. We just all need to be calm first!"

Leafstar sighed. "I know, Cloudstar... it's just... well, we worked so hard to recreate this and now the unmentionable one will kill our decendents because of some dang ambition. It's just not fair."

"The life of a wildcat will never be fair, Leafstar.", Skystar cut in.

Leafstar nodded, "I know.", she looked up again. "We should send a warning to Brackenstar! 'Do not trust the night who murders. He shall overpower the sky, painting it black!'!"

"No.", Cloudstar mumbled. "She'll tell the whole clan, worry them! You know how she is! And if we told Secondshadow, he would certainly tell Brackenstar!"

Leafstar agreed by dipping her head. "But how will we make it clear?"

"There's a cat in the bad one's group, his mate. She has a good heart and is stubborn in what she believes is right.", Skystar said. "We will have to warn her- but not yet- we must wait for them to join Skyclan, then we will."

"Very well. We wait for the Storm."

*Theme song plays (So What):D*


Theme song cause why the Hell not? And yesh, I know ze' chapter is short but I promise they will be longer in the future.