One Direction Fever

Chapter 1: The Band that started it all

A Modern Legend of Korra fan fiction

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" I woke up, flabbergasted and run to where the scream was. It was in Asami's bedroom. I ran to her door, hoping there was trouble. I kicked opened the door without knocking on it, or the bad guys would get her. And slowly fire popped in my hand as I was about to fight a bad guy.

But there was no bad guy. It was Asami, Ikki, and Jinora. I was ashamed and embarrass. "What's going on, guys?" I asked looking natural as I put my hand on Asami's chair, tipping it front, making me fall down.

They ignored my hilarious moment. "We were just listening to One Direction!" explained Jinora. "The hottest boy band ever!"

Ikki ran next to her. "I want Louis to be my boyfriend!" I looked at them, shocked. Then Jinora came and said "I want Harry!"

Asami sat down and got out a one direction magazine. "I want Zayn to be my boyfriend." I looked at Asami as she brushed her long shiny black hair and sang a One Direction song in the mirror.

"Don't you have a boyfriend." I blurted out. "Hellooooooo! Mako!" Everything was silent. Asami slammed her brush in the side of her bed.

"We break up." She said in temperament way. She covered her face with her hair and turned away from me.

"Oh, Asami." I said ashamed in what I had said. "I-I didn't know." Ikki turned on the radio and it played a song. A One Direction song called….Kiss You.

I covered my ears as the song. Asami, not sad anymore, jumps up and starts singing it. Jinora and Ikki join in. I ran out of the room and screamed.

Mako, Bolin, and Tenzin were playing chess. "Checkmate!" shouted Mako as he toke Tenzin's chess. Then suddenly I came running in and hid behind Tenzin.

"Tenzin, there coming for me." I said. "The Directioners!" Asami, Ikki, and Jinora came in and pulled me by the arm. "No!" I shouted. "Tenzin, Mako, save yourselves!"

"What are Directioners?" Mako questioned. Everything stopped. I finally ran way from them and Bolin saved me a seat next to Mako, the guy who asked 'what are Directioners?' making the world set on fire.

"You don't know One Direction!?" Asami scoffed. "No wonder, you're not my boyfriend." Mako glared at Asami. Asami glared at him back.

I touched Mako on the shoulder. "One Direction is a boy band. A British Boy Band." Mako smiled and said thanks. I said thanks back. We both smiled at each other. Now Asami became suspicious and cleared her throat very loudly. Pema came out.

"Ok," She said. "Today is Boy Day and Girl Day. For the Boys: Tenzin planned watching a football game." The boy yelled in excitement. "And for the girls: I got One Direction tickets."

My world stopped and burned into flames. I got on my knees and shouted "WHY!"