Chapter 1: Phase

The young boy awakes cold, tired and hurt.

His name, Phase he is 16 years old he has blond spiked hair, wears black tracksuit pants, a red t-shirt with an orange gear imprinted in the middle with a black leather jacket over that. His left leg is bionic just like his sisters arm.

He followed his sister, the vault hunter Gaige here. She had boarded a train with 3 others to go look for the vault (a treasure trove filled with riches and a priceless mineral called eridium).

But Phase couldn't let her go, not his sister. The borderlands are too dangerous to survive alone.

So he followed her by hanging onto the bottom of the train. When it crashed he lost consciousness and because he was under the train he was buried further down than the others.

"I've got to get out of here" he thought to himself as he started digging upwards out of the snow.

There was a Hyperion ammo crate next to the spot at which he had surfaced. He opened it; it contained a light submachine gun.

"This will have to suffice for now" Phase muttered and started walking in a random direction.

Then out of nowhere came a ball of ice hurtling towards him, it hit him in the forehead.

"Bullymongs" he muttered under his breath. And summoned Hellhound, his biotic skaglike bodyguard.

Gaige and her brother were great engineers, so when Gaige started making Deathtrap (the hovering torso of death) Phase copied that idea and made hellhound.

A few months back they entered a science fair, expecting to win 1st and 2nd prize. Gaige came 3rd, but phase was disqualified. Because Hellhound ate one of the judges!

When Hellhound was finished ripping the bullymong to bits. Phase jumped on his back and headed in the opposite direction as before.

They eventually came across a huge mountain of rubbish with a door on the front. Phase tried the door, it was unlocked. Inside was a fireplace with 2 pictures on the mantle. The first of a little yellow robot, the other of his sister with the word MINION written across it in bright red.

Ignoring the oddness of the picture he carried on searching the cave until he came across his way out of this godforsaken glacier, a fast travel station. Out of quite frankly plain luck he managed to choose sanctuary.

He rematerialized in a rectangular building with a door on each side. He went out the one on his left. Outside was a vending machine and a man sitting on a bench. He asked where he could find Gaige.

"Ooh, you mean the vault hunter, head over to the crimson raiders HQ. They should know where she is", replied the man pointing in the direction of the building.

"Thanks" Phase shouted back, already running in the direction the man had pointed.


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