Chapter 5: sanctuary down

"Everyone up" came the call from Axton.

"Why what's wrong it's like 6 in the morning" demanded Maya.

"Our shields are down" replied axton.

"But that means that we won't be able to hold off a Hyperion atta..."

BOOM, the sound of the first loader slamming into the sanctuary surface.

"It appears that we have company" said zero readying his katana.

"Ok we have to act quickly" said Axton taking charge.

"Maya you take the main gate"

"Got it" Maya replied.

"Zero get on the roof tops were going to need sniper support" Axton said

"I will be ready"

"Gaige, you and your brother get everyone into the safe house"

"Ok" replied Gaige.

"By the way where is Salvador" asked phase.

"Has anyone seen Salvador... if you do tell him to help Maya at the gate. And I'll stay here and protect the HQ" said Axton.

On the way to the safe house they ran into 2 loaders but they were disposed of without much effort.

"You guard the door and ill do a perimeter check" said Gaige as they reached the safe house.

"Kk" replied phase

Before long Phase was confronted by 3 loaders and an exp loader.

While dashing for cover he was shot in the shoulder.


He then proceeded to shoot the exp loader which exploded and took out 1 of the other loaders in the process.

Phase cried out to his sister to help him.

"A bit busy" she said whilst fighting loaders of her own.

Just as the loaders were about to reach him Salvador came running round the corner dual-wielding to Torgue spinniguns and started spraying bullets in the general direction of the loaders. Both loaders dropped to the ground with over a dozen bullet holes in them.

"Are you alright amigo" said Salvador

Phase shook his head and pointed to his shoulder.

"Ah yes, here you go" Salvador said throwing Phase a health vile.

Phase then proceeded to inject his shoulder with the vile, the pain instantly subsided and the wound started healing.

"I'll be alright, get to the gate Maya needs your help"

"Si senor" said Salvador and ran off in the direction of the gate.

"Are you ok" said Gaige running over to help phase.

"Ya I'm fine, no thanks to you" he said teasingly.

"Hey I was busy" Gaige replied.

"Are you guys ok" said Axton over the echo device.

"Ya were fine, but this building could come down any minute, we have to get everyone out of sanctuary" said Gaige.

"I know but where do we go, we can't just risk the wilderness" replied Axton.

"What about that girl Tina you said she has a big workshop we can set up there" added phase.

"No way not with all those bombs, one could go off and kill someone" said Axton.

"Many more will be killed if we stay here" Phase said.

"The kids got a point" said Maya.

"Ah fine, everyone clear a path for the civilians to get to the fast travel station" ordered Axton.

"Si senor" said Salvador

"Got it" said Maya

"Solid copy" zero said

"Gaige and Phase start escorting people to the fast travel" said Axton.

"Will do"

"Tina open up" shouted Axton.

"Yaaaay visitors" said Tina.

The door opened and the vault hunters went in.

"Wazzup" said Tina.

"Well um sanctuary has been destroyed and we need a few people to stay here temporarily" said Axton.

"Whatevs" replied Tina.

"Come on in guys" Axton shouted to the sanctuary citizens.

70 people came rushing through the door

"Damn son, youz calls that a FEW" said Tina in shock.

"And one last thing could you disarm these bombs there a bit of a safety hazard" asked Axton

"Those old things they aint gonna explode their older than my great aunt sa..."

Boom one of the bombs went off causing a sanctuary citizen to fly across the room and hit the wall on the opposite side of the ware house.

"Fine" said Tina, her peppy mania attitude extinguished and walked of silently muttering to herself.

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