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Chapter 1

Maximum's POV

"Uh, guys? Where exactly are we?" I asked my family, "Because all I remember, we were sleeping in a cave, and now we're sleeping in a forest..." They were shaking their heads as well.

"Yeah, that's what I remember too Max." My little Angel said as she was rubbing her eyes. She walked up to me and took my hand. "I'm scared, I don't recognize anything."

I looked at the rest of my flock, they all looked uneasy, well, except for Fang of course. "Well, I say that we should take to the air to see if we can get a better idea about where we are." I could tell Iggy was about to say something, so I said, "don't worry, we'll tell you what we see." With that we took to the air.

"Oh my gosh! How long do we have to fly till we actually find some signs of life?" Nudge had been saying this for the past, well, hour probably. I don't have a watch on me, so I wouldn't know.

"Nudge, please be quite, you complaining won't get us any where. You do know that right?" She scoffed at what Fang had just said, but, I do agree with him. She did shut up after that.

We had all realized that we weren't going to see anything for a while, so we just kind of zoned out while flying. Probably not the smartest thing, we could run into a para-glider or something. "Hey! Guys!" We all snapped to attention when Gazzy shouted at us. "Look at that!" We looked to where he was pointing, and we saw the biggest house we had ever seen! Talk about being rich.

"Listen up," The rest of the flock started to hover, "we're going to go down there and see where exactly we are. Alright?" They all nodded their heads in understanding. We dive bombed down towards the front of the massive building. Once we landed I knocked on the door after making sure all of our wings were hidden. I heard a click, and looked up into the face of a man that had an expression that looked like that of Fangs.

"Hello, how may I help you?"

Sebastian's POV

Finny can be such a pain sometimes, well, not just Finny, the whole lot of them. Except for Tanaka, he doesn't try my patience. I spent the entire night cleaning up all of their messes. I could of course have had it done in a much shorter time; however, I wanted to think of how to yell or punish them for their stupidity. Sighing, I pulled out my pocket watch, and looked at the time. Smiling at the time, it was time to wake up our newest maid, or should I say, my wife. As I was turning to leave, I heard a knock at the door. Scowling, I turned on my heels, and headed towards the door. When I got there, I opened the door and saw six children in very odd clothing. "Hello, how may I help you?" I asked them, and they just kept staring at me. "Excuse me? Is there something you need?" I saw the oldest girl gulp.

"Um, yeah, can we come inside?" The girl asked, it was obvious that she was very nervous.

"May I ask what for?"

"Because we want to, isn't that good enough?" She responded back with new found confidence.

"I'm afraid I can no-" I was cut off by my young master.

"Oh, just let them in already, it's not like they'll cause any harm." Oh how I loath that boy.

I turned and bowed to him. "As you wish, my lord." My young master turned, and went back to his study. Well I assume, but I am usually right. "Now, if you'll please follow me." I lead them through hallway after endless hallway, when we finally arrived at our destination. "Now, will you please wait here, I need to get someone."

"Who do you need to get? If I may ask." The little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes asked. I paused and looked at her, I could tell she was trying to get in my mind. So not to raise suspicions, I let her listen to some 'human' thoughts. "It's okay, we're not going to be a threat or anything."

"Well, I'm going to get my wife." And with that, I turned to leave, trying to ignore all of them. I got there relatively quick, because I was late. I opened the door quietly, as to not disturb her. I walked over to observe her beauty. Skin that resembles that of a medium dark mulatto. Her hair was solid black , and were in perfect medium curls that went down to her waist. She is a slightly messy sleeper, so her arms were crossed above her head, and the blanket was slightly below her waist. I could easily see her well endowed chest, along with her excellent birthing hips. "My dear, it's time to wake up." She groaned, and turned to the side away from me. "My dear, you've slept long enough, please get up." She groaned again and threw a pillow at me. So that's the way it's going to be. I crawled onto the bed until I was facing her. Laying down next to her, I took off my glove, and began to caress her face. Slowly, she opened her dark brown, almost black, eyes. And with that, I took my chance to connect her lips to mine in a delicate kiss. I pulled back to look at her, and saw that she had a slight blush. "Are you up now my dear?"

"Yes, I'm up." She got up off the bed and went over to her wardrobe. She started to pull up her nightgown and then stopped. "Are you going to watch me undress you dirty devil?" She looked at me with an oh so seductive smirk.

"Well of course I am, after all, I've been your husband for as long as we can remember. There's nothing that I haven't seen." I said this as I started to pull up her nightgown for her. "And besides, we have people waiting for us, so you need to get dressed faster." She continued to stand there looking at me. "Fine, I'll dress you." She smiled and put up her arms. I slid a long, black dress that had a slit that went up to her mid thigh on both sides. The sleeves of the dress fanned out. I then slipped on her a white corset, even though she doesn't need it. I took out her white, thigh high tights, and her black boots. "I'm sure you can manage to put these on right?" She went over to her vanity chair, and sat down roughly. "You always have to be so difficult." I went over and slid up the first one on her right leg, and when I did it to her left, I ran over her scar. I looked up at her, she had a look of sadness in her eyes.

"Sebastian, we'll see our daughter again right?" She clasped both of her hands on the side of my face. I paused and looked down, but I finished getting her dressed, and helped her stand up.

"Yes, we will see Cresil again. I promise." I embraced her for a little bit. I let go of her and braided her hair into a side french braid. "Come, let's go."

Nudge's POV

"Geez, where is that guy? He's been gone for, like, ever!" I threw my arms in the air. "There's that, and the fact that he hasn't even looked at any of us! It's so rude." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Well, I was able to read his mind, he just seems nervous. I got his name though." Angel said. Max leaned down to her level and put her hand on her shoulder.

"What's his name honey?" She always seemed to favor Angel over any of us...

"Sebastian. Sebastian Michaelis."

"Yes?" Speak of the devil, here he is. "I do beg your pardon, but my wife can be a heavy sleeper. Now," he stepped aside, and I saw the most beautiful women I had ever seen! Well, except for me of course.

"Hello! My name is Alcina Michaelis. It's a pleasure to meet you all..." Her voice trailed off towards the end. I looked at her, and noticed she was staring at me. It looked like she had tears in her eyes. "Cresil..." She said and ran over to me and gave me a really tight hug. She was sobbing and kept saying that weird name.

"Get off of her you weirdo!" I heard Max shout and rip her off of me. The next thing I knew was that the flock was in front of me, and Sebastian was holding Alcina. "Listen, just tell us where we are, and we'll leave you alone forever."

"No! Please don't go! I don't want to see my daughter taken from me again." That all stopped us. Daughter? Were they talking about me? How could I be their daughter? There were way too many questions going on in my mind. "I'm, I'm sorry for my outburst. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to attend to the young master. Sebastian?" She looked at her husband and it seemed like there was a silent message between them. With that, she left out the door.

"What the heck did she mean by 'my daughter'? We don't have any parents." Gazzy told Sebastian.

"Before I answer that, even though I would really like to answer that question first. I need to answer the young girl's question." He then turned to Max. "You are at the Phantomhive Manor, home to the Earl Ciel Phantomhive. If you get to meet him, which I'm sure you will, I expect you to pay him the utmost respect. Anyway, the manor is located on the outskirts of London, England."

I couldn't stop myself, I had to exclaim what I thought just then. "Wait, we're in England? The last time I checked we were in America!" The man turned to me with a small smile.

"Yes, I am quite aware, now, as for the date. It is September 16, 1889." He held up a hand before we could start talking. "And I do realize that this is not the time that you come from."

"Oh yeah? How do you know that wise guy?" Sebastian turned to look at Iggy, but Iggy was looking in the opposite direction. "Well? And answer Gazzy's question! What did you mean when Alcina said 'my daughter'?"

He gave a little chuckle. "You are obviously not from this time period based on the clothes you wear. As for the other question." He turned and walked over to me. "You are our daughter, we knew what you were when you were born. And we loved you for such a long time." He said this whilst hugging me and he undid my jacket to show my wings. Sebast- my dad pulled on them till they were fully extended. "They look just as beautiful as they did when you were born."

I felt someone tug on my arm, and it was Fang. "Listen, we are going right this second. We don't believe any of what you're saying, so let us leave peacefully and you won't get hurt." I believe him, I remember his eyes. There's no way he would be lying. Fang started pushing me towards the door.

But, the door was already opened. A boy who was as tall as Angel was standing there. He had bluish hair and a black eye patch. Behind him, was Alcin-my mom. "It's incredibly rude when I invite guests into my home and they leave before they even meet the lord of the house."

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