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Chapter 4

Shoot. Of course she would ask that question. Sebastian and I noticed that she was kind of a scatterbrain, so we hoped that she wouldn't bring it up. We were silent, and she was staring at us intently. I grabbed Sebastian's' hand and squeezed it, hoping that he'll do something.

"Are you familiar with the term 'Mutation?'" Cresil looked to her father and nodded. "Well, you could say that that's what happened. To us," he motioned to him and I, "it was a miracle. You were more beautiful than we could ever imagine." He gave her a friendly smile.

She shifted her weight from side to side and looked down. "So, you weren't afraid of me?" I smiled and tilted her head up to face me.

"We would never be afraid of you. You're an incredible human being." That part stung to say. But, we needed her to believe that she was human. I mean, I doubt she'd know, or believe in our kind. I stood up and took her arm in mine and lead her towards the door. Just as I opened it, the door slammed shut and I looked above me. "Yes? What is it Sebastian?"

He leaned down in between us. "Just where do you think you're going?"

Turning, I gave him a pat on the cheek, "I'm going to make our daughter the soporific that I made for the young master." He gave me a glare, but he let go of the door to allow Cresil and I to leave.

Right when we left the room, Cresil whispered under her breath to me, "My dad sure is weird isn't he." She said it more as a statement than a question, but I laughed either way. "What? What's so funny?"

I brought my laughter down to a giggle. "It is just that you are somewhat right, he can be quite strange at times." I felt the waves of disagreement from Sebastian. "Also, if you don't want your father to hear something, I would suggest doing it very, very far away from him. He has the most exceptional hearing." She jerked me back and made me look at her, her eyes wide with, fear?

"Mom, you're joking right? Like, he can't possibly hear from here can he?" I smiled and pat her head.

"It's up to you to decide if what I say is true or not. Now come, let's get you off to bed shall we?" She nodded and we made our way to the kitchen. Once there, I put a chair in the corner for her to sit down. "Please sit here and wait while I make it." She smiled and plopped down onto the chair and watched me make it. I got all the ingredients out and began to add them to the pot one by one.

"What's that?"


"What's that?"

"Elderflower syrup."

"What's that?"

"Dried horse feces." I glanced back at her and gave her a playful smirk. Her look of astonishment changed to relief.

"That was a joke right?" She said with her eyebrows raised in question.

I turned back to the pot and removed it from the stove in order for it to cool. "I don't know, was it?" I paused to pour it into a cup for her. I held it out to Cresil, "Here, drink."

She took it from me hesitantly. "Is it safe to drink? I mean, there really isn't horse poop in here right?"

I giggled and shook my head. "No there is not, I swear that there is nothing out of the norms in there." She brought the cup to her lips and took a sip. Cresil looked up at me with her eyes sparkling. The rest of the contents in the cup disappeared down her throat in a few seconds. "So, it was good I take it?" She nodded her head furiously. "Good, now, let's get you back to their room." I held out my hand for her to take and I led her to the hallway in which she was residing. However, when we got there, her 'family' were gathered in the hallway. "Pardon me, but you should all be in bed right now." They turned, and ran up to take Cresil away from me.

"What did you do to her!" Max said this as more of a statement than a question. I stayed silent and beckoned for Cresil to speak.

"Hey guys, don't worry. I just went to my mom and dad and asked them a bunch of questions about myself. Then, my mom made me this kind of drink that would help me get back to sleep." She told them with a smile on her face. The rest of the group looked at me skeptically.

"Alcina, was it?" I turned toward Fang and nodded. "How did she get those wings and when was she born?" I sighed. "What? Is that a problem for you?"

I glared at him, trying my best to real in my emotions. "No, it is not, however, I think we should save this for another time or you can have Cresil tell you. Afterall, it is quite late at night and we would not want our precious guests to be too tired for tomorrow. So I highly insist that you go to bed." I then left them and made my way towards the young masters' bedroom since he had called.

"Yes young master? What did you need from me?" I asked him as I had lit the candelabra that was by his bedside.

He gave me a smirk in which I was not comfortable with. "Nothing much really, I would just like to know about your daughter. And bring a chair over and sit so you can tell me." I nodded and brought a chair over.

"So, why do you want to know about my daughter and not myself?"

"Because I know you will avoid the question just like Sebastian does." I smiled at him and gave him an innocent look. "Please, you can't fool me Alcina, I know that you are far from innocent."

"On the contrary young master, I believe I am very innocent. Anyway, Cresil was born in Algeria on August 1, 1516. August 1 is Lammas Day in which there are human or animal sacrifices on the Satanic Calendar, so it worked out that way. I had sacrificed an Egyptian Vulture for her which is when I had gone into labor and I gave birth to her a few hours later." I stopped. "Do you need to hear more young master?"

He nodded his head, "Yes, this is becoming quite fascinating." Ciel paused. "So, where was Sebastian for all this?"

"At the time, I was a personal attendant to one of the Muslim privateer brothers, Aruj Barbarossa. I was summoned by him because he was about to lose a battle and his will summoned me. It was fairly weak, but, I was insanely hungry so I did not have a choice. Sebastian had another contract that he was going to share the reward with me; however, it was taking too long so I had to take a contract myself. Arujs' contract ended two years later; the histories say he died during the invasion of Tlemcen, but, I just put his body during the fight after I had taken his soul."

Ciel was sitting there with an irksome face. "You did not really tell me where Sebastian was. You just told me all about your contract."

I got up from the chair, laid him back down and tucked him in. "I did tell you, I told you what you wanted to know. I believe that that's good for now is it not?" I took the candelabra from his bedside and took it out of the room with myself. "Close your eyes, rest your head, have sweet dreams, and go to bed. Good night young master." I heard a huff of disagreement, but shortly after I closed the door, I heard the soft breathing coming from him. He falls asleep fast. "Well, I better plan tomorrow's activities for our guests." With that, I proceeded down the hallway and into the transient night.

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