"The Prometheus Legend"

...a "Star Trek: The Next Generation" / "Prometheus" fanfic crossover that goes where someone may have gone before...


As an experiment, I investigated whether or not the timeline of the "Alien" universe and that of the "Star Trek" universe were compatible.

It turned out that they are quite compatible.

For instance, according to canon Cochrane invented warp drive in the year 2063. The events in Prometheus took place thirty years later. The Nostromo was lost in 2122, and the Federation was formed in 2161, perhaps as a reaction to the losses of the two vessels and their crews? You decide...

This story takes place in 2367, 253 years after the loss of the Prometheus. It takes place after the events of "The Nth Degree".

Dedicated to the crews of Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia.

"With my footsteps I shall lead, in my footsteps you shall follow."

Christa McAuliffe, STS-51L

main story follows...

Chapter One: Earth Departure

Picard and the Enterprise crew were nearly at the end of a shore leave at Earth, after the encounter with the Cytherians. The ten days spent there had brought back a huge amount of knowledge that took time to download from the ship's computers. There was also some minor damage to the Enterprise, and Star Fleet Engineering had a new reliability upgrade for the Enterprise's warp engines, one which would increase reliability at sustained high warp speeds. Reg Barclay and Geordi LaForge were supervising the upgrades, with Barclay contributing some radical ideas thanks to his cerebral interface with the Cytherians. Picard was busy on Earth, having been unexpectedly summoned to the office of Admiral Owen Paris. Paris could say nothing over the comm, but smiled while telling Picard that he would like his next mission...

"Admiral Paris, it's been a while, hasn't it?" Picard smiled as he shook Paris' hand. "Yes, it has indeed, Jean-Luc. Please, have a seat."

Picard looked serious as he asked Paris why all the secrecy...was it the Borg or the Romulans? "None of the above", Paris replied. "One of our deep-space probes sent to an unexplored system about 35 light-years out appeared to pick up signs of artificially built structures on a class M moon of a gas giant, but no life signs or energy signatures. I know that you're a fan of alien archeology, so I recommended you for the mission. But there's one more thing...there is a 'legend' of sorts that goes along with this mission."

Picard looked puzzled, and said " 'Legend'? What kind of 'legend' ?"

Owen activated his viewscreen and the logo of Weyland-Yutani appeared. "Remember this company, Jean-Luc? Go back about 250 years."

Picard studied the logo, then said "They were a military supply corporation that thrived in the early warp era and after the loss of the Nostromo, the Federation and Star Fleet were created to find answers to why our ships weren't coming home."

"That's right, but there's more. According to these files, which I am having sent to Enterprise as we speak, the company's owner commissioned a private expedition to what they called LV-223 in the late 21st Century. He did this, spending a billion of his own dollars, after watching *this* presentation by Drs. Charles Holloway and Elizabeth Shaw.

(presses button, presentation plays on screen)

Picard sat in rapt awe as the images unfolded...these two archeologists had found prehistoric star maps and had put the pieces together. We humans were being invited to go to the stars by these beings they called Engineers, and now that we could, we did. "Or did they?", Owen asked. "You see, Jean Luc, the Prometheus never returned. Conspiracy theorists postulated that the trip was not possible and Weyland had everyone involved murdered to save face, but both Weyland and his daughter disappeared and the company was sold and merged with Yutani a few years later."

"No one knows what really happened. You have the chance to put this 'legend' to rest. What do you think?"

Picard sat back in his chair, thought about what Professor Richard Galen might say, then said what Paris had known he'd say all along: "When do we set sail?" He also added "Why hasn't this moon been explored before if it's a Class M moon?" Paris said "It took our probe 5 years to get there, and serendipity played a role. A dark matter asteroid caused the probe to go off its original course and when we realized where it was going we just allowed it to continue since the region was unexplored. It's an 8 1/2 day trip at Warp 9, and according to our probe, its orbital mechanics place it in the shadow of the planet for half of its orbital period. The astrophysics data is being uploaded to Enterprise as well, along with something else: the DNA samples of the families of the lost crew members just in case you find anything."

"There were supposed to have been 17 crew members plus Mr. Weyland."

"How 'classified' is this, Admiral? What can I tell my crew?"

"You can tell them the whole story, Jean-Luc. Your primary mission is to test and verify the warp drive upgrades to the Enterprise, and if you find nothing out of the ordinary, you can return to Earth if you'd like or you can continue exploration of the general area since the Enterprise will be the first Federation vessel out there."

"So...none of the Federation members ever explored this area?"

"Nope, you'll be the first!"

Picard stood up, and shook Owen's hand. He felt genuinely excited to be literally going where no one had gone before...or were they?

Picard tapped his com badge and said "Picard to Riker." Riker replied "Good to hear from you, Captain. Ready for transport?"

He was about to say "yes", when he noticed that Boothby was walking towards him. "Hold up, Will. Boothby's here and I want to speak with him."

"As you wish, Captain."

Picard smiled as he held out his hand to shane Boothby's weathered hand. "I hear that you're going to be chasing a 'legend', Picard." "You know I can't say 'no' to anything that might involve alien archeology, my friend." The color went out of Boothby's face as he said "I know. I still remember the booby trap you got yourself into last year investigating that 'mythical' Promellian battlecruiser. Don't walk into another one! Don't let your thirst for knowledge blind you like that!"

Picard was taken by surprise at Boothby's concern. "You know as well as I that risk and exploration of the unknown is why we do this." He pointed to a statue of Christa McAuliffe, a statue that had the "ancient astronaut" holding her helmet with her left hand while pointing to the sky with her right arm. The base of the statue held these words:

""With my footsteps I shall lead, in my footsteps you shall follow."

"I'll be alright, Boothby. By the way...how did you know about Prometheus?"

"When they tracked the ancestry records of the crew, it turned out that I had a relative aboard. One of the DNA samples is mine."

It was Picard's turn to be serious now, and he put his right arm on Boothby's shoulder and said "I will personally find the answers for you, my friend. It's the least I can do."

"Well, just be careful, Picard. When you poke around graveyards you sometimes stir up things that are better left undisturbed..."

Then, he did something uncharacteristic...he gave Picard the Vulcan farewell, and said "May your journey be free from incident."

Those words echoed in Picard's ears as he was beamed aboard his Enterprise.

(end of Chapter One)