The return of the Catwoman from Channel 6

Story Notes: This fic takes pace some time after "Rebel without A Fin." As it stands now April has been turned into a mutant cat, mutant fish, mutant wasp, poisoned by a lotus and numerous other adventures with the turtles.

The Big Apple sleeps, April is resting in her bed as a shadowy figure stalks into around outside. April starts awake roused by the rustling outside.

"Who's there?" she says as she rises out of her bed and slips on her robe.

Cautiously she heads for her door to investigate, peeking out, nervously she begins to breathe a little rapidly. The shadow steps into view, April shrieks but it quickly subsides as the figure is revealed as Leonardo.

"Leonardo what are you doing here! [Cough]"

"Shredder just came through here, the other turtles are on him but I wanted to check to make sure he didn't try to kidnap or hurt you again."

"I'm fine [Coughing]"

"Are you sure, you look a little pale"

"[Coughing continues] Well I do feel a little cold."

"Get some rest alright?"

April nodded and headed back to bed as Leonardo rushed off after the others. As day broke on the next day April sat up rubbing her stomach and coughing, she was freezing and every muscle ached. Dragging herself out of bed she staggered over to her bathroom, a trail of hair falling on the floor in her wake. She looked up into the mirror and it took a moment for things to sink in. She looked like a corpse, pale of skin, eyes sunken into the sockets, hair starting to fall out. Her skin hung loose. Before she could gasp she barreled over the sink and began coughing up blood.

Just then the turtle communicator went off, April reached for it but it slipped out of her frail hands, bouncing off the floor it sprung open. For a moment there was snow on the screen but in a moment or two Donatello appeared on the screen.

"April we…April are you alright?" asked the turtle interrupting himself as he saw her condition.

"I don't feel well Donatello," April meekly stated before she collapsed to the floor and passed out.

April came around in her bed with Irma standing over her looking concerned. She tried to sit up but her body refused to obey.

"You need to rest April, I told Vernon you were sick, he was pretty angry but you know Vernon. The Turtles came over and filled me in."


"Don't try to speak, you need to rest, the Turtles said you very sick, but their searching for medicine you'll be fine."

April could tell, despite Irma's attempts, that this was no light virus, this was terminal, she paused for a moment to digest her thoughts, this was fatal. April O'Neil is going to die. She slipped back to sleep but not before she heard Irma mutter "DNA failure."

April awoke to the sounds of many voices, and as she opened her eyes and saw the camera crew crowded around her bed she thought. "Of course, the great April O'Neil dying, that's a media circus." She groaned and pulled the covers over her head trying to drone out the sounds of the inane chatter thinking, "Am I this brash with others?" Suddenly there was a crash; she jerked up only to see Shredder looming over her. He tossed her jumpsuit over to her as the mutants and Foot intimidated the camera crew and scarred off the others. April grabbed the clothes and dragged them under the covers changing as best she could.

"Watch closely Ms. O'Neil, I'm about to save your life" Shredder glared at the Camera crew to keep filming. "I tire of these shadow games, the Ninja Turtle have wrecked havoc on the innocents of this city far to long, and now their trying to kill you. I can not let that be."

"Tin plated creep, you're the virus in this town!"

"I'm hurt Ms. O'Neil, still, I imagine those turtle have you quite snowed. FOOT SOLIDIERS BRING HER IN!"

April leapt out of bed as a foot dragged in a savage tiger into the bedroom, and brought it over to April. From behind him Shredder produced a vial of the mutagen that produced the Turtles. April gasped and tried to stand but was too weak. Shredder Swiftly grabbed a handful of fur from the tiger and sprinkled it on April's head then dismissed the Foot with the tiger off. With the tiger gone he poured the vile on April's head. Just then the Turtles burst in and drove Shredder, the foot, and the mutants off. The camera crew remained behind and continued to film confused. April gasped and stood up arching her back sharply. She grunted in pain and sweated profusely as suddenly her skin tightened back up to normal, her nails became clear and healthy, not clouded and brittle, her face filled out and flushed with color and her eyes became healthy not sunken. Several minutes passed as she waited for more changes. She rushed into the bathroom, the camera crew following, and inspected herself in the mirror. There were some cosmetic changes. Her hair was more of an orange color but was fuller and thicker then before, and was much longer, actually reaching down to her hips. She inspected her mouth to find minor fangs, her eyes were oddly shaped, more felines like, and her ears with a little pointed. But other then these minor changes she was completely human, it seemed. She stood there confused, could she be wrong about Shredder and the Turtles?

To be continued…