Shredder Industries

Shredder grinned as he sat in his throne at his hideout. He brought up Kang on the Trans-Dimensional Communicator and as the brain-alien formed he smirked again, hidden under his metal mask.

"All is going according to plan Kang, they Neo-Mutagen 'saved' Ms. O'Neil, of course it wasn't to hard, with all the mutations her body has been exposed two it was easy to induce another on a slow build. The virus I gave her last night that accelerated her already slowly deteriorating case can't be traced back to me. And even if it is all I did was accelerate April's own fate. [He chuckled evilly] and now thanks to the Mutagen I've painted the Turtles as the enemy and me as the hero."

"Excellent Shredder, how long until you can get the Thunderdrome out of Dimension X."

"That's the beauty, once I'm perceived as the hero I'll have access to all of earth's resources in no time. Give it a few days Krang. If all goes according to plan Rocksteady and Bebop won't be our only mindless drones."

April growled Shredder was up to something, she knew that but people were already falling for his deception. She needed to prove the Turtles were the heroes. They were already on film from Shredder's incident. April sat behind the wheel of the van with her crew behind her, slowly the van halted as it turned down an alleyway. 4 shelled figures exited the shadows toward the news van, April exited the van to greet them. Nervously the camera crew exited and turned on their light illuminating the turtles.

"Don't be frightened guys, these are the Ninja Turtles, the real heroes, begin rolling."

"[Clears throat] This is April O'Neil with the interview of the century," she began as the taping indicator light came on the camera. "I have with me today the infamous turtles who attacked Shredder the other day in my home. [Turning back to the turtles.] Now Turtles please tell our viewers about your exploits with Shredder…"

And so the turtles began recanting the stories of their adventures, if the deadly Shredder, of their origins, of Splinter. And after they finished April turned back to the camera.

"In the coming weeks I am going to uncover the truth of Shedder, for you see he has been working in the shadows hurting innocent lives for years, stay tuned to Channel 6 as we uncover the truth behind the man offering the cure to all terminal diseases. Stay tuned as we reveal that Shredder isn't the hero he paints himself to be. This is April O'Neil, signing out!"

Over the next few days April became a media star as she blitzed the world with shocking revelations, all the mutants and allies the Turtles had met, all the humans who knew the truth one by one came before April's camera. And Before Shredder knew it his plan had fallen to pieces, mutants walked the streets in broad daylight. They were an instinctive repulsion but they were generally well accepted. April was rocketed to the seat of her own Talk show as she continued to reveal the secrets. Angrily Shredder brooded; his plan had backfired big time. And it was time to pay the Piper. He grinned malevolently and stood up as a brilliant plan formed.

To be continued…