Crouching Turtle, Hidden Tiger

April was furious, Shredder had destroy all her work to get the mutants accepted, turned her into a mindless slave and now he had deluded enough people to increase his ranks and had a small army of mutants to compliment his robotic foot soldiers. Each day humanity became increasingly more aggressive toward mutants, and April had become a pariah forced to live in the sewers with the turtles, her live above ground shattered. And worse of all she lost her favorite yellow jacket. April let out a low growl as she paced outside the turtles crashpad door when suddenly her ears picked up the sound of someone sneaking up behind her, instinctively she growled and stun around bearing her claws and fangs ready to pounce when she saw it was…

"Splinter!" April blushed as she stood down looking rather sheepish. "I'm sorry, I hope I didn't…scare you."

"It's alright my child, you have great survival instincts, but lack the knowledge on how to apply it." Splinter was terrified, instinctually fearful of the big cat but he was a Ninja Master and showed no outward signs of his fear, not even a stutter. Yet April could read the fear in his eyes.

"So…What brings you out here?"

"I can sense your anger, you seek to get revenge on Shredder."

"Well…ya, can you blame me?"

"I can not, but you must know it is suicide to go out as you are."

"What are you getting at Splinter?"

"Ever observant, yes I have a purpose to this line of thought. If you plan to face Shredder you must be ready to face Shredder, in combat. April are you prepared to train your body and mind for such a task."

"You don't mean?"

"I do, are you willing to train as a ninja?"

April chuckled "As long as I don't have to wear a bandanna, knee/elbow pads, and a belt with a A on it as my only attire."

Splinter snickers "That is your choice."

And so the training began, the Turtles continued to surface to thwart the plots of Shredder, and their mutant allies all moved to share the same sewers. After only a scant 3 months April was among them as a Ninja Tiger. But the world had changed. It was a new world order, Shredder's mutants were savage, and only Raph has the guts to draw blood. Can the Turtle survive such a savage new enemy?