The silence of the boarding house was strange, but calming. Elena had just woken up in Damon's bed as usual, and Damon was already in the shower. The sun poured into his room and the warmth of the sun hit Elena's face. This was her life now. She was with Damon, who was kind, caring, arrogant, and self-centered at times. He showed her a side of him that only she got to see.

"Do you miss him?" Elena asked one night as they lay in bed.

"Who?" Damon asked.

"Ric, you seem to be a tad on the downer side since the veil went down." She stated.

"More than you know". Damon said. Damon was never one to show his emotions unless it was for her. "I can't drink at the grille without thinking about him. I can't drink period without thinking about him." He would have never admitted that to anyone but her.

"He left you to take care of the children." Elena smiled. She had heard him tell Ric that when he was back when the veil was lifted.

"That he did." Damon smirked and kissed her forehead.

Elena heard the water of the shower turn off and heard the creak of another bed in the house. Damon had just gotten out of the shower and Jeremy had just gotten up. Jeremy got to stay one earth while Bonnie sacrificed her life to bring him back to the living. Though Bonnie wanted Jeremy to tell the rest of the group she went to spend the summer with her Mother, he couldn't lie to his friends and above all his sister. It took a while, but Jeremy could still see Bonnie, and the girls still talked through Jeremy sometimes. And well since Elena burnt down the Gilbert house, Jeremy moved in with her and Damon in the boarding house.

"Good Morning sunshine." Damon said with a cocked eyebrow and his towel wrapped around his waist.

"Couldn't wait for me to get up huh?" Elena smirked and he bent down over her and kissed her forehead.

"Nope, I was hoping that you would sleep a little longer and I could make breakfast." Damon said as he walked over to his wardrobe and Elena sat up.

"What's got you in such a good mood, you never want to cook anything that's not pouring blood into a cup." He gave her a look and she went through in her mind if it were a special occasion or not. She couldn't remember. "What?"

He slipped on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. "It's June 22." He said simply. Then it hit her. "Happy Birthday Elena." He came over to her again and kissed her temple. "Now that you remember your own birthday get showered and dressed, we have a long day ahead of us."

"Happy Birthday Elena." Jeremy said coming into the kitchen as she was trying to coax answers out of him on what the agenda was for the afternoon. "I'm sleeping over Matt's tonight to house sit since he and Rebecca are going to New York for the weekend." He said and looked to Damon whose eyes were telling him thank you.

"New York huh?" Elena said swallowing her eggs Damon had made.

"Yeah, apparently Matt's summer plans revolve around Rebecca and world traveling this summer. Matt's never been out of this town, and Rebecca's never seen the world without a 'love interest.' Is how he put it."

"Good for him, he deserves it." Elena smiled and looked to Damon then to her brother. "Say Jer, you don't happen to know what Damon has up his sleeve for today do you?"

Jeremy smiled looking up from his toast he was spreading butter and jam on. "I do, but I'm not telling you."

Damon chuckled and Elena huffed in defeat. "Common we're already behind schedule." Damon said and grabbed his jacket and keys. Elena was soon to follow grabbing her bag saying goodbye to Jeremy and shutting the door behind her.