Damon and Elena slept in until they smelled food from down the stairs. "Good morning." Elena whispered in Damon's ear she gently nibbled his ear and woke him up. Damon opened his eyes with a smile on his face. "Someone is cooking something that smells delicious." Elena whispered.

"That's what happens when you keep a stocked fridge for Jeremy and have guests over." Damon joked.

"Good point." Elena smiled. Damon kissed her forehead and turned to his side propping his head up facing his girl. "What's the plan for today?"

"Well Klaus and I were talking last night over a drink on the porch while Barbie was messing with Katherine, and we are headed to New Orleans tonight to find a witch who can do the same spell Bonnie did."

"Why didn't you tell me last night, I could have started packing last night instead of last minute." Elena scoffed.

Damon looked over her worried faces that were full of aggravation. Elena's eyes met his and she read them loud and clear… She wasn't going, this was a boys trip and she wasn't invited. "Damon, please." She pleaded.

"Elena, it's not safe, you could tip someone off, and maybe even blow it."

"Oh ye of little faith." Elena muttered sitting up on her side of the bed.

Damon pulled her back down and he looked her in the eye, "I know how badass you can be when it comes to fixing things, trust me your little stunt in New York was proof enough, but seriously if I need backup you'll be the first one I call."

"I don't believe this." Elena muttered sitting up again, "Damon I thought we were a team."

"Elena, we are a team, Team Delena all the way, but babe, there is times where there is got to be a Team Kamon." Damon said trying to make it a joke. Elena only gave him the satisfaction of a smirk.

"Fine." Elena mumbled still not happy about it. She got up to get her robe and went downstairs. She heard Damon grumble as she shut the door and started for the stairs.

Caroline and Jeremy were in the kitchen cooking with Katherine at the table handcuffed to her seat. "Good morning sunshine." Caroline smiled.

Elena gave her best friend a hug good morning and grabbed the coffee off the coffee maker. She poured herself a cup and gave Katherine a quick glance over. She was looking down at her plate of food that was getting cold. "Are you going to eat that?"

"You hand cuffed my dominate hand." Katherine said. Elena growled at her and hated that she was still here. Elena walked over and Jeremy threw her the key. Elena bent over to change hands and put her head next to her ear. "You know Damon's going on a trip tonight, and he won't be home to protect you…" Elena muttered menacingly. "Better eat up because it might be your last. Katherine Pierce, revenge is sweet."

"You're not going to touch her while I'm gone, because she is a part of the plan." Damon said coming down the stairs. Elena tightened Katherine cuff that was attached to hand a little tighter than necessary out of frustration. "Ow." Katherine squeaked.

"Suck it up." Elena said pissed off and walked back to her friend and brother. Jeremy gave her a good morning hug handed her a plate of eggs and bacon. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Damon adjust Katherine's handcuff. "You know you used to think this was kinky." Katherine said in her seductive voice.

"Don't push it." Damon muttered. The knife Elena was using to smear the butter on her toast was gripped a little tighter and she threw it toward Katherine's head but Damon caught it. "Elena." Damon said furious.

"I'm done." Elena said and took her plate and another plate out to the back porch. She left everyone in the house and went out to the framed structure that was in the back yard. Stefan sat on a beam looking at papers.

"Hey, Good Morning." Stefan greeted hearing her come closer.

"Hey, I figured you might be a little hungry so I brought you some breakfast." Elena said trying to shake what just happen.

"Katherine driving you insane?" Stefan guessed as he took the plate from Elena.

"No, not Katherine." Elena said sarcastically.

Stefan smiled as he took a bite of his toast. "Damon and Klaus are going to New Orleans tonight." Stefan said.

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"I was in the meeting last night." Stefan said. "He's doing the right thing."

"I know…" Elena muttered.

"Elena, he knows what he is doing, his plan is fool proof." Stefan reassured. Elena took a bite of bacon and looked at her once love.

"I just can't help but think this might not work, Stefan if he gets hurt… and doesn't come back to me…" Elena sighed. "I don't know what I would do."

"You would keep on living." Stefan said. "When I went on full on Ripper and completely left you to think I died, you kept on living, sure it was difficult but you kept on going."

"It wasn't easy, but at the same time I had Damon."

"And I'm not going anywhere." Stefan said. "You won't let me remember, I'm on Salvatore property arrest." Elena didn't know what to think of this conversation. Was Stefan asking her to let Damon go and go back to him?

Elena didn't really say anything and they ate in silence. "Elena can you come in here please?" Damon called from the house.

Elena looked at Stefan and he shrugged. "Here we go." She mumbled and Stefan chuckled. "Have fun." Elena offered to take his plate and he stuffed the rest of his toast in his mouth and she took his plate.

Elena walked across the yard and into the house. She mentally prepared herself for a lecture, but it never came. She found Damon in the shower and their bed was made. He shut off the water as she sat on the edge of the bottom of the bed and stared at the door until he came out. The door cracked open and Damon stepped out in a towel and nothing else, his typical self.

"When are you leaving?" Elena asked when he didn't say anything at first.

"Klaus should be here any minute." Damon said not amused.

"I thought you said you were leaving tonight?" Elena reminded.

"Well with you acting like a 5 year old to Katherine, I figured it'd be best to get ahead start and come back early." Damon said chastising her.

"I can't help it." Elena said, "After everything she has done to us, to you, to me, to Jeremy!" She listed, "She KILLED Jeremy."

"It was actually Silas who killed Jeremy." Damon pointed out.

"She aided in that murder."

"Point taken." Damon muttered putting on his boxers. "It's no excuse to make the witness, the bait, the key component to the whole Stefan case suffer." Elena didn't say anything. "Caroline is going to be staying with you." Damon said.

"I don't need a babysitter." Elena said.

"She's not for you." Damon said and slipped on a shirt.

Elena rolled her eyes, "Katherine doesn't need a body guard."

"Oh I think she does." Damon said. "I hate her as much as you do, but we need her Elena.." Damon walked over to her and looked her deep in the eyes. "Don't screw it up."

"Fine, she's all Caroline's." Elena said tired of fighting. She stopped Damon from packing and spun him to face her. Her hand rested on his warm freshly showered chest and he wrapped his arms around her. "I promise to try and not kill her."

Damon have his crooked smile, "I love you." He kissed her lips softly and she kissed him back with a little more force than needed. "I promise to come back to you…" He said softly breaking their kiss. "I might be in pieces, but I'll be sure they ship it back here to you."

"That's not funny." Elena said with a small smirk.

"Don't worry, I'm Damon Salvatore for crying out loud, Sherlock is my middle name, and I always arrive home in one piece."

"You came home one night looking like Swiss cheese because someone stabbed you." Elena reminded.

Damon rolled his eyes and brushed it aside. "You're defeating the point and ruining my romantic gesture." Damon said.

Elena rolled her eyes, "Damon Salvatore be romantic?" Elena joked. Damon smirked and grabbed Elena and tossed her on the bed playfully. He hovered over her and kissed her intensely. They stayed there kissing and cuddling until they heard the door creak open.

"Come on Damon, let's go." Klaus' voice boomed throughout the house.

Elena huffed and Damon kissed her again, they walked out to the stairs and Elena held him tight. "I'll call when I can." He promised. Caroline was at the door with Klaus in the front of the door and his car running outside. Elena kissed him once more at the top of the stairs. "Behave." He reminded. Elena nodded, and he continued down the stairs without her. Klaus walked out only saying goodbye to Caroline and Damon grabbed the door and looked at his love once more before shutting the door completely.