What I Like About You


"You're going down Tenoh, along with all your
ridiculous playmates over there." A man gritted
through his mouthpiece, loosening his football helmet
slightly. First game of the season was always the
worst, always the same two schools competing. The
Crescent Heights' Coyotes vs. the East High Ravens.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you." came the reply
from #81, sporting a navy blue jersey. The opposing
players grinned, "What're you gonna do about it?!"
Tenoh rolled his eyes and dug his hands into the
ground, preparing for the release. "Don't say I
didn't warn you ... "

"24! 36!! Hut hut hut!!" Upon the snap of the
football Tenoh tackled his counterpart Coyote down
into the grass, rubbing him into the mud from the soft
falling rain. Despite the not-so-nice weather, the
crowd turnout was great, and nothing could dampen the
spirits of the Ravens. If they won this year, their
school would be five time national winners, something
they would enjoy rubbing in Crescent Heights' face.
He got up quickly and ran towards an opening, turning
around only briefly to catch the ball. He could
barely hear the crowd erupt into a fury of screams as
he reached the touchdown zone, throwing the ball down
hard earning many slaps on the back from his fellow
teammates. It was only the start to their
unbelievable win.

"Nice catchin' Haruka!!" A tall brown haired man
called out as the blonde walked into school, sporting
a pair of khakis and a button-down shirt. He grinned
at him and headed towards him, flashing a few smiles
at several drooling girls. "Nice passing Brad." He
chuckled, dropping his bag on the floor to open his
locker. Several other players joined them quickly
afterwards, replaying the events that led to their
victory during the previous night's game. Haruka
quickly tuned out, nodding at perfect times when
everyone cheered. He found these conversations rather
boring, football just wasn't a challenge like it used
to be.

A girl he had never seen before, probably a new
student, was walking up the steps to the school, her
aqua hair gently floating across her shoulders,
penetrating sea green eyes, soft rose lips, holding a
beige purse in one hand and books in the other, she
carried the grace and beauty of an angel. His jaw
immediately hit the ground as she entered the
premises, however she wasn't the only one staring,
almost all of his football companions were acting in a
similar manner and had already started bragging about
who was going to snag her first. The bell rang
sharply, smacking all ooglers to their senses grabbing
their bags and heading to class. "50 bucks says I get
her first." Brad grinned, holding his hand out as he
strapped his bag over his shoulder. "You're on!"
Haruka replied, returning a firm handshake. "You
better have your checkbook ready, we all know how this
is gonna go down." She only wished that she was real
guy, and not just a tomboy with a clever disguise.