Chapter 19: Midnight Lovers

A quick gasp of air was inhaled as Haruka suddenly bolted upwards, a few beads of sweat trailing down her forehead. Glancing outside, it was still dark, and after illuminating her watch she took note that it was barely 3AM. "Damn dreams ..." Haruka muttered to herself. She knew that they had planned to seek revenge on Michiru's Dad the following day, but lying back in the soft covers sleep wouldn't overcome her. Finally giving into her insomnia, she dressed and headed outside deciding to go for a moonlight stroll.

Before she knew where her feet were taking her, she realised that she was standing outside of Michiru's apartment. Picking up a few rocks from the ground, she lightly hit the aqua girl's window panes, trying to get her attention. After what seemed like an eternity to her, Michiru's face finally appeared in the frame as she unlocked the window and looked to see who was making all the commotion. "Haruka! What are you doing here??"

"I couldn't sleep!" She lightly shouted (A/N: is that possible? O_o) back, fumbling her hands in her pockets. "Do you wanna join me out here?!"

"You've got to be crazy!"

" ... You're just noticing this??" The blonde replied, a little offended by the comment.

Michiru sarcastically rolled her eyes, "Fine fine, be down in a second ..."

A second was an understatement, it ended up being nearly twenty minutes - almost more time than Haruka could bear. Finally she saw the main door to the apartment complex slowly open, Michiru quietly sneaking out. "Finally!" Haruka huffed, earning a poke in the side from her aqua beauty. Walking towards the park, they sat down on a bench where there was a clear view of the starry sky. Michiru leaned into Haruka's chest, and she placed an arm around the smaller girl. They sat like that for a while, enjoying each other's company, when Michiru finally spoke up. "Haruka?"


"Why are you doing this?" Michiru asked earnestly, looking up into the blonde's dazzling teal eyes.

Haruka looked slightly confused, "Why am I doing what, sweetie?"

"Well, for starters, I was really happy before I knew you. And then, when I met you, everything was turned upside-down. But at the same time, it was turned around for a better reason. And despite the fact that my parents and some of your friends despise you, you're still here."

"Because ..." Haruka found herself at a loss of words. Why was she still here? "I really don't know why ... there's something about you ... when I'm with you you make me feel like I can do anything, like I'm a better person. And maybe I don't want to lose that, maybe I can't lose that. It's just--" Before she could continue, Michiru put a soft finger on her lips signaling her to stop. The smaller woman leaned upwards and the two met in a passionate kiss, the stars twinkling above them.