(Callie's pov)

I was looking in through the back door window at our foster dad's house and I saw the two people I came for in the kitchen doing the dishes.

"Jude! Hibee!" I whisper-yelled.

No answer so I told Brandon to go around front so I could get in. He got up and explained he was lost while I snuck in I was almost to the kitchen doorway when he saw me.

"Hey what are you doing here?" He yelled.

"I just want to-"

"No! Get out now!" He yelled cutting me off.

"Hey, hey stop!" Brandon tried taking a few steps in the house.

"No, you stop!" He yelled pulling a gun out of the nightstand and a pocket knight out of his pocket. He turned back to me

"Get out now."

"Just let me talk to Jude and Hibee. Please." I said starting to cry a little.

"No! Just get the hell out or I'll hurt you." He said pointing the gun at Brandon and the knife at me . "Brandon just leave I don't want you to get hurt."

"No I'm not leaving you!" he said cutting me off.

"Please let us go you don't even like us here." Jude said taking a few steps forward.

"No, you need to shut up or I'll cut you too!" He yelled grabbing Jude by his collar.

"Don't you dare you touch him!" Hibiscus yelled storming forwards.

He dropped Jude and got in Hibiscus's face. They were nose to nose

"What are you gonna do if I do touch him?" He asked taunting her.

"I'll beat the hell out of you and enjoy it."Hibiscus growled.

"Oh so what if I do this?" He asked raising the knife in the air to cut Jude.

Hibiscus's eyes widened as she shoved him back as the knife was coming down and it cut through her right arm. She fell down screamed in pain. I dropped down to my knees her just as Brandon's mom busts in.

"Drop the weapons and get down on your knees and put your hands behind your head!" She ordered.

We were back at the Foster's house safe and sound…well kind. We got Hibiscus's arm wrapped up and got everybody packed up. We were in the kitchen introducing ourselves.

"This is Brandon, Mariana, and Jesus. I am Stef and this is my wife Lena." Stef introduced.

"Well I'm Hibiscus." Hibiscus said awkwardly.

"And I'm Jude. Nice to meet you." He said politely.

I remembered something and I looked in my bag for it. "Hey Hibee did you grab your medicine?" I asked looking up.

"Yes, but I'm gonna need more soon." She replied picking at her laptop bag.

"She takes medicine?" Lena asked.

"Yeah, she has ADHD." I answered.

"OK." Lena said starting towards the stairs.

"Brandon, Jesus can you help me get the extra pillows and blankets?" Stef asked.

"Sure." They said together.

(Hibiscus's pov)

I walked towards the living room and took out my laptop and plugged it up. Then I sat down with Callie and Jude.

"I'm sorry." Jude said sadly causing Callie and I to look over at him.

"Why, you didn't do anything." Callie said.

"You two got hurt because of me though." He said looking away.

"No we didn't it wasn't your fault. I promise." Callie said sweetly.

"Well… unless you told him to try and cut knowing I would save you and get I cut. That was all part of your plan huh." I said pulling him over to me to tickle him.

"Haha no i- it wasn't. S-stop it. Haha C-Callie help." He said laughing.

"Okay." She said starting to him too. "I m-meant help me." He laughed.

Just then Brandon and Jesus came down the stairs.

We all look at each other awkwardly. To break the awkwardness I tickled Jude making him break out in a laughing fit again. We all laughed with him.