It's about time I contribute to the Avengers fandom :)

I've seen a lot of "Avengers High School" stuff, so I figured I should make my own. And since they are gonna be portrayed as teenagers, their personalities are...slightly...different. ;D I think I'm gonna have fun with this.

And just to letcha know, this file is saved under the name of 'Avengers High or...something'.

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Steve Rogers entered Manhattan High with the usual first day jitters. Well, it wasn't his first day period, but his first day back as a junior.

And also the first day back as a genetically inhanced super human.

Since he was only sixteen, he could easily say that puberty had finally finished its work on him.

"Mr. Rogers!"

Steve turned around, "Oh, hey, Principal Coulson," he replied politely. Principal Coulson approached the teen with his hand on another student's shoulder; Steve had never seen him before. He was very tall, with shoulder length blonde hair, and slightly buffer than Steve.

"This is Thor Odinson, exchange student from Australia," said Principal Coulson. "Thor, meet your escort for the day-Steve Rogers."

"Nice to meet you," Steve said, extending a hand.

Thor smiled-which was a big and friendly smile-and shook it. "Likewise, my new friend."

Steve smiled back, flexing his hand a little. Thor had quite a grip there.

"Since you two have similar schedules, I figured it would be good for you to show Thor around," Principal Coulson said. "Have a nice first day, gentlemen."

He headed back to his office, leaving the two teens to turn around and walk down the hallway.

"So, Thor," Steve said, "how long have you been in town?"

"I just moved here," Thor replied. "Not long..." He looked at the piece of paper in his hand and asked, "What do these numbers mean?"

Steve, seeing that Thor looked honestly confused and figured he must've been homeschooled, patiently explained, "That's your locker number and locker combination."

Thor blinked. "My what?"

"Locker. See? Your's is right next to mine." Steve approached the lockers, Thor trailing behind. "A locker is a place where you put your school stuff between classes. It has a locker combination so other people won't get in it."

"Oh I see!" Thor boomed in understanding. "How do I decode it?"

Steve grinned and showed him by demonstrating with his own locker. Thor was a fast learner, but held back on his great strength, oblivious to Steve.

"Do you have your school supplies?"

Thor took off his backpack, pulling back the zippers for Steve to see his binder, folders, a notebook, pencils, and paper. "This will be enough, yes?"

"Relax, it's only the first day of school. You'll get your necessities as time goes." Steve now took out a binder and notebook, and Thor copied his movements.

"Oh. That is explainable."

Thor noticed a lot of students walking, talking, and laughing in groups. The sight made him miss his friends back home.



"I don't mean to sound rude, but...don't you have any friends?"

Steve shrugged. "Eh...not really. I kinda like it that way."

"This is unacceptable! My new friend will not be alone! I won't allow it!" He pulled Steve to his side, crushing him unintentionally. "I will stick by your side."

"Great! Now...canyouletgoofme?"

"My sincerest apologies!"

After the school assembly, Steve and Thor went to their first three classes together. The morning was overall smooth sailing, Thor amusing Steve with his obliviousness. Like he had expected, Steve had been approached by numerous girls who didn't give him the time of day last year.

Their Science class was probably the highlight of the day.

Students piled in the lab with their usual loud chatter. Steve and Thor found their seats, absentmindedly watching each student come in.

"Ladies, ladies, ladies!" said a cocky voice, and Steve inwardly groaned as Tony Stark, the richest kid in Manhattan High as well as the jerk and player, sauntered in the classroom with girls at his flanks. "There's enough of me to go around!"

"Who is that lad?" Thor asked.

"Tony Stark," Steve replied, masking the venom in his voice.

"Is he your enemy?"

Steve shrugged. "Not exactly. Just sometimes, we don't see eye to eye."

"I don't know, he looks about your height..."

Tony, finally getting his space, walked down the aisle but paused and smiled at a strawberry blonde he knew more personally. "Hey, Pepper."

Pepper Potts nodded back, blushing by the slightest. "Hey, Tony."

"This seat taken?"

Pepper shook her head and he sat down in a laidback position.

The next to walk in was a shy looking guy with glasses. He met no one's eyes as he sat down in the very front of the class.

"Who is that?" Thor asked.

"Bruce Banner," said Steve. "Even though he's shy and quiet, he's really smart. Nice too."

"He is your friend?"

"Sort of."

A brunette guy walked in, having a sporty build but an expressionless look on his face. When a few people said hi to him, he gave a little smile and returned the greetings.

"Who is that?" Thor questioned.

"Clint Barton. He's the best in the archery club."

And, almost right behind Clint, was a girl that made Steve sit up a little straighter. She had long red hair, which was curly today, green eyes, and had a physique that was very attractive but she didn't "show it off" like the majority of the girls did.

"Who is that?" Thor asked, this time with a grin. "Is she your significant other?"

"W-What? N-No!" Steve blushed in embarrassment. "She's just a acquaintance. Her name's Natasha Romanoff.

"Nat, wait up!" another female said as she briskly walked in to catch up with her friend. She had brown hair and matching eyes.

Thor quickly tapped Steve's shoulder repeatedly to the point where Steve felt like he dislocated it. "Steve! SteveSteveSteve...who is that beautiful creature talking with your lady friend?"

"Jane Foster," Steve said, rubbing his arm. The two girls conversed, not as loud as the other females, and sat on the other side of Pepper.

"This Jane is...exquisite." Thor smiled.

"That's nice, buddy. But piece of advice-don't tell her that."

Their teacher, Mr. Iglesias, walked in the room; he was the type that wore a dress shirt and slacks on Mondays-Thursdays, then casual on Fridays. He was of Hispanic decent and girls found him very attractive.

As soon as he entered, the class grew quiet. He smiled and greeted the class, introduced himself, and took roll call.

"What's a first day without a project?" Mr. Iglesias said, causing the class to groan. "Aww, c'mon, I'm nice enough to put you all in groups!" He chuckled. "And to let you have a topic of your choosing. School appropriate," he added while pointing to the snickering football players. "Projects will be due September 26-see? A month and a week from today. You got all the time you need." He grabbed his clipboard, leaning back on his desk, and began calling out names for groups of six.

"And last, but not least, Steve Rogers," Steve sat up straight, "you will be working with Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, and Thor Odinson. I will give you all ten minutes to get together with your groups and discuss ideas. This starts now."