Part 2 it is ;D Although, I think the twist in events is caused by drinking a lot of green tea O.e

Everybody ready? I don't think I am, so I'm just gon' something.

Music was on full blast. Naked feet rapidly hit the floor as teens danced and goofed around with each other, happy to be all together and in each other's company. Some were wasted, yes.

But they were teenagers. Go figure.

Tony was the drunkest, dancing on the kitchen counter, shirt open and hips doing their signature swivel. Pepper giggled as she watched, yelping as her crush pulled her up to join him.

"Are you drunk?" Pepper giggled as he twirled her around.

Tony paused to lift his two forefingers, barely pressing them together. "A wee bit."

Pepper rolled her eyes but danced with him anyway.

Clint and Bobbi were entranced in the video game they were playing, flirtatiously shoving each other so the other person would lose. This eventually led to pushing, and then surprisingly, wrestling.

Bruce and Betty were the least involved, and the most sober because they haven't drank anything at all, sitting across from each other by the window and talking about...who knows. Probably something science related, since Bruce was now doing most of the talking, and Betty was listening with a soft smile on her face.

Loki was standing in a corner, arms crossed as he stared at nothing in particular, mind elsewhere. His eyes, however, did catch Darcy, who was sitting across the room by herself, earphones in her ears.

He walked over to her.

Darcy didn't notice him until he sat down next to her, jumping when he tapped her shoulder and she pulled an earphone out.

"What's up?" she said.

"It's strange of you to be alone," Loki noted.

Darcy shrugged. "Jane's spending some quality time with your brother so..." She then smiled and eyed him with a glint that Loki knew so well.

What is she up to? "So what?"

"Tell me, Loki," she said, "are you up for a little mischief?"

An evil grin spread across his face. "Mischief is my middle name, my dear."

In truth, Thor and Jane were away from it all (not the only duo to do so in fact), laying in bed together in one of the many guest rooms in Stark Tower. Jane lay on her back while Thor sat more upwards on his side, his fingers playing with hers.

"Tell me more," Jane was insisting.

"What more do you wish to know?" Thor asked with a chuckle. Her curiosity adored him.

"What was your childhood like? How old were you when you got your hammer?"

Thor smiled. "My childhood was a...vibrant time. I have met my share of friends, who are still in Asgard. I was trained for battle at a young age, but I loved the...'rush', you would call it. I earned my hammer when I became of age."

"'re not eighteen."

"Our terms differ than your Midgardian ones," Thor explained.

"Oh." Jane looked down at their intertwined hands, shifting closer to him so her head could rest just underneath his arm.

Thor ran the back of his hand down her jawline, his thumb smoothing over the creases in her eyebrows. "What troubles you?"

"Nothing. Just thinking."

"May I ask what of? Unlike my brother, I cannot read one's mind."

Jane almost sat up straight, but they would've bumped heads. "Loki can read minds?"

"Read them, communicate with the person he focuses on," Thor explained simply. "I have forgotten to inform you. My apologies."

"No, it's okay, just..." Jane sighed, running her fingers through her hair. "Guess I have to watch my thoughts when I'm around him."

Thor chuckled, wondering what would be going on in her head. "You amuse me, Jane Foster."

Jane smiled up at him, closing her eyes as he leaned down to press his lips against hers. Her mouth yielded up against his, hand braiding itself in his golden locks.

SLAM. The door shut sharply, causing the two to jump. Evil laughter, coming from the other side of the door, sounded loud in Jane's ears, causing her to shiver and let Thor pull her close.

"That's right!" Darcy's voice came from the other side of the door too. "You ain't goin' nowhere," her voice dropped to a playfully threatening whisper on 'nowhere'.

"Don't worry, love," Thor whispered in Jane's ear as they both heard two people laughing maniacally as they ran off, and she relaxed. "I don't think they can keep a god trapped in a room with his fair maiden without a punishment in store for disturbing them."

The last of his words sent chills down Jane's spine, but she couldn't help but agree with him.

Steve and Natasha lunged their bucket of cold, ice water onto Tony's head, automatically turning him sober.

"Payback!" they yelled, for they had also been soaked but it hadn't been necessary.

Tony glared at the two while Bruce, Betty, and Pepper burst out in laughter.


Everyone whipped their heads around just as Clint and Bobbi fell to the floor, Clint straddling Bobbi and pinning her arms above her head.

"Struggling's not gonna get you anywhere!" Clint said smugly as Bobbi did so, her teeth gritted together.

"I hate you so much!" Bobbi gasped out.

"Haters gonna hate, baby," he smirked down at her.

"Dude, you weigh a ton!" If she wasn't so out of breath, she would've sounded a whole lot more intimidating.

Clint leaned down, "I don't see you protesting."

Bobbi's lips pursed, cheeks flushed. Wiggling her hips, she saw his attention draw lower and took that as an opportunity to flip Clint over on his back; feeling himself moving, Clint shoved against her but she was already on top of him, shoving his arms down on either side of his head. The blonde smirked at the brunette's apparent shock, chests heaving as they both tried to catch their breath.

"Don't be a dick," Bobbi said while loosening her grip on his wrists, and Clint stared back up at her.



The sound of Thor and Jane's loud, booming voices had everyone jump out of their skins, and for Clint and Bobbi, scooting as far away from each other as the room would allow.

Loki and Darcy turned around and retreated several steps as Thor and Jane charged into the room. Jane was the first to attack, and Darcy yelped, jumping behind Loki and gripping the back of his jacket.

Loki chuckled, completely at ease as he lazily held Jane back. "Brother, you might want to control this one."

"Give me a good reason to and I'll consider it," Thor growled, but pulled Jane back a little anyway. Loki's arm was halfway extended out in front of Darcy, her hands gripping him there, the top of her head barely coming above his shoulder.

"What's going on? And why am I not in on this?" Tony demanded.

"Come on guys, let's not result to violence..." said Bruce wisely.

"Unless you can explain why we're all suddenly protective of each other..." Tony finished slyly, noticing that the two siblings were standing in front of the girls they cared about (to an extent, in Loki's case).

Thor looked over his shoulder at Jane while Loki looked sideways at Darcy.

And then-


The entire glass wall shattered, an unknown force causing all twelve teens to tumble onto the floor. Steve moved blindly to his left, finding a smaller, feminine body in a fetal position, and guarded her body with his own as shards flew everywhere.

Tony, Thor, and Loki seemed to be thinking the same thing, as their bodies were covering smaller ones.


Surprisingly enough, it was Bruce's voice that snapped everyone out of their daze. Steve sat upright, bringing Natasha with him; before addressing the issue at hand, he checked to see if she was alright. Besides a cut in the side of her forehead, which he gently grazed with his thumb, she appeared to be unharmed, much to his relief. Then he briefly checked how everyone else was doing.

So far, no one seemed severely hurt...

Bruce was on his feet, practically shaking with rising anger as he glared at the man standing just outside on the balcony. Steve noticed that they resembled each other, the older man having graying, shaggy hair and flanked by monstrous looking dogs on steroids. What had Steve's heart racing at the rising tension was that Betty was somehow in the man's vice grip.

"Hello, son," he said casually. "I think it's finally time for me to meet your special lady friend, huh?"

"YOU LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS, DAD!" Bruce bellowed, fists balling up.

"What're you going to do if I don't?" David Banner asked artfully, tightening his grip around Betty's neck, causing her to gag and Bruce's temper to rise to dangerous heights. David smiled. "Stop holding back, Bruce...Let my real son come out. I want your friends to see what gets beneath your skin."

Bruce quickly shook his head, but Betty caught the green in his eyes. She gasped for breath, which was pretty difficult, considering the fact that David was trying to seal her windpipe shut, practically wheezing now; a few tears slipped from her eyes as she shut them.

"Um, bad move, dude!" said Tony, already seeing a green hue forming in Bruce's fists.

"If you want her so bad," David said as he backed away, dogs retreating with him, "come get her then."

And then he let himself fall over the edge, Betty screaming Bruce's name, and the dogs followed suite.

"BETTY, NO!" Bruce bellowed falling to his knees.

"Bruce," Steve started to say, but Tony held him back.

Because Bruce's back heaved, bones cracking as they shifted and enlarged. Growls and screams escaped Bruce's gritted mouth, getting deeper as time wore on. He gripped at his hair, trying to fight it, trying to fight The Other Guy.

But it was too late. Normally, it's said that when a person is at his or her highest point of rage, that they'd see red. Well that wasn't the case for Bruce.

Bruce was seeing green.

He threw his head back in agony, thin fingers twitching as they got beefier, backside gaining pounds and pounds of new muscle, and chest broadening to invincible heights. His friends watched in shock and horror as their friend grew in size, skin green, roars monstrous. His clothing ripped, shirt, socks, and shoes already off and done for, nothing left but scraps; his glasses slid off his nose and were carelessly tossed aside somewhere. His pants, however, were still on his hips. Ripped in places, yes, but could stay hung on his hips.

Now on his feet, the Hulk threw his arms out with fists balled up, and roared to the heavens, Stark Tower almost shaking from the power of his cry.

"Bruce..." Tony said, and Hulk whipped his head around at the puny human. Despite the monster present, there was still a sign that Bruce was still in there. Although it was very little, but noticable.

Hulk growled at him before he bounded outside, throwing himself off the rooftop and into the city.

Several screams echoed around the room as Tony cursed.

Tony began to leave the room.

"Wait, where are you going?" Steve demanded. "We should-"

"Call the police and what? Tell them that our friend just hulked out and went after his daddy and rapid dogs?" Tony snapped impatiently.

Stark had a good point.

"I'm going after him," Tony announced, but he didn't go into the elevator. He actually went outside, where a path of steps appeared beneath his feet, and he went downstairs, disappearing from sight.

No one had time to protest his decision.

Thor and Loki exchanged glances. They had never seen a transformation like this from their world. Loki, reading what Thor was thinking, opened his mouth to protest but Thor had already slipped outside, unnoticed; there was the sound of thunder, some lightning, and then there was nothing.

"Where did Natasha and Clint go?" Darcy asked, the first female to snap out of her shock.

Steve already had a hood over his head, shoes on his feet. The minute he heard Natasha's name, he looked around, but she and Clint were nowhere in sight. He had a feeling he should say something.

And he did.

"Keep the girls safe," he instructed Loki before taking the elevator down.

Loki sighed.


"What's happening?" Jane asked, tears in her eyes. Pepper, Darcy, and Bobbi looked at Loki with similar looks in their eyes. He could tell they were seconds away from balling too. Their thoughts were giving him a headache so he tuned them out.

He wasn't the one to play hero, but...Even he didn't know what was going on.

"Let's head down to a lower level, ladies," he suggested. "One with a less amount of windows so you can be safe."

As he guided the girls into the elevator, he looked behind himself before raising a hand; and with a simple wave, the shards of glass repaired themselves in the empty space that used to be the window.

Elevator closing behind him, he randomly selected a lower floor before he turned his back facing the Midgardians behind him. One of them gripped his hand in utter fear, but also seeking comfort.

He didn't have to read her mind to know who it was.

Steve had taken his motorcycle; actually, he rarely used it, and it was pretty old-school compared to motorcycles he saw other teens ride on. But he was glad he had brought it with him.

He followed the sound of Bruce's echoing roars, seeing the occasional footprint in the street, and the trail led him to Times Square. Hopping off his motorcycle, he crouched low, finding an abandoned taxi and hiding behind it, peeping his head around it to observe the scene before him. Citizens were already running away from the scene.

Bruce growled as the dogs circled around him like wolves, and he tensed up, teeth bared and gritted. He let out a roar in warning, before one of the dogs attacked, chewing on his neck. Another latched onto his leg while the last attacked his middle.

Steve gasped at what he was seeing. Bruce threw the one off his neck, kicking the other off his foot, and grabbed the last before smashing its head repeatedly against the ground.

This is not normal...Steve thought.

But you're not normal either...a faint voice spoke in his head. You were given the serum for a reason...use it.

Maybe the small voice in his head was right. He was strongly opposed to bullying and now that he was bigger and stronger...he could use it to his advantage. He could help people.

Whatever that meant...

The sound of something quickly charging had Steve's head snap up, bringing him out of his thoughts. A hooded male flew into the scene, the palms and bottoms of his hands glowing, something red and gold covering his hands and feet. Beams of light shot out of his hands, hitting the dogs as they ganged on Bruce, and it caught their attention.

Including Bruce's. While he was taken over by blinding rage, he instinctively knew that this flying person was there to help him, even though Bruce couldn't see his face.

Steve spotted another pack of the mutated mutts come out from the alleys, prowling towards them. As they began to charge, lightning struck five down just as a guy in a red hood slammed into the ground, hammer still in hand as he got to his feet; he became engaged in the fight as well. Arrows hit at least two of them, coming from above, and Steve looked up as a silhouette leaned back from view from where he stood on a building above.

Okay, he had to act now. He stood up straight, and one of the mutts noticed him, automatically tearing after the blonde. Gulping, Steve looked around until he got an idea. He grabbed one of the taxi doors by its loose hinges and yanked until it tore. He then held it in front of him like a shield as he felt the creature collide with him head-on. Exerting all his strength, he pushed back against the strong force, feeling the muscles in his arm flex as hard as they could go until he used his body weight and shook the dog off. Using the door as a boost, he brought his fist around and punched the mutt in the side of its neck.

Steve ran closer to where the fight was. Arrows still flew, lightning was still striking and the hammer was of a stronger use than it looked, and beams were still shot from where the person hovered in the air. Steve wasn't exactly properly trained, but he did go with his instincts. Despite looking kind of ridiculous while holding a cab door, he found himself feeling more alive and full of energy because of the adrenaline. He threw punches, jumped, kicked, and even flipped a few times.

If the mutts were completely destroyed, they would explode and green goop would fly everywhere.

This, of course, was kinda gross.

Steve felt teeth grind down into his skin and he yelled, trying to shake off the lethal canine. It just wouldn't let go. If someone didn't come to his aid now, he was in trouble. Because if he was weakened, if the smallest bit of blood was spilled, the other mutts would notice and attack him all at once. This happened to Bruce, but since he was bigger, he recovered quickly.

Steve probably wouldn't be so lucky.

A smaller, slender body ran into the street, dressed in all black, hood over her head and pistols in their holsters on her hips. Using Bruce's back as a leverage, she ran up his backside, hopping over his shoulders and twisting sideways in the air as she drew out her guns, pointing them directly in Steve's direction.

Time seemed to slow down for Steve as a familiar set of green eyes met his for the briefest moment, closing his eyes when he heard several gunshots fired. When the pressure on his arm slackened, he opened his eyes and stood up straight. The mutt lay in a heap at his feet.

Steve looked at the hooded figure who he took to be female, but she was already in the fight. He watched her for a bit, briefly distracted, but was glad that he was. She was a very experienced fighter, from using her guns to just her hands. But then at least five of them ganged up on her, and she looked around at all of them, head twisting back and forth repeatedly. She needed help.

Picking up his 'shield', which he had dropped, Steve closed his eyes for the quickest prayer before he opened them again.

"Batter up," he whispered, then reared back before throwing the taxi door as hard as he could. It twisted as it soared across the way, cutting several mutts in its wake, and knocking out the five mutts that surrounded the female. The female looked up, their eyes meeting again, and mutually nodding at each other.

The archer that was shooting before jumped down from out of nowhere and ran into the battle grounds, shooting arrow after arrow. How many arrows did he have?

Doesn't matter.

The six worked together as a team, wordlessly protecting each other when needed. Steve worked mostly with the female and archer, Bruce working with the flying person and hammer guy. The male who spent the majority of his time in the air, landed on the ground and shot his beams at Steve's new shield (which was a normal car door now), and Steve had it angled in a way so the beams bounced off the door and hit the other mutts.

"Bruce!" the guy said, pointing to one of the tallest buildings, and Bruce looked up while the others automatically recognized Tony's voice.

Bruce looked up sharply and saw what they all did. David and Betty, standing at the edge of the narrow rooftop, David grimacing and Betty sobbing. David, seeing that he better retreat before more "help" arrived, smiled evily at his son.

"Another time, Bruce," he said before letting Betty drop.

"No!" Steve and Tony exclaimed.

But Bruce was already running. He pushed himself hard off the ground, nearly flying into the air towards the falling and screaming brunette. Catching her in his arms before her head could make sickening contact with the street, Bruce cradled her bridal style as he landed on his feet, a little uneasy from the beatings he had endured.

Bruce was still then, and it almost looked like smoke was arising from The Other Guy as he began transforming again. This time, in reverse. He shrunk in size, oversized muscles slackening and becoming smaller, height coming down back to his normal 5'7, and skin paling.

Bruce turned around, strength beginning to weaken as he tried to hold Betty in his arms. He was covered in sweat, a scar here and there, dark purple pants looking more ruined than ever, hair hanging in his face. He fell to his knees, hugging Betty to him as the others slowly approached him. The girl in his embrace was unconscious. For the moment being...

"What just happened?" said Steve, removing his hood. The others did the same. Clint, Thor, Tony, and Natasha, who was standing next to him, looked as equally battered as he did, and also just as curious as they all observed each other.

"I'd like to ask you all the same question," a voice said from behind Bruce, causing the six teens to look up in shock.

Standing there was an African American guy with an eye patch, dressed in black clothes and looking extremely intimidating.

"Who are you?" Bruce panted.

"Bruce, he's the spy," Tony whispered, and his friends heard him too. "His secrets have secrets."

"My name is Nick Fury," the man said. "Welcome to SHIELD."