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Chapter 10

Upon arriving at Sasha's house, I am immediately dragged up the stairs, down the hallway, and into Sasha's room.

I toss my stuff into the nearest corner and sit cross-legged in the center of the bed.

"So, what's the surprise of the week? I'm not sure I can handle many more."

Sasha's eyes sparkle as she prepares herself to spill the beans.

"We're going to a club!" she exclaims.

A beautiful frown graces my face.

"No we aren't."

"And why not?"

"Because we're 16-"

"Almost 17!" Sasha interjects.

"And it's illegal," I carry on as if she hadn't said a word.

"Do you really think I'd make you break the law? It's a teen club."

"I dunno Sasha. I trust you with my life but not with my criminal record."

"Come on Mel. You can trust me. It'll be fun."

Biting my lip, I pray that Sasha won't get me sent to jail tonight. Sasha is infamous for her spontaneity. She's smart but there's something about her that just… I dunno. She just has an eagerness at times that can make her seem a bit flighty. Sometimes Sasha's energy is practically contagious. There's an air about her that is pumping with an excitement that shouldn't be able to be contained by her body. It's because of that energy that I can't shoot her down.

"Fine. Make me pretty."

Sasha shrieks and bounces around with excitement. Regret gnaws at the edges of my conscience.

I really hope I don't die tonight. I really want to hang out with Kyle, and find out where Seth is, and pass the freaking SAT!

After half an hour of Sasha attacking me with combs, brushes, and various torture devices that she claims are called "makeup", we're ready to head out.

I stand up and look in Sasha's full-length mirror. Clad in a mid-thigh inky black dress that is rather tight for my tastes, it accentuates my less than tan skin, but matches my dark hair. The dress leaves one shoulder bare, which would be really cute if I wasn't freezing cold. I'm transformed into a skyscraper with the heels Sasha is making me wear. I'm officially about 6 feet tall. She's so lucky I love her or I would kill her for making me wear heels when I have clearly expressed that I hate the monstrosities.

Smoky eyelids greet me with long lashes to follow. My hair is bone straight and slightly menacing if I might add. I'm not self-centered, but I look good. Slightly scary and intimidating, but good.

Turning around, I find Sasha grinning at me in a cute green dress.

"You look awesome!" we say at the exact same time.

We laugh at our twin-like capabilities and hook arms.

"Let's go Mel. I'm ready to slay some boys."

Standing in line, I'm slightly nervous. Something about this place feels…different. I don't know how to explain it, but there's an electrifying energy here. It's not the music that's pounding through the windows and walls, plaster and all. Whatever it is, it isn't evil but it's not Glinda the Good either. I don't know. I'm just uneasy.

I look up at the neon sign that screams the club's name.


Dear Universe, this is a sick joke that has lost all humor.

Supernatural is a giant abandoned warehouse. Composed of worn bricks and shattered windows, Supernatural looks like any raver's dream.

I look at Sasha and see her bouncing with pent up excitement. Sighing, I move forward in the line. When we get to the bouncer, Sasha tilts her head and the bouncer simply nods his head and moves aside.


As we step inside, music, laser lights, and the pungent stenches of liquor and sweat assault us.

"Sasha?" I shout.


"I thought you said this was a teen club!"

"Teens are allowed in here too!" she shouts giddily.

Oh. Crap.


Sasha laughs maniacally and drags me around into the crowd. There are people everywhere. The pulsing beat floods my head and almost gives me a headache. I can feel the music vibrating throughout my entire body.

Slipping through the crowd, we make our way to a wall in search of a table. Sasha sees a group standing up and taking their drinks with them and dashes to the table.

We crash at the table and look around. This is totally not what I was expecting. There are grown men and women in here along with teenagers. The funny thing is, no one looks out of place. Everyone looks like they belong here. They all give off this air that draws them all together. It's throwing me off.

"What do ya think?"

I look around some more and take in the club. The laser lights, dubstep, and tipsy dancers bring a small smile to my lips.

"It's definitely supernatural."

Sasha's face bursts into a grin.

"Let's dance!"

Rolling my eyes I answer, "We just got here Sasha."

"I know! Now let's get this party started!"

Knowing there's no way to extinguish Sasha's flames of energy other than to dance her out, I succumb to her wishes and rise from my seat.

Sasha shrieks and jumps out of her chair.

"Let's go!"

Following Sasha, we dive headfirst into the crowd of alcoholic dancers.

Fast and head-pounding electronic music blares from the speakers.

Sasha and I start off dancing together, enjoying the music and each other's company. Dancing is one of our favorite things to do. Slowly, the playfulness sinks down and we're taken over by the music. It floods over us, and we dance.

Sasha and I are no longer dancing together. Now we're dancing with anyone who thinks they can handle us.

Guy after guy sways up to try and tame me, but none succeed. I'm too far-gone to be caught.

Feeling a pair of arms around my waist, I turn around and find myself face to face with a cute blonde that has green eyes.

Tilting my head, I wonder if he's worthy of a dance.

He gives me an adorable smile and I determine that he's good. Winding my arms around his neck, we sway and twist to the ever-living music.

As the song ends and another starts, the cute blonde decides to strike up a conversation.

"Hey," he shouts over the music and chatter. "I'm Cameron."

Grinning I respond, "Mel."

"You're a great dancer."

"Thanks. You're not so bad yourself."

"Well I've got to try to keep up with a beautiful girl like you."

"A charmer are we?"

Cameron just smirks at me and pulls me closer.

We're officially really close to each other. Our talk has thrown me out of my dancing spell, and I'm kind of tired now.

"You mind if I take a quick break?"

Cameron's arms tighten around me. That's weird.

"Why stop? We're just getting started."

Frowning, I try to take a step back.

"Chill Cameron. I'll be back. Just need a break."

Cameron opens his mouth to respond when he's suddenly tapped on the shoulder. He looks behind him and we're greeted by an incredibly angry Sasha.

"Get your hands off of her before you go flying across this room."

Cameron's arms slowly release me, and I quickly step closer to Sasha. With one final narrowed glare at Cameron, Sasha pulls me out of the crowd and over to the wall that is lined with tables. Leaning against the wall, I take a deep breath before turning to Sasha with a grateful smile.

"Thanks Sausage. That guy was kind of…"

"Don't worry about it," she says. "I'm here to help. And party. I'm definitely here to party."

Grinning, Sasha and I stare into the crowd. After a few songs, I push off of the wall.

"I'm gonna grab a drink."

Sasha grins at me. "What kind of drink?" she asks slyly.

"A lovely, energy replenishing Sprite," I respond smugly.

"Ugh. Such a goody two shoes."

I walk towards the bar, but not before giving Sasha a wink and a smart reply of, "Til the day I die."

Unsurprisingly, the bar is crowded. Slipping through the dense crowd, I finally make it to the bar in what feels like 5 minutes. Actually grabbing the bartender's attention takes another 10 minutes.

I finally grab my drink and weave through the liquor hungry crowd. Catching a glimpse of Sasha still standing like a flower on the wall, I head towards her. However, as soon as I get there, she pushes off the wall.

"Alright Mel Bell. Now that you're back, I can go dance some more."

Without waiting for my response, Sasha disappears into the crowd.

I simply shake my head and take a sip of my Sprite.

Pulling out my phone, I check the time. 10:42.

"Oh this'll be good," I mumble.

Half an hour later, I've finished 3 Sprites and haven't seen Sasha once. I knew this would happen. I know she didn't ditch me, but I know I'm going to have to drag her out of here by her hair.

Taking a deep breath, I dive into the crowd in search of my psychotic best friend.

As I'm jostled by the crowd, I feel a tight grip on my upper arm.

Turning around, I see a very annoyed looking Cameron behind me.

Tugging my arm, Cameron pulls me closer to him.

"Umm… What are you doing?" I shout.

"You never came back," Cameron replies. He seems really unhappy, and not in the "I wanted another dance" kind of way. It was more like the "You thought you could get away from me" kind of way.

"That's kind of because you freaked me out, just like you're doing now. So if you don't mind…"

I unsuccessfully try to remove my arm from Cameron's grip.

Cameron smiles at me in a way that makes my spine straighten and stiffen. The playfulness from earlier is gone, and replaced with a much darker, and dare I say, hungrier look.

"Not this time."

Cameron begins to drag me out of the crowd and towards the back of the club.

"What the heck?" I shout. "Let me go."

Arriving to a much darker section of the club, Cameron shoves me against the wall.

Completely invading my personal space, Cameron runs his nose along my neck.

"You smell absolutely wonderful. Mind if I have a bite?"

Cameron moves his head back a bit so that I can see his vicious smile, paired with sharp and dangerous fangs.

Crap. This is not good.

Struggling against Cameron's hold, I manage to move him away from me slightly.

He realizes that I'm not as weak as I look and actually puts effort into restraining me.

Once I realize that I have no way out of this, panic starts to settle in. This guy just might kill me.

As he leans closer, I lose my ability to make any sound. I'm not afraid to say that I'm terrified beyond belief.

My eyes widen in horror as Cameron places his mouth on my neck.

I close my eyes and pray that this won't hurt as much as Seth's bite did.

"Don't touch her."

My eyes snap open and stare at the icy grey eyes that I thought I'd never see again. Not in a romantic way. Definitely not that.

Cameron pulled his head back sharply and looked at Seth over his shoulder.

"Back off," he growled. "I've been waiting for hours for this one. She's mine."

Seth raised an eyebrow. It wasn't in the same sarcastic manner that he's been using with me. He was menacing with that simple look.

"Actually she's mine."

I refuse to acknowledge the leap that my heart made at that comment. Absolutely refuse.

Seth takes a step towards Cameron, and I feel Cameron tense.

"You gonna fight me over a simple human?"

I glare at Cameron and give a growl of my own.

"Look you overgrown parasite. I'm not a simple anything! Now let me go so I can punch that stupid smirk off of your face!"

I hear a chuckle and look up to meet Seth's eyes. It's the first time he's looked at me since he showed up. His eyes sparkle in amusement, and I try not to fall into them. Stupid vampire perfection.

"You heard the human. Let her go."

I'll punch you in the face too you pompous jerk.

Cameron's eyes narrow at me and then he grins wickedly.

"Nah," he says. "I think I'm good."

With that horrible warning, Cameron lunges at my neck.

Now, a couple things happened after that.

First, I screamed like my life depended on it. There's a good chance that it did.

Secondly, Seth's eyes darkened and sharpened as he lunged at Cameron.

Before Cameron got a chance to pierce my delicate flesh, Seth ripped him off of me and threw him a few feet into the undisturbed crowd. At least they were undisturbed.

Seth's knees are bent as he faces the direction that Cameron had landed.

"I told you not to touch her," he bites out.

I gape at the fierceness in Seth's voice and inch closer to the wall. Seth doesn't seem to be in the best of moods and I really don't want to get in the way. Typically when he's mad, I end up with a new bruise.

Cameron suddenly appears out of the crowd. They used to be craving liquor and music. Now they're craving a good fight.

Cameron's fangs are fully extended, and he looks ready to kill.

He lunges at Seth with a speed that is far too fast for human comprehension. So you'll understand why I'm slightly concerned that I can follow their movements.

Seth ducks just before Cameron comes in contact with his throat and quickly turns around and delivers a swift kick to Cameron's spine.

The kick plus Cameron's momentum sends him flying into the wall beside me.

Letting out a very girlish shriek, I scramble away from Cameron.

Eerily enough, Cameron simply stands up and shakes his head a bit. Turning back to Seth, the two engage in a fight that will definitely give me nightmares.

Cameron charges at Seth once more and receives a sharp punch to his abdomen. Seth then punches him in the jaw and then kicks him in the stomach.

Cameron attacks with a new fire and punches Seth in the jaw and then in the temple. Seth stumbles back slightly and receives another punch to the jaw that causes him to stumble and fall.

I gasp and cover my mouth with my hands.

Seth doesn't look too good.

I begin to run over to him, when a sweaty hand snakes around my throat. My eyes widen at the malicious look upon Cameron's face.

"Ya know. I'm starting to wonder if you were even worth the trouble."

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Seth dizzily standing up and clutching his head.

Cameron's razor sharp teeth taunt me as he looks over my face.

"Eh. Maybe not."

With that, Cameron throws me and I feel my head smack against a hard brick wall.


The roar from Seth is enough to cause my body to shake with a few nervous shivers, but not enough to keep me conscious. The last thing I see before the world fades to black is Seth in full vampire mode looking more beautiful than anything I've ever seen.

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