Karin had her face snuggled into her husbands shoulder while he held her body close to his own. His breath was gently blowing onto Karin's neck as they both slept together. The female woke up and saw her sexy husband who was not gonna let her go anytime soon.

She looked to his shoulder then saw a large scar. Karin traced it with her fingers waking her husband up in the process. Toshiro watched as she traced his scar on his shoulder before he wrapped his arms around his wife tightly, "Kiss me," Toshiro whispered into her ear.

Karin put her lips onto her husbands then turned away in the bed. Toshiro closed his eyes again and kissed Karin's neck, "Tell me about that scar. I don't like it," Toshiro nodded then got Karin to turn into his chest.

"It was during the war with Aizen. I ended up cutting Momo down believing it was Aizen. I went crazy and was reckless and my arm was cut off," the female gasped in shock then hid her face into Toshiro's arm.

"It's okay. I am fine," He whispered. Karin could only nod her head then stood up and walked into the bathroom. She put turned the bath water on waited for the bath to fill up then she hoped in.

Toshiro lay in the bed for some more until a knock came at the door. He stood up, groaning gently, put on a pair of boxers and put his dressing gown on, but not tying it closed. He walked over to the door and opened it and saw a fimialar male.

He took the books of the timid black haired male before walking inside leaving the door open allowing Hanataro to come in. The 7th seat walked in, taking a seat in the large apartment. He looked to the shut bathroom door hearing a female hum.

Toshiro heard Karin growl and shout for him, "Toshiro. My razor broke. Go buy a new one for me," Toshiro laughed shaking his head.

"Rangiku gave you this wax stuff. It's under the sink," He could hear the water slosh as Karin got out. He heard her scream then heard her scream for his name.

"Toshiro. I cut my leg. Ah, there is a lot of blood," Toshiro rushed over to the door then saw Karin's badly cut leg. He put a her dressing down around her then took her hand and lead her into the livingroom.

"Who's he?" Karin asked her husband looking at the shy dark haired male sitting on the couch. Toshiro sat down then allowed Karin to sit on his knee. He began to apply kido to her wound. The wound closed overly slowly making Karin groan at the pain.

"Stick with waxing, Rangiku was going on about how they are better," Karin hid her head in her husbands shoulder.

"Oh, this is Hanataro Yamada, 7th seat for the 4th division. He was bringing healing kido books, under my request," Karin nodded her head. "And this is Karin Kurosaki. She's like my best friend here in the world of the living," Hanataro nodded his head, stunned at the information and seeing Toshiro cuddle into a girl.

"Finish with your shower. You need to look nice," Toshiro stated, causing Karin to stand up and head back into the bathroom. Toshiro asked for Hanataro to leave and he did so with out hesitation.

Karin stood behind her brother looking at his reflection in a large mirror. The female walked closer to her brother realising that he looked very handsome in that tuxedo. Ichigo turned to his sister and held her close shaking gently.

"If you can see yourself in twenty, even thirty years, your love for Rukia still as strong as ever then you are ready to marry her. She is your everything and you need to cherish her everyday. You'll go back to being a captain, and your schedule will become hell. There will be days when you can't stand her and there will be days when you can't stand to be apart, no matter, cherish her every little chance you get," Karin whispered. Ichigo nodded his head then patted his sisters head carefully trying not to mess it up.

"Never knew you could be so deep," He laughed smiling at his little sister. Karin shrugged scratching the back of her head.

"I saw it in a movie not that long ago. The soon to be husband cheered up a lot" Ichigo kissed her forehead before looking back to the mirror.

"Thanks Karin. It did," he took a deep breath, then turned to the door and walked out passing his father who patted his back. Isshin turned to Karin and walked over. He kissed her forehead then rubbed her cheeks.

"You are beautiful. I hope you looked just as beautiful as you got married. Was that little speech about you and Toshiro?" Karin nodded her head then turned to the mirror. She was wearing a light blue dress that was short at the front, reaching her mid thighs while at the back it went a little bit below her knees.

The dress was strapless and had a faint seam under the breasts before it flowed down. The cup area had a couple of sequence around the hem. Karin had hear hair in curls and she did look very beautiful. Yuzu's dress was a light yellow dress that flowed down to her ankles. It was rather plain compared to Karin's.

"Was yours like this?" Karin nodded her head slowly.

"Sightly. We met in front of the head captain and he was like our minster. We then changed into different clothes and went out clubbing in the world of the living. I feel asleep there so Toshiro carried me home, got me changed into pyjamas then we fell asleep together," Karin explained looking at her dad's reflection in the mirror.

"I would have loved to have given you away. Why didn't you tell me," Karin turned to her dad who was looking down sadly.

"I was gonna, but then Yuzu butted in and told you about, Tsunayoshi, and you went on about a wedding and children and i just chickened out. I was to scared. Then I decided that I would tell you after, incase you never wanted the wedding to happen," Isshin looked down. He never realised that his love and care for his children scared Karin away.

"I'm sorry," he muttered.

"I love Toshiro. We were meant to be together. I have never been so open with anyone else in my life. He's my everything. I can tell him anything and I know it is safe with him" Isshin never said a word. He trusted her and what she was saying.

"Karin, please answer my questions. I won't be angry, just be honest," Karin nodded taking a seat on the sofa provided. Isshin took a seat beside her then turned to face her.

"Have you had sex yet?" Karin blushed but nodded her head all the same. Isshin nodded smiling gently before continuing, "When was this?"


"What stopped you from doing it earlier?"

"When I was 16 we agreed that I was too young and it would be impossible to get me out the house to have a romantic night,"

"Was protection used?" Karin nodded her head.

"Are you thinking about having children in the near future?"

"We haven't spoke about it yet and I don't really want any, any time soon," Isshin nodded then stood up giving his daughter a kiss on the forehead.

"I love you. I just hope you are happy," Karin walked away and went to talk to Rukia who was waiting for Byakuya to come collect her. Yuzu and Rangiku were talking with Rukia calming her nerves.

"Hey. Nervous much?" Karin laughed knowing the feeling. Rukia nodded then watched as Karin walked over leaning against the mirror.

"Of what?" Rukia looked to the girl with confusion. W"What are you nervous about?" Rukia looked to herself in the mirror. She could think of many things that she nervous about. Her future depended on this basically. Both futures.

"What if he says no? What if I am not good enough for him? What if we have a fight and get divorced? What if he doesn't love me later on in life? What if he is looking for a stronger female? What if I am not the one for him?" Rukia began to ramble on.

"First, he isn't gonna say no. He loves you too much and wants to spend the rest of you're life with you. Also, my brother is out of your league not the other way around. If you did fight, you'll talk it through again and come to an agreement. He wants to marry you and no one else. You two were bound together. You're soul mates. A red chain connects the both of you. You were to fall in love with each other. It was supposed to happen," Rangiku looked to Karin with shock. Most of the girls doing the same thing.

Karin walked away as Byakuya walked in. She had refused to be a flower girl or a brides maid. Ichigo didn't mind to much and allowed her to be another viewer. The female slipped into the back and took a seat at one of the last rows. No, one turning round to look at her. Not that she was bothered. She did notice that her husband was in the first row and was looking around for his wife.

When the music started everyone stood up and turned to see Rukia standing at the door. Karin did not stand up, she looked to her brother who was grinning like an idiot. Karin closed her eyes then looked to her ring on her finger. She looked back up as Rukia met with her brother, Byakuya placing her hand on top of Ichigo's.

Karin felt a huge migraine start then began to panic knowing what had caused such pain in her head. The female quickly ducked out then saw a hollow. It was running towards her. Karin had yet to develop her Shinigami powers. She had learnt to deal with hollows her own way.

Karin had learnt how to jump using a flash step and hover in the air. She went to jump but was hit away with it's back of it's hand sending her into a muddy puddle. She lay there for a second then ran up to the monsters arm and jumped on it's head cracking it's mask. The mask did not shatter and the hollow grabbed Karin's dress and held her in the air. The dress ripped and she was then hit with the other hand. The claws scratching at her body ripping the dress more.

Karin saw a boy with a football and took it off him before kicking it into the hollows mask, shattering it finally. The female sighed, her eyes stinging as she saw her reflection. Ugly mess for a wedding.

The girl walked back in and into the bathroom. She looked at the dress. Ruined. Blood was spilling onto the dress and her face had a huge gash in it. She took a deep breath trying to compose herself then walked out seeing her brother and his new wife walk out laughing and holding the others hand, looking at each other lovingly. People crowed around them as Karin slipped down the walls holding onto her side in pain. Her blood clinging to the walls as she fell to the floor.

"I am so happy for you. I can't believe you are finally married," Keigo congradulated them. The migraine returned causing Karin to lie on her side, her hands covering her head. She sobbed gently then heard her name being called out.

"Babe, what happened?" Toshiro whispered to her. Karin growled at him pushing him away with all her might.

"Don't fucking touch me," Toshiro was taken back by that statement. He noticed the blood on the walls and the pain in Karin's eyes.

"Babe. What's wrong. What happened," he asked trying to sit her up but Karin refused to move her head. Toshiro called for everyone's attention who were still congratulating Ichigo.

"Isshin! Help!" Toshiro barked at them. Everyone turned to see Karin lying on the floor, blood pooling out of her. Ichigo gasped and went to rush over but Isshin was already over.

"Sweetheart. What happened? What the hell happened Toshiro?"

"Men-" Karin gasped out in pain. Her face still hidden from sight. -Oss," she slurred out in pain. Karin bit her lip then lifted her head up. Everyone saw the gash down her face and gasped more.

"How can you be fucking soul reapers and not feel the menos. Who is 2 cm away from destroying this building," Toshiro ate a soul candy and his soul slit into two. The soul form dashed outside with a few other souls.

Rangiku never left and instead ran over to Karin who was growling at anyone who tried to touch her. She was clearly upset and her clothes were ruined.

"Ayame! Shun'ō! Sōten Kisshun I reject," Orihime said. Soon Karin was in an orange orb and her wounds and her dress were soon repairing themselves. Toshiro and the other returned to their Gigai's amd saw Orihime help Karin to stand up.

"13 captains. 11 Lieutenants. 1 thrid seat. 1 fifth seat. 2 Quincies and yet out of all 28 none of them could see that Gillian and the Menos. Yet a spiritual aware female. Who doesn't even own a sword had to go up against them," Mostly everyone she had mentioned looked down.

Toshiro looked down then stepped back and stood with Soi-Feng who was staring at Karin. Who ever that girl was, she was special. She yelled at 28 people who could harm her. Toshiro looked to Karin who walked over Kenpachi.

She grabbed him by the collar and pulled him down till he was level with her, "Don't breath. Your breath stinks. Lower your flipping spiritual pressure. You are choking me," Zaraki grinned then went to slap the girl, but Isshin grabbed his hand and held it in a bone crushing grip.

"Don't you dare lay a hand on my daughter or I will personally rip you apart?" Zaraki huffed then lowered his pressure until it was undetectable. Karin walked away from the group, Orihime and Tatsuki following her.

The party was shortly after the wedding. Karin sat with the Kurosaki family, behind her was Toshiro and a few other captains that he was close to.

"Hitsugaya. Do you know that girl?" Jushiro asked. Toshiro nodded his head.

"She's Ichigo's sister," he stated cutting the sentence short. Shunsui smiled looking at the table.

"Who's the girl in the yellow dress?" Toshiro didn't need to turn around to know who he was talking about.

"That is Yuzu, Karin's twin sister," Shunsui smiled at the girl who looked to them. Toshiro turned to see the group who were chatting casually. Isshin and Kisuke were laughing together enjoying each others company.

"Do you remember Toshiro joining that academy?" Kisuke asked. Isshin laughed before nodding his head.

"That was over 150 years ago," Karin raised her head then stood up tears rolling down her face. She turned to her husband who was standing up looking at Karin with worry.

"Over 150. Over 150. He's over 150. He could be over two centuries," she began to murmur to herself. She turned to see Toshiro, who looked the same age as her.

"Over 150. You're over 150 years old," she whispered to him before rushing past him and towards the bathroom. Toshiro turned to Isshin hissing.

"She doesn't know my flaming age. She believed I was hopefully in the thirties. She doesn't even-" Toshiro rushed after Karin. He spotted Karin in the corridor crying.

"Babe. Baby," he called out to her. The female looked up to see her husband. She held a hand out to him and he gently took it, kissing her hand.

"I told myself that you were my age. But you are not. How old are you actually?" Toshiro kissed her forehead and brought her closer to his body.

Toshiro stopped looking at the single toilet in front of him. He grinned at the toilet and an idea popped into his head. He took Karin's hand and led her into the toilet. He pushed her in, locking the door and turning the light on.

"What are we-?" She began looking to her husband who was grinning at her. "In here?" Toshiro nodded pulling his wife close to his body. He unzipped her dressed then let it fall of her small frame. He kissed her neck seductively, picking her up and placing her on the counter.

"Babe. What's came over you?" She whispered. Toshiro kissed her lips then dipped his hand into the front of her little panties. Karin whimpered then Toshiro pulled them down and bent onto his knees. He held onto her hips as he flicked his tongue over her clitoris.

Karin lifted her legs up, Toshiro kissed her inner thigh then kissed up her body and back to her neck. He licked her neck, "Don't leave any marks. My brother may catch on," Toshiro got Karin to wrap her her legs around her and he pinned her to the wall.

His lips were connected to her, their tongues swirling around in a passionate french kiss. Toshiro held her cheek keeping her face close to his, "We are not having sex unless a condom is involved," Karin whispered. Toshiro pressed the condom dispenser then showed it to Karin. He was about to rip the condom but someone knocked on the door.

"Not again," Toshiro whispered, helping Karin into her clothes. He splashed water onto her cheeks then told her to rub her eyes. The girl did so and Toshiro put an arm around her. Karin had caught on then began to sob gently as he opened the door.

He saw Jushiro standing there with a smile, "Are you okay Karin?" The female nodded blowing her nose on a tissue. She wiped her eyes, sniffing then followed Toshiro into the reception area. The two had let go of each other and had separated.

Toshiro led her over to his table. Jushiro and Shunsui had moved away and joined Isshin. Karin took a seat beside Soi-Feng and Toshiro. The female captain looked at the two before turning to Toshiro.

"Who is this?" She asked quietly.

"Karin Kurosaki," he stated simply.

"But is she-?" Toshiro nodded his head slowly, making Soi-Feng grin madly. She held her hand out and Karin looked at it.

"Karin this is Soi-Feng. She was the one who interrupted us the other day," Karin nodded her head and took the females hand.

"Don't phone at such times," Soi-Feng blushed nodding her head.

"When we finished, you never hung up. I heard you guys making out and moaning gently. I hung up after some time," Karin blushed then looked to the dance floor and saw her dad dancing with Kisuke.

The lights went down and waiters came out with chocolate biscuits. When the lights went back on Rukia was standing at the front with a long chocolate biscuit.

"Everyone, find a partner, that you are comfortable with, and put the biscuit at each end. Eat the biscuit till your lips meet in the middle," Rukia walked over to Ichigo and bit one end of the biscuit.

Karin saw someone walk over to Toshiro but lucky for Karin, Toshiro already bit the end of the biscuit and the female Kurosaki bit the other end, staring into Toshiro's teal eyes. The two looked around seeing everyone finding a partner. The whole room had found a partner.

Soi-Feng was with Kisuke and Isshin was with Yorichi. Karin giggled at the sight. She saw Rangiku with a male with three scars over his eye. Renji was Byakuya. Ikkau was with Yumichika. Izaru was with Momo.

Soi-Feng and Kisuke were rather close to the two. Soi-Feng being closer than Kisuke. She had one ear listening to there conversation.

"You'll have to pull away as soon as our lips meet. I won't be able to stop," she whispered quietly. Toshiro nodded then both of them began to munch on the biscuit slowly. They were staring into each others eyes as they bit down. Their lips were inches apart, Toshiro took the final bite snapping the biscuit in half.

Karin huffed chewing what she had in her mouth and swallowing it. She smiled to Toshiro then everyone was asked to go onto the dance floor, for Rukia's and Ichigo's song. Everyone took their partner and lead them onto the dance floor.

"There I was again tonight. Forcing laughter, faking smiles. Same old tired lonely place. Walls of insincerity, shifting eyes and vacancies, vanish when I saw your face. All I can say it enchanted to meet you,"

The song was not the original but was a cover by Owl City. Karin and Toshiro paused at hearing the song. They had heard this song yesterday while getting there dress or suit. This song had come on the radio and the two had both enjoyed it. The two were singing along to the song.

Karin began to shake, tears were falling down her face. Toshiro held onto her tightly as everyone was enjoying the music, swaying along to it. The girl ran out the room. Toshiro wasn't able to catch up with her. She was out of sight and people had got in his way.

Karin walked outside. She saw a window and smashed her right hand into it from the frustration, the girl gasped at the pain then fell onto the floor. She picked up a large shard of glass and ran it across her left wrist. The girl gasped once again and her eyes rolled back as she collapsed to her side.

"They ruined my wedding," she murmured her eyes closing. Toshiro finally managed to get out. When he made it outside, Karin was already passed out. The male rushed over and saw both her hands. He rushed back inside and found Isshin sitting down.

"Have you seen Karin? I wanna dance with her," Toshiro grabbed his shirt and began to drag him outside. A few people followed him, going to see what the problem was. When Isshin saw his daughter he saw all the broken glass. He picked her up and called for an ambulance.

One arrived in the matter of minutes. Toshiro followed his wife who was in a stretcher. Isshin helped his daughter into the ambulance and helped Toshiro in and he went in behind. Ichigo rushed over to the stretcher and saw the blood over Karin's hand. The doors were slammed shut and Karin was rushed to hospital.

Karin put her hands on her husbands shoulders as he put his hands on her waist, "There I was again tonight. Forcing laughter, faking smiles. Same old tired lonely place. Walls of insincerity, shifting eyes and vacancies, vanish when I saw your face. All I can say it enchanted to meet you," The two swayed with each other as the empty hall they were in disappered and they were nothing but utter darkness.

Enchanted was the only thing that they focused on as the newly wedded couple moved across the dance floor. There bodies were close together as the song played. Nothing else mattered anymore. This was their song. Their night. Their dance. Their wedding. Nothing could ruin this.

Karin rested her head against her husbands shoulder, "All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you. This night is sparkling, don't you let it go. I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home. I'll spend forever wondering if you knew, I was enchanted to meet you," Karin sang to her husband.

Toshiro picked her head up and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips, both of them were still swaying to the music, "I was never in love with someone else. I never had somebody waiting on me cause you were all of my dreams come true and I just wish you knew, Karin I was so in love with you," Karin blushed that he changed the name in the song to suit her.

The two stopped dancing as they heard another pair joining them, the two were pushed off the dance floor. Crowds came in from every angle pushing Toshiro and Karin to the back. The two noticed the people who stole their dance floor. It was Rukia and Ichigo. Everyone one saying there names and praising them for their song and how that song was meant for them.

Karin opened her eyes, a figure was in focusing into her view, she noticed that it was her dad. She looked around, noticing that she was in the hospital. A blood drip was hooked up to her arm. She looked around the room, but he wasn't there.

"He's angry at you. He is trying to cool down," Karin nodded her head then looked to the window she was next to. She could see herself, in the reflection. She saw the sadness on her dad's face.

"Dad. I'm sorry. I promised, I would never do this, but..." She trailed of not being able to finish her sentence. Isshin kissed her forehead then shook his head. He stood up then heard movement in the bed. He turned to see Karin getting up.

"No. You have to stay in the bed. I'll get Toshiro for you," Karin nodded lying back down. Isshin walked out. He walked into the waiting area and saw a lot of the people from the wedding waiting for her. All of them had gotten changed, except Toshiro who was still in his suit. He was staring off in to the distance and had been since he had left Karin in the room.

At the sight of Isshin everyone looked up with a smile. Toshiro was still focusing on the floor. Momo had her arms Toshiro and was resting against him. Everyone gasped as they saw a person standing behind him.

"Are you angry with me?" Isshin turned to see Karin standing there with a doctor holding her drip. Toshiro looked up to Karin, his eyes going to both hands that were bandaged up. Toshiro walked over embracing her in a loving hug. He rested his head against her shoulder.

"Go back to your bed. You're not supposed to be up," Karin shook her head, but fell foward. Toshiro picked her up, allowing Karin to wrap his shoulders. He grabbed the drip she was connected to and began to head back to her room.

He placed her on the bed and tucked her in. He kissed her lips softly but heard Karin whimper wanting more. Toshiro bent down again and gave her a longer kiss. When he pulled away Karin whimpered once again. Toshiro sat her up then crawled onto the bed, he held onto her shoulders and slipped in tongue into her mouth.

His tongue roamed around her mouth, her tongue fought against his trying to get dominance but she lost every time she tried. Toshiro pulled away then looked to the door seeing Soi-Feng and Isshin.

The two looked at each other before walking in to see Karin. Isshin looked to Toshiro who was still cuddling into her, "I didn't think you would kiss your girlfriend like that. I thought it would have been more sweeter and not you trying to devour her,"

"Seven hours. I have been worrying for my girlfriend. I will kiss her however I like. And Soi-Feng. We have...you know...had sex," Soi-Feng looked to Isshin who nodded his head. Soi-Feng gasped shaking hitting Isshin gently.

"You're Isshin Shiba. I haven't seen you in 100 years," Toshiro put his arms around Karin who was shaking softly. He kissed her cheek, then his stomach rumbled. Karin laughed then hers did the same.

"Go buy yourself something. They always ask who you are visiting, when you say Karin Kurosaki, they'll give you a discount," Toshiro gave Karin a quick peck on the lips then heard her whimper. He kissed her lips once again before heading to the canteen. Soi-Feng followed behind him. They walked past Rukia and Ichigo who were returning from the canteen.

"Toshiro, how long have you known Karin?" The male ignored him and headed into the canteen. He was pissed at him for choosing their wedding song. Soi-Feng noticed how cold he had become. He had been very cold until she woke up.

Momo had been trying to comfort him, but he was in his own little world. He was staring at the ground. He had been frowning until his wife had woken up. When everyone went to get changed. He never. He stayed there waiting for her to wake up.

Toshiro ordered two soups and two ham salad baguettes, an orange juice and a green tea. He had told them that it was for Karin Kurosaki and he payed nothing. With the help of Soi-Feng he carried his order back to her room. He passed most of the captains but he never uttered a word. He looked to Rangiku and beckoned her to follow. The two females followed Toshiro into Karin's room.

The female gave her husband a smile and moved her head wanting him over to her side. She whispered int his ear, "Help me get changed out of these?" Toshiro nodded then quickly shooed everyone out for a couple of seconds.

Isshin had made Karin a bag with all the things she would need to change into. Toshiro stripped her naked then put her pants on and then her bra. He put the jeans on her then put on the red top. She stood up and wrapped her arms around his arm. She kissed his neck then followed Toshiro outside.

"Baby, what were you thinking. Why?" Rangiku asked bending down to look the girl in the eye. Karin looked away, not saying anything. She had a feeling that Toshiro would give her a lecture when they were alone.

She had seen the sadness on his face and she hadn't seen that before and sure to god, she never wanted to see it again. She dropped away from him then got Toshiro to walk on her right side, so he could hold her wrist.

When they passed everyone, Ichigo rushed over to see her. Karin took a seat then opened her mouth. Toshiro rolled his eyes then opened the baguette, then put it to her lips. She munched on it quickly, starving.

Karin took the last bit of her baguette, she went to raise her hands to wipe her mouth, but Toshiro took out a napkin and wiped her mouth for her, "Can I have a drink," Toshiro opened the orange juice then put the straw into her mouth. She sipped on her juice slowly then let Toshiro move it away.

"Why are you feeding her?" Toshiro and Karin refused to answer Ichigo. Rukia asked the same and the two ignored them. The white haired captain rested his head against her arm, closing his eyes. Karin soon noticed how tired he was.

She moved her arm and pulled him in closer, ignoring the burning pain in her hand. She rested her head against his. Isshin smiled at the sight. A husband will always worry, when there wife is in hospital. It is inevitable. Sleep does not exist to them. The only thing they are thinking about is how they should help there wife out.

"I've got the car up front. I'll take you to back. Someones needs his bed," Toshiro was helped up and was taken to the car. Karin was helped in and strapped up.

"So, explain why you are giving Ichigo the cold shoulder?" Isshin asked as he kept his eyes on the road. Karin looked down then looked to the mirror, where she could faintly see her dad.

"What did you think of their wedding song?" Isshin looked in the mirror before looking back to the road.

"I think that song fitted them perfectly. Why?"

"Enchanted is our song. That is mine and Karin's wedding song. We thought hard about it and we went with that song. Ichigo only heard it over the radio and liked it after hearing me and Karin sang it," Isshin nodded and left the conversation there.

He pulled the car outside the hotel and helped the two out. He helped Karin walk upstairs and Toshiro as he was completely exhausted. When they walked in Toshiro stripped into his boxers and went into the bed not saying a word. Karin walked over and kissed his lips softly.

"Sleep well, baby," Toshiro shook his head sat up then began to undress Karin. He patted the bed beside him and turned into to face it. Karin crawled into her side and felt her husbands arms wrap around her, "I love you," Karin whispered to him kissing his forehead. Isshin walked in and saw the two.

"Jinta, Kisuke and Shouta have came in to see you. I'll bring them in," Isshin stopped picking up a slightly opened condom packet he put it into his pocket then left the room. Kisuke walked in first. He patted Karin's head then crouched down.

"How are we?" He asked with worry in his eyes. Karin smiled gently.

"I'm fine now. Still angry at Ichigo, but I'm stable," Kisuke kissed her forehead then rubbed her shoulder before leaving. Karin turned to see her husband staring at her for a few seconds.

"Babe, will you wake me up in a two hours. We need to chat. Also don't leave me," Karin nodded her head then watched as her two friends walked in. Jinta looked to Toshiro who had fallen asleep.

He touched Karin's knee then looked at her with sad eyes, "I am not going to say what everyone has said. But just so you know, we are both thinking it," Karin nodded her head.

"He was seriously worried for you. I got Shouta and went to the hospital. Toshiro was in the room with you, staring at you. He then left and sat for hours staring," Jinta began watching as Toshiro moved his head onto Karin's lap and pulled his hand over her.

Shouta and Jinta only stared at the white haired male, who was snuggling into their friend. Karin stroked his head softly with her right hand.

The two males spoke with Karin for two hours. They had spoke about school and how Isshin had phoned in and said that she had caught the flu and should return soon and that Yuzu will give her everything that she had forgotten.

It was only lunch time, Shouta and Jinta were skipping class to spend some time with their friend. Karin said that she would go to football and do the coaching. She looked down to her lap, seeing her husband peacefully resting on her lap.

"Toshiro. Wake up," Karin whispered into his ear. Toshiro hid his face under the covers.

"Are the two still here?" He asked, his voice slightly horse. Karin played with his hair softly.

"Yeah. You won't get any sleep tonight, if you sleep any more," Toshiro nodded his head then from under the covers he pulled her pants down and began to lick her softly. He got his two fingers and inserted them making her gasp.

"I know. Get rid of your friends please," Karin shooed them away biting her lip, making sure no moans escaped her lips. When the door shut Karin gasped out moaning gently. Toshiro licked her clitirios before sitting up and giving his wife a peck on the cheek.

"You get wet, very easily," he left the bed and helped his wife get re-dressed before walking into the living room area, to see Rangiku, Jinta, Kisuke, Soi-Fong, Shouta, Isshin and Momo. Karin stared at the group of people who were taking over the couch. The female gazed to Momo but she had no idea on who she was.

"Karin, the doctor told me to make sure that you have someone to talk to. You have all of us so please don't keep things bottled up," Isshin began. The raven nodded her head then took a seat on the floor.

"Apart from that I don't know Soi-Fong or her?" Karin pointed to Momo who was taken back by the sudden rudeness. She pouted looking away from the group. Toshiro put an arm around Karin.

"That's Momo Hinamori. She was Aizen liutenant and now is your brothers. I have lived with her all my life basically. She is like my sister," Karin bounded over to the girl bowing gently.

"I'm sorry for my rudeness. Do you have any stories about Toshiro when he was younger. Preferably ones that will embarrass him?" Momo laughed nodding her head.

"I have many stories about 'Shiro," Momo laughed. Karin giggled looking back to Toshiro with an evil grin. He never said a word to him after, she took a seat in his legs allowing him to play with her hair.

"Karin. Why did you do what you did?" The said female looked down at her hands that were wrapped in bandages. She looked back up to Kisuke before speaking,

"My day had been pretty much shit. I missed Ichigo's ceremony due to hollows. I found out that Toshiro was really old. And then Ichigo and Rukia did something, by accident, that broke my heart and made me feel small inside."

Toshiro continued to play with her hair, knowing that she loved the feeling. He knew she was hurting basically all that day. She had pushed him away and told him to fuck off. She never got that angry at him before. She was always happy and content with him, but she never swore at him, well directly at him and he was never shoved away.

Right now he wanted to kiss her, and hold her close, make her as comfortable with him as possible. He never wanted to be pushed away from her. He was always being pulled to her and he enjoyed being attracted to her.

Isshin went into his pocket and by accident pulled out the condom. Everyone gasped especially Kisuke. Karin and Toshiro went beat red at the sight of the slightly opened condom packet. Jinta was laughing at the sight, "Who's the un-lucky lady?" Karin was blushing deeply and she could feel Toshiro do the same.

"It's mine," Soi-Feng announced snatching the condom from Isshin. The girl stuffed it into her pocket then looked down.

"Oh how Yourichi will love to hear about this," Toshiro stood up taking the condom of her and waving it in front of Kisuke.

"At least she is doing it responsible. Okay, leave her be. Don't ya have an empty shop to deal with?" He asked stuffing the condom into his pocket.

"Soi, you tell me the male and you'll get it back," she blushed nodding her head. Karin stood up and turned the kettle on. She waited till it popped until she went to grab it, she dropped it, pouring scolding water over her.

"Toshiro!" She screamed his name and he came running out. He saw the kettle on the floor then picked her up as she was standing in a pool of scolding water. He rose his spirital pressure freezing the room over. He slipped his hand under her shirt getting to the worse area. She whimpered, hating the feeling off the burning.

"Did you forget that you were in hospital and you have two bad hands. I'll deal with all this. Now you're dad will be better with burns than me," Karin shook her head hiding her face into is chest.

"You're not 11 again," Toshiro whispered stroking her hair softly. Isshin led the two into the bedroom. Isshin got Karin to take her shirt off. He went into the bathroom and kitchen and got a towel and icecubes.

He returned and put it onto her tummy, Toshiro held it there kissing her cheek, "Sweetheart if you want. Come live with me. You both can. Toshiro will be drained and all he wants is to be with you and not wait on you. If you healed in two weeks. Toshiro wouldn't have had a nice time with you. Come back with me," Without Karin's input, Toshiro agreed with the statement.

"Babe, what if I got...," Toshiro laughed shaking his head. He kissed her cheek.

"For a punishment, we won't be having sex until you move in with me," Karin pouted looking down at her stomach to see her husband holding her red belly. "And plus if you get honry just touch yourself or watch porn," Karin bit her lip as her husband was talking such things in front of her dad.

"You're the one always coming onto me. Yesterday you took me into the bathroom for sex and today you were all for licking me out," Isshin left the room giving them time to talk while waiting for them to chat he got Kisuke to get his emergency bag from home.

In a flash Kisuke returned with the bag panting gently. Isshin took it then got Karin to lay down. She lay her head on Toshiro's groin he put cold cream on her that stung like bad, "Toshiro, can you escape and get this place ready for you to check out," Toshiro slipped away.

He went round the house packing things, with the help of Soi-Feng, Jinta and Shouta. Karin hadn't messed up the hotel too much, so there wasn't much to deal with. Toshiro was chatting with Soi-Feng quietly while folding away Karin's clothes.

"You really do love each other. Don't ya?" Toshiro only nodded his head.

"She means the world to me. I really do love her. As soon as we met, we connected so well. I don't know if I should be telling you this, but I don't mind being naked with her. I used to be insecure about my body, still am kind of, but I don't mind if she see's me," he blushed looking down at the job he was doing.

"Is it because you are white haired?" He nodded slowly, blushing slightly.

"She didn't bother about them. She said that she excepted them to be white," Soi-Feng giggled putting Karin's clothes into her little duffle bag. The two headed back into the bedroom to see Isshin massaging her red stomach. Toshiro walked over and began apply his basic knowledge of healing kido.

"You're having a bad day. Aren't ya, baby?" He whispered to her gently as her stomach began to heal slowly. Momo walked in to see her friend holding the other females stomach, healing to softly.

Karin blushed at how everyone was watching her. She rolled onto her stomach and pulled the covers over her head. Toshiro crawled over to her and sat beside her on his side. He put his hand under the covers and stroked her hair softly. He felt Karin move her head into his touch and it made him smile.

"Guys, will you excuse us. All of you leave," Everyone left the two alone, giving the captain some time to heal his wife. Karin lowered the covers and looked to Toshiro with sad eyes. She was given a small peck to the lips which she loved. The light kisses were full of more emotion than the rougher ones, that were of hunger and lust.

Toshiro put his hands onto his wife's burnt stomach and let it cool down and restore back to it's original, beautiful toned stomach. Karin looked deep into her husbands eyes. Though he was concentrating hard, something about them told her that he was thinking about something, that made him sad.

"Baby, what's wrong?" She asked propping herself onto her elbows getting closer to his face. Toshiro looked down at her stomach. It was completely healed with no scars what so ever. He trailed his eyes to her cut left hand. He touched it softly making his wife whimper softly. He picked it up and gave the bandage a light kiss.

"You're healed. Let's leave," Karin nodded her head, standing up. The two walked to the door and gave Isshin a nod who grabbed the bags and walked outside with the two.

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