This is a FanFiction about Wanda and Ian from The Host. Hope you like it! :) I do not own anything related to The Host. I do not write and speak English, so there might be some grammar and spelling faults. Enjoy! And reviews are appreciated :)

"What are you doing here on your own?" She looked at me. "Hi Ian. It's good to see you. I couldn't sleep." she said with the beautiful smile on her face. I smiled back. "Are you tired now then?" I asked. She nodded and leaned against my chest when I wrapped my arms around her. I had her close to me all the way back to our cave room. I lied down and winked at her. "Come here," I whispered. She smiled insecure and looked at the bed Jeb had placed on the other side of my room. "Ok. You just lay down. I have to talk to Jeb." She kissed my cheek and sat on my bed.

"Jeb!" I barked. He looked at me with a confused face. "Yes Ian?" he said. I dragged the gun out of his hand. "What is your problem?" He was confused. "You have to be more clear Ian." he said. I looked at him. "Why is there a bed for Wanda in my room?" I asked and after asking I realised how wrong that sounded. "Didn't you want her to sleep in your room?" I nodded. "I did, but I want her to sleep next to me. In my bed. Not across the room." Jeb smiled. "So let her," he said. I sighted. "It's not that easy. She don't think she can. Because of the other bed. And she wouldn't listen to me, so can't you talk to her?" I begged ham. He smiled. "Shure, but you are a man Ian. Not a boy. You need to have this conversations with your girl on your own. I can talk to her now, but only because I placed the bed in the room." he said. I smiled and nodded. "Of course. Thank you Jeb."

I walked around in the caves for a while when Jeb talked to Wanda. What if she got disgusted when Jeb told her to sleep in my bed? What if she walked away? "Ian? What are you doing here?" A voice quite similar to mine asked. "Hi Kyle. Jeb is talking to Wanda so I went for a walk." Kyle laughed. "Trouble in paradise already?" I smiled. "Not really. What about you and Sunny?" I asked. He smiled. "She is amazing. Who would have thought the O'shea brothers would fall in love with the enemy?" He said. I laughed. "Yeah, not Howe!" I said. Kyle laughed too. "Wanda wants to see you Ian. And Kyle, you, Sunny, Wanda, Ian, Jared and Melanie are taking off tomorrow. We need more food and other supply," he said. Kyle nodded. "Are you sure Sunny is ready to lie to her own people?" I asked. Kyle shrugged his shoulders. "I'll talk to her. But she won't leave my side, so I guess she is," Kyle said. Jeb nodded and walked away. "See you later brother," I said. Kyle smiled and walked away.

"Hi Ian," Wanda said when I came into the room. "Hi, so... Jeb talked to you?" She nodded. "And?" She looked at me and kissed my fingers. "You could have asked. I just had the most imberresing talk with Jeb. Ever! Just so that I should know what you want. I don't have anything against sleeping next too you Ian. So just talk too med, okay?" I nodded and kissed her gently. "You seemed so insecure," I whispered. She kissed me and hugged me so hard that I fell over on the bed. I could feel her warm and soft body against mine. I got warm in the entire body. Some places especially.

She kissed my neck and pulled my t-shirt off. "Wanda," I said. She looked at me and her eyes got filled with tears. "I'm so sorry," she said and blushed. I smiled at her. "You have nothing to apologise! I want you Wanda. So bad, but I don't want to take advantage of you," I said. She smiled. "You wouldn't," she whispered. I kissed her. "Okay, but I don't have the right equipment you know." Wanda looked at me. "What?" I sighted. "If I slept with you, and we didn't use precaution you know..." She kept looking at me. "What are you talking about?" She asked. I grabbed her hand and looked her in the eyes. "You or your body at least, could get pregnant. And I really don't want to raise a baby in this world." Something in Wanda's eyes told me she was thinking back at something else. "Oh..." she mumbled. I smiled. After a while we both fell asleep.

The next morning, I was helping Jared and Kyle, loading the truck. Wanda, Melanie and Sunny were packing some bags with clean clothes. We used one car. And when we got to the trailer, Kyle and Sunny was driving that. Jared drove quick out in the desert. "I feel much safer at home," Sunny whispered. Kyle wrapped his arms around her and kissed her head. "I too baby. Me too. But you are going to be great!" She looked up in his eyes and I could see her whole body relax. She trusted him. Wanda gasped and leaned on my shoulder. Jared hard her and looked at her in the mirror. Remember not too sleep to hard Wanda," he said. She nodded. "I know," she said as I said, "Give her a break." Melanie laughed. "Let her sleep. She didn't get much sleep last night. I could hear her walking around half the night." I kissed her front head. "Just sleep. I'll wake you up if we need you," I said. "I love you..." she whispered before closing her eyes.

"Seekers!" Melanie said, suddenly. We had just pulled up by a motel. I was about to wake Wanda up when Jared told me not to. A seeker came up to the window and Jared opened it. He had his sunglasses on. "Hello sir. What is the problem?" Jared said in a polite way. The seeker smiled. "We just patrol as usual. Looking for human activity you know. Would you mind stepping out of the car?" Jared nodded. "Actually, yes. I would. My two brothers and their girlfriends are really tiered and we just want to sleep. I don't want to wake them up by opening the door," he said. The seeker looked at me and Kyle. Sunny leaned her head on Kyle's shoulder and was really good at pretending to sleep. "Ian? What's going on?" Wanda whispered suddenly and opened her eyes. The seeker didn't hear what she called me. The light from the seekers car reflected in her eyes and she looked down. "That light hurts," she mumbled. I could see the seeker give the other a sign and the car light stopped shining. "Ian? Wake up Blade, would you? He has to wake up Sunny. No one else can deal with her tired temper," Jared said. I laughed a little bit, and woke Kyle up. Jared had used Kyle's cover name Blade when he talked out loud. He gasped and looked at me behind the sunglasses. "Wake her up," I said. He kissed Sunny's head and smiled when she opened her eyes. They shined so bright silver. "Can you show me what you have in the trunk?" The seeker asked. Jared nodded and the seeker walked behind the car. We had two bags in there. They were filled with food from a shop Sunny and Wanda had visited earlier. "Everything seems okay. Have a good night," the seeker said and smiled. "You too sir," Jared said.

"That was scary," Jared said when we sat in the motel room. "I seriously doubted that we would get out of it alive," Kyle said. "What would we do without Wanda and Sunny?" I mumbled. Jared laughed. "Hopefully we never find out." "That's good to hear," Wanda said as she appeared behind me and kissed my neck. I smiled and turned around so that I could kiss her. "You and Sunny drive the trailer tomorrow?" Jared asked Kyle. He nodded and looked at the couch. Sunny looked so peaceful and Kyle smiled. His smile was real and that reminded me of him before we had to run. "What has happened to you Kyle?" I heard my self-asking. He laughed and looked at me. "What do you mean?" I smiled. "You are so different. We can talk to you. Wanda could probably hug you if she wanted. I haven't had a real fight with you in ages!" I said. Jared laughed and I could hear Melanie laugh too. "Is that a bad thing O'Shea?" Wanda whispered in my ear. I smiled. "No, I'm just curious." Kyle lifted Sunny's head and placed it on his lap. "She happened. I know it sounds weird, but I love her. Even if she is the enemy, I love her like a man love a woman." Wanda smiled. "Of course you do. You are a man, and she is a woman," she said. Mel laughed. "Is it even worth it?" She asked me. "Trying to explain that to her? No, it's not," I said. Wanda looked at me. "Explain me what?" I just shake my head and she stopped talking.

I woke up early the next morning and gasped. Jared and Mel where sleeping in a bed near the window. I turner my head and saw Wanda's hair. She was a sleep. It hit me that she was lying with her back against me. I touched her shoulder and she looked at me. "Come here," I whispered and dragged her against my chest. She turned around and rested her head on my shoulder. "Thank you," she whispered. I kissed her and smiled. I love her more than words can tell.