Chapter 4... Hope you enjoy! :)

"She is pregnant." I couldn't speak. I couldn't even move. What the hell was Jared thinking? "You are kidding," Kyle said, but I knew that he was in no doubt Jared could do something like that. Jared shook his head. "She told me a few minutes ago," he said. Kyle raised one eyebrow. "What the hell were youthinking? Is this a world you would like to raise a child in? If that is the case, then you are the sickest person left on earth," Kyle said. Jared sighed. "Of course not! I didn't plan for this to happen, honestly!" Kyle sighed as well before he started yelling. "What about using a condom? We have that down here! We aren't cave men either! Hello! Did that even pass your mind before jumping in bed with her?" Jared was angry. "I did use one! And you are in no position to yell at me!" he screamed back. Kyle laughed. His laughter was filled with sarcasm. "Are you serious? I have been down here longer than you! And I don't jump into bed with any girl I can find!" Jared's face turned red. "Watch your mouth Kyle," he growled. "Melanie isn't just some random girl. And don't pretend like you don't have sex with Sunny." Kyle's eyes widened and he looked at me before looking at Jared again. His face was filled with shock. "Is that what you think? I have never had sex with Sunny!" he growled. The click of a loaded gun filled the hall. I turned around and saw Jeb pointing a gun at us. Wanda, Sunny and Melanie stood behind him. They were looking at us. "This is still my place. And I do not tolerate my guests screaming at each other. You guys should have learned that by now," Jeb said. "Now, take one girl each and go to your rooms. Then you talk without screaming. This is a shock for everybody, but there is nothing we can do." Then, with those words said, he disappeared around the corner.

I walked with Wanda's hand in mine. She leaned against me and smiled. "This Jared and Melanie situation is a mess," I said and walked into our room. Wanda hugged me and put her head down in my lap. "So… this thing happening to Melanie and Jared…Is that what you don't want us to experience?" she asked. I frowned. "What are you talking about?" She looked down and bit her lip. "I was just wondering. That is why you don't want to sleep with me, right?" I sighed. "It's not just that. You are weary young Wanda, and I think we should wait until we are both ready. We don't have to take that next step yet, just because it seems like everybody else is doing it," I said and kissed her. She smiled. "Okay. But I am over a thousand years older that you," she said. I laughed. "Your body is many years younger than mine. And the emotions you feel belong to it. This means, that if your body aren't ready, you aren't either." She sighed. "Okay, I'll wait until my body, and myself are ready to take the next step. But don't let me wait too long Ian. Maybe I get tired of just making out with you," she threatened. I kissed her softly on the lips. "You don't think I'm a good kisser? I can say that you are an awesome kisser," I said and kissed her again. She laughed. "Well, thank you. You are not too bad yourself," she whispered.

That night, I was having a weird dream. I was in a cave with Wanda. The cave was to dark and wet to be this cave.

"Ian, were are we?" Wanda whispered and squeezed my arm. I smiled. "Shh, you have to be quiet! I want to show you a place I used to play with Kyle in," I said and walked down a trail I had walked on so many times when I was a kid. Wanda walked really close to me, holding one hand in mine, and another around my waist. "If we fall, we fall together," she explained. I kissed her and walked threw some kind of door. Made out of the rock wall. It used to be much taller. And wider. Until the entire world went under, and everything became different. I became so many years older. A weird sound made Wanda gasp. I looked around and saw something black come out of the darkness. It flew right over Wanda's head. I am surprised that scream didn't make me deaf. I hugged her tight. "Shh, Wanda. It was just a bat. It is completely harmless!" I said and tried not to laugh. But she made it pretty hard. I was just so crazy about this woman.

The dream ended and I woke up. I could still remember the night I ran away with Kyle. He was still pretty upset about the whole Jodie thing, but I dragged him with me. Not even Kyle would let some parasite take his body. We drove for days! Only at night and never with full light on. I remember Kyle asking where we were heading. I didn't answer. Simply because I didn't know. Then I remember getting this crazy idea about walking out in the desert. That was the first time I stole. We walked into a little store and almost emptied the fridge were the water was. Then I forced Kyle to leave the car and start walking. Tiered and dehydrated, Jeb found us.

I kissed Wanda before I walked out. Near the kitchen, I saw Jamie sit on the floor. I sat down beside him. "Hi dude. What's up?" I said and elbowed him. He smiled a little smile, but still looked miserable. "Jared is pissed. He won't talk to me. All he does is wandering around looking miserable." I smiled. "Do you want to hear a secret?" I asked. He looked at me and nodded. I leaned against him and whispered in his ear. "You look pretty miserable yourself." He laughed and then he sighed. "I know. I'm a mess right now. The only one around here talking to me is you and Darcy. Good company, but I kind of miss my sister. And Jared has always been like a big brother to me, so it's kind of sad when he don't talk to me…" Jamie said and picked up a little rock. We heard a sound and both of us where on our feet within seconds. "What is it?" Jamie asked. I shrugged and listened. "Who's there?!" I yelled. No one answered. "Stay here," I said. Jamie looked disappointed. Kyle showed up from the kitchen. "Was it you?" Jamie asked. He lifted a finger to his lips and shook his head. I looked at him and pointed at the exit. He nodded.

We walked carefully around the corner. In the room where we had kept Wanda a prisoner we could see the siluette of a person. It looked like a male. Kyle looked at me and then back at the shadow. When we came around the corner, we both freeze. "Two humans. I would have expected more of you," the man said pointing a gun at Kyle's head. "If you shoot him, I will kill you," I said. The man looked at me. His green silver eyes were filled with anger. But also fear. "Yeah right. With what?" I just looked at him. "I don't know, but I know that I can kill you with my bare hands." He started walking against Kyle and he pushed the gun at his chest. "Before you do that, I'll kill him. He looks a lot like you. You guys are brothers right?" I looked at Kyle. "Yeah, and you are a parasite!" I screamed. It happened so fast I didn't even see it coming. The man pointed the gun at me and pulled the trigger. I felt horrible pain in my left leg. I screamed and fell on the ground. Not long after, Kyle had his arm around the man's neck. "Jamie! Get Jeb!" I screamed. "Get help!" Kyle screamed. Because he knew that Jeb would bring the gun. But there was no chance in hell that he would help Kyle carry the man to Doc's place.

I could not ignore the pain. Suddenly, Jeb, Wanda, Jared and Jamie, came running. Sunny also came, but she kept herself out of sight. Wanda did not bother hiding from the soul. "Oh my Good! Ian, are you all right? Ian answer me!" she screamed. Tears were flowing down her cheeks and she sobbed. I smiled at her, but I knew my face was filled with hidden pain. "I'm fine now that you are here! Don't worry about me. Doc will just remove the bullet and use some of that miracle medicine the souls brought to earth." She kissed me and some of her tears fell on my face. "Hey, don't cry… I am going to be fine! Shh…" I whispered and hugged her tight. Jeb came into sight. "Can you walk?" I shook my head and pointed at my leg. "No, but I can hobble," I said. Jeb nodded and I got on my feet. "You can lean on me," Wanda said. She was at least ten centimetres shorter than me. "Tank you Wanda. But that would not be much help sweetie," I said and kissed her forehead. Jared came to me. "You can lean on me buddy. Come on, let's go," He said and started walking. I hobbled beside him.

We came to Doc's office about ten minutes later. He got on his feet's so fast the chair tipped over. Melanie was sitting on one of the beds in the room. Jared helped me sit on the other bed before walking over to Melanie. "What are you doing here?" he asked. She smiled. "I was feeling sick. But it's better now. I had to throw up. It is just morning sickness." Jared kissed her forehead. "Okay. But why?" Melanie laughed. "It's normal when you are pregnant Howe. Don't you know that?" I joked. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. "If you weren't injured O'Shea, I would smack you." I laughed. "In your dreams Howe," I said. Doc came over to me and started looking at my leg. I moaned when he touched my knee. "What happened?" I jerked my leg when he touched the spot where the bullet had penetrated the leg. "Didn't you hear? I got shot by that Alien who had gotten in somehow. He shot me right were you are resting you hand. So, get off!" I said. He asked me to take my pants off. I did as he asked and leaned down at the hard counter again. "Can you get some of that medicine over here so that I can get healed?" I asked. Doc crossed his arms over his chest. "Okay Ian. First off all. Stop being so rude… You are not a doctor. I don't have any 'Pain free' left, and I have to remove the bullet. Which means, you are going to have extreme pain until that thing is out. Not that tough anymore are you?" I sighed. "Then try getting the bullet out. I don't need 'Pain free'" I said. I sounded tougher than I was. Inside I was terrified of the pain.

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