Ever since I can remember, I've always lived with my mother. I stayed with Charlie on Christmas breaks, Thanksgiving breaks, and summer vacations. Every time I visited Charlie's house he would abuse me. I have been burned, beaten, hung, and even put outside to sleep at night. Forks, Washington is a very cold, wet place. There have been times when I have slept outside when it was pouring down raining. I tried to tell my mom about what he was doing to me but she didn't believe me. She punished me for lying, so after that incident I didn't tell her or anyone else what was going on in my life. A month before my seventeenth birthday I went to live with Charlie because my mother was getting married and I wanted her to be happy. My mom isn't anything like Charlie, she is just irresponsible but she never abuses. I always bought the groceries and made dinner. My mother wouldn't let me make anything that she thought was unhealthy, I wasn't even allowed to eat peanut butter. My mother had got married to a baseball player so they moved a lot so I decided to live with Charlie. I knew that when I went to live with Charlie that I would get abused but I wanted my mom to be happy. Once I was at Charlie's he sat down the rules, saying that I wasn't allowed to go over anybody's house after school and that I was to return home as soon as school was over. I am suppose to have dinner ready before he got home, which I already knew had to be done, he said I was not to back talk him, regardless of the situation. A few months later Rosalie Cullen became suspicious about my life at home. I told her absolutely nothing and somehow she guessed it correctly. I have been staying with the Cullen's since they found me lying outside unconscious. They brought me to their house when they found me and Dr. Carlisle Cullen, their father, checked me out to make sure I was okay. Since then the Cullen's have been talking with my social worker. After a few days of staying with the Cullen's Carlisle had me sit down in the living room and tell him about my life with Charlie. Carlisle recorded the whole thing so I wouldn't have to tell my story more than once. After that I spent the entire night crying as Edward held me. My social worker is trying to get us into court so I can be taken out of Charlie's care. Yesterday Charlie called me while I was sleep. When I woke up I listened to the voicemail.

"Hi, Bells." He said. The way he said it made me more frightened because he sounded calm and devious. "I don't like how I have called you 4 times and you haven't answered or called me back." I can hear the aggravation in his voice. "Listen, I am done playing games with you!" He said raising his voice. I felt the tears forming in my eyes and I push them back. "If you aren't home by 2 tomorrow evening, I will go after someone very dear to you. Do you understand me?" He said with rage in his voice. "Don't be late." He said with his voice deep and devious.

I was so terrified but I didn't have a choice to go. I couldn't let him do the things he said he would do. I tried to sneak out of the Cullen's home but they heard me and tried to stop me from going. I didn't tell them anything about why I was leaving, I just said that I didn't want to be there anymore and that I wanted to go home. Somehow they saw through my lie but Carlisle said they couldn't keep me here if I wanted to leave because that would be kidnapping, so they had to let me go. I'm on the front porch of Charlie's house now. I hesitate walking inside so I knock on the door to waste time. Charlie opens the door saying nothing but looking at me with a blank expression. This can't be good, I think to myself.

"Kitchen, now." He yelled as he closed the door behind me. I walked to the kitchen. I have something I want to ask Charlie because I have a feeling I did the wrong thing by coming here.

"Where is she? Have you seen her?" I asked him.

"She's dead." He said dryly, not caring at all that she's dead. So I came here for exactly no reason! I want to be furious with Charlie and I want to cry that the most important person in my life is dead. "Take your clothes off." He orders. I took off my pants then my shirt. "All of it." He says. I took off my underwear than unhooked my bra. He picked my arms over my head and ties a rope to my wrist than hand cuffed my ankles. He dragged me to the back yard next to a tree that was beside the back porch. He then wrapped the rope around a branch.

"Charlie, please don't do this." I cried out to him. He ignored me and wrapped it twice then pulled at it, bringing me up in the air. I start whimpering as he pulled me higher. He tied the end of the string to something that I couldn't see what he tied it to. He walked in the house and I let out a sigh of relief. I can't believe that's it. I hung there for a few minutes till I saw Charlie come out the house with a belt, whip, and baby oil. He sits the things on the ground and picks up the water holes that is sitting on the side of the house and turns the water on. He sprays my entire body than turns the water off. I began to shiver from the cold air and the water didn't help but I am sure it wasn't supposed to. Charlie picked the belt up. "Dad please, no." I cried.

"Shut up!" He said as the belt hit my back. I screamed in pain and the belt hit two more times. "Be quiet before someone hears you!" He demands. I don't know why he is so concerned about that, we are the only people that live on this strip. He hits me again on my hip, my back, legs, butt, chest, face, shoulders, feet, neck, and anywhere else you could name. After 15 minutes of being hit with the belt he says that I was starting to dry, which he thought was a good thing. He threw the belt on the ground and poured a ton of baby oil on the whip. I thought about pleasing him to stop but I know for a fact it wouldn't do any good. "You ran away from home, so how do you think I feel. I had to grocery shop, cook, and I had to walk over things that were sitting in the floor because you weren't here to clean them up." He said once the whip was well oiled. He swung the whip and hit me in the gut then he swung again and hit my neck. He swung again but once the whip was in the air Charlie flew toward the wall. I looked in shock trying to see what just happened.

"What the hell?" Charlie yells.

"Don't you ever touch her another day in your pathetic life!" Edward growls at Charlie. The love of my life has come to rescues me. I am overwhelmed with joy and relief. I seriously thought I would never see him again.

"Edward." I chock out softly. He looks at me and his face softens a little bit but now that he looks directly at me and sees my marks he growls with anger. He walks to me and unties the rope from my wrist. I drop to the ground but he catches me before I hit the ground.

"I'm so sorry that I wasn't here before." He says.

"The thing is that you are here now and I am grateful for that and I am grateful for you." I say to him. He kisses my forehead and snaps the handcuffs off my ankles without hurting me. I ignore the questions going through my mind about his strength. I've already realized the Cullen's are different but I don't care. They tried to tell me one day what their secret is but I told them that I know enough about secrets to know they should be kept a secret.

"Come on, let's get you home." He says picking me up in his arms.

"Give me my daughter back!" Charlie yells with anger. I tense up scared that Charlie will hurt Edward. Edward ignores Charlie and walks around the house to the driveway and sits me gently in the passenger's seat to his Volvo. Edwards was in his seat before I could grab my seatbelt. Edward turns the heat up in the car and we took off toward his house.

"Edward wait!" I yell. He immediately slammed on breaks.

"Love, what is wrong?" He says turning his body toward me.

"I can't go to your house like this. I'm naked." I say feeling uncomfortable. He takes my hand in his. "Can we get me some clothes before we get to your house?"

"Alice has some things you can wear. You need Carlisle to check out you scares. I know it will be weird to walk into a house naked but you need to be looked at first." He says calmly. Of course he's right but I really don't feel comfortable like this.

"I guess you are right. When we get there can you get a robe for me before I go inside?" I ask hesitantly.

"Of course, love." He said and put the car back in gear. When we arrived to the house, I stay in the car as he went inside to get me a robe. He brought back a baby blue, silk night gown. He helped my put it on, since my shoulders are too sore for me to lift my arm up. I think he would have helped me put it on even if I could do it myself. Edward carried me inside, placing me lightly on his bed. Esme brought me a glass of water with some pills to help with the pain. Carlisle came in with a few things that I have absolutely no idea what they are. He sat in a chair that Edward placed beside the bed. Carlisle sighed looking at my face.

"Bella, how do you feel?" He says calmly. I feel like crying, remembering why I left. She is dead there was no reason for me to go back. I feel the tears coming and I try to push them back in but it did less justice and the tears spilled out. I start to crying harder and harder. I feel a pair of cold hands around me. I lean on Esme's shoulder, crying harder than I ever have in my entire life.

"It's okay, you're safe now." Esme says completely unaware of why I am crying. I cry harder now feeling the pain of the bruises and because she is dead. I have no one else, but her, in my life that had an unconditional love for me and the unconditional love I had for her. I love Edward, yes, but it was different with her. We have known each other since I was born. I have just met Edward a few months ago, and I have fallen in love with him. The feelings I have for him is uncomfortable and confusing because I have never felt like this with anyone before. I would do anything for him just as I would do anything for her. I honestly hope Charlie is lying about her death, but that can't be because I haven't seen her in 3 years, so for all I know she could really be dead. I start bawling harder and harder.

"I don't think that is why she is crying." Jasper said lightly. Esme, Carlisle and Edward sent him a questioning look.

"Bella if you keep crying you will give yourself a headache." Edward said. I sniffed a few times trying to calm myself down about her death. I wipe the tears off my face which only made me feel the pain of my body. I whimpered.

"What hurts, Bella?" Carlisle asked as I sniffed a few more times.

"Everything hurts Carlisle." I tried to make my voice sound normal but it only came out as a whisper. He sighed than looked at Edward for a few seconds. Jasper and Esme left the room and Edward came to sit next to me on the bed.

"May you take your gown off so I can see your marks?" Carlisle asks politely. I sigh and nod my head and turn to Edward. He understood what I was asking and he helped me pull the gown off. Hating needles, I kept my face turned toward Edward just in case. I felt a wet, cold substance being spread across my whole body. Once he fished the front he asked me to turn on my stomach. I screamed as I turned on my side and rolled on my stomach. The pain is terrible; I don't think I will be able to do anything without hurting myself.

"I am so sorry you are in pain." Edward said with so much hurt in his voice. I tried to grab his hand but the pain only allowed me to move an inch.

"The medicine should kick in soon." Carlisle assured me. Carlisle began to rub the cold, wet substance all around my backside. The chill of the cold substance and Carlisle's cold hands soothe the bruises and kept them from aching. Once he was finished we all sat there in comfortable silence. "Bella, may I ask you something?" Carlisle asked. I tried to nod but it wasn't working out.

"Go ahead." I say weakly as I crawled onto Edward. He sighs.

"Why did you leave?" He asked gently. I froze not moving an inch and barely breathing.

"Bella, love, are you okay?" Edward asks. I began to bawl again. Edward rubbed soothing circles on my back. "Bella, can you tell me what's wrong?" He asks softly. I cry harder and it began to sound more like screaming. After a while I stopped cry and just screamed, trying to let the pain of her leave my body.

"She's gone!" I cry into Edward's chest.

"Who's gone?" Carlisle asked lightly. I cry harder.

"She gone, dead and he lied!" I yelled sniffing trying to calm down. "She wasn't even there because she's dead." I cry. "She was the only person I had. The only person that really understood what I was going through. We did everything together; we had a bond and now she is gone. What pisses me off most about it is he said it like he didn't care that she was dead." I say crying. "I hate Charles Swan." I say low and hateful. "May I be alone, please?" Edward kissed my forehead and he and Carlisle leaves, closing the door behind them. I cried for hours that night. I feel like a part of me has left with her. We had a bond, a very strong, secure, trusted bond. She was the only reason I looked forward to coming to Charlie's house during breaks and the summer. Of course we both liked it better when she would come to Phoenix to visit.

I woke up finding Edward lying next to me and my head on his chest and his arm around my waist. Considering the night I had, I am thankful to wake up like this. I get out of bed, take a shower, get dressed, and me and Edward walk down stairs finding Emse cooking me pancakes.

"Good morning." She says. I sent her a weak smile. I don't feel like talking. I ate slowly, not really hungry but knew I should eat. Esme came to take the plate once I was finish eating; once the plate was gone I crossed my arms on the table and laid my head on them.

"You want to talk about it?" Jasper said sitting down across from me. I didn't hear him come up. I shrugged. "Well may I ask a question?" I tried to shrug again but the pain in my shoulders wouldn't allow it. "Are you upset about what Charlie did or something else?" He asked. I tried hard to keep the tears from spilling. Not wanting to speak, I shook my head no for the first part of his question. He let out a deep sigh. "Who is she?" He asked carefully. I couldn't hold my tears back and ran upstairs crying.

Edward's POV

"I hate seeing her like this." Esme says sitting down next to Carlisle on the couch.

"What makes it all worse is that we don't know why she is feeling the way she is." Rosalie says softly.

"What can we do to make her feel better?" Jasper asks. Everyone sighs thinking about what to do.

I don't think there is anything we can do. Bella just needs time to mourn about who ever the girl is that she is crying about, Rosalie thinks.

"I have to agree with Rose." I say even though I deeply wish there was something I could do to help.

"What was your idea sweetie?" Esme asks politely.

"Well I don't think there is much we can do. Bella just needs to mourn." Rose replies.

"I wish I knew who the girl was." Alice sighs after she spoke.

"Seems like who ever she was, they were best friends." Jaspers says.

"I'm sure they had to know each other their entire lives." Esme says shaking her head.

"I'm not sure about that. If this girl knew her, her entire life, then she would've tried to help Bella somehow." Carlisle says, speaking for the first time. Everyone was silent after that, not knowing what to say. I hate thinking about my Bella so upset. Crying so much isn't good for her. I want to comfort her and just be there for her but I am not sure if she still wants to be alone or not. I walk upstairs and peak my head in the room. She's sitting on the bed with her knees pulled up to her chest and her arms around her legs.

"Hi love, may I come in?" I ask hesitantly. She nods her head. I slip into the room quietly and close the door than sit on the bed next to her. She climbed on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck and held me tight. I put my arms around her back, kissing her forehead. We sat that way for the rest of the night. She cried a little bit then would stop then cry some more then stop, at 8 she fell asleep as I held her for the rest of the night.

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