The judge took several breaths before looking at Charlie then writing down the information I told her. Charlie made no remark on what I said and I believe at this point, he has given up. The room fell into uncomfortable silence after the judge stops writing. I began to feel tear and wipe my eyes before anyone notice but Jasper already noticed and places his hand in mine. I look to him as he gives me his southern smile. I give him a thank you smile then look down to the table. In that moment I decided it was time to apologize to the family about my behavior.

Mrs. Smith clears her throat and look to Charlie and ask him "Do you want to defend yourself Mr. Swan?" He looks from me to Izzy and says no. Carlisle and Esme signs the paper claming custody of Izzy while Renne and Charlie signed papers giving away their parental rights. As they signed the papers I stand outside trying to clear my mind of what just happened but also trying to feel grateful that she doesn't have to go home to that monster.

Carlisle and Esme sit hand and hand in the front seat on our way home. I stare out the window trying to figure out how I am going to apologize for causing problems for their family. When we pull into the driveway everyone gives Izzy a hug, welcoming her back into the family. Emmett spins her around a few times and Edward kisses her forehead. We all walk inside and sit down in the living room enjoying each others' company and moments later I hear the doorbell rings. Carlisle opens the door and standing there is Renne. Just to piss her off I give a fake smile and say "Hi mom!". She glares at me but walk over to Izzy. How rude?

"Bella, I am really sorry about the way I acted today." Renne says in a pleading voice, it sounds real but I know there is a something behind it. My eyes slant and rage grows within me instantly.

"Get out." I stand up yelling with my finger pointed toward the door. Renne's head turns to me.

"I was not talking to you!" She yells back.

"No one wants to hear your lies." I growl.

"Marie, stop it." Izzy says getting off the couch glaring at me. "Why can't either of you get along. Gosh, she is just trying to apologize!" Izzy says with her voice growing louder with each word.

"Yeah, I am just trying to apologize to your sister." Renne says slightly calm with an edge of annoyance. I open her mind to me and in just a few seconds I got all the information I need.

"You still love him." I whisper.

"You told him, when I was born, that I was his child, so that he will stay with you for the sake of the child. He looked at me and said ''That baby looks nothing like me, that isn't my child''. You knew that I wasn't his but you wanted him to think otherwise. A month after I turned 1, you seduced him and later had his baby, Izzy. You told him Izzy was his child and he didn't believe you, so you got a DNA test and it confirmed that Izzy is indeed his child. Later he thought that since Izzy is his child, that I had to be his child but I am not. Charlie decided that since we are his children he would take care of us. You were excited that you will have your ex back but he had other plans. He thought it would be better to split the children up, that way the both of you would have a baby to take care of. You never wanted me that is why you left me with Charlie. You decided to keep Izzy as your daughter because you felt like she was a part of him that you can have. He offered you money to talk bad about Izzy today in court so that he will look innocent and he could have her. You declined the money he offered and said you would do it for free, because you thought he might want you again but he doesn't. You thought that if he won the case you could get him back. So you came here to apologize to Izzy about the things you said in court because you realized it was stupid for saying things like that about your child, now knowing that your ex-husband doesn't want you in anyway what so ever." I finish.

By the time I finish speaking, Izzy is in tears, Edward looks like he wants to kill someone, Renne looks caught off guard, Jasper looks constipated and Esme looks like she only wants to comfort Izzy. I myself am furious but am trying to keep myself together.

What will happen next?