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Enjoy the crazy darkness, kids.

Dana woke up with a scream. Where was she? Lustreless and dull with fake light that burned her eyes, surrounded by girls. Surrounded by shackles. Loudness filled her head, the chatter and hum of teenage girls and erratic thrum of the van gliding over potholes and greeting Earth with a crash was no match for the familiar chatter and hum of power that overwhelmed her.

It was so alike. It was so different. And broken. And wrong.

It hardly occurred to her that it was her that was broken, wrong. She could never be broken, she was strong. Too strong to ever be captive again.

Wrists flexed against the sharp bite of steel clamped around them, the jangle of the attached chains a promised melody of screams. She yanked hard at them, no one's prisoner.

"Dana?" a voice, tentative. Blonde, female, strong. Familiar strength rolled off this girl in waves, just like it did all the others that crowded her so close. Too close. The strength burned. Not demonic, not human but something else, something ancient. Slayer. A cruel growl clawed out of Dana's throat. She was afraid that at any moment she would be ripped out of her head and forced into another, once again to fight the darkness that clung to her like skin. Forced again to feel claws in her throat , fangs buried in her veins, knives lacerating her chest. She began to pull harder at the chains, desperate for freedom. She wouldn't die again. She'd died so many times now that she'd lost count.

Twice, in fact, at the hands of the vampire she had been torturing. The one who could never touch her again. What happened? Where did he go?

"Dana, calm down. You're safe." The blonde slayer was talking, voice soft. Safe. Dana sneered. She was a prisoner, that was not safe.

"No", she whispered.

"No what?" The Slayer's hand came out to grace Dana's arm, an act of comfort.

A touch was a gesture too far. One last tug and the chains broke free of the wall, slamming hard into the face of the blonde slayer, knocking her backwards to collide with the door. Suddenly Dana was swarmed by slayer arms, reaching for her to hold her down. To put her down. They punch and kick and flail and they may be strong, but they can't touch her. Chains soar through the air, breaking skin and spilling blood. Hard metal slaps around faces and wraps around throats. Slayers attack and Dana must survive, always survive. She pulls the chains hard, breaking bones, snapping necks. A leg swerves out and knocks feet from beneath her opponents. Don't stop fighting until everyone is down.

The rocking of the van as it thundered down the road kept the fight unnoticed by the driver, screams drowned out by obnoxious music. Five Slayers floored and no one even knows.

Dana dipped her hand into the bloody halo framing the blonde Slayer's broken body. Coated her face in battle paint, victim's blood a trophy. Her hand clawed at the van door, slamming and kicking, desperate for freedom. The door flew open and Dana was flung out of the van, small body dragging against rough road-floor. Skin is torn from flesh and is bared to the road beneath her. But she rose to her feet on impact and she ran deep into the darkness beyond.

Her arms are unshackled, her body naked. Her soul naked. Her power, naked.

Dana was free.

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