"I'll have you know that I have several doctorates, even one from my homeworld of Gallifrey!" The Doctor exclaimed as he puffed up indignantly.

"Really? What is it in?" Liz asked.

"Gallifreyian Graphic Literature Studies." The Doctor replied proudly. "My Doctorate Thesis won several awards including Best Newcomer."

"Comic books?!" Liz said when she finally processed the Doctor's statement. "You got your doctorate in comic books?!"

"I'll have you know I had to research a great deal of science in several fields in order to come up with a good story." The Doctor said defensively. "I had to study Chemistry in order to get Rassilon out of the hive of the Spider Woman of Lancaster for instance."


"Infernal human toilet." The Master grumbled.

He didn't usually use the things unless it was a real emergency. Thanks to the latest events holding him up, it had been, and as a result...

"Time to put my Mastery to work." The Master sighed as he wandered off in search of a plunger.