AN: I want do something random and since Father's Day is here and I want to do something cute for Kaname.


At the Kuran Manor the only son of Kaname and Zero is pacing back and forth. Until Zero knock on the door snapping Haruka back to reality.

"What's the matter, Haruka?" Zero asks looking at her six year old son.

"I'm trying to figure out what to get Father." Haruka answer looking at his mother. Giving her blank stared.

"He's just like Kaname with that look." Zero thought looking at her son.

"Maybe we can make breakfast for your father, but before that we do we can buy something for him." Zero stated as she kneel down to her son height. Haruka nod as Zero got back on her feet as he took his mother's hand as she led out of the house, and into the car.

They made it to small mall where they knew Zero.

"Mrs. Kuran, what bring you here?" The store owner asks looking at Zero as she put her son behind her.

"I'm here to buy something for my husband and I brought my son so he can approve it." Zero answer looking at the store owner.

"So this must be Mr. Kuran's son. He looks like him minus his eyes. What are you two looking for?" The store owner asks looking at the two Kuran vampires.

"Something for Father that makes him looks sharp." Haruka said with smile on his face.

"Ahhh, we might have something for you." The store owner said as he led Zero and Haruka to the back.

The store owner brought a box to Zero and Haruka; presenting them cufflinks with Kaname first and last name initial in them.

"What do you think, Haruka?" Zero asks lifting up her son up so he can see. Haruka inspect them closer and gave his mother nodding head of approver.

"We'll take it." Zero said as she hand money over taking the cufflinks.

"Make sure you hide it when we get home." Zero said as they get in the car as they drove back.

Once they got home Haruka race straight to his room. Running past his father; Kaname look confuse at his son.

"What was that?" Kaname ask looking at his wife.

"We made small errand for Haruka for his class." Zero answer giving Kaname a kiss.

"He's on break, Zero." Kaname retorted back to his wife answer.

"He went to get ahead of his classmates just like his father; which I'm starting to think he's turning into more and more every day." Zero rebut back to her husband as she head back to the kitchen making coffee.

Haruka look everywhere to hide his father present, but came to conclusion to hide in his closet.

Next Night:

"Mom," Haruka said as he shakes his mom to wake up, but make sure not to wake up his father. Zero opens her eyes seeing her son, and she gives him smile she raised from the bed.

"Ready to help, Mommy," Zero ask with smile on her face. Haruka nod as he led the way to kitchen.

Haruka grab a chair so he can reach counter. He cracks his egg on the butter pan as he watches his mother cook the eggs. Haruka jump off his chair and ran to bread box grabbing a few slice of bread and throw them in the toaster.

"Haruka, get your father's present." Zero said as he ran to him room. Kaname came down seeing Zero placing breakfast on the table.

"Happy Father's Day, Love." Zero said with smile on his as she gives him kiss.

"Thank you, Love, where's our son?" Kaname ask taking his first bite of his breakfast.

"He's coming down. He has something for you." Zero answer as she gives him smile.

"Happy Father's Day, Dad." Haruka shout as he ran to his father side with box in his hand. Kaname gave his son smile as he took the present and open making Kaname smile.

"I love it, thank you, Haruka and Love." Kaname said as he gives kiss to his wife and son, and he place the present on the table as he enjoys his breakfast.


AN: I hope you guys like this one since you guys like Haruka being in my story. Also, make sure to thank your Father for everything on Father's Day and every day, and I'll see you guys later. Bye.