"Oi! Donna! Look at this!" The Doctor calls to me from the control room of the TARDIS. "You'll love it!"

"Just a minute!" I scream back, getting up from my bunk bed. "I need to get dressed." Of course, I lied. I was already dressed in jeans and a rough looking t-shirt, I just needed to buy some time. There was just one thing I needed to check out.

"Hurry up, it's fantastic."

I sneak out of my room and walk down the hallway quietly. Finally, I find it. The Doctor's room. I creak open the door and find a bunk bed almost identical to mine, except for the fact his bed sheets are a light green while mine where a dark purple. I look around the room- it's small,just too small. It looks like an illusion, all the piles and piles of books that fit in there. The walls of the room weren't walls, just cubbyholes for books and books.

I walk in even more and make a complete 360. I notice on the back of the door, there are pictures of these women. Is he a rapist or something? I ask to myself, then I realize: those are his former companions. I heard him mutter something about Rose before, is one of them her?

Pushing the thought aside, I start pulling books down, looking at the titles. Hatchet, The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, Moby Dick, everything. I find a book, entitled The Girl, and pull it out. I don't recognize the title, and the spine feels odd-plastic, maybe. As I pull, something triggers and the walls behind me shift. I turn, and look.

A secret room is opened, and I moved towards it. I look around, in awe. A secret room, filled with pictures of the same blonde woman, cover the walls, and in the very middle, a word is painted in light pink letters: Rose. So this is her, the Doctor's one true love. She's beautiful. There's candles placed along a table, with a great picture of her.

While I'm standing there, absorbing the room, the Doctor walks in. "Donna, why are you in my room? There's something really cool, it's alien, it's called the-oh." He looks up in the room I'm standing in and I watch as a single tear drips from his eye.

"Listen, I didn't mean to-"

"No, no, it's okay. Um..so er- yeah the alien, it's pretty cool.." He says, closing the room with a snap of his fingers. I follow him out the door.

"Yeah, aliens are cool." I agree.

"So, how about we go to Mars?" He says with a forced smile, trying to cover the pain. He's trying to cover his feelings, but that's not gonna work on me.

"No, we're gonna talk about this, Sunshine. Trying to cover your feelings,eh?" I say, leading him to the study and motion for him to sit down.

Two hours and many tears later, I come to a conclusion: I broke the Doctor. He hasn't stopped sobbing ever since I asked, "So, who is Rose, anyway?"