Chapter One: Career Path

Dean found most school-functions to be unworthy of his time, after all there were a billion other things he could be doing. Sammy took up most of his time and when he wasn't watching over his little brother, he was either making money for the family to stay afloat, stock ammo, and eat the next day or researching a hunt for his father or another hunter. His dad might have started him on this path, but it didn't take Dean long to make a name of his own. He had contacts, and other hunters that asked for his help when they needed it. Dean would never admit it to anyone else, but he enjoyed being useful outside his own family, not just known as John's oldest son. Within his family he didn't feel important, sure, he kept his father and brother from killing one another, but that was about all he did. At least, that's was how it was in their eyes. This is why he felt like it was a waste of time to currently be walking around and taking part of career day. Besides, he already knew what his, probably short, life career would be. He just had to be here today, if he didn't want to flunk out of English he had to be here.

Now even as he already knew what he would be doing for the rest of his probably short life, he was surprised at some of the options that were currently being showcased in the normally bland gym. Having Ms. Lanikie's careful eyes on him the entire time was the only reason he hadn't made a loop around and left. She had seemed to unnervingly focus on him in the past few weeks, after a few assignments that he had passed in that were above his normal work status quo. It had been a slow month huntingwise, and he had had some time on his hands. They weren't planning on moving anywhere until the end of Dean's school year anyway. His father seemed to think that Dean graduating actually meant something. So he had gotten a little creative and actually done his work to the standard that he could, instead of just making sure that they were passing marks. He had managed to get his grades to stay at a solid eighty percent since he entered high school; not high enough to draw attention from anyone, but not low enough to get him in trouble either.

Sighing Dean quickly moved past the law enforcement table, as he really had no interest what-so-ever with being a cop. And even he had, after only being eighteen, his name on a few different states most wanted lists, or at least told to not show his face inside certain town limits ever again. He skipped over the next couple of stalls: animal doctor no thanks, design artist no way, lawyer; hell to the no. The next one was a stall set up for MIT College and Dean knew he should have walked right by it, he found himself stopping and listening to the man. Most people were taking brochures and walking away after his speech. He seemed to really love his job, even if he didn't know much about public speaking. Dean held back, waiting for the others to leave, before he moved up and picked up a brochure that talked about their engineering program. He glanced over the departments.

"Interested in Engineering?" the man asked and Dean looked up at him with a raised eyebrow and bit back his cynic comment. He should really at least attempt to be nice here, otherwise he might as well walk away before he pissed someone off.

"It has its merits, just doubt I'm MIT material." Dean said.

The man looking him over and shrugging.

"We don't like judging books by their covers. You might be surprised. Do you have any questions I can answer for you?"

Dean just shook his head, and put the paper back down on the table. He knew he would never be in any position to join, so why bother having papers that he would have to try and explain away to his father.

"No, that's okay. Thanks for your time," he said as he started to move to the next stall.

"At least take an application with you and think it over," the man said, as he fished out an application form out of a disheveled but clearly loved suitcase.

Dean looked back at him and bit the inside of his mouth.

"Thanks but ..."

"I won't take no for an answer." he said coming after him with a smile, holding the paper out to Dean. Dean could still feel his English teachers' eyes on him, and he figured that at least this would get her off his back a little.

"Yeah, sure whatever," he said taking the paper and folding it up, before stuffing it into his back pocket and moving on. He made his way past a few more stalls, hoping that he would soon be off the hook and could head home for the rest of the day. He had made at least two loops around the entire gym before; Ms. Lanikie stopped him as he headed towards the doors.

"Dean, did you find anything interesting today?" she asked and Dean sighed softly before turning to look at her.

"Yeah, I guess. But Ms. Lanikie, you should know that I have a job already. I'll just be working with my dad after high school."

"I know, you have told me that a few times. I just was hoping that you would look around and see what else is out there, you can do so much more than being a mechanic." she told him and Dean was half tempted to tell her where to stick it. He knew that there was so much more. Hell, he had fought off his first creature at seven years old, and killed a demon on his own by eleven. Instead he just bit his tongue and nodded.

"If that's all, I really should be getting home," Dean said with a forced smile. Knowing that she would bother him about this until he finally finished school in two months. Maybe if he begged his father hard enough, they would move again. After all, it wasn't like Dean couldn't just get a G.E.D. and be done with the entire thing. He knew that he could pass it with flying colours, he wasn't stupid.

"I would like you to do one more thing for me; I have a friend that came down to talk with a few students. I recommend you to be one of them. It would only take ten minutes of your time, and I think you would find it rather interesting while educating and probably right up your alley." she said; Dean meet her eyes and the two of them silently watched the other for the first move. The both of them staring at the each other. Both refusing to back down and Dean wondered if this woman had been in the military before becoming a teacher. She had the same look that his father sometimes got, when he was dead-set in his ways.

Diving headfirst and hoping this would be the end of it he said: "If I do this, you will let it drop. You won't ask me to do anything else relating to a career and you won't flunk me out of English." His eyes narrowing as he watched her as she seemed to think it over. After what seemed like forever, she nodded.

"Yes, if promised you'll really listen and think about it, I will leave you be for the rest of the year. But only as long as you keep up the same caliber of work as you have had in the past two weeks and not just in my class, but in all of your classes."

Dean thought about it, his eyes scanning her face for a hint of deceit. Finding none, he finally nodded.

"Fine, I agree. So what is this meeting about." Dean said, and Lanikie's smile widened.

"Follow me; this presentation is set up in my classroom."

Dean thought about going back on his word but Lanikie wasn't nearly as big a threat as a demon or a monster. Just a spiteful school teacher. He was sure he wasn't in danger here. Just to be sure, if he was he wasn't without protection. He didn't go anywhere without protection since the time he had been jumped three years ago. Some demons wanted to use him against his father. Well, it hadn't worked out for them in the end. Dean had learned his lesson well. Now he was like a boyscout: always prepared.

Dean hadn't been expecting this. Well, to be honest, with himself he hadn't been sure what to expect. But a showcase for the United States Marine and Air Force Corps hadn't been on his mind. Not that he was minding the chick that was giving the presentation, even with the crazy short hair she was hot. It didn't hurt that she, unlike most of the people he had been listening to all day, knew how to catch and keep your attention. She spoke first about the options that the Air Force and Marines offered, before launching into her work with Deep Space Radar and something or another. If he had been a normal citizen, and not already fighting a war of his own, he might have been interested but he had a job already. He just hadn't expected to almost feel disappointed that he already had one.

He didn't know how Ms. Lanikie had known that this would capture his attention, but it had. There were only three other people sitting in the room with him and the tech that had been shown was interesting and years ahead of its time. When the presentation ended, and Captain Samantha "Sam" Carter told them to look around and ask her any questions they wanted. She sat down calming a seat at the desk at the front of the classroom, her eyes following the three of them. The two other students going right up to her, as Dean wandered around the room, admiring the weapons and other toys that had been laid out for them to look at.

He was looking over the inside of some type of advanced weapon when Carter slipped in beside him, "I see that you have a nose for mechanics," she stated as he let go of the parts he had been flipping over in his hands.

"I just fiddle, nothing special." he said and she smiled back at him. He couldn't help but smile back at her.

"It's the fiddlers that tend to make new technology after all, if you know how everything works, where is the fun in exploring." she said, and Dean's smile widened.

"Yeah I guess you are right," he said thinking back to when he was younger, and he was bound and determined to create himself a ghost trap out of anything that he could find in the house. His father had finally put a stop to it after he had almost burnt the living room down. Even if the device would have worked as he had thought it would, John had deemed it too high of a risk.

"So, are there any questions I can answer for you? Ms. Lanikie said that you would be a perfect fit with our ongoing projects." Captain Carter said and Dean had to bite his lip. He had a billion questions, but he didn't want to be any more tempted than he already was.

"No, I don't know what she told you, but I already have a job lined up."

"She did mention that you are hard-set to join your fathers business. A mechanic I believe?" she said. Dean just nodded and Carter frowned slightly, "You do know that we review all candidates before allowing them to attend these sessions? I have to agree with her; that you could do so much more with your life."

"Yeah, well, she has just caught me on a good month. You can see by my grades that I wouldn't really fit in." Dean said pushing the compliment away and just braced, letting himself get ready for the inevitable rejection. He was shocked that it was just the opposite of what he expected.

"I think we all know that isn't true. Looking directly at your G.P.A. and taking into account the number of schools that you attended, and the fact that your G.P.A has curiously never dipped below an 82, and never peaked higher than an 86, I'd say that you are probably much more intelligent than you let on." she said while watching him carefully and Dean had to keep his face straight, so that he didn't give away his surprise. No one had ever caught onto it. No one. Until he showed up at this backwater school, and a few different people started to actually look into his past!

"I don't know what you mean." he said, crossing his arms and Carter seemed to know that she was pushing and just shrugged slightly.

"Well, I know the Air Force would love to have someone like you around. How about I give you an application and you think about it? I can promise you a job doing things that are out of this world." she said, holding out a booklet that was much thicker than that which he had gotten from MIT.

He took it without even having the eyes of his teacher on him.

"My card is in there. I am normally on call, but I promise that if you call and leave a message, I will return it as soon as possible." she said and Dean frowned once more before taking the booklet and tucking it away into his jacket.

"I'll think it over," he said, knowing that once he left he would have to toss it, just like the other brochures he picked up over the span of the day.

"I hope you do, Dean. And I do hope that you change your mind."

Dean nodded, and turned and left, leaving Carter with the two other students. Who were now looking over the toys and asking her questions about the different guns that were spread about the room. All he had to say about them was, that if they were the future of the US military, the US of A was royally screwed.

4 years later

Dean waved from the hood of his car as he watched Sam board the bus, walking out of his life for good. The latest fight had been the worse; Sam was going to college in Stanford. He was leaving his family and their job behind, and getting his own life. Dean couldn't say that he hadn't seen it coming. His little brothers had the idea stuck in his head since the day he had picked him up after that stupid career day. Dean hadn't had a chance to toss the papers before picking him up, and his brother had harassed him for week's afterwards. Why his brother wasn't taking the offers, any offer it didn't really mean anything to his little brother. All Sammy had seen was a way of getting out of the hunters' life. He had envisioned Dean going to college, the two of them living together. Working to keep themselves afloat, until Sam got into a college also and be on their own. Start their own lives and careers, away from dad and the hunting business.

He hadn't seen anything outside of his point of view. It had been the only major fight that Sam and Dean had really ever had when Dean told him to fuck off. That he wouldn't just leave their father, his brother calling him a lot of different names and making sure that his older brother knew just what he thought of him and his unwavering devotion to his father. Dean had refused to speak to Sam for almost a week. Hell, he had even taken on a job that Pastor Jim had sent their way, leaving John and Sam alone for three days. He needed some time to get his head on straight. When he had come home from the hunt, Sam had dropped the idea of Dean going to college but the idea of himself leaving, that didn't fade. Which is what brought them to the bus stop today. Dean giving Sammy all the money he had saved up for when trouble hit, knowing that he could easily replace the money with a few good pool games, or a really great poker game.

Dean wasn't ready to go home yet. Which is why he found himself climbing into the car after he watched Sammy's bus leave, driving around pointlessly for a few hours before he found himself parking and wondering around a playground. His mind taking a walk down old memory lane; the adventures he and Sammy would have while their father was busy researching or hunting. Anything and everything was their playground, however real ones would never go out of style. He snapped out of it when his phone started ringing, the call display reading his fathers name and he took a deep calming breath before answering it.

"Hey Dad," Dean greeted listening to his father, his eyes closing.

"Yeah, he's on the bus. Safe and sound. Headed to California." he said, knowing that his father was both proud and pissed at Sam at the same time. Knowing that he would still be the go between for them even if Sam was in another state and they were both grown adults.

"Yeah, I'll be home soon, I just..."

His father cut him off, talking about their next hunt a few towns over.

"Yeah, I'll make sure I swing by and get the ammo." Dean said stiffly, as he turned around and headed back to his car. His father ending the call before anything else could be said, and Dean sighed heavily.

He really needed a vacation from his family. Seconds within thinking it, he felt regret for thinking it. Wondering what his mother would think if she could hear his current thoughts, and see what was happening to their family. His father pushing Sam away, and treating Dean like his personal solider. His mother had always devoted and caring, he knew it would break her heart, having so many plans for her family, revenge certainly not being part of it.

He made his way back to the car, keys clenched in his hand. Yet he didn't get in, his eyes were drawn to the trunk. Instead he moved from the front door to the trunk and popped it. He rummaged his way past the medical packs and other random hunting supplies, before he found a lock box he had gotten a few years back in a poker game. Unlocking it he pulled out a business card that was attached to an application that he just hadn't been able to toss. He flipped the card over and ran his fingers over it. He bit his lip before pulling his cell phone back out and quickly dialed the number on it. He was not sure if he wanted the number to be disconnected or not. It rang a few times before a voice greeted him on the other side.

"Captain Carter?" he asked in a whisper, feeling like he was betraying his father and his mother's death all in the same moment.

"Major Carter actually," came the silky female response.

Dean smiled. He remembered the look in her eyes and how much fire she had years before and it was clear that she still had the same spunk.

"I'm not sure if you remember a mere mechanic like me or not, but I was wondering if that job opening was still available."

"Dean Winchester," came the soft reply a few moments later.

He could hear the smile on her face in these two words.

"I think we could work something out. How about a meeting?"

The lump of guilt was still stuck in his throat, but Dean felt something else rising up inside of him. Something he hadn't felt in a long time: hope. Hope and a smile let him speak again.

"I think we can work something out."

3 Years Later

"What is it always with you and shooting?! I take you anywhere and I am guaranteed that you will piss someone off, and we end up getting shot at. I can never take you anywhere nice." Jack complained as he took cover and slipping in a new clip to his SMG.

Dean only smirked back in reply.

"You seem to only take your demented luck charm with us when you want things to go sideways," Daniel reminded Jack.

Teal'C nodded his head in agreement and Jack raised his eyebrows and sighed softly.

"Beside the point," he said over the reply of their return fire.

Carter was already working on the Dial Home Device or DHD if you were on base long enough.

"Face it Jack, you are just pissed that you are losing your favorite toy soldier to the Atlantis mission," Jackson stated which lead to Dean huffing slightly.

"Standing right here," he growled and Teal'C looked them over, shaking his head and watching their six.

"Dean, you know..." Jackson stopped himself when he saw the shit eating grin on his face. "You are as bad as Jack," he hissed to him the whoosh of the gate opening behind them.

"Not possible," Jack replied as Sam confirmed that the iris was open and the five of them made their retreat through the gate. The iris closing behind them until the gate shut off.

"So another mission ending in Jack O'Neill's perfection?" Daniel snipped as he flicked the safety on his weapon.

Jack's only reply was a grin, and very similar to the one Dean had offered before crossing the watery event horizon.

"Everything seems to check out lad, now I just need ya to head up to the chair and meet Rodney," Doctor Beckett said as he finished up the quick check up. SG-1's mission had been the day before and now the team was being shipped up to the Antarctic. Dean hadn't even gotten in a second to call his brother. He doubted he would be missed, but he wanted his brother to know what was kinda happening. His brothers parting words had been one of the last nails in the coffin to signing up with the SGC and he wanted to let him know that he too was doing something different with his life. Probably not quite what his brother imagined or wanted, but Dean was finally doing something he wanted. Not what his family expected or wanted of him.

He had signed up with the SGC, his father didn't like that he wasn't hunting, but he knew what Dean was doing and he seemed to be okay with it. Besides, he was sure that John almost enjoyed not having to deal with either of his sons, as it was. John, still hadn't managed to track down the yellow-eyed bastard, but he had gotten close over the years. Sometimes calling Dean in for help, even now he was working with SG-1. It was something that Dean couldn't say no to, until now. Just now that he had been reassigned, Dean didn't have the balls to call his father and tell him that he could be taking a one way trip out of the galaxy and wouldn't be able to drop everything and come running.

The guilt he had felt the day of the call had been back in full force knowing that he was leaving his father to fight this war on his own. Yet somehow he doubted that his commanding officer would understand if he said he couldn't leave Earth, as his father might need help killing a demon. He doubted that John Winchester would understand that as well as be okay with it, so he had left that little tidbit out of his last talk with his father. He nodded to the good Doctor, lost in his own thoughts and headed on to his next stop. Jackson would be translating or working on the gate, and Carter fiddling with whatever science she could get her hands on. Jack would be just avoiding anything and everything, and Teal'c probably with him. So Dean had no chance of distraction, and no choice but to do his job.

He approached the ancient chair with pending doom. He had been filled in on Rodney by all of SG-1, the range he managed to piss the group off still stunned Dean. He couldn't say that he was really excited to meet the man. All the same, he moved onto the platform. He was a little freaked when the lights seemed to turn themselves on, pulsing with welcome as he moved towards the chair. All of which of course drew unwanted attention to himself from the entire science staff on hand.

"My next appointment. Perfect. Sit down," Rodney stated looking Dean over, for a second before turning his attention back to the data pad. Dean shrugged and did as he was asked moving over to the chair, and sank down into it. The moment he did, the chair lit up and leaned backwards. His fingers slid into the gel at the chair's armrests and he closed his eyes. A sense of fulfillment took him over and he hummed softly. It wasn't a tune that he could ever remember hearing, but it was catchy all the same and seemed to be bouncing around in his own head, instead of being sent out into the enormous room over the base. He realized that someone was talking to him and he tuned back into the rest of the world.

"...don't stop whatever you are doing." Rodney muttered at him, as he moved from computer to computer. Dean was too relaxed to give his normal shrug, as he closed his eyes again and went back to humming. Time came to a stop, or actually, ceased to exist. He wasn't sure how much time had passed, but the song came to an end and he opened his eyes. He found himself surrounded with almost all personnel. They filled the room everywhere and Dean held back the urge to run. Jack and Elizabeth both stood beside him, Daniel, Teal'c and Carter right behind them.

"Dean Winchester, are you alright?" Teal'c asked, being the first to speak up and Dean looked up at him. The chair righting itself, and he stepped off it looking over to them.

"I'm fine, feel great actually," Dean replied after a moments thought. Then he frowned at the looks he was receiving. "What? Do I have something on my face?" he asked, while his hands moving over his jaw. After a long moment Rodney finally spoke up. Dean might be able to get along with this dude after all, he likes the spotlight.

"You were humming something and moving around the power distribution. You ended up boosting power by twenty-two percent." he said, clicking over the screens. "I'm pretty sure that I can figure out just what you did, it doesn't look too difficult." he muttered going back to his screen.

"Winchester, wanna explain?" Jack said, his foot tapping and Dean winced,there would be no way he could get out of the trip now. He could tell simply by the mood that Jack was currently in, pissed would be putting it lightly, that there was no way he would be getting out of the trip now. And Dean hated it when Jack was pissed, it always ended with him doing stupid grunt work.

"Can't say I can, Sir," wishing that he could. Hell, Dean wasn't even sure what he had done or why. All he knew is the music had guided him, and it had felt natural to do whatever he had done. He moved off the platform, the lights fading out, and he wondered just what all this shit meant and how he had managed to get himself sucked into another buttload of trouble.

Dean along with the SG-1 team, Elizabeth and Rodney, ended up spending the next few hours talking about what happened, and the different possible explanations for it. Dean truthfully just sat back and listened to them all toss ideas around, none of which he was that fond of. He really hated being the center of attention, it made him unsure. With his family he was just Dean, expected to pull shit out of his ass to save the day and just generally be the one that everything fell onto. When he had joined the SGC those personality traits had quickly moved him up the ranks. Within a year of joining, he was already a major. He was required and requested most of the time to join SG-1 missions, which had made it almost impossible to have a lot of friends on base. He also was second in command of SG-3, when not being deployed with SG-1 or work on or around the base.

This humming-thing was just another pain in Dean's side. Yet another thing that set him apart from the others, something that he would be just as pleased if he didn't. It was a few hours of meetings before Jack walked away because he said that he had to go back to the main US base to get things cleared up.

Dean was almost thankful as life seemed to go back to semi normal. He found himself being pulled into Daniel's temp lab to help with the translation, once Daniel had found out that Dean was able to translate anything he was put to use. Once he was given a few pointers on the difference between Earth Latin and what he was reading and now the Ancient work usually was easy enough for Dean to understand. The two of them were bent over their current translation when Jack radioed in that he was on his way back.

Which was the exact moment when the shit hit the fan. Carson was finally taking his shot in the chair, which Dean could have told anyone was a bad idea. The man was a great doctor, but nervous about anything else in the world and he wasn't surprised when a drone shot out of the base and up into the sky.

However, it didn't stop the smirk that came over Dean's face. At least he wasn't going to be at the top of Jack's shit list anymore. That current spot would be all Carson's when Jack landed, and there was no doubt in Dean's mind that Jack would make it back. What he didn't expect was the Major that accompanied Jack. He'd heard whispers from the rest of the crew about the new Major and Dean wanted to meet him. The meeting was however delayed when the day, or rather evening at this point, had another exciting turnaround. The moment was when the new Major, John Sheppard, sat down in the chair.

Dean had followed the rest of SG-1 to see what the big huff was, and grinned at Jack's tone. It was clear that he had been looking for a replacement as Dean was in his point of view stolen from him and said shiny new replacement was stolen from under him again for the same damn mission. Dean was moving down and down the list and he was greatly enjoying it. Dean was half tempted to follow Jack and Elizabeth to watch the two powers clash, instead he stayed behind to meet his new best friend. Or at least what he hoped would be. No longer the new kid on the block, he wanted to get in at least a greeting before the rest of the SGC made it impossible for Dean and the Major to talk without the man being turned off by Dean's history.

"Hey, how are ya doing?" he asked as he slid over.

Rodney glared at Dean before turning back to his work.

"Fine I guess, not really sure what is going on."

Dean offered a friendly smile to the Major.

"Welcome to the world of the SGC, where you never know what is going on."

"Dean Winchester." he said offering his hand up, which was shaken and Dean looked around. "Care to take a look around? I can offer you a personal tour that doesn't have any glowing lights or freaky weapons."

The Major's smile widened and shook his hand. Dean grinned back at him. Yeah, he was pretty sure they would get along great.

"John Sheppard. That sounds like a plan." the Major said as he jumped down off the platform and followed Dean out of the open room. He had a little time to kill for a quick tour, before he had to airlift the General back out.

Dean shipped out in two hours, and he was still playing with the cell phone he had bought a few months ago. He wanted to call Sammy and knew that if he called with one of his known numbers, Sam wouldn't have picked up. (At least this way it was a new and unknown number) Thanks to the military it was untraceable, so if he felt so inclined, he could call any hunter he wanted without the worry of them tracing it back. Something was holding him back from placing the call. He had managed to fill most days with work, either researching with Daniel and Sam, or sparring with Teal'c. When he wasn't doing that, he had been hanging out with Sheppard and bringing him up to speed with just what he could expect when they walked through the gate. However, he was now running low on time and if he wanted to talk to his brother at all, he would have to make the call now. He heard someone knock on his door and he yelled that it was open. Carter poked her head in, "Dean, think you have a few moments? I'd like you to go and see if you can help Rodney with the gate connection."

Dean nodded. "Yeah, uhm. Just let me make a quick call and I'll be right down," he told her with a smile, which she returned before leaving. She already knew most of the story about Sam, at least the parts that didn't sound completely crazy and wouldn't harass him to get his ass in gear. Quickly, without giving it another thought he dialed the number and pressed send. Putting the phone up to his ear he waited until a female voice picked up the phone.

"Sammy's phone, how can I help ya?" she asked and Dean had to wonder who this was. He wished he was still a part of his brother's life.

"Hey, this is Dean, I'm -hum- Sam's brother. Is he there?" he asked hoping he was, since he did call Sam's cell phone, the cell that Dean had told him to keep hidden. So much for that hopeful thought, maybe Jack and the others could keep an eye on Him when he was away. Sammy would love to talk to Daniel or Carter. He wouldn't know where to stop with the questions. At least that was, if he would sign the non-disclosure. Somehow Dean doubted that. The boy was just as hard headed as their father was, and John had refused to do so. At least the first six times that Dean had asked, and he had only finally signed it after Dean was brought back half dead after a run in with Nirtti, who was a BITCH!

"Yeah, just one second," came the reply. As the mouth piece was slightly covered, and the polite female voice screamed for Sam to come get the phone. A long few seconds later Dean heard Sam's voice on the other end of the phone.

"Hey Sammy," Dean replied a second later and hoped his brother didn't hang up.


"Yeah, hey sorry about this. I know you didn't want me to bother you. But I just... I ship out tomorrow and I wanted to say goodbye and that if anything happens they will be contacting you." Dean said getting everything out in a rush so that at least he had told his brother. There was silence for a long moment before Sam finally spoke up.

"Dean, ship off to where?"

"It's classified, but I just wanted you to know that I'm doing something different with my life. Something good. You should call Dad. He'll be pissed when he finds out that I'm shipping out." He clicked his tongue, knowing that Sammy would be shocked, probably irate later when he tried to call Dean and wouldn't be able to.

"So goodbye Sammy, and good luck with life. That girl sounds good." he said disconnecting the call and turning the phone off. Knowing that his brother would call him back demanding answers and Dean wouldn't be able to refuse him. He was being a chicken, but he could live with it, and Sam was safer not knowing.