A Amy Dumas and CM Punk One Shot

Amy Dumas sat on her couch watching the weeks re-run of WWE RAW with her tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream for company. She had watched it four times already within the last three days but still couldn't get enough. As she watched her husband smash someone over the head with a steel chair, she jumped, then squealed as he got the three count. Amy watched with a grin on her face as her tattooed lover stood on the turnbuckle and raised his belt high above his head, the crowd cheering approvingly.

Then it was time for the Diva's match. Just her speciality. Amy was half way through the match between Aksana and Kaitlyn when the phone rang. She was enjoying screaming at the TV, pointing out the glitches and moaning about the terrible acting coming from Aksana. The phone call better be important she though as she trundled over to the small table resting on the persian rug in the corner. The man on the other end was just the man she had been watching two minutes ago

"Hey babe! You better be calling to tell me your coming home!" She said hopefully, rubbing her sore back as she leaned against the wall

"Yeah babe, about that, I wont be home for another week, don't worry though," Punk said into his phone as he jumped into a taxi, being extremely careful not to make a noise, in case she suspected something suspicious. He handed the cab driver a copy of his address and they pulled out onto the street.

"I know sweety, but I miss you and so does B," Amy said sweetly, rubbing her stomach lovingly as she spoke about her baby bump.

"B... We are calling her 'B' now are we?" He smiled at the thought. His wife had taken to calling it 'him' or 'Mommy's little boy' convinced their first child was going to be a boy.

"Its better that 'bump'." Amy said into the phone. She was now lying on the sofa, massaging her six-month baby bump through her shirt. The shirt that said 'In Punk we Trust' was stretched over her swollen abdomen

"Yeah, I suppose so, even better than 'it'. Give her a kiss from me." He teased. He wanted a girl so badly it hurt. He wanted to have a 'Daddy's little girl' and spoil her rotten. Although he knew already she wasn't aloud near boys till she was 45.

"And how am I gonna give HIM a kiss, and where mine? You can give me one personally, If you get your sexy ass home NOW!" She groaned, knowing he was probably in the arena.

"I cant, I'm busy..." He gave the driver a nod and he stopped outside the house.

"Babe, I miss you so much, please come home!" Amy pouted. As if he was going to see that.

"You know I can't, but don't worry, its like I'll be there with you."

"Oh Yeah, You say that all the time."Lita laughed then stopped as someone knocked on the door repeatedly. She almost growled at the thought of someone interrupting her alone time with her husband.

She waddled through the door and into the hall. The air was cold on that particular night and she hugged herself to save her from getting too cold. The phone was still glued to her ear.

"Babe there's someone at the door, I'll call you back in a second." She told him, hanging up and putting the phone on the table beside the front door.

"No need to." Was what the person on the other end of the phone said. It was also what the person at the door said too when she opened it.

She flung her arms around him and he returned the gesture. He picked her up easily, ignoring the fact her stomach was in the way, and placed her on the couch, kissing her at the same time. Keeping one hand on her stomach. Her husband had come home.

"So hows my wife and baby doing?" he asked through kisses. Even bending down to rub small circles on the bump and give it little kisses

"Better now that you're here." She grinned, feeling giddy. He smirked and continued to rip her clothes off.

She half straddled him as she ripped his shirt off and he did the same to her. As Amy unbuckled his trousers, he stopped her. She looked at him shocked, her mouth gaping open.

"Your already pregnant, so we don't need to do this." he shrugged then slid off of her, ignoring her shocked face. Grinning, he turned his head away from her. She pouted then smiled already knowing he was joking.

"Well, I may be pregnant, but I still have needs!"


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