Today was just an all-out bad day for both Yamato and Kakashi.

Depressed, they both went their separate ways as they arrived home. Kakashi to his bedroom, Yamato to his. Yamato, though, was at his boiling point with Kakashi. He could no longer take it! That smooth talk of his, along with the way he would always dump work on him at the last second. He was no sempai to him- not anymore.

Trembling, he loaded the gun he kept in his night stand. He swore to ninjagod, if Kakashi was sleeping or not doing his paper work, he would literally shoot him.

He blended in with the wood stairs and maneuvered his way down the steps, not making a single noise. As he approached Kakashi's room, he cocked the gun (doing his best to muffle the noise). He peaked into Kakashi's room, and sure enough, he was sleeping!

"Why are you sleeping?" He asked in a monotone voice, the gun which was firmly gripped in his right hand fired 5 times, clear in Kakashi's back. He was not joking, for he shot vital regions.

"Can't a guy get a little shut-eye 'round here?" A voice echoed behind him. Yamato gasped in disbelief, shocking him out of his senses. It didn't make none of the senses.

Then they got married, the end.